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Forestry Mod 1.8

Posted 11-20-2015 at 08:26 PM by sinnersynx

- The game of minecraft was built around a single idea of survival. Over the updates, the mojang team have devoted themselves to improving and enhancing this idea, not only by introducing new AIís, and blocks, but also simple features that are often passive in your game. It is the basic survival equipment that is the key to your survival, and as the majority of each minecraft player would know; a players first instinct is to obtain wood. Even so, this job takes time and sometimes wood can be a limited source. Hence the reason why mohang implemented the growth feature, and sapplings. Once a sapling has been obtained; the player/holder of the sapling can plant and grow in its suitable condition(s). Like all things, things will take time to grow. Tree farms have been the key to survival since sapplings and growth were introduced. The reason being; players had an unlimited source of wood, leaves, food and also fuel in the palm of their hands. However, the task of harvesting this wood was never improved. It all came down to how patient the player is, and also how good his/her axe is.

Grow trees in Minecraft using Forestry Mod
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MCPE: 0.13.0 APK Download

Posted 11-19-2015 at 05:29 PM by sinnersynx

Searching for Minecraft Pocket Edition APK 0.13.0 with remarkable features.

Minecraft Pocket Edition also known as MCPE has surfaced its newer version which is 0.13.0. The version has been released with the redstone update which is a marvelous feature for the Minecraft fans. It brings out the new taste in the game specially for the engineers who are looking for the new things.

Redstone works as a electricity in the game and fulfill the requirements of energy within no time.

If you want some more information then check it.

MCPE: 0.13.0 APK
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Animated Player Mod

Posted 11-18-2015 at 04:27 PM by sinnersynx

This mod completely replaces and reanimates the player model by adding more joints and better animations. Also, it's completely client-based, which means it works for servers too (just don't install it into the server)!

Now with rounded curves!


Currently this mod replaces animations for walking, running, swimming, jumping, sneaking, flying, riding, bow-aiming, blocking, climbing, hitting, eating, and drinking!

Add animation into Minecraft by Animated Player Mod
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Forge API 1.8.8 For Minecraft

Posted 11-18-2015 at 08:03 AM by sinnersynx
Updated 11-18-2015 at 08:14 AM by sinnersynx

Since it is a tool which is really essential for Minecraft players so we wonder that it should be available as fast as possible for the latest version. But its not the case and the world isn't a fairy tale which will provide each and every necessity on the doorstep.

The latest version of Minecraft Forge API release after a bit of time and its significant that the upcoming version will also grab some more. If you need to have the insight of upcoming version then you can check here.

Forge API 1.8.8 for Minecraft

Minecraft Mods and Resource Packs
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MMR data analysis and MM review

Posted 11-17-2015 at 10:08 AM by SanKakU
Updated 11-17-2015 at 10:22 AM by SanKakU

Winning team first. My team has an asterisk attached. This is a typical sample of my games but with the following exclusions:
Games with 2 parties of 2 and games with any TBD are not permitted to be relevant for analysis.

*13806 = 2761.2 average MMR
13803 = 2760.6 average MMR
only 3 points difference match 1940466493 = 24 point game for 0.6 MMR per player advantage

*13534 = 2706.8 AMMR
13526 = 2705.2 AMMR
8 points difference match 1933555982 = 24 point game for 1.6 MMR per player advantage

*13477 = 2695.4
13489 = 2697.8
12 points difference match 1929474216 = 25 point game for 2.4 MMR per player disadvantage

*13584 =2716.8
13561 =2712.2
23 points difference match 1912437885 = 24 point game for 4.6 MMR per player advantage

13699 =2739.8
*13673 =2734.6
26 points difference match 1929575163 = 24 point game for 5.2 MMR per player advantage

I have a really good win rate without TBD and without parties of 2, but Valve wastes my time with those anyway, especially the parties.
On top of that, if I win with a big or small advantage I gain 24 points, but only if I have a disadvantage do I gain 25 points.

Data shows that the team with the AMMR advantage usually wins. If that team does not, why does the AMMR disadvantaged team
not gain more than 1 bonus point for the win? And if I go on a winning streak, what happens? I get put TBD and parties in my games
to try to slow it down, since those are more unpredictable and can mess up the routine. Both happenings serve to keep players away
from playing with other players at their own skill level.

I have gained 709 MMR since September 25th, yeah I was 2097 but it was because my MMR dropped from both
unfair abandons due to computer issues and more recently from lack of adjustment to the latest patches.
IOW I refused to play non-ranked games. So, in nearly 2 months, only about 700 increase seems slow to me.

It is laughable to me that you gain or lose 24 points for the expected outcome and gain or lose 25 points for an unexpected outcome.
1 point of difference is all the system is capable of at the moment in solo matchmaking at my pathetic MMR between 2000 and 3000 MMR.

I don't think the system gets any better, in fact I think the parties of 2 just increase as you gain MMR, and these parties will
basically waste your time by effectively turning 6 solo players into spectators. Suddenly their skill does not matter, only the
skill of the 2 parties matter. The higher the MMR rises therefore, the more time is wasted in 6 solo player spectating matches.
If you're lucky, then you're basically riding the MMR wave to glory, and if you're not lucky, you just get frustrated at the
lack of progress. The reason this happens is because typically people are less likely to remain friends and teammates if they
don't have eachother's respect. What I find bad is that people think the MMR number has the last word when it comes to respect.

The fact is, in solo matchmaking, most are roughly around the same MMR so they can't just mindlessly assert their feelings of
superiority against their team. Parties of 2 mess the routine up and cause imbalanced and stompy games.

If I want to win in party matchmaking, MMR of my teammates does not matter. All I have to do is group up as 3.
For some reason I get the better half of the parties of 2 on my team when I group as a party of 3. If I play with
1 other player or with 4 other players, I'm completely at the mercy of my fellow party members' skills. But if I play as 3,
all of a sudden the wins roll in.

It's possible that my experience is too limited in partying with other players to gain any meaningful insight, but my
instinct tells me that unproven or bad parties of 2 are the ones sent to 6 solo player games and winning parties of 2
are the only ones that get matched with parties of 3.

At any rate, increasing my party ranking by playing in parties of 3 might help my party MMR but it won't do anything
for my solo MMR. One can make the claim my lack of skill is preventing me from rising more, and I just respond that
I can't win games consistently when you put me with 2 parties of 2 that disturb my routine. Maybe that makes me forever
a bad player, although I don't think so. But in the end I simply wish Valve had more respect for someone like me.
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