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Default Magnus build

With recent changes, I will try Magnus again since it's been a long time i didn't use that horny guy.

Skill build first, since the change of skewer, it is even more easier to catch heroes now, and same to the chage of shockwave, it became more easier to harrass enemies. So my question is, what is better? maxing both shockwave and skewer for killing easier early game, or stick to the old skill build with one point of skewer for escaping?

Item build, now this is what i needing help, here are the list of builds to Magnus that i want to hear from the community:
1. Starting items
2. Boots of choice
3. Core item (only one)
4. Item/s after core

That's all. Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Magnus build

I think the Skewer-Shockwave-Shockwave-Skewer-Shockwave-RP-Shockwave early skill build is the best. At this point you have to decide that in the specific match Skewer or Empower is better.
Early Empower can be used if you or another melee hero is farming jungle.

Item build is really flexible and really depends on which lane you are going and what is your and enemy team's lineup.

gg, regen, cheap stat items, RoP,... Just as usual.

Arcane is good for manapool and regen. Later you can go for BoT.
Dagger is almost always needed for better initiation and imba combos.
Bottle if you are middle.

After core:
If there is no better carry in your team, farm a lot and you can go dps (MoM/AC/Mjollnir + Buriza + BKB).
Otherwise it is better for going items what is good for the team (Drums, Shivas, Hex, Orchid, Pipe, Vlads ...).
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Default Re: Magnus build

Magnus is usually played as mid solo or solo offlane, tho he can also be fitted anywhere else, jungling is an option, but likely wont end that well. (Slow start)

Skill build, take Skewer at lvl 1, max out Shockwave asap, and if you are losing in term of last hitting, take empower at level 4, else, skip it till later.

Also, skewer is one way road, you either use it to commit to a fight, or use it or escape, and at lvl 4, with it's 30s cd, use it wisely.

You start off with a tango, salve, 3x branch, if you are going to sidelines, pick up a stout shield, if you are going mid, depends on what your expected opposing heroes to be, if you are expecting lots of harassment, pick up the stout, else, just save that 250g and save up for early bottle.

Boots of choice would be arcane boots, treads, being int, wont help much because of his low cd shockwave and low mana pool to start with. This also help if you decide to make refresher orb later on.

Core would be blink dagger after arcane boots, you can pick off magic wand along the way too for transition. Blink would help setup Magnus' initiation by a lot, if you are playing organized game, even pubs, this could score you 3-5 man reverse polarity fairy easily.

Luxuries would be Refresher orb, Shiva's guard, if you are going for initiation build, you can also go for damage build such as Mask of Madness and Buriza, don't make bfury, imo, its more cost efficient building a Buriza. Black King Bar is also a choice if there is too much disable from the enemy team that would prevent you doing anything in teamfight. Heart of Tarasque and Assault Curiass also came in mind.

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Default Re: Magnus build

I really think battlefury may be the core for mana regen(so you can spam skewer) health regen and even more cleave
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Default Re: Magnus build

Personally I would suggest going for maxed Shockwave and Skewer before taking any Empower, simply because the damage bonus you get on skewer is quite decent early game.

For his boots I would recommend Arcane Boots because the hero is very mana dependant. For core items Blink Dagger is a must. Blink into Skewer is an amazing way to gank and initiate teamfights early on. Blink also allows you to position yourself for better ultimates. If you're having a hard time early on and cant get blink fast getting drums is also good.

After you get your blink and drums there are a few ways of going about your lategame item choices. One way to go is to get a MoM and crystalys --> buriza for a more carry oriented build if that is what your team is missing. Another way to go is the spellcaster route, where you usually get a refresher and a shivas a bit later. Whichever build to go for depends completely on your personal preference as well as your team make-up.
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Default Re: Magnus build

Skewer - Shockwave - Shockwave - Skewer - Shockwave - Ulti - Shockwave - Skewer - Skewer - Empower - Ulti - Whateverthefuckisleft

Get your core items like Boots of choice (AB or PTreads), DiggerDagger so you can move like Jagger, Drum.

After that, I think it depends so much on the game. Sometimes you really want to carry it yourself, and you concentrate on getting Massive DPS items like Daedalus, AC, Mjoll, etc.

I think this is the way to go, in a common pub game that is.
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Default Re: Magnus build

Max Shockwave, then max Skewer. With Skewer now not affecting creeps + it's insane range, it's useful as a nuke now. No point keeping it at 1 till level 22 anymore. In fact, Skewer is the sole reason why Magnus is OP atm.

You just need 2 items to last the entire game -> AB and Blink. In that regard, Magnus is a fairly item independent hero. There are 3 ways to build Magnus after his core items - DPS, Refresher, or utility like Pipe/Mek/Auras.

You could get an earlier Empower, but generally max Skewer after Shockwave.
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Default Re: Magnus build

Knowing that Magnus has one of the best crowd-control skills in the entire game,I would suggest a build similar to Tidehunter's.
I personally play him like this.
Early on get a Soul Ring (Shockwave harass and good health regeneration)
Next off I get Arcane Boots combined with a Dagger.
At this point you can sell off your Soul Ring and start building a Refresher Orb.
After the Refresher I usually buy a Heart of Tarassque.
But I rarely get that far in if I've got a good team.
For the build,I max out Shockwave first,Skewer second,Empower Last.
Get the Ultimate at the standard levels,leave stats for last.
The reason I don't get any damage items is because Empower will provide me
with an awesome damage boost as well as a cleaved attack.
Whatever you do,don't go for the stupid Battlefury build.
Breaks my heart to see people doing that.

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Default Re: Magnus build

I've always played Magnus as a carry but after Dreamhack, I learned the power of double Reverse Polarity. Better take advantage of it before he gets nerfed (I think RP will up in mana cost)

If you are going for carry (do this if your team has no bigger DPS'er):
Soul Ring/Bottle/Battlefury for mana needs and faster farm
Optional Blink

Double ulti build:
Refresher (buy Drum, Soul Ring or just a robe of magi to get enough mana)
Shiva (because double shiva is awesome)


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Default Re: Magnus build

Starting: Bottle
Boots: Boots of Speed
Core: Blink
After: Shiva+Refresher
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Default Re: Magnus build




Wave: 2(1),3,5,7
Cleave: 10,12,13,14
Skewer: 1(2),4,8,9
Ult: 6 11 16

Solo hardlane ofc.
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