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Juggernaut Item Build (5v5) & First Blood Tips

Posted 11-20-2009 at 12:05 PM by Stryke


This is only a item build for those who'd like to know a good "Five on Five" item build, this item build is very useful once your level Six Lower or beyond, and i will later on explain how to get a easy first blood at level Six or higher.

Item Build:

You'll need Two Slippers! and one Circlet

And one healing salve... I'm sure you'll know what that is....( Use this under very urgent circumstances, Eg. Getting ready for first blooding)

Later on you'll get another Circlet of Nobility
and make 2 Wraith bands

Grab Yourself a pair of boots of speed, I'm sure you won't need pictures for this all, so i'll explain in words...
Power Treads Order:
Gloves of Haste 'Or' Boots of Elven skin
(You'll have to get both still, just get either one or both)
And you'll be on you way to victory soon... enough...

First Blooding:
But Before we go too far off into the game...
we want our first blood to get more gold... at level 6

Right... Im expecting you to have already 2 Wraith Bands,
as everything is pretty much bought in the beginning...

We Need to also have a proper skill build:
Blade Fury
Blade Dance
Blade Fury
Blade Dance
Blade Dance
The skill build is pretty simple, You don't exactly need to follow exactly as long as you don't get the Stat and healing ward 'Yet'

The Kill:
Block the creeps when you enemy is Deny or pushing, (Doesn't matter)
block the next wave of creeps so the enemy is close to your tower (Sorry but I'm not posting a tutorial on how to Block Creeps) Wait for the tower to finish off the wave of enemy creeps and once the towers is done, start attacking your enemy, even if you are losing, once he is half health, make sure it is safe to Omnislash the Shit out of him with no creeps to help him take some damage, and if successful you have first blood (If you didn't die in the beginning)

Right... now back to the item build, after getting gold, Start getting Perservence
(Gate way relics)
Start with Ring of health then to Void stone.
and from here on, get battle fury...

But have a look in this link and search the items you need.
DotA Items and Recipes

This Guide is from level 1 to 11... From then on, Good Luck! (ButterFly)
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