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Default God did not create Universe

pretty good video for the low iq person

" hey lets take the example of tennis..there are man made laws and natural laws in tennis.
natural laws do not change therefore...what room is there for God? "

great conclusion. how about you ask this question first : who made the rules/laws of tennis? Man did.

and what about the natural laws ? who made them? oh wait that handicapped guy isn't even bothering asking that question right? Who made the natural laws? Where do they come from? When we say "God created the universe" obviously he also made the laws.
When we say Men created tennis, it is obvious that men created every single aspect of it including it's rules. Same applies to God.

big fucking joke, as usual.

only watched half of it, the amount of impertinent information is astonishing. hey let's talk about old stupid pagan beliefs to discredit modern religion.
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Default Re: God did not create Universe

Too bad you didn't finish, it gets better towards the end.

Yes I agree too, this is more like and introduction to science.

Tho the examples are simplistic, they do allow a person who isn't exposed to science (the majority of Americans) to learn a little about current scientific thinking, to cause them to become "Curious" about the universe around them, so they can learn more instead of getting their "knowledge" from a bible book.
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