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Silly Playerbase Bugs, But...

Posted 06-28-2015 at 07:51 AM by Ex_Venomancer

Ever heard of 'loadout mode' glitch, or some sort of that (or is it a bug? I don't know)? That sometimes the viewable items from community market can be previewed but in the wrong hero model? Somehow I got the trick (even though it's lame how to do it) but I also think that it will be a good concept since Workshoppers grew and grew to contribute for the game.

I made a screenshots which I think it is 'viable', at least, to have this item in 'that' hero. Mostly the glitch can be made with a single item, but why not give 'it' a start to create a concept? I don't have a knowledge about 3D graphics but I fully understand about art concept since I can claim myself as an traditional artist... But nah, I also think about giving Maya a try, but no time. :/

I have a full album on this screenies in my Facebook account, so you can give it a try to view it here.

Let's start with this...

Hero: Lina
Item: Invoker's mask

There's nothing wrong with covered face, though, but then it can start with 'this', then how you are going to interpret it (like lina being an assassin-like person with a decent cape or belt like PA's)

Hero: Phantom Lancer
Item: Necro's scythe

I've seen Phantom Assassin having a scythe without following its hero concept (which is a single blade), why not with Phantom Lancer? I know he's a freaking "lancer", but since one's imagination can be expand (how can I include myself?) and besides, his attack animation can be changed with it.

Hero: Disruptor
Item: Necro's scythe

Lore-breaking but lol, I think it is nice xD Since it goes well with his attack animation like this when I viewed it (but then he's a long-ranged so just put it like a thunder-scythe or something? haha)

Hero: Void
Item: Lion's arm

It could be some sort of miscellaneous, since his other hand has been left unused. Who can think this can be the next void's immortal?

Hero: Necrophos
Item: Lina's cap

No, I didn't mean him to be gayish or whatever, what I mean is... can he have a cap like this? I think he has like this before but I think that concept was different than this... or if I am wrong... (like a witch lol)

Hero: Void
Item: Doom's sword

Why not let him change his weapon as sword?

Kthxbai... hahahahaha
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Qilin, the Grieving Spirit

Posted 06-24-2015 at 02:58 PM by fmultimedia (fmultimedia Hero's Ideas)

The Grieving Spirit

Description: Qilin is a unique STR support who can play either the part of a hard support, by healing an enhancing the mobility of his team; or the part of a twisted nuker, able to deal massive area damage through the careful overlaying of his abilities. Qilin is also an excellent pusher/anti-pusher/high ground defender.

Miasmic Form grants a buff to a hero - enemy or ally - which allows him to have free movement among units and destroy trees, dealing damage to them as he walks through them.

Infuse Life causes several healing spirits to spawn in the target area. These spirits can block other heroes path and, upon being killed, will deal damage to the team that harmed them.

Devour the Devourer is a strong passive which punishes any opposing hero who deals a last hit to a creep or hero, or destroyes any trees in the area.

His Death from the Dead ultimate creates an area where any and all units who die are respawned as vengeance spirits who will relentlessly hunt the enemy heroes.

Background Story:
Within the deepst groves lives Qilin, the most pure of the elementals of life.

While life blooms, so thrives Qilin as an unconscious spirit that permeates all that is beautiful and pure.

But when life is corrupted, Qilin becomes equally twisted, grieving deeply for every life form - animal or plant.

Drawn by the countless deaths ensued by the Sentinel and Scourge conflict, Qilin arrives in the battlefield in a state of avenging consciousness, half life giver, half harbinger of corruption.

Above all, Qilin seeks to destroy the life takers, turning the spirits of nature itself against his enemies.

Strength - 22 + [2.5]
Agility - 12 + [2.0]
Intelligence - 29 + [2.0]

Starting HP/MP:568/377
Attack Range: 

Miasmic Form - (Active)
Type: Active
Targeting: Unit
Hotkey: q
Gives the matter of the target (enemy or allied) hero properties of a harmful phantasmagoric miasma. The hero gains phased movement and deals pure damage to all units (enemies or allied) he walks through. Touching trees also cause them to be destroyed.

111512700 7Damage: 80 (twice as much against creeps)
211512700 7Damage: 130 (twice as much against creeps)
311512700 7Damage: 180 (twice as much against creeps)
411512700 7Damage: 210 (twice as much against creeps)
  • Damage Type: Pure
  • Increases the target collision size by 50%
  • If an enemy walks through one of his allies and kills him with that, the kill goes to Qilin; if an ally of Qilin kills a teammate in such way, it's considered a deny
  • This ability can be used to help heroes chase or escape due to ability to cross trees and other units.
  • It can also used to farm/push/jungle, or helping other heroes in that task
  • The main point of this ability is the strong combo it provides with Qilin's other abilities: enemy heroes under Miasmic Form are very likely to kill large amounts of creeps, triggering Devour the Devourer and Death from the Dead, as well as to kill Kodama Spirits spawned by Infuse Life

Infuse Life - (Active)
Type: Active
Targeting: AoE
Hotkey: w
Infuses vibrant life in the target area, regrowing any felled trees in the area and healing allied creeps. Furthermore, Kodama Spirits (healing spirits of nature) are drawn to the area. Kodama Spirits heal all heroes in their AoE and, if destroyed, deal damage to its killer and its killer's teammates in the AoE.

11002080060010Number of Spirits Spawned over the Duration: 8
21152080060010Number of Spirits Spawned over the Duration: 12
31302080060010Number of Spirits Spawned over the Duration: 16
41452080060010Number of Spirits Spawned over the Duration: 20
  • Heal: 60 (every two seconds, per spirits)
  • Heal AoE: 200
  • Damage if destroyed: 100 pure damage to its killer and 50 to his teammates in a 400 AoE
  • Half the total Number of Spirits are spawned upon casting (4/6/8/10)
  • The rest of the Number of Spirits are spawned over the rest of the duration, every two seconds
  • Kodama Spirits have 1 HP but are completely immune to all damage except for Pure Damage; they are also immune to disables
  • Kodama Spirits can't be controlled
  • Kodama Spirits yield no bounty

  • Kodama Spirits slowly roam the AoE and may inadvertedly block heroes, which may be used as a twisted slow method
  • May be used to cure allies, but not great during tfs due to the fact the spirits heal both allies and enemies alike
  • May also be used as a pushing tool by healing allied heroes, and healing allied creeps and summons
  • The main synergy of this ability lies with Miasmic Form, as the hero under the Miasmic Form buff will have a very tough time trying to avoid killing loads of Kodama Spirits, dealing massive amounts of damage to himself and his own teammates

Devour the Devourer - (Active)
Type: Active
Targeting: No target
Qilin grieves with nature itself whenever a life is taken. Any time an enemy hero destroy a tree or deals a last hit against units (hero or otherwise), he is passively punished with damage.

1   800 Damage: 20 (three times as much if the units killed was a hero)
2   800 Damage: 35 (three times as much if the units killed was a hero)
3   800 Damage: 50 (three times as much if the units killed was a hero)
4   800 Damage: 65 (three times as much if the units killed was a hero)
  • Damage Type: magical
  • Does not trigger on other hero's summons
  • Triggers if a Kodama Spirit is killed
  • Visually, any time the ability is triggered, a swarm of maggots spawns from the killed units/tree and jumps to the enemy to deal the damage

  • May be used as a strong lane support harass tool
  • Strong counter agaisnt heroes whose abilities destroy lots of trees
  • Also very good against heroes who tend to clear creep waves instantly
  • Its main synergy is with Miasmic Form, which all but forces the enemy to kill lots of creeps and Kodama Spirits

Death from the Dead - (Channelling)
Type: Channelling
Targeting: AoE
Hotkey: r
While channeling, all units who die and trees that fall in the target area give birth to a Shade of Revenge. Shades focus their attacks on the enemies with the highest last hit + trees destroyed count.

12006060060020 maxShades of Revenge stats: same as ranged creeps
23005060080020 maxShades of Revenge stats: same as ranged super creeps
340040600100020 maxShades of Revenge stats: same as ranged mega creeps
  • Shades of Revenge deal pure damage
  • They target the enemy hero with the highest last hit + destroyed trees count, but that considers only the time since Death from the Dead started being channeled
  • If two or more enemy heroes are tied for that count, the target is the closest one
  • If no enemy heroes are left in the AoE or the Shades leave the AoE, they will behave as normal creeps in all aspects
  • The duration refers only to the AoE duration - spawned Shades are permanent (they must be killed normally)
  • With the exception other hero summons, all killed units trigger Death from the Dead - no matter the faction (allied, neutral, enemy) or nature (hero, nonhero, ancient, etc.) - this includes Kodama Spirits and the Shades of Revenge themselves
  • Shades are spawned only when a unit/tree is destroyed by the enemy faction
  • Shades yield no bounty

  • Death from the Dead is an amazing pushing, anti-pushing and high ground defence tool
  • Because the Shades themselves give birth to new Shades when killed, this is an amazing ultimate against AoE/cleaving enemies
  • Miasmic Form all but guarantees that enemy heroes will kill many creeps (or destroy many trees), thus spawning many shades
  • Infuse Life will summon loads of Kodama Spirits to the tf area, giving the flexibility Death from the Dead needs to be useful away from creep waves
  • Devour the Devourer greatly enhances the damage potential from Death from the Dead, especially when the enemies keep inadvertedly killing Shades and spawning new Shades


Official PlayDota Advanced template.
Hero created with Saguine's Hero Maker.
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[1.8/1.7.10] World and Generation Tweaks Mod

Posted 06-23-2015 at 05:34 PM by kingkute

[1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2] World and Generation Tweaks Mod Minecraft - Download and install

World and Generation Tweaks Mod Preview:

World and Generation Tweaks Mod is a mod contains various assorted tweaks related to world generation. You can disable any of these tweaks in the config window.

Please install and install Resource Packs Minecraft 1.8.7 Resource Packs

World and Generation Tweaks Mod 1.8
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[1.8/1.7.10] Shur’tugal (Eragon) Revived

Posted 06-23-2015 at 05:33 PM by kingkute

[1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2]Shur’tugal (Eragon) Revived Minecraft - Download and install

Shur’tugal (Eragon) Revived Image:

Shur’tugal (Eragon) Revived.It is a mod First of all you can obtain Dragon Eggs with 4 words. Using Creative with Torches.

Please install and install Resource Packs Minecraft 1.8.7 Resource Packs

Shur’tugal (Eragon) Revived 1.8
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[1.8/1.7.10] FrostCraft (Frozen) Mod

Posted 06-23-2015 at 05:29 PM by kingkute

[1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2]FrostCraft (Frozen) Mod Minecraft - Download and install

FrostCraft (Frozen) Mod Previews:

FrostCraft (Frozen) Mod with multiple features in a winter theme, including: mobs, blocks, items, weapons and machines.

Please install and install Resource Packs Minecraft 1.8.7 Resource Packs

FrostCraft (Frozen) Mod Download:
FrostCraft (Frozen) Mod 1.8
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