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Minecraft, as we know it.

Posted 08-17-2015 at 09:10 AM by sinnersynx

Minecraft as we know is the king of all openworld sandbox game out there.

It is a sandbox independent video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang.

It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. It’s pretty. Brave players battle terrible things in The Nether, which is more scary than pretty. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea.

Minecraft has an amazing community with a wide range of available modifications, resource packs that put textures in game, shaders to improve graphics. Out of the box, it may seem like an 8-bit gameboy/nintendo game, but once you layer it with mods, it will beat the AAA titles out there.

If you are interested in modifications, have a look here.
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Artemis and Orion

Posted 08-14-2015 at 02:45 PM by fmultimedia (fmultimedia Hero's Ideas)
Updated 08-14-2015 at 05:42 PM by fmultimedia

Godly Hunters
Artemis & Orion



_21 + 1.6__21 + 1.5__18 + 1.8_

MoveStopHold PositionAttack
Patrol Hero Abilities

Prime ArcherBarbed ArrowSpirit ArrowPerfect Syncronicity

Fierce HunterSoul SlashSpear SpinPerfect Syncronicity

Artemis and Orion are carries that work together to achieve maximum efficiency in their role.
Because their experience and gold pools are shared, they can farm different parts of the map to maximize their xp and gold gain. When not farming, they want to be together though, as their proximity enables their passives and they have multiple skills which synergize with their mate's abilities.
On the downside, both of them have very weak attribute progression (worse than Slark's), so independently they can fall very easily if not very well farmed and/or supported. Whenever one of them is killed, the other one takes a heavy debuff which makes him/her all but useless.
All in all, these heroes require a lot of skill and come with many high risks especially in the early and early midgame, but they also may bring incredible rewards, with their ability to flash farm different parts of the map, their skillset which basically counts for two heroes and a killer late and ultra-late game.


Soul Bond (Innate)Ability Type: Inbuilt
Targeting Type: No target
Ability Hotkey : n.a.

Description: Artemis and Orion share a bond which makes them both stronger and codependent in turn. On the one hand, they share whichever gold and xp either of them earns, wherever in the map and no matter how far they are from each other (or even if one of them is dead). On the other hand, if one of the two heroes dies, the other is afflicted by the Broken Soul Bond debuff: s/he temporarily loses five levels worth in all attributes and skill levels. If s/he is at level 5 or less, s/he loses all skill points and all attribute (base) values are set to 1.

The bounty/xp for the death of a single one of the heroes is 1/3 of what it would normally be, and the other 2/3 are awarded when the second hero dies.

Buyback can be used only if both heroes are dead, and at that point both are brought back.

Aegis will resurrect only the hero that carries it.

Prime Archer / Fierce HunterAbility Type: Passive
Targeting Type: No target
Ability Hotkey : q

Description: As Long as Orion is in Artemis' sight, both heroes get individual, specific bonuses. Artemis has her perception raised to godly limits, gaining extended attack ranged and unobstructed Vision in a certain AoE around her. Orion has his agility raised to godly limits, gaining bonus move speed, bonus attack speed and phased movement.

 Artemis Unobstructed VisionArtemis Attack Range BonusOrion Move Speed BonusOrion Attack Speed Bonus

  • Both Prime Archer and Fierce Hunter are leveled up together

Barbed Arrow / Soul SlashAbility Type: Active
Targeting Type: Unit
Ability Hotkey : w

Description:Artemis shoots with a powerful barbed arrow, which both slows and applies an armor debuff on her target. Orion imbues his spear with his willpower, stunning the target and applying a magic resistance debuff on it.

 ManaCooldownArrow SlowArrow Armor DebuffSlash StunSlash Magic Res Debuff

  • Debuff Duration: 6
  • The damage and cast range is this same as a normal attack
  • Both Barbed Arrow and Soul Slash are levelled up together, but they do not share their cooldown

Magic Arrow / Spear SpingAbility Type: Active
Targeting Type: Unit/No Target
Ability Hotkey : e

Description: Artemis aims at the target and then shoots a spiritual arrow at him. While maintaining her aim, she gains True Vision over her quarry. The shot deals more damage the longer it is channeled. Orion viciously spins his spear, dealing physical damage to all enemies in an AoE around him, and applying a physical DoT debuff to them. Both the initial damage and the DoT are proportional to the number of times the enemy is slashed.

 ManaCooldownMaximum Channel TimeNumber of Spear Spins

  • Both skills level up together, but don't share their cooldown
  • Spirit Arrow Cast Range: the same attack range she currently has
  • After Artemis locks on her target, she will keep him under sight as far as twice the cast range - after that, she loses him from sight and the ability is canceled without entering cooldown or spending mana
  • Arrow Magic Damage per Second Channeled: 75
  • Spear Spin Radius: 400 around Orion
  • Spear Spin physical damage per slash hit: 50
  • Spear Spin physical damage per second, per slash: 20 for 5 seconds

Perfect SyncronicityAbility Type: Active
Targeting Type: No target
Ability Hotkey : r

Description: Artemis and Orion sync their senses and hunting prowess, becoming vastly more lethal for a brief duration. Each hero gains a bonus to their stats corresponding to their mate's items. Artemis must be able to see Orion for this ability to be in effect, even if the ability's duration hasn't expired.


  • Both heroes level their ultimate together and both ultimates share cooldown
  • Each item in one hero's inventory will provide a bonus to the other hero according to the stats they grant, as if the item was being held by himself
  • Bonus stats are: STR, AGI, INT, Bonus Mana Points, Bonus Hit Points, Bonus Mana Regen, Bonus HP Regen, Bonus Damage, Armor, Magic Resistance, Bonus Attack Speed, Bonus Movement Speed, Bonus Damage
  • Other effects, such as Desolator's Armor Debuff, MKB's True Strike, Diffusal's Mana Break, etc. are not shared
  • No active item abilities are shared either
  • Having the exact same item on both heroes doesn't prevent this ability from working normally - it'll be as if each hero help two instances of the same item
  • Auras or bonuses which don't normally stack from multiple identical instances still don't stack (e.g. Hood of Defiance, Basilus)
  • Aghanim Upgrade: Artemis seeing Orion is not a condition for the ability to work anymore (thought both heroes must still be alive)
  • Aghanim Upgrade: Gain an extra ability called 'Bullet Time', which has no cooldown or mana cost, but can be used only 1x/1x/2x during the same Perfect Synchronicity duration
  • Bullet Time: Stops time for three seconds; in the duration, Artemist and Orion can queue commands - no other heroes can
  • Super Aghanim Upgrade: if both heroes hold physical instances of the Aghs, an extra bonus effect takes place - the death of one hero doesn't cancel Perfect Synchronicity, and doesn't ensues the -5 level debuff from Broken Soul Bond
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Until next time

Posted 08-09-2015 at 02:33 AM by CynthiaCrescent

As the TI season comes to a close, it's time to take my annual departure from PD. When I first started doing this back in 2013, it was out of a severe depression period. Things have changed since then, especially Dota. Every year I come back I find myself less and less interested in actually playing the game. I've long lost my drive to compete, and now with EG's victory in TI5 it has pretty much settled my disinterest in the competitive scene, at least for another year or so.

I suppose I should open up with my thoughts on TI5, as the tournament just ended. To be entirely truthful, I'm writing this as game 4's draft finished. EG will win this, it's easy to see. I'll release this blog once they inevitably do. TI5 has been a fine tournament. EG truly was the best team of the season, the most stable by far. If anything, they do deserve it all. Congratulations. This year I won't do another recap, because I'm still disappointed that VG didn't win. So, I'll leave it at that.

As to what's going to happen next, I'm sure no one cares. I'm just going back to what I used to do before the qualifier starts, not that I have really stopped. I don't know how Dota 2 will turn out then, as it's been getting progressively worse, but as it becomes more mainstream things are going to change even more drastically. If anything, it's going to be at least interesting. I'll leave this hear for the sake of brevity.


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Map dota 6.84b changelog and download

Posted 08-07-2015 at 02:18 AM by HanhVu1102
Tags dota 6.84b

Dota 6.84b changelog

Dota 6.84b map
DotA v6.84b Allstars.w3x
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My Orbs Collection

Posted 08-06-2015 at 03:33 PM by Haasva (Haasva Blog)
Updated 08-06-2015 at 04:10 PM by Haasva

Universal Orb
400 gold
Universal attack (passive)
Instead of your normal attack, you attack with one of the other heroes attack present on the map randomly.
It takes into consideration their damages, items, abilities, projectile appearances, sounds, but not the attack range (you keep your original attack range).
“ Some say it can orbception. ”

Kinetic Orb
275 gold
Nimble attack (passive)
While moving, allows you to attack once without being stopped. Has a 6 seconds cooldown. The Nimble attack is an orb effect.
“ This thing acts by its own presence like a lubricant for all actions. ”

Leather Orb
400 gold
Rustic attack (passive)
· Your attacks now consider your target's attack damage and your armor (instead of your attack damage and your target's armor)
“ An atypical orb made by a cordwainer. ”

Orb of Frost
275 gold
Frost attack (passive)
Your attacks deal 0 damage, but reduce target's max HP for the amount of your attack damage after reductions
Can be lethal, lasts 20 seconds, orb effect
Two sources of Frost attack on the same target can't stack
“ I... don't feel my body anymore. ”

Orb of Venom
275 gold
Poison attack (passive)
Your attacks only deal 75% of damage, but deal additional 50% of the damage over 4 second as HP removal, which can't stack and is lethal
Isn't an orb effect, and % considers all your attack damage
“ This is a remake. ”

Hollow Orb
250 gold
Mana attack (passive)
Each attack done on an enemy hero increases you manapool of 1 (2 if wearer is melee)
Dropping the item cancel the bonus but doesn't remove the accumulated charges
“ Damn, that thing's becoming heavy! ”

225 gold
Severe attack (passive)
You can start denying allied creeps at 90% health
“ That nice head gives some vicious cravings! ”

Orb of Tame
250 gold
Siphon attack (passive)
Your attacks now steal experience. Each attack steals 8 (4 if wearer is ranged) experience points.
Target can't lose a level this way.
“ Wisdom, from hitting the stultified... ”

Stale Orb
275 gold
Dark attack (passive)
Your attacks are now magical and deal magic damage. Also slows your attack speed by 20%.
Only considers your base attack damage.
“ What is... your sound? ”

False Prism
225 gold
Languorous attack (passive)
The attack damages are now dealt from the start of your attack point animation in several ticks every 0.1 seconds, each tick damage is increased by 5%.
Ticks are affected by various attack changers.
“ We found thousands of these down there... ”
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