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Legend Of The Naruto v1.0

Posted 09-19-2014 at 12:10 PM by sleepxalone

Download: Legend Of The Naruto v1.0

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DotA Fun Wars RELOADED 2.3

Posted 09-19-2014 at 12:00 PM by HanhVu1102

Clash and clash, then clash some more.
Modes: -ap. -ar, -tr, -sd, -ffa, -cm, -sh
[In sync with DotA 6.81d]

DotA Fun Wars RELOADED is a Warcraft III custom map featuring intense and nonstop clash of 10 players in a deadly battlefield. Fans of the original DotA will need to adapt to a faster playstyle, reworked hero skills, and new set of item builds. The map is updated and balanced regularly by steal some sleep and radioactivefishy, and is a very popular custom map in Garena and RGC.

Download: DotA Fun Wars RELOADED 2.3

This Fun Wars version update primarily focuses on hero balance and some ability appearance tweaks. Since DotA 6.81d seems stable already, most changes in this version will be based on that.

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Magical Battle Arena v4.7 AI

Posted 09-19-2014 at 08:46 AM by sleepxalone

Download: Magical Battle Arena v4.7 AI

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Riot is making a series of big mistakes

Posted 09-17-2014 at 04:21 PM by SanKakU

I'm no Valve fan boy by any stretch of the imagination. When I think of a Valve employee I can't help but think of some of the laziest people I know. But, at least they aren't like Riot who are actively doing bad things as much as they can.

Game design, economics design, these things are irrelevant to customer service. League of Legends has the worst customer service of any video game in history to the best of my knowledge.

Everyone knows that a game like League of Legends or Dota 2 are team games. Check this out, not only was my account temporarily banned, with warning that continued action on my part without change would result in a permanent ban, but it was told to me that I should rather not communicate at all in all of my future games. A team game, which has been argued over and over again that communication is a vital part of, has these kinds of developers.

"Moving forward, do remember you can always use smart pings to communicate and work with your team. There's a good number of players who don't even use chat at all, and even at the highest levels of play they find success. In general, try to avoid any conversation that does not directly contribute to your team's success (see above)."

So basically, any time your team turns toxic, the idea is that you ignore it. Good plan, if the game was actually designed properly. You still can't mute or even threshold pings in that game and people can literally murder your ability to play by abusing pings. So what are they proposing, here? Play the game without any sound at all?

Not going to happen. The kicker is that I stopped playing their game 5 days before they temporarily banned me. It's like they're getting back at players that are justifiably angry at them. I already had no intention of playing their game again, but I hadn't got around to uninstalling the game because there was actually a large amount of activity going on with angry banned players posting on their message boards. I got a little bit involved, but all of my posts were ignored by Rioters. When it became clear to me that they were not changing anything in the game for the better, and only making things worse all over the place, I decided to just remove their game from my computer.

My issue with this game, called League of Legends, is that its developers do not care what the players want. Instead, they tell the players what they want. They try to transform the players into fans that idolize Rioters. The people in charge of this game have a god complex. Being a king is one thing, but this is completely different. They aren't making normal laws. They're making a mess and calling it holy ground.

Valve are lazy people. They have established IceFrog as king over the other players. They do stipulate a few principles, such as allowing the community to police itself with an ineffective report system. True, the community tends to be destructive and bad in general, but this is due to demonic influence in general throughout the world and has nothing to do with the administration of the game. They don't even bother to combat the bad morality within the game, which leads many to be discontented. In fact, I'm sure they are not even aware just how much corruption has seeped into their game. Sure, Valve isn't trying. They have basically zero spirituality. They are animals. That's better than Riot, which is a bunch of people that are basically demonic rather than animalistic.
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Random Stuff

Posted 09-16-2014 at 05:27 PM by TheImperial


Originally Posted by Foede View Post
Jesus christ, are you all fucking retarded? God fucking damnit, sometimes I hate you all.
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