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Thumbs up Flash games, your resource-friendly solutions.

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I play Flash-based games too, because they don't need giant RAM, they don't need to be installed or a client to be played, so you can play them anywhere for instant fun.
Example: During office hours...

These are some of the flash games that I recommend:

Desktop Tower Defense Pro
What seems to be a simple tower defense game which can turn highly addictive and frustrating sometimes! Tiny cute little creatures will attempt to cross from a side to another on a background that seems like your typical desktop, and you have to build towers to stop them. There are 6 types of towers which have their pros and cons:
Pellet (range + damage)
Squirt (speed)
Dart (AOE)
Swarm (Anti-Air)
Frost (Slow)
Bash (Stun)

Each tower has up to 6 upgrades.
As for creeps, there are Normal, Group, Immune, Fast, Spawn, Flying, and Boss. Each type has its strength and weaknesses.

There are no maze by default, so you have to form a maze with your towers for them to move through. There are a lot of modes to be played, and you can even register your high score online.

Click image for larger version

Name:	DTD.jpg
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File size: Less than 1MB
Bloons Tower Defense 3
This is another type of tower defense if you're a fan of TD games, it basically revolves around balloons and monkeys. Yes, you heard it right, balloons and monkeys. You will need to put monkeys in places that will stop balloons from escaping. Unlike other TD games, Bloons is extremely fast paced, because the hard balloons travel very fast, and the 'popping' sounds are very intense. You can also lose the game just by letting 1 balloon escape (depending on its type)!.

Types of defense:
Can be upgraded:
Dart Monkey
Tack Shooter
Ice Ball
Monkey Beacon
Super Monkey

Single use:
Road Spike
Monkey Glue

Each upgradeable defense has 4 upgrades, and the Monkey Beacon upgrade unlocks access to a secret weapon...

Type of bloons from easiest to hardest difficulty:
Red (very slow)
Blue (slow)
Green (medium)
Yellow (fast)
Rainbow (super fast)
Black (immune to cannons)
White (immune to freeze)
Lead (immune to anything sharp)
Brown (takes some hits to be popped)
MOAB (Big ass gigantic ship that takes ages to be destroyed, only to release dozens of Brown bloons...)

There are 8 tracks available, and each comes with 3 difficulties. By default you win the game by completing 50 levels, but the game allows you to continue playing from level 51 onwards until you're dead. >

Click image for larger version

Name:	Bloons.jpg
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File Size: 1.3MB
This is a game from Valve, and it is actually a PS3 and XBOX game, but someone made a Flash version and it became popular. It's a action-puzzle game where you control a character that holds a gun-like device that can open portals on permissible flat surfaces, and your goal each round is to reach the exit. You will need to open 2 portals for the portals to work. There are objects that help you and hazards that can destroy you and you'll need to maneuver around those to complete the levels.

In this Flash version, there are 40 levels. While most of the first half are easy, it gets increasingly difficult towards the end. This game is a good example that teaches you "Think before you move".

Click image for larger version

Name:	Portal.jpg
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File Size: 6.7MB
N is also an action-puzzle game which is more action-oriented. You play a stick-ninja which can climb walls, jump high and run fast, but you won't survive a fall from some height. The goal is to touch all the levers needed to unlock the exit, and reach the exit, within time frame. Collecting Gold will extend the time.

The game features some very cleverly designed levels, and there are a lot of elements in what seems to be a small game. You will encounter numerous hazards such as mines, floorchasers, homing turrets, gauss turrets, thwump, zap drone, laser drone and chaingun drone. Any contact with the hazards will result in immediate death and you'll have to restart the level all over again.

Click image for larger version

Name:	N.jpg
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File Size: Less than 1MB
Which Flash game that you've played and you'd recommend playing?

Thanks to judges NuclearCookie, Necamijat and special thanks to Lotus V Eater for the banner.
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Default Re: Flash games, your resource-friendly solutions.

Super Mario 63 is a MUST play, For a flash game it is outstanding.

PS: I would download the game ASAP just in case nintendo gets wind of it and has the game pulled from the web.
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