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Posted 11-15-2009 at 01:33 PM by R.B.Economy (Eturn Ahead)
Updated 11-21-2009 at 11:50 PM by R.B.Economy

Watched it today, and it sure is a thought-provoking movie. It furthers strengthens my belief that only SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY are the most important things to us, the humanity. It reflects a lot of things from The Zeitgeist Movement.

1) There is no God. Nobody's going to save the humanity when mass earthquakes and tsunamis strike on us except ourselves.

2) Money only corrupts. It plays a 'phantom' role within our society and civilization. As you can see, only those with money is allowed to board the arks in the movie.

3) Only science and technology can save us in case of any global catastrophe. If there are no cars, planes or arks, nobody could've survived in the end of the movie. If no scientists to warn us, nobody will even know the world is ending.

4) Government sucks, BIG TIME. You see, government gets all the information first hand, and they only save their own ass when the world is coming to an end. They KILL anyone who tries to spread the information, and they don't give a fucking damn of anyone else but themselves.

5) MEDIA LIES. I almost lol'ed when Jackson in the movie said, "When they tell you not to run, that's when you have to run!"

So, when is everyone going to wake up? All these politicians and money controllers are withholding the advancement of science and technology, preventing humanity to be more advanced than we currently can actually be. Why oil and gas when we could have solar and electric transports? Because oil and gas industry will go bankrupt and powerless! That's why!

Religions and Nations are merely notions designed by humans thousands of years ago, to rally people and keep the society in order instead of chaos, but its powerful side-effect is that it separates human as a whole race, and it has now become outdated. People grow up with them, accepting them as part of their lives without actually questioning the rationale behind them.

We have to change. Even if there is no earthquakes or tsunamis to end the world, human deeds alone will be the death of us. Pollutions and wars are products of our current economy system, the Monetary Economy system. It's no longer a viable system. A Resource-based Economy is more practical for humanity's survival and continuity...
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