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more than doubled the number of muted players

Posted 07-31-2014 at 04:15 PM by SanKakU


i have increased the number of muted players to my dota 2 account and the total of them is the number above. if you're curious how i came up with this number, i noticed the

...\userdata\75837263\570\remote\voice_ban.dt file and copied the entirety of it, pasted it into the trigger editor of my jass new gen pack version of world editor for warcraft 3, which automatically compiled the code. there were many lines, they were all counted(by the editor, not by me). the first 4 lines were not part of a pattern, but the pattern was 5 lines per entry(a muted account) and subtracting 4 from the last numbered entry left me with the number 20950. dividing that by 5 gave me the 4190 muted accounts number. you could do the same...if you need JNGP, you can get it at wc3c.net, and you can find other world editor information there, at hiveworkshop.com, and at thehelper.net if you don't know much about warcraft 3 or its editor. if you are russian(or are willing to use google translate), you can get cjass and some other editor related information at xgm.ru for warcraft 3.
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Fall of the Lich King WoW 2.50 DE

Posted 07-31-2014 at 05:49 AM by sleepxalone

Download: Fall of the Lich King WoW 2.50 DE
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A Dota2 experiment: All Pick?!

Posted 07-30-2014 at 05:21 PM by JuxtapozIndulge

So why you wonder: Why is there an All Pick in the matchmaking system? All Pick is commonly used by many players in Dota2. They could choose what hero they want; they can counterpick, they can try and practice by just picking it directly, or just simply study every hero.

I like All Pick mode, but it doesn't mean it should be appropriate with all categories in mm system since we have the Ranked matchmaking one. You know, being dependent on team, party, or even increasing your mmr by solo (but party ranked is neglected by many! but I guess it was expected)

There's nothing wrong with going All Pick! Screw those who says All Pick sucks. ^o^

Anyways, the experiment that I already started is about picking hero in advance. Usually I can schedule myself that everyday I assure that I can play Dota2 everyday.

The goal of this experiment is how you will really bring yourself as a player playing all pick mode. You should not get stick'd with only just one hero. I know solo ranked's hard, but if your ally read what you are acting they could decide on their own in picking phase.

With my experiment, I should not counterpick, I should repick if decided to random, or such. I should pick before the 30-second mark runs out.

This list consists of many categories: Day 1 should be the "supports' day," Day 2 should be "carry fever", and Day 3 should be "I initiate, I took damage," and so on. It doesn't just rely on the hero roles, it depends on how should I cut the list with an "icebreaker," aka "an advertisement after the consecutive losses/wins"

Since I started, I never turn it back. Here's my list for day 1: Supports' Day (scheduled for tomorrow, July 31, 2014):
- Sven (and why not? I always like supporting with him.)
- Jakiro
- Dazzle
- Earthshaker
- Venomancer (bonus for ward)
If having 2 consecutive losses, go for any initiator/stunners.

The questions that I am going to ask myself are:
Did I buy wards? Did I buy it consecutively until the end of the game, or just in early? Did I dominate our lane with the carry? Did I spot the enemy support planting ward? If there is any, did I counter-ward them? Did I let the carry farm or did I deny creeps so many times? How's the midlane? Are they aware of where I planted the ward? Do you have any support items e.g. mekansm, pipe or such?
What do you notice in your ally's picks? Did they pick several roles that fits as a team? Did they do their role very well?


Going to edit this blog after the experiment ends.
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Resident Evil Survival V1.03

Posted 07-29-2014 at 10:12 AM by sleepxalone

Download: Resident Evil Survival v1.03
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Suna's Skeleton Summonings Unit Stats

Posted 07-28-2014 at 12:19 AM by summer-penguin
Updated 09-16-2014 at 07:23 PM by summer-penguin

Skeleton Puppet

Level: 1 (20 experience)
Lasts: until killed or replaced
HPs: 245
HP regen: 4
Mana: -
Mana regen: -
Damage: 31-34 (Normal)(90 melee)
Armor: 5 (heavy)
Mspd: 275, 300, 325, 350.
BAT: 1.8
Missile speed: -
Damage point/backswing: 0.56/0.44
Casting point/backswing: 0.5/0.51
Vision day/night: 800/800
Type: Undead, Summoned
Bounty: 6-12 (3+3d3)
Spell Resistance - 35% resistance against spell damage.
Doppler - Denying friendly units with Skeleton Puppets raise another Skeleton Puppet.
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