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Murloc Nightcrawler vs Ancient Apparition

Posted 12-24-2009 at 03:29 AM by R.B.Economy

Murloc Nightcrawler

My verdict: A new Rikimaru. You can kill Rikimaru when he starts attacking someone, but you can't fight Slark without any True Sight. The single target disable is awesome and you can't expect to win him physically when he attacks harder (+agi), becomes tougher (+agi = armor) and attacks faster (+agi) each time he attacks you. Mask of Madness might work for him due to the early burst of AS and MS, his ulti will cloak him from attacks, and you can't shake him off with a non-stun disable, since he has Dark Pact.

Slark is even more imba than Rikimaru in public games, but in higher level games, Dusts and a couple of nukes take him out very fast due to his low STR gain, and as always, don't let an AGI hero farms...


Ancient Apparition

My verdict: AA seems to be a competitive material at first glance. Powerful area control abilities and chain disables with other heroes is undeniably a wanted feat in competitive games. Chilling Touch might just be the key to introduce Troll Warlord to competitive scene. Both Chilling Touch and Troll's ulti have less than 60 seconds cooldown, and this means a spam-fest of high octane physical attacks with 350 bonus magical damage on each ally hero..., equivalent to 1750 bonus damage in a matter of seconds. This is without taking Ice ortex's AoE magical resistance reduction into account. This is powerful stuff. With Ursa's powerful buffs in 6.65, there's no TANK that Ursa can't take down. Ice Blast is a superb ultimate by itself, able to deal decent damage + LONG disable to MULTIPLE units. The key is in aiming + timing. It may also bring Tauren Chieftain back in action. TC and AA don't just click with their ultimates, all their other abilities seem to be working with each other extremely well.

I'm looking forward to master this hero, as I'm more interested in him than Slark.
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