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Default divi5ion are +2

divi5ion is a newly formed dota2 team

we are sponsored by divi5ion and are part of a big community

at the moment we are :

- carry
- semi-carry
- support

so we are looking for gankers/2nd support , if you are a great solo hard lane player ( that will be a huge bonus ), our positions/roles ingame might change


Be keen, and willing to spend time going over strats/praccing at least 4 times a week.
Be chilled out, dont rage too much.
Have great in game communication skills.
Have decent game knowledge.
Preferably EU and speak good english.

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Default Re: divi5ion are +2

Hey, where do you apply for this team? If it's here, well here I am :>. I have good experience in the hard lane, capable of running that well .

I've played dota 1, HoN (highskill/semi-pro) and every other ARTS game. I started Dota2 since octobre last year or such.

Added you on steam as well, nick = Pityness

Thanks in advance,

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Default Re: divi5ion are +2

EU, 19yo, 5 languages, 5 years of moba, competitive experience (last week: Team empite), gankers and semis. I've added you on steam under the name of "Helix".
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