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Different people give different guides for Troll Warlord. But most say what I think most ridiculous item or skill builds. If you follow my skill and item build, I garentee you 100% total domination in dota.

Item build:
-Power Treads(Strength)
-Assult Cuirass
-Vladmir's Offering

Skill Build:
1. Fervor
2. Blind (for harass)
3. Fervor
4. Berserker Rage
5. Blind
6. Battle Terance
7. Berserker Rage
8. Fervor
9. Berserker Rage
10. Fervor
11 Battle Terance
12. Berserker Rage
13. Stats
14. Blind
15. Blind
16. Battle Terance
17-25. Stats

This build is my official buid for ultimate troll. After Level 12 or 13 with malestrom, you can basically farm and lane control with your berserker rage as melee the whole time. Whenever you see enemy heroe(by themselves) Go up to them and pick up a brawl. If they have no evasion what so ever, they will be kiled in mere seconds. So this troll build is for good hero tanking, lane domination and anti-pushing.

In fact, guides are only for beginers. After a lot of playing, you will realize that you can never ever deopend on a guide to play dota. Dota is about your personal style of playing. If you can never achive playing dota with your own thinking and personal style, you can never become better.

Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord
Author: Black_Paradise
Map Vers.: v6.64

Guide to Ultimate Troll Warlord

A unique guide to troll warlord

Date Posted: 12/08/09
Last Comment:12/10/2012
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