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We won the first game

Posted 04-29-2012 at 02:49 PM by sickness84

Eventually, i achieved.

Just a while ago, we were matching against strong looking heroes.(ns, sniper,pudge, jnaut and the huge creature do not remember the name/ursa) Real match not practice. I had picked Lina once again. Made the opening with two kills in the game. Then my team kept up.

Actually, the game isn't finished. But, i was disconnected from the game all of a sudden. Not my will. The score was 21-4 at last in our lead. Totally screwing their arses.
Though, while i was having fun by screwing nightstalker with fire, the game threw me out. That time i felt so upset. Cos, i thought that "we were winning the game, beat the enemy, but... " When i am out, i looked at my profile. It had added "1" to wins. I also was about to buy the eul's.

Lets record this date somewhere to remember.

i'm gonna place a screenshot here to prove it.




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Serious gamer or not?

Posted 04-29-2012 at 02:47 PM by sickness84

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Not much time passed since i have become a video gamer. Only 10 years. For certain people this time length would be considered inadequate. Nevertheless, it is fairly enough to conceive how any game works. Well, i said 10 years. But, not so much addicted if you look carefully inside. Cos, im not a kind of gamer who doesn't leave the screen for hours. I do not haave fun with any game. So selective about them.

So what type of games attract me much? Actually,its not that much easily explained. I can not spend my whole time with playing games by looking at the screen for hours. Why not? Anyway, i missed the point above. Let me have a little moment to take a breath. In time, i used to play sports games and some real time strategy games such as C&C Generals. FIFA Series most of the time, NBA 2K and just a few more. Then, i paid my attention to Role Playing Games which you are able to create a unique character within a fantasy world. Once i did that, i couldn't save my leg. Hence, they pulled me deep inside. Have experienced so many in this genre, however, most amazing of them was the Witcher series with its totally unique combat style combined with mature gameplay. Completed both the Witcher 1 and 2 even im not a person passionate about accomplishing games. Now my target is opening the whole map in Skyrim. As a leader of DB, arch-mage, sided with stormcloaks against the Empire and a nightingale, my purpose is to collapse the Empire.Well, i forgot some point here. What about online games? Lets take a look at that.

Online games were not that significant to me until i bought Guild Wars.While any people are addicted to WoW, a game with i mean terrible graphics, i just showed my interest on Guild Wars. Cos, i was impressed with the Necromancer.There were one more reason for such decision, Guild Wars offering such distinct classes and professions rather than usual elves, humans, orcs theme. From that time to these days, i have been playing Guild Wars, with some interference.I mean i took a break three or four years with that game during the time. While awaiting the sequel, spending a few hours each day if possible, playing this game. My active character is a Necro/Mesmer. Her name is PadmetheQueen. Level is 15. If you are interested to dive, i'll be waiting for you.Eagerly,

until next time, good bye everyone.[/FONT]
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