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Anybody who has submitted or likes the battle golem family.
1 1 1 0
02:19 PM
For all your 4chan fan and fag.
8 0 0 0
For those of us who are dictator-like in our dedication to proper grammar.
6 0 0 0
Well some ppl love Dota and the updates for it cause u never know what will come new...So if u want to chat abowt new item or hero creation about Dota join the group...So any how I created this to talk to people about item and hero desings for instance I have a created map with a special hero that I think would be great for the next Dota pls reply this any 1 so maybe the Hero will be added.
2 1 1 0
03:25 PM
For all people who know about these, most of the time, 4 Guys + 1 Senile Computer.
4 0 0 0
This is the place to discuss all entries concerning the above event in the Fan Fiction & Literature section. Judges vote for the said entries via runoff voting.
4 2 3 0
Simply for Never More pro players and sf's fans you are welcome.
10 2 2 0
07:07 PM
All who love dunja welcome. <3
56 5 77 0
Purple heroes, purple spells, player 3, purple items, PURPLE IS THE MOST AWESOME COLOUR EVER INVENTED (in DotA)! :3
50 11 53 0
08:38 PM
This is a private group created and maintained by a small body of individuals to help the creator of CTX's with their challenges, and help them on the clarity and fairness of the challenge. This group serves the purpose of setting the challenge in well defined, indisputable logical terms so there will be no stench of bias, or dispute when the judging takes place.
3 2 12 0
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