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Anukali-kun the King of Anukalian and also as a King of Loners and the Queen is Facebook again!!. :D We are Anukalian known as a Loners!!
11 1 14 0
10:37 PM
Uniting PDGG/PDIH players in a new group/channel with primary game type - LoD.
76 6 82 0
12:30 AM
Everyone knows us. People love us. People hate us. But do we care? No. We post. And post. And post. Join us or get lost in our wake. NO NEWFAGS.
76 6 40 7
03:05 AM
This a group for those who had on a list of The Adventures of Flay Characters. Have fun!! :) (I gonna make a wallpaper on it by my drawing skills and color it by photoshop) Note: TAoF fan *Mashiro-chan
11 2 2 8
11:13 AM
Where it all began.
52 2 13 0
04:15 PM
Anukalian- an unidentify species, spreading the populations and their craziest and trolliest characters. The Anukalians have a king called "Anukali-kun". The Queen is missing :/
18 3 22 1
12:07 AM
Who is fan of IceFrog join this group! Join. You Must! :) Beware of IceFrog wrath if he finds out that you didn't join. Group originally made by SpiderPig
933 24 150 15
05:01 PM
This group is group for a cast of Story of DotA Gamer, Any post whatever you want is allow... (For the picture of our group, I should ask someone to make one or maybe I should make by my own, the one who I asked for the picture at the previous betrayed me)
12 1 1 0
11:49 AM
Every Simpsons lover should come here! If you don't like them already.... Learn to like them!
11 2 12 0
12:57 PM
Steam group mainly for organizing Dota 2 inhouses between forumers of
189 11 94 2
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