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Table of Contents
  1. Alt-tab Mini-Guide
  2. Foreword
  3. Hero Information
  4. Skill Analysis
  5. Skill Build
  6. Item Build
  7. Game Plan
  8. Friend and Foes
  9. Replay
  10. Credits

I.Alt-tab Mini-Guide

Normal Build:
1Thunder Clap7Thunder Clap13Drunken Haze
2Stats/Drunken Haze8Drunken Brawler14Drunken Haze
3Thunder Clap9Drunken Brawler15Drunken Haze
4Stats10Drunken Brawler16Primal Split
5Thunder Clap11Primal Split17Stats/Drunken Haze
6Primal Split12Drunken Brawler18~Stats
  • Only take 1 level of Haze Early game if your harassed by physical damagers too much.

Core Build


Luxury Items

  • DPS items in general are good but only take them after you've completed core and some core-extensions

First of all I would like to say that this is my first guide ever to be made. I base my guide on the replays I've watched and experience. This guide isn't your bible to Mangix it's just here to help you out aside from that feel free to ask any questions to my guide. I also welcome any corrections, suggestions, creative criticism and disagreements that the readers might have in mind. So I hope you enjoy reading this guide and would appreciate for any support you can give

III.Hero Information

  • Tank - Mangix with his high str growth has a decent amount of HP. Primal Split will ensure Mangix that he won't die instantly after initiating.
  • Initiator - Thunder Clap has a decent AoE of 400 units which makes Mangix a candidate for an Initiator. Basically he just blinks/walks-in clap then split.
  • Ganker - Mangix doesn't need much to gank, all he needs is his Thunder Clap, a wand/bottle and boots and he's ready to go.

Basic Statistics:
Strength: 28+2.9
Agility: 16+1.95
Intelligence: 14+1.25
  • Damage: 52 - 59
  • Armor: 3.3
  • Movespeed: 300
  • Attack Range: 100 (melee)

To view complete statistics refer to this link Mangix the Pandaren Brewmaster

[+] High base str
[+] High str gain
[+] Decent armor
[+] Decent movespeed
[+] Exceptional survivability
[+] Can play mind games
[+] Can counter hard carries
[+] Fairly item independent

[-] Low base int
[-] Low int gain
[-] Less useful without Primal Split
[-] No lane control
[-] Is a melee hero
[-] Silence is a pain in arse

IV.Skill Analysis
Thunder Clap - (Active, Area of Effect, Affects Enemy Units)
__________Slams the ground, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed and attack rate of nearby enemy land units.

 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
190 12secN/A4004.25sec/8sec 100 Damage, 25% AS and MS Slow
210512secN/A4004.25sec/8sec 175 Damage, 35% AS and MS Slow
313012secN/A4004.25sec/8sec 250 Damage, 45% AS and MS Slow
415012secN/A4004.25sec/8sec 300 Damage, 55% AS and MS Slow

  • This is your nuke, initiating and ganking skill
  • It can hit invisible units
  • Is used to farm creeps
  • Do not spam this skill early game it will consume mana fast
  • Damage type is magical

Drunken Haze - (Active, Single-Target, Affects Heroes)
__________Drenches an enemy unit in alcohol, causing his movement speed to be reduced, and causing his attacks to have a chance to miss.

 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
15012sec850107sec/12sec 10% MS reduction and 45% chance to miss
25012sec850107sec/12sec 14% MS reduction and 55% chance to miss
35012sec850107sec/12sec 18% MS reduction and 65% chance to miss
45012sec850107sec/12sec 22% MS reduction and 75% chance to miss

  • Can be blocked by Linken's Sphere
  • AoE only affects units that occupy the same space
  • Completely screws DPS units that don't have MKB
  • Slows escaping heroes
  • Stacks with Thunder Clap's slow
  • Can be used to turn the tides of a battle/Mind Games

Drunken Brawler - (Passive)
__________Gives a chance to avoid attacks and to deal 2x critical damage.

 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A 6% evasion and 5% critical chance
2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A 12% evasion and 10% critical chance
3N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A 18% evasion and 15% critical chance
4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A 24% evasion and 20% critical chance

  • Helps you defeat DPS heroes
  • Makes Panda more useful outside of his ultimate
  • Physical DPS heroes have a hard time hitting you

Primal Split - (Active)
__________Splits the Pandaren Brewmaster into elements, forming 3 specialized warriors, adept at survival. If any of them survive until the end of their summoned timer, the Brewmaster is reborn.

 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1125180s(160s*)N/AN/A15s(20s*) Summons three mighty(Mightier*) Pandas
2150160s(140s*)N/AN/A17s(23s*) Summons three even mightier(Freaking Mighty*) Pandas
3175140s(120s*) N/AN/A19s(26s*) 1Summons three freaking mighty(OMGWTF mighty*) Pandas

  • Primal Split can be cancelled by a well timed stun.
  • Primal Split can dodge projectile skills and damage if timed correctly.
  • During the duration of Primal Split Mangix will not take damage from any spell(Including DoT spells).
  • After the duration Mangix will spawn at the location of Earth Panda
  • If Earth Panda is dead Mangix will spawn at Storm Panda's location
  • If Storm Panda is dead Mangix will spawn at Fire Panda's location
  • If all three Pandas die the death will be considered a suicide
  • Fire Panda deals Hero type damage
  • Earth Panda is immune to magic attacks
  • Any aura effect item Mangix is carrying will not take effect when in Primal Split mode
  • Aghanims improves ultimate (* shows improved values)

How Primal Split Works:

  • Firstly when in Primal Split mode Mangix will not take any damage of any sort as long as the skill duration hasn't ended.
  • What happens to Mangix? Technically he's still where he casted Primal Split only you don't see his hero model. It has something to do with dummy units, but I won't talk about that.
  • Now lets take a deeper look into aura effects. All auras take effect, BUT only within the area of where Mangix casted Primal Split.
  • So moving out of that area means you won't benefit from the Auras. And by area I'm talking about the AoE of the auras.
  • Now lets talk about benefits from items(i.e. Heart of Tarrasque)
  • Mangix will regen both HP and Mana during the duration of the skill but will not take damage from DoT spells
  • Armlet of Mordigian deserves a special mention since the HP degen still takes effect while under the spell duration. And thats about it

Primal Split: Unit and Skill Information

Earth Statistics

  • Level: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
  • HP: 1500 / 2250 / 3000/ 3800
  • Mana: 400 / 500 / 600 / 600
  • Damage: 37-43 / 75-84 / 159-171 / 179-191
  • Damage Type: Piercing (128 melee)
  • Armor: 5 (Heavy)
  • Mspd: 325
  • BAT: 1.35

Hurl Boulder - (Active)
__________A magical boulder that is thrown at an enemy unit, causing 100 points of damage and stunning the target for 2 seconds.

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
110010s800N/A2s100 Damage, and 2 Seconds Stun.

Spell Immunity - (Passive)
__________Renders this unit immune to all spells

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/ARenders unit immune to all spells.

Pulverize - (Passive)
__________Gives a 20% chance that an attack will deal 40 damage to nearby units.

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1N/AN/AN/A150N/A20% Chance to deal 40 Damage in 150 AoE.

Resistant Skin - (Passive)
__________Reduces the duration of negative spells and renders the unit immune to certain spells.

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AReduces duration of negatives spells and immunity to certain spells.

Storm Statistics

  • Level: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
  • HP: 1000 / 1500 / 1500 / 2400
  • Mana: 500 / 750 / 750 / 750
  • Damage: 37-43 / 75-84 / 75-84 / 174-186
  • Damage Type: Piercing(500)
  • Armor: 2 (Heavy)
  • Mspd: 350
  • BAT: 1.5
  • Missile speed: 1200

Dispel Magic - (Active)
__________Removes all buffs from units in a target area. Deals 200 damage to summoned units.

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1758s500200N/A200 Damage to summoned units and Removes all buffs from units in the area.

Cyclone - (Active)
__________Tosses a target non-mechanical enemy unit into the air, redering it unable to move, attack or cast spells, and stopping others from attacking or casting on it.

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
11508s600N/A6s/20s6 seconds disable on a enemy hero or 20 seconds disable on enemy creep. Target is rendered immune for the duration.

Wind Walk - (Active)
__________Allows the Pandaren to become invisible, and move 50% faster. If the Pandaren attacks a unit to break invisibility, the attack will do 100 bonus damage.

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1757sN/AN/A20sPandaren gains invisibility, breaking invisibility with an attack will do 100 bonus damage.

Resistant Skin - (Passive)
__________Reduces the duration of negative spells and renders the unit immune to certain spells.

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AReduces duration of negatives spells and immunity to certain spells.

Fire Statistics

  • Level: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
  • HP: 1200 / 1200 / 1200 / 1200
  • Mana: N/A
  • Damage: 70 / 112 / 140 / 180
  • Damage Type: Hero(128 melee)
  • Armor: 0 (Heavy)
  • Mspd: 522
  • BAT: 1.35

Permanent Immolation - (Passive)
__________Burns nearby enemy units

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1N/AN/AN/A220N/ABurns nearby enemy units

Resistant Skin - (Passive)
__________Reduces the duration of negative spells and renders the unit immune to certain spells.

______.________._______.___. _______.__________________________.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AReduces duration of negatives spells and immunity to certain spells.

Primal Split usage

When to use:
  • During pushes
  • During team clashes
  • During ganks
  • During counter-ganks
  • When your about to die

Rules to Primal Split usage:
  1. Never flee until the last few seconds, try to get a frag while you have time.
  2. Always micro your Pandas to focus fire on an enemy hero.
  3. Don't forget that you have two low CD disables at your disposal. Abuse it...
  4. Never ever leave an ally behind. Keep them safe using your Pandas as a tank.
  5. Never leave any of your Panda's behind, especially the Panda where you will respawn after the duration of the skill.

  1. Disable and take out Carries first.
  2. Disable and take out Nukers next.
  3. Disable and take out Initiators third.
  4. Disable and take out Supporters fourth.
  5. Disable and take out Tanks last.

    Note: If your ally is about to die and you think you can save him with a Cyclone go right ahead. If not Disable the heroes that could deal the killing blow.

Basic Micromanagement to Pandas:
  • Once you cast Primal Split be ready to group select Storm, Earth and Fire.
  • Use tab instead of manually selecting a Panda.
  • Always use hotkeys when using skills.
  • If you have necronomicon summons or illusion include them in your group select.
  • Always remember that "D" is for earth's Throw Boulder skill, "D" is also used for Storm's Dispel skill. "C" is Storm's Cyclone skill and "W" is Storm's Wind Walk skill

Basic Combo:
  • Blink/Walk-in
  • Cast Thunder Clap
  • Primal Split
  • Group Select Storm, Earth and Fire Panda
  • Select Earth Panda and Cast Throw Boulder on enemy
  • Auto-attack all Pandas on stunned hero
  • Select Storm Panda and cast Wind Walk and attack target hero
  • Still alive? Cast Cyclone on target hero
  • Move all Pandas underneath disabled hero
  • Cast dispel on cyclone or wait for cyclone to end
  • Auto-attack enemy
  • Enemy still standing? Repeats steps 5 to 11
  • Primal Split duration ended? Cast Thunder Clap and kill
  • Not dead yet? WTF is that Brad?

V.Skill Build
  1. Thunder Clap
  2. Stats/Drunken Haze
  3. Thunder Clap
  4. Stats
  5. Thunder Clap
  6. Primal Split
  7. Thunder Clap
  8. Drunken Brawler
  9. Drunken Brawler
  10. Drunken Brawler
  11. Primal Split
  12. Drunken Brawler
  13. Drunken Haze
  14. Drunken Haze
  15. Drunken Haze
  16. Primal Split
  17. Drunken Haze
  18. Stats/Drunken Haze
  19. ~25.Stats

Thunder Clap: Thunder Clap is maxed first since this is your nuke, ganking skill and initiating skill. This helps land you a kill or two and you can use this to play mind games by lowering opponent's AS then duking it out with them until they finally realize they'd lose or you could just slow the enemy down when their in range of your towers.

Drunken Haze: Only one level is taken at level two but this is completely situational. Early to mid game DPS heroes don't hurt that much so maxing it out early isn't that productive however one level is all it takes to nullify a physical damage harasser. At any stage of the game this as well has it's purpose of mind games, your fighting a losing battle but you use this and causes the enemy hero to miss a lot. You take the fight back to them and in a few seconds their the one's who'll be turning their backs on you. Aside from that this can be used as a slow to catch up to fleeing enemies.

Stats: Only take at most two levels of stats early game just to solve some of your mana problems and increase your survivability early on. Then the rest take it after you've maxed out all your other skills.

Drunken Brawler: Max this out right after Clap. It increases your tank-ish-ness and gives you a better DPS output when outside of Primal Split.

Primal Split: Max this as soon as possible. This skill can provide you with some serious mind games, better chances of survival, a strong push team, higher DPS and two short CD disables. This ultimate is too good to pass up so just get it ASAP.

VI.Item Build
  • Starting Items:

    This by far is the most cost effective starting kit I've ever tried. Tangoes and Salve for regen during laning, clarities for Thunder Clap use, two Iron wood branch for damage to last hit and will be upgraded into wand later on, and Wand for the added hp/mp boost whenever you need it the most.

    Note: This is only a suggestion to give you guys an idea of what to get. Feel free to get any other combination of the following:

  • Core Items


    • Magic Wand - This is core this solves pretty much all of your mana needs. Trust me I roam the map with just this and it's very reliable
    • Boots - No brainer every hero gets a pair of these.
    • Dagger - For better initiating with Clap, can be used to catch up to fleeing heroes and offers a 100% chance to escape when ultimate duration is over.
    • Aghanims - If someone else will initiate for the team go get this, it offers Panda the mana the he needs, the HP to help him survive more when outside of his ultimate and it gives his Primal Split an OMGWTFBBQ upgrade to boot. It's a must should you not take dagger first.
    • Scroll of Town Portal - It's a must, don't leave home without it.
      Note: For core get either dagger or aghanims, whatever you didn't becomes core extension.

      Q: Why is it I get either Dagger or Aghanims for core?
      A: In any reasonably above average game you won't be able to farm both up unless your owning hard. The game would usually end with you having blink or aghanims in your inventory.

  • Core-Extension Items:

    Get this next if you rushed Aghanims first.

    Get this next if you rushed Dagger first.

    This items provides Mangix with HP and mana which increases his survivability as a tank and solves his thirst for mana. Aside from that it's a great counter for invisible units and with the two necro summons you and your team benefit from the aura. Be sure to use necro before you use Primal Split.

    IMO this is the best choice out of the three boots upgrade. You'll have the advantage of map control which making pushing and defending an easier task.

    Cheap and gives you burst damage and HP, makes you more useful outside of your ultimate. But always remember to switch Armlet off whenever your about to go into Primal Split, the HP degen will still take an effect on Mangix himself.

    Manta + Primal Split = 5 OMGWTFBBQOWNGE Kung-Fu Panda team.
    But seriously this item grants you more survivabilty, mana, greater DPS output and more Pandas Basically it brings Pandamonium

  • Situational Items:

    Getting disabled before you can cast Clap or Split? Go ahead take this

    This can be extended from that RoR you bought earlier for the laning phase of the game. It's a good substitute to bottle as well. Mangix can spare that small piece of HP for that much amount of mana which can be then used to cast that all important Primal Split. Take it when mana is being a problem.

    Are there no other run whores? Are you the only ganker in the team? Are you playing as a roamer? Find your self constantly out of mana? Then take the bottle this should feed your hunger.

    Getting nuked down to the ground? Are you facing a nuker team line up? Then take the Hood this will keep you warm through winter and dry during the rain

    Are you the center of attention? Are you a masochist? Do you find those Fingers, Laguna Blades and Dagons getting annoying? Then get the Blade Mail offers you a return to sender ability.

    If you ever plan to skip Dagger completely(I suggest don't) then take this. Phase gives you the highest ms amongst the three upgrade to boots and make landing clap slightly easier.

  • Luxury Items

    IIRC you still regenerate HP while under the skill Primal Split so might as well take it as it can really turn the tides of a battle.

    Things to consider before building this item. Did you make a Manta Style as your core extension? If yes take this item, if no make Manta first. Is your team owning? If yes build this item, if no build something more cost effective. Now why would you get this after Manta? Well simply because the Aura of the weapon is passed over to your illusions and therefore you can split and still have the aura to damage once your illusions are out

    The armor and extra nuke from this is perfect for this tank-ish Panda and it makes him a bigger threat. And the slow's synergy with Thunder Clap is even better.

    After a few games and some serious stomps/farm games I have to admit that refresher is the topping on any cake The only thing worse after facing three(maybe five) OMGWTFBBQ Pandas would be having to face them again after they've disappeared A definite luxury but get it late late late game only

    DPS in general is good for Panda, but only get them if you have spare gold and after you complete your core.

  • Rejected Items:

    You supposed to absorb damage not make them ignore you...

    I really don't see the need for this item. If you wanted HP just get Vit Booster and later upgrade to HoT. For the regen a wand/bottle will suffice for that and the damage block is unneeded.

    Dagger's better you know... Forget this one...

    The slow from SY/Sange is very unreliable plus you have your own built in slow As for MS, just go make manta instead it has more to offer than this.

    You already have a crit o.O

    Leave support items to supporters get DPS or Survival items instead. Special note for Orchid, as much as I want to get it the cost of making one is just too much, I might as well get a heart.

    You don't need the extra mana from nulls. Trust me Wand and/or a Bottle and your mana needs aren't that problematic. But if you really need mana just get a Point Booster

    I haven't seen any Panda get this but might as well note that you don't need the mana from this item. Again just get a Point Booster.

    I won't take it as core thats for sure and I'd rather go HotD instead. And I'd benefit much more from the dominated creep/s. Besides aura don't take effect when in Primal Split mode.

    Though it makes Panda more tank-ish and gives him more DPS I'd rather save my cash until I can get BoT.

  • Item Discussion

    Since Mangix's str growth is exceptional there really is no need to get more HP and small mana it gives isn't as great as the regeneration a bottle can give or the mana burst wand provides in any situation. But I leave it up to your personal preference if you would take this or not, whether it be for more survival or damage it's really up to you.

    Though you are a ganker your gold can be put to much better use by getting DPS/Survival Items. But once core is completed you can always contribute to your team using this.

    Questionable since aura's don't take effect when using Primal Split. So again I leave it up to you to choose if you would take it. Personally I take this item if my team is owning, I got the gold and completed my core.

VII.Game Plan
  • Early Game:1~7
    • Early Game Goals
      1. Complete Wand
      2. Get Boots
      3. Buy Bottle(optional)
      4. Survive

    • Choosing a Lane: Always choose the side lanes and never ever go solo mid lane. The reason behind this is because Mangix is more effective when with a teammate, especially if its a disabler and he can't solo mid properly since he has no lane control skills from levels 1~7.

    • Ganking: Whenever your about to gank check if you have enough mana to cast Clap, Primal Split and Haze if you took it early. Usually Mangix initiates the gank by baiting the enemy into charging forward once they've distanced themselves from their creeps and/or tower charge in and cast clap. Haze the deadlier DPS hero and proceed to Primal Split if you've already taken it.

      Ganking Notes:
      • Mangix doesn't have to initiate the gank if someone else does it better.
      • Tower Diving is acceptable if you can get the frag and survive afterwards.
      • Forcing the enemy to retreat to their fountain is better than not trying.
      • Don't get too greedy

    • Getting Ganked: This is where your juking skills come into play. So I'll just mention the basic stuff
      • Cast Clap when their in range then retreat hastily
      • Cast Haze on every hero possible to better your chance of survival
      • If you've got the mana Clap and Primal Split to turn it into a counter gank
      • Primal Split when you know you can't survive
      • Follow the rules of Primal Split usage in hopes of turning a gank into a counter gank
      • Most importantly... DON'T LET YOURSELF GET CREEP BLOCKED!

    • Laning: Always try to get some last hits and deny as frequently as possible, should be easy considering his attack animation is good. Pull creeps when your too farm from your tower or when preparing for a gank. Prioritize protecting your ally over creep kills ALWAYS!. For a more in-depth guide to Laning refer to Genosis' Guide to Lane Control

    • Roaming and Jungling: Ok two things I wouldn't suggest doing with Mangix. His jungling capabilities are bad and is better of in-lane helping his ally. Roaming for him is possible but because of his mana constraints he can't freely roam so just stay in-lane for awhile.

  • Mid Game:8~14
    • Mid Game Goals
      1. Get a Dagger/Buy a Point Booster
      2. Gank nonstop, carries are first priority
      3. Be present in team clashes
      4. Defend/Down Towers
      5. Farm for Aghanims
      6. Survive.. Again

    • Ganking: Now that you've completed your wand and possibly bought a bottle it time for you to leave your lane and roam the map like it was your own backyard . Tactics stay almost the same you Blink-in -> Clap -> Haze[optional] -> Split and that's about it but only this time you will be ganking none stop and only farm free lanes and neuts when its not safe to gank.

    • Getting Ganked: Follow the same stuff as in early game and you should be fine . The only advantage you have now is you could blink over cliffs/tree lines . To learn more about how to survives ganks more properly refer to drgalize's Guide to the Forbidden Techniques

    • Pushing: Don't be afraid to push a tower if your allies are nearby and/or Primal Split is up. The only time you shouldn't push is if half your team is half dead , you've got little to no mana, Primal Split is down and your team is nowhere to be found .

    • Team Clash: This is where it gets interesting so it's kinda like ganking but I'll be more concise
      1. Blink/Walk-into the middle of the enemy team
      2. Cast Thunder Clap
      3. Haze strongest DPS enemy hero
      4. Cast Primal Split
      5. Stun closest hero that does something
      6. Cyclone initiators(first priority) / disablers(second priority)
      7. Disable fleeing heroes
      8. OWN!
      9. They're still alive? Repeats steps 1 to 8

  • Late Game: 16~...
    • Late Game Goals
      1. Comlpete Aghanims/Buy dagger if not done yet
      2. Push Towers
      3. Defend Towers
      4. Be present in team pushes/clashes
      5. Finish the game already

    • Ganking: Same as above but only gank heroes who are alone or outnumbered.

    • Getting Ganked: Same as above only difference would be instead of completely retreating run towards your team in hopes of a team clash instead.

    • Pushing: Same as above but this time you act like a body guard intercepting sole defenders on your own, but if its a team coming towards you activate Primal Split and disable their key players.

    • Team Clash: I'll just repeat myself just so you remember
      1. Blink/Walk-into the middle of the enemy team
      2. Cast Thunder Clap
      3. Haze strongest DPS enemy hero
      4. Cast Primal Split
      5. Stun closest hero that does something
      6. Cyclone AoE heroes
      7. Disable fleeing heroes
      8. OWN!
      9. They're still alive? Repeats steps 1 to 8
      Tips to Countering Carries:
    • By late game carries have become fat and are now a great threat to your team. But don't worry because you have the perfect skill set to counter these insolent peasants.

      Just remember to always cast Drunken Haze on the strongest enemy carry and always include the Carry in the AoE of Thunder Clap. -55% AS and MS is no joke for any carry and a 75% miss chance IMO screws them up completely! But once they get an MKB the only thing you have left is Clap to reduce their AS.

      BTW don't be afraid to tank them since you have a 24% chance to evade their attacks and primal split is always there to save you.

VIII.Friends and Foes
  • Friends

    Disablers - Who doesn't love them

    Slowers - Your slow plus their slow = perma slow

    Supporters - Makes your laning phase better and they make sure that Mangix doesn't die in clashes

    Initiators - They make your job even easier

    Gankers - They're you best friends. Ganking with these Heroes makes every single player in the other team wanna quit

    Special Mentions:
    • Atropos, Rhasta and Lion: What do they all have in common? A looong disable and a natural Necronomicon carrier, your OMGWTFBBQOWNGE Panda Team will love them!
    • Dirge and Slardar: These two bad boys whatever they are are walking damage amplifiers. More love from your Pandas, especially Fire Panda
    • Necronomicon and Orchid of Malevolence: Anyone who will carry these items is your new best friend
    • Rexxar: This dude is like a brother to Panda(Pandas love Half Orc-Half Ogre things ) He got the Aura to make your Panda's hit faster, he's a natural Necronomicon carrier, has a long disable and slow side effect and lastly his got this cute little piggy that slows enemies down to a crawl. Basically he's Pandas best best best best best best best best get the point
  • Foes

    Disablers - Hate them if their on the enemy team.

    Mana Vampires - I personally hate them. They suck all your mana away before you can ultimate :|

    Silencers - They can silence you long enough to get you killed before you can even think about casting Primal Split. And they make you less useful outside of split since you can't even cast haze or clap to neutralize the carries.

    Ganking Isolators - Watch out for these two, you might think you'll survive with Primal Split but in reality they can isolate your Panda spawn point and rape you when you return.

    Carries - Well they hate you more than you'll hate them. You are their bane and they are your food go have some fun with them

    Monkey King Bar - Special mention to this item as it makes your Drunken Haze and Brawler near useless.

cD vs CH
  • Map: 6.64
  • Version: 1.24b
A well played game between cD and CH, great play by CH.~Crystal whereas he was more of an initiator and tank than a ganker. Primal Split usage was great during clash where he was able to disable key players like Brood and Tinker. While out of Primal Split he always cast Clap and Haze on Brood to neutralize him from the get go.



cD vs AEON
  • Map: 6.64
  • Version: 1.24b
Here Mangix, played by cD.mamamiya, was played as a Tank, Ganker and Pusher. cD.mamamiya fully shows how to push safely by disabling key players on the other team. Even though he wasn't able to farm for a dagger he showed how Panda can be effective with only just Aghanims.



I would like to thank all those who have given me both positive and negative feedbacks , FunnyWarfare for reminding me about Manta Style(OMGWTFBBQPWNGE Panda + Necros FTW ), iKrivetko for the Refreshers suggestion. IceFrog for creating such a great game. And Playdota for it's very reliable database . Also I would like to thank Aequinox's post to Hero Templates it helped out a lot and also thanks to Tr1gger.exe for introducing me to I finally found a replay .

I would also like to thank the following guide writers and their guides

Mangix the Pandaren Brewmaster
Author: S.Rebel
Map Vers.: 6.67c

Mangix The Pandaren Brewmaster

Ale is my bear necessity

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