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Not exactly a blog but take note of somethin'

Posted 05-04-2012 at 10:36 AM by sickness84

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Q :This should be my newest problem with the game. Once i reach level 16-17, my skills happen to be maxed out. That time, i am not able to cast any spell.

The game tells me 'oh, abilities maxed out' then what? once i press the corresponding button , i'm warned by a horrifying sound also displayed with
red title on the screen. i wanna finish the enemy off but hey 'you can 't use
your spells'...

How to get rid of this situation when one or all skills are maxed out?

A : You accidentally entered level up interface thus game recognize your hotkey as an attempt to levelup already maxed ability. Just get stats with your skillpoints (click stats window or press "O-U"). I might misunderstand you though.

A2 : 1) dont press O unless you want to spend points on skills
2) if no skills are left, then spend those points on attribute bonuses (U)
3) if you can't bear the pain for not pressing O, use that button at the corner saying back/cancel (i forgot).

A3 : It seems that it needs clarification:
You level-up automatically. You don't need to press "O" for that. You do it to spend skillpoints, either to upgrade abilities or stats ("U").[/FONT]
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