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In order to read and understand this guide properly you should go read about Akasha's skills here.
If you already know his skills and/or have finished reading about them you can continue reading the guide. I will be referring to Queen of Pain as QoP or Akasha.

Skill Build:


Skill build explained:

  • The Hit 'n' Run Build is focused around the Blink spell. It is your primary spell for a zillion purposes (Will be explained in the Blink section). The main part of this build is simple. You get Blink as your first spell to avoid being first blooded in tri-lanes or Axe/CM lanes. Then you get Shadow Strike to increase your own chances of getting First Blood in a duallane. After this you get your primary early game spell, Scream of Pain so you are able to deal some dmg and so you can last hit creeps. You max out Blink and Scream of Pain so you are able to blink in, pop Shadow Strike + Scream of Pain and then just wack an unexpecting opponent and quickly blink out again. The reason why you don't get your ultimate before lvl 9 is that it is very mana costly and then it is better to have a high lvl of Scream of Pain and a maxed out Blink.

Spell explanation:

  • Blink: You should, as a QoP always be ready to blink. A fast reaction time will save your life and get you a lot of kills. You should mainly use it to quickly jump into the middle of a gangbang (Ofc unless the opposing team has alot of AoE stuns like Black Hole) and fire of your Scream of Pain then slow the guy trying to get away with Shadow Strike and then nuke the rest of the guys with Sonic Wave. If you find yourself taking too much damage you quickly blink out again or if you are winning the gank blink after fleeing heroes. Blink also has a lot of smart functions that you may not know if you havn't been blinking alot in your DotA history. You can f.ex. dodge projectiles (both spell and normal attack projectiles) by blinking in between where it is thrown/fired and where it hits you. This is called "dodging" and is very useful. Imagine if a Sven approaches you with DD on. He fires his Storm Bolt as the first thing to stun you and wack you to kingdom come. Right after he fires the hammer you can see it flying through the air. This is where you quickly blink away. This will cause the hammer to follow you to where you blink but you will not be stunned and you will not take any damage. This can be done on a lot of spells (Make your own experiences)

Item Builds:

Core items:

Late game/alternative items:

Akasha's roles:

... in Lanes:

... in Team Fights:


Written by BZeiler, last update: 6th of June 2009, 00:17

Akasha the Queen of Pain
Author: BZeiler
Map Vers.: 6.59d

Akasha, Queen of Pain

A complete guide

Date Posted: 06/05/09
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