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A little Guide to Mirana Nightshade

1.0 Hero Information
*1.1 Pros / Cons
*1.2 Roles
2.0 Skills
*2.1 Information / Using
*2.2 Skill Build
3.0 Items
*3.1 Starting Items
*3.2 Core Items
*3.3 Advanced Items
*3.4 Alternatives
*3.5 Rejected Items
*3.6 Item Synergies
4.0 Strategy
*4.1 Early Game
*4.2 Mid Game
*4.3 Lategame
*4.4 Ganking
*4.5 Clashes
5.0 Allies / Enemies
*5.1 Allies
*5.2 Enemies

1.0 Hero Information

Now some basic Informations about the Hero :
- Affiliation: Sentinel
- Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.7
- Damage: 38 - 49
- Casting Animation: 0.5 / 0.83
- Armor: 1.9
- Base Attack Time: 1.7
- Movespeed: 300
- Missile Speed: 900
- Attack Range: 600
- Sight Range: 1800 / 1200

17 + 1.85

20 + 2.75

17 + 1.65

1.1 Pros / Cons

+ Good Ganker
+ Good Hero in all Phases of the Game ( Early / Mid / Late Game )
+ Semi Carry
+ Leap is a good Escape

- Hard to aim with your arrow
- Diablers are you death

1.2 Roles
Mirana has two different Roles in a Team
  1. Ganker - Arrow / Leap / Starfall
  2. Semi Carry - Items( Look at Item List ) / Arrow / Starfall

2.0 Skills

2.1 Information / Using


Ability Type: Active
Targeting Type: Instant
Ability Hotkey: T

Calls down a wave of meteors to damage each nearby enemy. If enemy is farther than 600 range, it has a 60% chance to still hit him. One random enemy unit within 200 aoe will get hit again for half the damage.

Notes :
• Damage type: magical
• One random enemy unit in a 200 AoE around her has a chance to get hit again by Starfall and take half of the said damage.
• It has a 60% Chance to also hit units ranging from 600 AoE to 900 AoE away from the caster.
• This skill is not blocked by Linken's Sphere.

Elune's Arrow

Ability Type: Active
Targeting Type: Point
Ability Hotkey: R

Fires an arrow to a location with deadly precision, dealing large damage and stunning the first unit it strikes. Stun duration increases based on how far the target is, ranging from 0.5 to 5 seconds. Has 3000 range.

Notes :
• Damage type: magical
• For every 150 distance the arrow travels, the stun duration upon impact increases by 0.5 seconds. For example, an arrow that travels for 300 range stuns for 1 second, and an arrow that travels at least 1500 range stuns for 5 seconds (which is the maximum stun duration).
• The stun duration is determined by the distance between where Mirana fired the arrow and where the arrow hits its target.
• Invisible units will not be stunned, but will still take damage.


Ability Type: Active
Targeting Type: Instant
Ability Hotkey: E

Mirana's wild Frostsaber leaps forward into battle, empowering allies with a ferocious roar upon landing. Speed bonus lasts 10 seconds.

Notes :
• Leap uses a 0.01 second Wind Walk to dodge any projectiles currently in route to Mirana, so if the enemy has true sight of Mirana she won't be able to dodge projectiles using Leap.

Moonlight Shadow

Ability Type: Active
Targeting Type: Instant
Ability Hotkey: W

Turns Nightshade and all allied heroes invisible. If Invisibility is broken, it gets restored after the fade time during the shadow duration.

Notes :
• Units affected will not auto attack enemies.
• Magic immune allies will be affected.

2.2 Skillbuild

1-Elune's Arrow/Leap
2-Leap/Elune's Arrow
6-Elune's Arrow
8-Elune's Arrow
9-Elune's Arrow
10-Moonlight Shadow
16-Moonlight Shadow

3.0 Items

3.1 Start Items


Mirana Nightshade the Priestess of the Moon
Author: TraderJoe
Map Vers.: 6.61c

Mirana Guide

A little Guide

Date Posted: 08/15/09
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