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Default [Agi-Neut] Jhedd, disciple of Dyne

Test Map status:
1st skill - Subeffects OK
2nd skill - X
3rd skill - X
4th Skill - OK
10/25/09 still under development...
11/13/09 still under development...
12/31/09 creating test map...
01/02/10 still on test map...
01/08/10 still on test map...
8/2/2010 Reworking skill 1...

I did a major screwup on something, so I'm gonna post this here for now .. this hero is not open for official review just yet... Hero name/class/icon/model are just drafts.


Background Story:
Wandering around where the wind guides him, this hero stumbles upon this place where forces great and small meet. Enticed to prove his experience and skills, he takes up his arms and into the fray. Here he places his thoughts to find meaning in one's struggle
on this nevernding battle.

In his arms he posseses, both the edge and the power to pierce and smash his foes. Able to sense the flow of things around him, he fights with enhanced vigilance, seemingly able to predict nearby movements. A veteran with a quick body and a sharp mind, he sees through openings in the middle of the combat and takes no hesitation to exploit it.

He got bored, so he decided to join in... and a boring one he is...

Warning: Cheesy names, if you know where it came from, ignore it.

 Stats+/LvlLVL 25Effect 1Effect 2Effect 3
Strength111.856+1064 Max HP+regen 
Agility172.066+66% IAS+9.42 Armor+66 Damage
Intelligence101.650+650 Max Mana+regen
Points Total385.4N/AN/AN/A 

I'm looking for a dual-wield Human or
Elven, but it seems that there are no more atm...

Damage:31-34, 31-49
Base MS:310
Base AS:1.60
Starting HP/MP:240/90
With stats added:449/220
Hero Type:Anti-Unit
Primary Advantages:VS Combat types (1v1)
Primary Weakness:VS Tanker/Nuker/Disabler/Structure
Notes:(A bit more) Item dependent
The Communion - (Active, Model Change)
__________(Activate)(Deactivate)__________Releases energy out of his palms to forge his twin weapons, The Communion, into physical existence. Jhedd (or whoever) continually expends small amounts of energy to keep his weapons in their tangible state.
Effect: Grants passive Bash and Critical, and increased attack range, in exchange for longer base attack cooldown, reduced base movement speed, and 50% reduced mana regeneration.

 Base MSBase AS% BashDuration% CriticalDamage Modifier
  • (The alternate Model) Suffers a negative mana regeneration of 150% while in this form (there is no penalty when mana reaches 0 you will not revert), has an increased max damage of 15.
  • This is similar to Troll Warlord's skill, though readying the "heavy" weapons slows him down.
  • "Intended" chances of anything (bash OR critical) happening per level: 10%/14%/16%/20% (Similar to Ogre Magi's new Multicast system).
  • Even wihout this skill, Cranium Basher is intended to be disabled for this hero.
  • Has a 1 (one) second casting time, minor animaton for the arms are requested.
  • Stun duration for heroes is .5 seconds, 1 second for non-heroes.

Breakdown - (Active)
__________[img]2SkillIcon[/img]__________Aims at vital channels of the enemy and deals swift blows in form of a symbol, dirsupting their energy flow.
Effect: Slows the traget's attack and movement speeds, and induces loss of mana over time.

 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1105 Mana15 Cooldown200 Range0 AoE4s DurationSlows by 20% and induces -24 mana/sec
2120 Mana15 Cooldown210 Range0 AoE4s DurationSlows by 23% and induces -28 mana/sec
3135 Mana15 Cooldown220 Range0 AoE5s DurationSlows by 26% and induces -28 mana/sec
4150 Mana15 Cooldown250 Range0 AoE5s DurationSlows by 30% and induces -32 mana/sec
  • Slow and Mana loss, total loss per level is 96/112/140/160 mana.
  • Yes about the mana cost (this is effective against early game skills, if you can spam it) ... cast time of .3 seconds.

Devastation - (Active)
__________[img]2SkillIcon[/img]__________Enchants Aruda, and charges for a mighty blow at the target's strongest spot, smashing its defenses open.

 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1100 Mana25 s008 s-3 armor
2110 Mana25 s008 s-5 armor
3120 Mana25 s008 s-7 armor
4130 Mana25 s008 s-9 armor
  • Cast to gain a negative 300 attack speed and 20% IMS debuff on yourself for one second, to gain a -armor for a single blow (that lasts 8 seconds). This -armor attack lasts for 2 seconds or until you strike the target. this skill is unusable if you have not attacked in the last 3 seconds.
  • Or maybe just a 1 second casting time if you want

Premonition - (Passive)
__________[img][/img]__________Depending more on than just sight, Jhedd (or whoever) reads the flow of matter around him. This enables him to move away swiftly from the line of attack, or deflects blows with his weapons.
Effect: % chance to take no damage from any physical attack.

112%9%------Physical AttackTake no damage
215%11%------Physical AttackTake no damage
319%14%------Physical AttackTake no damage
424%18%------Physical AttackTake no damage
Alt skill explanation when learned, and under the effect of The Communion:

Deflection - (Passive)
__________[img][/img]__________Raun's essence is connected to Jhedd, and thus capable of being redirected by Jhedd's will, making it easier to move around, to seek weak points, and stop enemy blows..

  • The percentage to evade attacks is not intended to be triggered by the Butterfly's Evasion Mechanism.
  • Again, the %Dodge applies if the first skill is not active, and %Parry if it is.
  • Tower attacks are OK to dodge (debatable).
  • Similar to Backtrack because of MKB's True Strike, and because...

Retribution - (Passive)
__________[img]4SkillIcon[/img]__________Seeing an opening on the enemy's defenses, he quickly slips in fatal strikes.
(Alt explanation when the skill is learned) After evading an incoming attack, he strikes multiple times in a given moment.  
Effect: Whenever you dodge/parry nearby physical attacks (with your third skill), you gain an increased attack speed for a limited number of time and attacks.

 Active AOECooldownAoE----DurationEffects
11100.90sSelf----0.90s+100% IAS for 1 attack
21301.20sSelf----1.20s+130% IAS for 2 attacks
31501.40sSelf----1.40s+180% IAS for 3 attacks

  • Active AOE: Is the range an attacking unit must be, for you to be able to recieve the IAS buff.
  • The active AOE is initially 0, and lasts 2 seconds per attack, and returns to 0 if you got hit three times in a row (you fail to evade). Meaning that if you don't start attacking a non-structure, you will not recieve the +IAS buff from dodging/parrying nearby attacks.
  • The Active AOE returns to 0 (+debuff of the IAS), at the moment you start attacking a structure.
  • Friendly Note: As a means of balance, if you don't have sufficient AS by lvl 11+, you might not be able to utilize the 2-3 attack limits...
    Having a buff of 130% from the lvl 2 skill @HeroLVL 11 (No Attribute Bonus Learned) will NOT enabe you of 2 extra hits with The Communion (lvl 4) equipped, since the buff lasts only 1.2 seconds, and your total IAS with the buff (Buff+Lvl11 stats) will only give you 1.884 attacks over 1.2 seconds.

    If you want to attack twice on lvl 2 skill @HeroLVL 11 without any AS equipment, unequip The Commmunion, to have exactly 2 attacks over 1.2 seconds, which is only possible when you dodge an attack at the same time you are ready to attack.

    Solution: Equip AS-enhancing items, to utilize the attack limits (btw, at Hero lvl 25, with attibute bonuses, +180% IAS, and no equipment, you have 3.005 attacks in 1.4 seconds on 1.7 BAS, there is a max IAS of 400% (or maybe 300%), Tested on Mortred and the like).

    Q: But my str growth is "terrible", I might not survive a nuke like FoD/LB/CB at early levels...

This hero is missing an alternate second skill (will add later)... will add "custom" ripoff icons later.

Working on:
- Alt 2nd skill
- Matching Icons (in progress)

I used this to calculate stats and speeds of this hero, feel free to use it, just enter the values on the fields in yellow, the results are in red, and the labels... don't touch them
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