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If you love Viper and Venomancer's poson skill then your free to join this group. You can share more heroes that have poison skills and tell us how to improve their skill and make them stronger!
4 1 2 0
03:41 PM
10 2 9 0
02:04 PM
1 3 27 0
Dancing Crabs lovers group.
1 1 1 0
06:55 PM
This group is a group of people who just love Trollscience & want something special devoted to it on
91 2 19 0
09:47 AM
Fangroup for everyone who thinks he deserves a Fangroup
5 1 2 0
12:30 PM
Cta judges only allowed! Highly moderated group! Judges must start their own thread and mark contestants. Go!Go!Go!
1 19 166 0
CTH - Judges The primary focus for this group will be to provide a fair understanding for each suggestion in the Complete the Hero Competitions. At any time if a judge feels that a suggestion is poorly written, they can discuss here with other judges/trusted individuals. If you are participating in the competition, please do not leak any of the information you see in these discussions.
3 4 5 0
Hi this is fire everywhere If you know it you know it otherwise you don't kthxbye
1 0 0 0
If you like to play after partying and do some heavy shit and laugh about it, taking a deep revenge on pub failzors, this group might be for you
19 1 4 0
06:42 PM
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