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Read all the necessary information about Terrorblade and his skills in the Hero Database.

1. Stats
2. Conjure Image
3. Metamorphosis
4. Metamorphosis
5. Metamorphosis
6. Sunder
7. Metamorphosis
8. Conjure Image
9. Conjure Image
10. Conjure Image
11. Sunder
12. Stats
13. Stats
14. Stats
15. Stats
16. Sunder
17-25. Stats and then Soul Steal

Skillbuild explanation
One of Terrorblades biggest challenges earlygame is to have enough mana to keep spamming his images for lane or junglefarming. The Conjure Image spell increases heavily in mana-cost as you level it up, but its main use as tank for earlygame farming is not improved, however they are improved if you skill stats! That's why we begin with stats, and then only take 1 level of Conjure Image until level 8.

Soul Steal is in my opinion the "easy way out" of Terrorblade's earlygame troubles. By using skillpoints on Soul Steal to make earlygame easier, you make lategame harder for yourself. Don't.

Conjure Image
Terrorblades bread and butter spell. Very good jungletank earlygame, feared damagedealer lategame. Tips and tricks to make the most out of it:
  • When Jungling, send in your image first, and when it gets to red, pull it back and tank yourself, getting the damage from the images as long as possible is important!
  • If there are heroes nearby, try as often as possible to get out of their line of sight when conjuring an image. The spell-animation will give you away!
  • The images damage and hitpoints are boosted by stats only. That's why stats items such as SnY and Buttefly is prime Terrorblade items

Making Terrorblade into a ranged hero with all the benefits of a melee hero. GG. Awesome for farming and hero killing. Always take it on before big battles, so you get time to conjure an image or two before all hell breaks lose. Don't waste the spell for killing creep waves, but when nearing the tower, morph, conjure 2 images, and see the tower crushed in a matter of seconds.

Earlygame it can net you an easy kill. Get out of sight, metamorph + conjure image, and sneak up behind enemy hero. You will be amazed how much damage it deals. There's very few heroes that will stand a chance. Works best at top or bottom lane. Middle lane has annoying line of sight problems that will mess up the ambush.

Why ganking Terrorblade can lead to a Tripplekill!!! This skill has it all, low mana cost (0 at level 16), low cooldown, ministun! and extreme damagepotential. Nothing's like the sound of "fresh meat", a hook, a 4000 HP pudge wasting all his spells to get you to red HP, only to see his own hp falling to 800 within milliseconds, followed up by his gruesome death.
  • If you are up against a hero you normally wouldn't be able to beat, let him waste his spells on you and get you to low hp without you attacking him. When you're at red, Sunder and Kill.
  • You chase Furion, he tries to teleport out. Cancel his teleport with Sunder and Kill.
  • Two heroes comes to gank you. Attack the weakest hero, when you're at red HP, Sunder the other hero, finish off the weakest hero, then kill the next. Double kill!

Starter items
2x Ironwood Branch
3x Clarity Potion
2x Tangoos
1x Healing Salve

Ironwood Branch is good stats for low price, the Clarity Potions and Tangoos are needed for Jungling, or being an agressive Terrorblade in lane. More on this later.

Item build
Wraith Band
Power Treads (With Elvenskin Boots)
Sange and Yasha
Heart of Tarrasque

The biggest factor when deciding items for Terrorblade is which items will be most beneficial for his greates assets, the images? The answer is STAT items. Strength gives them more HP, agility gives them more damage and attackspeed. To make it even better, the 30% evasion from Buttefly, and the Maim from SnY are also adapted by the images!

Most games will be over by the time you get the Butterfly, but for those games where you just get a ton of money, get the heart. You are now officially the most wicked carry hero in DotA! The Phantom Assassin doesn't stand a chance.

Terrorblade's Role in the Team
Early stages of the game he should chose either the bottom lane when sentinel, top lane when scourge, or solo middle lane. When he hits level 4-5, he should go to the woods to farm. Use the Tangoos and Clarity Potions to stay as long as possible. The images work well as tanks. After you hit level 6 you could use Sunder as a way to get an early kill. Lose HP in the woods, ambush the enemies with Sunder and Kill.

If you solo your lane, you should be careful for harassers. If you go up against Lich, Rylai, Lion and similar heroes, check out their skill. If they seems to know what they are doing, stay back and leech XP only. You don't need the few hundred gold you're able to get the first few levels, if it's going to cost you your life and xp. However when you hit level 3 and get Metamorphosis, you will be able to pay them back Morph, Conjure image, and then attack the hero untill it flees. After finish off the creeps left for Gold. When the Morph is on cooldown use Clarity potions to get your mana ready to go again. You should at least have 200 mana before morph + clone + clone to get the most out of it.

Middle and Late game he's the one that carries the team to victory. He's an awesome pusher, and when morphed, towers and buildings doesn't stand a chance. However he's very item dependant. If you cannot with ease solo every single hero on the map at Late game you have failed your team. Go practice!

Terrorblade the Soul Keeper
Author: Kwiz
Map Vers.: 5.59d

A guide to mid-late game owning

A guide to mid-late game owning

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