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The comeback of Techies!

Posted 08-01-2016 at 10:11 AM by gamersdl
Updated 08-03-2016 at 02:19 AM by gamersdl

  • Techies is back! This guide will explain how to use him and get a decent amount of kills. Better said, letting your enemy get underfarmed.
  • Start with buying soul ring receipt, a TP and spend the rest of your starting money in mana potions right away. Use the TP to get either top or bottom lane, and place the mines just in front of the side shop. Make sure the enemy doesn't spot you. Place mines on top of each other until the creeps have spawned. After that make sure you mine their woods quite alot. And stay near the lane so you get some decent XP. Get AT LEAST lvl 5, so your mines are lvl 3. After that, make sure you finish at least soul ring and/or mana boots and make your way to their secred shop.
  • Now things are going to get seriously. Make sure you place mines on every single route to their secred shop. It doesn't matter if they spot you. You can also choose to blow yourself up, trying to kill the guy who spotted you, and start in town with fresh mana potions and make your way to their secred shop using an alternative route. Using blinkdagger will obviously help with not being spotted since an alternative route will be easy using blink.
  • Their secred shop is the main place for mines, because they do need that shop once in a while, and they will walk there eventually.
  • Since you are getting XP from minekills, you will get lvl 11 very soon. Make sure you leveled your ultimate 2 times by lvl 11.
  • Start placing your ultimate in the lanes. They don't know you've been placing them there, since they found out some mines are around their secred shop and they expect you to be somewhere near that point.
  • When they push, blow up your ultimate mines and make sure your team start pushing. You can go back to the secred shop and place some more mines. Eventually if they push you back they didn't expect anymore mines being near their secred shop.
  • Have fun owning and annoying people with Techies!
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TOP 5 Heroes Dota 2 with the Highest DPS

Posted 08-01-2016 at 10:11 AM by gamersdl
Updated 08-03-2016 at 02:19 AM by gamersdl

HERO #5 - Chaos Knight

Meepo may have a ton of stuns thanks to his clones, but Chaos Knight only needs one stun and a few bunch of clones of himself in order to absolutely overwhelm his opposition. Thanks to Phantasm (not including his crit passive), combined with his secondary ability, he can easily gank and trap any foe he wishes to and easily get away with it. Where rides the horseman, death shall surely fallow.
HERO #4 - Invoker

Invoker sure isn't the easiest hero on this list, but in the hands of the right player, Invoker is easily one of the most powerful heroes in Dota 2. He has a mess of spells that give him tons of utility and dps. Even without the aid of Aghanim's Scepter, Invoker's spells can easily make short work of fragile heroes, and he can even put up a good fight against heroes that normally counter him!
HEROINE #3 - Windranger

Windranger is truly one ginger you don't want to cross! She's so high up this list not only because her Ultimate Ability gives her an attack speed unlike any other, but she also does so without the help of any passive abilities! She may have some trouble when dealing with armor in some scenarios, but her Teritary ability combined with her primary stun and her Ultimate ability, allows her to easily down most foes with ease without ever having to worry about a lethal counterattack!
HERO #2 - Zeus

Heaven help you! Even without his passive, a Veil of Discord, or other items Zeus can deal an excessive amount of powerful burst damage. Armed with a highly spammable primary ability, a secondary ability that's more powerful than his ultimate (mainly when it's maxed out and his ult is at level 1), and an Ultimate ability that has a global range, Zeus can easily kick anyone's ♥♥♥ if they're careless or unprepared.

HERO #1 - The Techies

Was there any doubt? Even the most resilient heroes in Dota 2 can easily fall victim to the Techies' absurd DPS. Their Remote Mines can easily one-shot any hero if there's enough of them nearby, and there are plenty of clips of entire teams getting instantly destroyed by the Techies due to a well-placed trap and a well-timed detonation. Not even Phantom Assassin's crits or Ursa's fury swipes can compete with the overwhelming ordinance of the Techies.

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Dota 2 -advice for a positiv team game play!

Posted 08-01-2016 at 10:11 AM by gamersdl
Updated 08-03-2016 at 02:19 AM by gamersdl

  • I know we all have meet them. The team we all fear to meet when we open dota 2. Specielly for solo mmr. The lack of team work , angry players , carrys roaming solo feed the enemies. or the support not buying any wards or support items , or people not having any tp so your towers get pushed to fast and you end up being mad yourself and the fight begins. We all have this kinda games. Specielly in mmr games.
  • The mmr lvl is kinda low and in fact that you becoure could just have a lvl booster so you come to the lvl that you
can start ranked games it does not mean that your ready for ranked games. Even if you just resently dinged the lvl for it if you didnt use booster before they removed it , it will not say your ready.I have played this game for 1 year now. I have still lots to learn myself. But something i know becouse i have most of the times had a team that i played with. I know some stuff that people just dont want to think about.

I first want to talk about actuel Support!

As a support you have to actely do the courier , wards , smoke , not take last hits from the tank/carry. Have items that helps your lane mate not yourself. In lane base the carry/ Tank comes first. if you die by protecting him is not a big deal. as long as he gets the money he can carry you to get money later. but if you steal from him and will be the tanky one later IS NOT GONNA MAKE YOU WIN! dota has roles for a reason. and in 1 game 2 supports are actely something you need. why? its easy not one person can handle the wards by there own. to much money. And if 1 support buy the courier and wards in the begining the other support can get more inportent stuff in lane. But then the one not buying the ward or courier need to make it flying and buy wards to the other support get some items it needs to survive. " always talk to eatchother" so you dont build the same item as the other support do. if you have to do an expensiv item and the other support do not then ask nice for it to make the wards to you get it. communication is inportent. voice or chat!

tho to the carry that has a support with him. dont think the player can read your minds. talk to your support. tell him your plans and idees not just RUUUUUN in for a team fight end up dying and then your suprised support that is only half way to you becouse you go alone gets the blame. belive it or not carrys and tanks out there. YOU NEED THE SUPPORT! its not that your bad , its just how the game is build to be.

So think about it everyone. Communication leads to a friendly zone. i do know sometimes you end up with a russian that will not understand you. its a horror we all meet. but at least ask him in early game can you speak english in a nice way if he dont answer or maybe say in a bad english not much. then we have another system called CTRL - ALT click on items will tell you will build it. so the person knows. tho this is a more harder way to communicate but can help you with this russian to know aha he will build this. then the team also know ok i shall not build it he do.

something i notice people choise to not use is TELEPORT SCROLLS. ALWAYS HAVE THEM! AND I MEAN ALWAYS. it can save towers and save your game!

and if you know you get mad easy in a game. please just dont ♥♥♥♥ing type to people. why type to someone you are a noob? what do you gain on it? you gain mostly a report.. is that what you want to have? or is a commend in end of the game a bit more fun? if you have anger issuse just be angry on your own at home.. becouse a team that fights will lose. why ? well its simple.. would you talk/ coperate whit someone you dislike that have offended you IRL? i dont think you would. so the team work will fade away. and meanwhile you guys are fighting... the others are not.. and they push / fight better becouse of it. and to others dont feed the troller/ the one being angry by type mean stuff just mute him. becouse if someone is mad he will bring the team down.
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Mid-Lane Bloodseeker

Posted 08-01-2016 at 10:01 AM by gamersdl
Updated 08-03-2016 at 02:20 AM by gamersdl

What Lane?

  1. Bloodseeker's strength is the mid-game. Carries can be either item-dependent, experience-dependent, or both. BS is both; he needs to accelerate to level 6 (akin to skeleton king) and he needs items to supplement the initial damage burst from his ult. This is the reasoning behind why this hero is played in a solo lane.
  2. If you aren't playing mid you've already hurt your team composition. The probability of you getting enough farm solo in an offlane situation is minimal. If you do get enough farm to gank because you're against bad players, there is only one logical lane to gank, limiting your options and making your movements predictable. To keep your options open, and to not stack the odds against yourself, you play this hero mid and you should be looking to see what the opposite team will play against you.

Do I need a friend?
Bloodseeker's strength is that his kit gives him everything he needs to lane well. Supports essentially do the same thing, that is, ensure the ability of the carry to farm. This means in a one v. one situation they aren't necessary.

"What if you're against a duel lane?" The best answer is to switch lanes to the solo one. You don't offer anything to a duel or tri-lane until level 6 so odds are that you will be outlaned. Always be thinking early game about how to maximize your experience and gold gains to get to level 6.

The Matchup

You've either randomed or picked this hero and you are eagerly awaiting what your lane matchup will be. Whoever it is, keep in mind the following ideas about the strengths of your hero:

You have high sustain, if it comes down to a war of harass you will win every time because of your health gain upon last hit. This suits you well for low damage burst (DPS or otherwise) heroes.
You're a lane bully. You have the immovable rock thing going on; you gain health on last hitting, it is nigh impossible to out last-hit you, and the amount of denies in the lane phase ensures you will hit 6 first.
You deal physical damage, the solo-mid role is well suited to you because strength gain and armor on int heroes is (usually) low.
Until ultimate, upon which you will start moving between lanes, you have only one cast-able spell.

Everything just presented relies on the fact that you can last hit like a professional. If you cannot last hit then you cannot play this hero to maximum potential. There are zero builds that will recommend you not get Blood Bath first, it is because of this assumption.
The Method
So look at the other mid, first and foremost, can you out last hit them? If it's exort Invoker then that will be how the lane is decided. Are you laning against Silencer? You do not have an early spammable skill and your ability to last hit under duress will decide the lane.

The order I go through sizing up my lane looks like this:
What is the difference in last hitting power?
Is mana important?
Am I facing a hero meant to absorb harass?
What is the defining feature of the hero? (Tinker:high burst, OD:int steal, DK:tanky)
The Skills
I will not detail the skills in this section, for a complete understanding check out the Dota 2 wiki page. Rather, I will summarize them and put into perspective how they fit into your ability to dominate lane and gank.
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A Mediocre Way to Play Rubick

Posted 08-01-2016 at 10:01 AM by gamersdl
Updated 08-03-2016 at 02:20 AM by gamersdl

  • Before I start I just want to say that Rubick is a hero only for experienced players. If you're new to the game try starting out with an easier hero like Meepo or Invoker. Also be sure to get a set for Rubick as soon as possible. The more expensive, the better.
  • One of the main questions people ask about Rubick is if they can play him while doing other stuff that require more than half of your attention. I'm excited to inform you that you can! All you need to do is look away from the screen whenever on auto-attack and when you're on an auto-walk path somewhere. What I'm describing is a tactic that is known as the "GG Easy Tactic" after what your enemies will say while boasting a 27/5/14 K/D/A as Ursa, Sniper, or Slardar. (You will be twenty-three of those twenty-seven kills)
  • The first thing you'll need to do is lock into Rubick as soon as possible. Once you're in the game don't buy any items except for maybe courier, just start saving up for Arcane Boots right off the bat. (IMPORTANT: Don't buy parts of items, only buy the item once you have enough money to buy the whole thing) I'll do the rest of the items in the item guide.
  • Sometimes you'll get a few kills in the early game, which will only make your team mates angrier when you become about half of the opposing team's sixty kills (To your team's seventeen) Now you might get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off when you see which heroes the opposing team has chosen (Usually something like Ursa, Drow, Bloodseeker, Huskar, and Sniper)
  • But don't worry, after the ninth or tenth time you'll get used to it. People will generally think something like "Oh ♥♥♥♥, that's Rubick. He's going to ♥♥♥♥ us up" so they'll be pleasantly surprised when you are able to draw a picture of spawn with 95% accuracy at the end of the game.
  • Now that you know what to expect, let's get into the guide!
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