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Hello, LightRedemption here. The ultimate aim of this blog would be to gather up people and teach them about the things that would benefit them in DotA/Dota 2 in the long run while hoping to educate the general community in a positive way.
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The Best That PD Has To Offer

Posted 10-31-2011 at 06:46 AM by CynthiaCrescent
Updated 11-17-2011 at 07:28 AM by CynthiaCrescent

In this entry, I'd like to link every single guide that I deem good enough on this site. The reason behind this is a random idea I got from Pureet Jr and the fact that a lot of guides on this side deserves no mention at all, or are so horribly outdated it's not even worth it anymore. Now this is only my opinion, but after all that I've put out I'm sure it worths something. If you feel like there's some problems with my list (that your guide should have been in it) either I somehow overlooked it or, it is even though decent is out classed by another guide out there that listing it became irrelevant.

The criteria for judging hero guides to be put in here. Everything that scores above 7 points is in.
*Presentation: 2 points
*Lack of unproven speculations: 1 point
*Updated to at least [6.69 - no large changes to the hero] [else - version with last large change] onwards: 1 point
*Language/Motivation: 2 point
*Covers both pub and competitve: 1 point
*Alternative builds: 1 point
*Replays: 1 point
*Alt-Tab guide: 1 point

There is also a bonus point system that is applied, in special cases
*Updated to 6.72: 1 point
*Iconic guide: 2 points
*Only published guide for the hero: 2 points

HeroLinkAuthorStateSpecial Comments (a massive work in progress)
Lethal Once MasteredDysaniaUp to date 
Chaotic ThinkingWolfosUp to date 
Bottle Farm, Brew Glorythoby123Up to date 
The Coolest Hero in DotAuo111Up to date 
Stone ColdDarkjrUpdates needed 
Dissipate it allGhostofGunsUpdates needed 
Quickly NowshapeeshImpending update 
The Bearded MenaceZotmasterOutdatedAn iconic guide, and it doesn't seem like anyone would disagree with me
Man in the KitchenLapis LazuliUp to date 
I'mma Grip & Sap8460Updates needed 
Insanity on FirefremdlaenderUp to date 
Guide to Support Troll BatrideralechUp to date 
The Beasts Obey MeVoltzyUp to date 
So ThirstyFunny WarfareUp to date 
The Stealthy BonemrmemoriesUp to date 
Hex BoneKrisUp to date 
DotA's True PredatorjoebhUpdates needed 
Bringing Home the BaconZotmasterUp to dateNotorious arguement behind the scenes
OverboarGhostofGunsUp to date 
G.T.F.O - Guide to Fast OwnageGenocYda  
Most Concise Butcher GuideMeldervUp to date 
Fox's Guide to Pudge the ButcherGray_FoxUp to date 
Permanent Blademailxx1whatUp to dateI really went head over heels trying to decide whether it deserved to be here, but since it's the only Cent guide out there that's up to date (until I find the urge to make one anyways), guess what?
Community Guide to NessajValOutdatedThe first and only guide to CK for a long time, as a colaboration of efforts.
Paradox of RuinsLightRedemptionUp to dateArguably my most controversal guide yet. Not sure what to do about it though.
I Laugh in the Face of DangerSyaskaUp to date 
Crystal Maiden in Organized Games-3dNeeds updating 
In-depth Guide to Crystal MaidenResQImpending UpdateFlashing boobies
Dark Seer in 6.72Zephyrus.RowUp to dateNot really quite awesome, but it's the only up to date one, so, again... guess what?
Let My Cries Chill the LivingPiejonkSort of up to date 
Competitive Guide for Demon WitchDark MedinaUpdates needed 
I am the WarchiefNikmar-officialSort of Up to date 
I will lead them to their destiniesMr.FoxxieUp to date 
Tremble at the Competitive DoomDark MedinaOutdated 
An Armored Doomkamukag3eUp to date 
Laying All to DamnationZotmasterUp to date 
To Protect and ServeAyeKUp to date 
Most Concise Drow Ranger GuideMeldervUp to date <3 Drow, nothing more to add
I Shot the SherrifPiejonkUpdates neededAn old school guide, at a glance
Welcome to A World of OwnageAduh AwasUpdates needed 
Ah! Rhe great OutdoorsSyaskaUp to date 
The Art of SuckingCyber TechUp to date 
Competitive Guide to Faceless VoidDarkMedinaUp to Date 
Phase Shift HaxNoobish-NoobOutdatedQuite the inspiration, gave me a lot of stuffs to work on my first guide when I returned to PD in summer 2011
Puck you!LightRedemptionUp to date 
Most Concise Geomancer GuideMeldervUp to date 
With Patience Comes Victory.BudiUp to date 
Instilling Paralysing Fear†André†Updates needed 
Son of AghanimMasterjaUp to date 
The Spell StealerGhostofGunsUp to date 
The Epic Strength SupportXeNiM666Up to date 
Spirit of the TreesLightning_RayUp to date 
We Have Lift OffNikmar-officialUpdates needed 
Lok'Tar O'gar - Victory or DeathfremdlaenderUpdates Needed 
For My PeopleLady.LiuwaUp to date 
The OmnimageEsryokUpdates needed 
My Guide to YurneroD3xter13Up to date 
Don't Take Oldman's CandyAverriosUp to date 
Without a Trace of WarmthFlamingFistUpdates impending 
Be a Real Tank DestroyerKenshiroUp to date 
Not Everybody Truly DiesneversayneverOutdated 
NOMNOMNOMmitochyUp to date 
The Sleeper Has AwakenedbrownmagicUpdates needed 
Let Me Shield YouIvannsUpdates needed 
ShockingMerliniOutdatedIconic player & Iconic guide.
Are You Shocked Yet?xuisokoUp to date 
Ultimate Farm Guide to LycanthropeSoLbadWolfieUpdates needed 
One-man Team, Necro LycanZanUpdates needed 
The Complete Guide to MagnusXellosUpdates needed 
The Master of TeamrapeFunnyWarfareUpdates needed 
The Hot Chick That RidesR.B.EconomyUpdates needed 
Most Concise Morphling GuideMeldervUp to date 
The Paper JawsI Am The SpoonOutdated 
I Am A NinjaD-RezUp to date 
Serpent Illusion AssaultSonic StreamUp to date 
The Flying Menacephantom146Up to date 
FightFate's Guide to NecrolyteFightFateUp to date 
None Shall Live to Tell the TaleQuangTinhUp to date 
Redefiner's Guide to Anub'seranRedefinerUp to date 
Invisible ThreatLightRedemptionUpdates ImpendingI think it's funny how I actually say my guide needs an update. It's like a 10 minutes job but fk it.
Dodge VipergwhoOutdatedYeah, gotta give perks to him man
Dodge Viper 2.0LightRedemptionUp to date 
DotA' PedobearphonypkUpdates needed 
Roamer in the NightFunnyWarfareOutdated 
Because Netherward Will Zap 'Yo AssTones_Updates needed 
Sanity's EclipseThe][nquisitoRUp to date 
Cripple the WeakKeepFeedingNoobUp to date 
The Weak Minded Shall PerishK2SO4!ArchangelOutdated 
O.M.GSuperSheepUpdates needed 
I Stand For the LightS.RebelUpdates needed 
Ale is My Bear NecessityS.RebelUpdates needed 
Justice Shall Be SwiftGhostofGunsUpdates needed 
In the Name of JusticeXStorm999Updates needed 
The One-man Gang BangerKwanz4Updates needed 
Supernova in Your FaceLuffydudeUp to date 
You Fail to Amuse MeGrubiUp to date 
Warrios of the Night, AssembleTantalosUpdates needed 
The Fury is On!PuneetJRUp to date 
Make the Enemy Suffer the Painthiago_d_dUp to date 
Die SmilingFunnyWarfareOutdated 
Sven is Here to Pump You UpTT_VbFFOutdated 
Cliche is Clichemenage0a0troisUp to date 
I, HuskarasianoUp to date 
Beneath the Competitive SandsDarkMedinaOutdated 
Make Him Your DawgPuuchukingUp to date 
LoveYueru's Guide to Shadow Fiend-MLY-Updates neededThis guide needs to be updated, or so help me I'll do it myself
Stay Cool†André†Updates needed 
Wards UpGhostofGunsUpdates needed 
CAPS LOCK LEORICCrimsonQuesoOutdatedI would slap myself if I were to forget this guide
THE TERMINATORKenshiroUp to date 
Master the FireCannibal-Up to dateOnce again... I'm fairly uncertain of its value
I'll Start With the Swimming PoolsEcceLexOutdated 
Spare the PleasentriesLady.LiuwaUp to date 
Vengeance is MineLightRedemptionUp to date 
Hardly a ChallengeGhostVNUp to date 
A Carrier Style Mecurial GuideRS_LeeUp to date 
STAMPADE!!!!snoogensUp to date 
Complete Guide to RikimaruCerealmaniacUpdates impending 
Rocking!ZephirddUp to date 
Community Guide to RaijinSwiftkickOutdatedI'm actually baffled that I actually have to put up an outdated guide. I'm not saying it isn't good, but really...
I Have an Axe to GrindSyaskaUpdates needed 
The Solo Mid GuideGreen YoshiUp to date 
Learn the Ways of the DepthPiejonkUpdates needed 
6 Years of Tinker ExperienceWinkieDuckUp to date 
Tetraodontidae TechniqueAndromedusUp to date 
The Humble GentlemanLightRedemptionUp to date 
The New RootfellenZephyrus.RowUp to date 
Eyes in the ForestThe][nquisitoRUp to date 
I Kill for YouMrDslarkUp to date 
Master of the Axemustin98Up to date 
The Ice Inside!Xstorm999Up to date 
Freeze and Burn at the Same TimekawummOutdated 
grrrchulapiUpdates needed 
Go DeepSECXIIKILLAUp to dateTbh I don't even actually like this guide because of its disorganization just being a pain. However, it is still good... adequitely.
Stun, Swap and Diepaulo_2_5Updates needed 
The Roaming VengeSTR1D3RUp to date 
Wendek's guide to our beloved ZergWendekOutdated 
Rain of ChaosThe][nquisitoRUp to date 
The Art of ShackleshootingThe][nquisitoRUp to date 
Make Your Own PathWolfosOutdated 
Fear My 1337 SkillsDullahannUpdates needed 
I Hear the Summons....The][nquisitoRUp to date 

Now is the time for the non-hero a.k.a misc guides. These guides are generally not for any specific hero in particular. Choose to view at your own risk though, as I say not all of them are as valuable as they have been.

GuideAuthorGeneral FocusStatusDivision
Guide to Force StaffPhoenix7937How to use Force StaffUp to dateAny
603 shopping guideparawarriorHow to best invest your starting goldUp to dateAny
Walking Through the RuinsLightRedemptionHow to play pubs to your best experienceUp to datePub games
Newbies Guide to Hero DifficultyR.B.EconomyA final rating perceived for each of the heroes. Higher rating means higher difficultyAny 
Lane Setup and Player's RolesSirKerenskyGuide means to give new teams an idea of what to do and how to act in the early stages of the gameUp to dateAny
Drafting in -cm for intermediate14553Help you be better at drafting in -cm gamesUp to date-cm games
Guide to JunglingLuminous48Video guide with commentaries on how to jungleNo updatesAny
Necrobook: A Mini Guide by VoltzyVoltyzHow to use Necronomicon effectivelyUp to dateAny
Masterja's total newbie guideMasterjaShows most basic, and some advanced techniques in DotA, to newer DotA palyersUp to datePub games
Troubleshooting Worst-case scenariosLightning_RayHelps everyone overcomes many "ugly" situations that may occur in any DotA matchUp to dateAny
Mini guide to HookingXstorm999How to use Pudge's hook most effectivelyUp to dateAny
Welcome to DotA You SuckPurgeA nice guide to welcome you to dota, explaining the basicsUp to datePubs
Val's Pretty Guide to Every HeroValAlt-Tab Guides to every hero in the gameUpdates neededAny
Madworld's Guide to Support HeroesMadworldA guide to playing support heroesUp to dateCompetitive
The Art of WarSaguineA guide to positioning and Maneuvering ArmiesUp to dateAny
Guide to AggroLuminous48A Guide on the basics of mechanics of aggroing creepsUp to dateAny
DotA - Fun to Think and ImagineZanFor mathcrafting and theorycrafting pleasuresUpdates neededAny
The Eye of the WolfLycanA guide on warding and visionUp to dateCompetitive

If this entry still retains this tag, it means that it is not up to date and/or not finished yet
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  1. Old Comment
    I'd at least mention Val's alt tab miniguide to everyhero.
    [url=]Val's Pretty Guide to Every Hero - DotA Guides[/url]
    Not entirely up to date, but a very good reference and straight up, no bullshit guide.
    Posted 10-31-2011 at 11:09 AM by alwaysgorandom alwaysgorandom is offline
  2. Old Comment
    CynthiaCrescent's Avatar
    Derp, the tag at the bottom means that this is not a complete list yet herp.
    Posted 10-31-2011 at 02:01 PM by CynthiaCrescent CynthiaCrescent is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Mr. Foxxie's Avatar
    Ooo! I hope to see my guide here lolz. But its k if its not here, not exactly updated anyway.
    Posted 11-01-2011 at 01:07 AM by Mr. Foxxie Mr. Foxxie is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Captain Planet's Avatar
    I like the layout. Very simple and effective for what you need. The only improvement I would suggest (and it's quite lengthy) is to go through and make each cell of the table [CENTER][FONT="Arial"][/FONT][/CENTER]. That's all I can think of. Oh and make the table into [table=old] instead of the current default table

    And I like how you left out Cp6uja's Spectre guide, since there's actually a better one that's been in the works for aaaaages ;D If I have time over the summer break I might see if I can take over and finish it (along with a Dirge guide I've planned to continue from another member xD). Mercurial, The Spectral Stalker - DotA Guides
    Posted 11-09-2011 at 05:02 AM by Captain Planet Captain Planet is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Mr. Foxxie's Avatar
    I TRIED reading Ursa guide by Sexiikilla, I really tried.

    Unfortunately, the Grammar Nazi in me couldn't stand it.
    Posted 11-09-2011 at 02:36 PM by Mr. Foxxie Mr. Foxxie is offline
  6. Old Comment
    CynthiaCrescent's Avatar
    I'm actually tempted to say "no surprises there".
    Posted 11-09-2011 at 09:52 PM by CynthiaCrescent CynthiaCrescent is offline
    Updated 11-11-2011 at 12:46 PM by CynthiaCrescent
  7. Old Comment
    [QUOTE=Mr. Foxxie;bt159838]I TRIED reading Ursa guide by Sexiikilla, I really tried.

    Unfortunately, the Grammar Nazi in me couldn't stand it.[/QUOTE]

    i know dat feel.
    Posted 04-01-2012 at 03:20 AM by Ari~ Ari~ is offline
  8. Old Comment
    NinjaMovesPro's Avatar
    Useful, bro. I will recommend this blog on my PD friends who are planning to make a guide.
    Posted 06-10-2012 at 04:07 PM by NinjaMovesPro NinjaMovesPro is offline
    Updated 06-14-2012 at 01:07 PM by NinjaMovesPro
  9. Old Comment
    NinjaMovesPro's Avatar
    You may want to update this blog since it's very helpful for future writers who don't have idea on what topics aren't yet written. I've linked your blog to gwho's

    ctrl+F the phrase "CHOOSING YOUR TOPIC" to find what i'm talkin about..
    Posted 07-15-2012 at 03:19 PM by NinjaMovesPro NinjaMovesPro is offline