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This is part of a larger guide to every hero. You can find the other parts here
A Dota2 version of this guide is available here
Update in progress! Please give us your feedback in this thread

The Pretty Alt-Tab Guide to Every Agility Hero

How to use
  1. Find your hero by clicking on the tavern icons or by doing a text search with Ctrl+F.
  2. Brackets [ ] indicate optional items.
  3. An arrow -> indicates ordering: get the items in the left before the ones in the right.
  4. The Extension: list is often more for giving interesting possibilities than an actual build order. This is particularly true for item independent heroes and supports.
  5. All builds should be adapted to each different game.
  6. Good luck and have fun!

What does this guide contain?
I try to make is so that each guide includes a short description of the hero and his role, generally accepted, cookie cutter, item and skill builds and some important miscellaneous tips and mechanics clarifications.

The objective is to allow a player to get enough info to play a reasonable game, while keeping the guides short enough so they can be read before the first creepwave spawns and giving them a consistent and familiar style.
This Guide has only been made possible through the helpful contributions of many people. You can find a detailed list here

Magina the Anti-Mage Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Anti-Mage is a carry hero that also has some early damage potential in the form of Mana Break. However, his greatest asset is definitely the incredible versatility of Blink: jump in for a gank, jump out from a gank, quickly farm jungle camps...

_1Blink_7Mana Break13Spell Shield
_2Mana Break_8Blink14Spell Shield
_3Spell Shield_9Blink15Attribute Bonus
_4Mana Break10Blink16Mana Void
_5Mana Break11Mana Void17Attribute Bonus
_6Mana Void12Spell Shield18Attribute Bonus

For the items, the Vanguard is for when you are in trouble or want to fight early. Battlefury is for farming (you clear the jungle very fast with it).

Mana Void does a ministun. Use it to cancel channelling spells and TPs.

The "Anti-Mage" title is misleading; Mana Break is actually better against low-mana STR and AGI heroes and Spell Shield only makes you tanky if you also get HP items (lategame).
Kardel Sharpeye the Dwarven Sniper Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Dwarven Sniper is a stereotypical ranged AGI carry. He deals outstanding DPS late game if he farms some items, but he is weak early game and does not have any escape or survivability skills. That said, he is a good turtler: his spammable AoE helps defend chokepoints and his range lets him stay far back in a safer position.

_2Take Aim_8Take Aim14Headshot
_3Shrapnel_9Take Aim15Attribute Bonus
_4Shrapnel10Take Aim16Assassinate
_5Shrapnel11Assassinate17Attribute Bonus
_6Assassinate12Headshot18Attribute Bonus

Shrapnel deals residual damage to towers (Good for pushing and harassing).

Some players like to skip putting levels into Shrapnel, instead getting his other skills sooner.

Headshot and MKB's True Strike don't stack. You can toggle the MKB on and off to choose the effect you prefer.
Yurnero the Juggernaut Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

_1Blade Fury_7Blade Fury13Healing Ward
_2Attribute Bonus_8Blade Dance14Healing Ward
_3Blade Fury_9Blade Dance15Healing Ward
_4Healing Ward10Blade Dance16Omnislash
_5Blade Fury11Omnislash17Attribute Bonus
_6Omnislash12Blade Dance18Attribute Bonus

Your tiny early game mana pool can't cast a full combo. Conserve your mana and get Attribute Bonus to help.

The Blade Fury + Scroll of Town Protal combo is a good way to escape.

Omnislash does a ministun. Use it to cancel channelling spells and TPs.

Healing Ward is a great for pushing. One possibility is to max it early with a Soul Ring.

If have lifesteal, you leach lots of life with Omnislash.
Syllabear the Lone Druid Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Lone Druid is a carry. Unusually, however, he has solid pushing abilities in mid-game due to his bear's siege damage and great tanking ability.

_1Summon Spirit Bear_7Summon Spirit Bear13Rabid
_3Summon Spirit Bear_9Synergy15Attribute Bonus
_4Synergy10Rabid16True Form
_5Summon Spirit Bear11True Form17Attribute Bonus
_6True Form12Rabid18Attribute Bonus

Lone Druid is a great laner. Use the Spirit Bear to harass (if on a safe lane) or to lasthit (if on a hard lane).

It is OK to jungle instead if you have bad micro. You get slower farm though.

Early game, put most items go on the Spirit Bear and stay in ranged form; Late game, move the items to the druid and spend the majority of your time in Bear form.

The usual item build is going for a Radiance rush on the bear, since it is so tanky. From that point you continue to get even more survivability and aura items. The bear also benefits a lot from attack speed, in order to take down towers and proc Entangle more often.
Luna Moonfang the Moonrider Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Moonrider is a carry hero with solid nuking potential early game and good AoE damage potential late game. However, she has to deal with her low survivability and attack range. Maybe she has a place in teams that can take advantage of her early-game damage aura?

_1Lunar Blessing_7Lucent Beam13Moon Glaive
_2Lucent Beam_8Lunar Blessing14Moon Glaive
_3Lucent Beam_9Lunar Blessing15Attribute Bonus
_4Lunar Blessing10Moon Glaive16Eclipse
_5Lucent Beam11Eclipse17Attribute Bonus
_6Eclipse12Moon Glaive18Attribute Bonus

Don't get Moon Glaive too early. It needs items to be effective and pushing may be undesirable.

Use the Helm of the Dominator neutral creep to stack ancients. You farm them very fast with your AoE. (Pull creeps at the 52 second mark to stack).
Morphling the Morphling Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Morphling is a carry with tremendous single-target damage potential, in both sustained DPS and magical burst.
Morph can give you an effective 5 AGI growth per level and the Ethereal Blade + Adaptive Strike combo can deal massive damage. Meanwhile, Waveform and Replicate allow Morphling to safely farm all game long while still being able to show up at important fights.

_1Waveform_7Waveform13Adaptive Strike
_2Morph_8Morph14Adaptive Strike
_3Waveform_9Morph15Attribute Bonus
_4Morph10Adaptive Strike16Replicate
_5Waveform11Replicate17Attribute Bonus
_6Replicate12Adaptive Strike18Attribute Bonus

When in a tough spot, Morph into STR for a strong pseudo-heal.

Boots of Travel give you insane mobility for farming, but only get them if you are going really well.

Manta Style and Linken's Sphere are nice survivability options.
Slithice the Naga Siren Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Naga Siren is an illusion carry hero. Early on she has good nuking and pushing power, and later in the game she can transition to a Radiance based farmer or do great DPS with Diffusal Blade.
Song of the Siren is a great teamfight positioning skill and gives time for heroes like Enigma or Tidehunter to set up ridiculous ultimates.

_1Ensnare_7Rip Tide13Mirror Image
_2Rip Tide_8Ensnare14Mirror Image
_3Rip Tide_9Ensnare15Attribute Bonus
_4Mirror Image10Ensnare16Song of the Siren
_5Rip Tide11Song of the Siren17Attribute Bonus
_6Song of the Siren12Mirror Image18Attribute Bonus

You are great against BKBs: Ensnare goes through magic imunity and Song of the Siren does not put immune units to sleep, meaning they can suddenly find themselves in a 1v5 situation.

Don't get Vladimir's Offering on illusion heroes (see the mechanics tab).
Azwraith the Phantom Lancer Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Phantom Lancer is an illusion-based hard carry. Late game, he can can create large armies of expendable illusions that can be used for DPS or for mass split-pushing.

_1Spirit Lance_7Spirit Lance13Juxtapose
_3Spirit Lance_9Phantom Edge15Attribute Bonus
_4Doppelwalk10Juxtapose16Phantom Edge
_5Spirit Lance11Phantom Edge17Attribute Bonus
_6Doppelwalk12Juxtapose18Attribute Bonus

A quick Radiance is great if you can farm it early; Use it to farm multiple locations at once and to harass with Spirit Lance.

Focus on farming early game. Use Spirit Lance to harass enemies away (especially if you have extra mana from, for example, Keeper of the Light.
Mirana Nightshade the Priestess of the Moon Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Priestess of the Moon is a classical semi-carry with strong ganking abilities. Her high burst damage, coupled with her stun and her ability to catch up with her prey makes her among the best semi-carry gankers in the game. Later in the game she can transition to a solid dps role but will be outperformed by true dps carries unless she can take advantage of an early level or item lead.

_1Elune's Arrow_7Starfall13Leap
_2Leap_8Elune's Arrow14Leap
_3Starfall_9Elune's Arrow15Attribute Bonus
_4Starfall10Moonlight Shadow16Moonlight Shadow
_5Starfall11Moonlight Shadow17Attribute Bonus
_6Elune's Arrow12Leap18Attribute Bonus

Your Moonlight Shadow is basically a global smoke of deceit for your team that doesn't break when you get near enemies.
Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Stealth Assassin is a carry with great burst damage from Backstab a superb AoE silence in the form of Smoke Screen. As a bonus, he also gets permanent invisibility starting at level 6...
Smoke Screen is also good against other melee carries, since they also get affected by the miss chance.

_1Blink Strike_7Blink Strike13Smoke Screen
_2Smoke Screen_8Backstab14Smoke Screen
_3Backstab_9Backstab15Attribute Bonus
_4Blink Strike10Backstab16Permanent Invisibility
_5Blink Strike11Permanent Invisibility17Attribute Bonus
_6Permanent Invisibility12Smoke Screen18Attribute Bonus

Early game, just try to farm without dying. Go ganking after you get your core items.

Diffusal Blade is great: it gives great damage with Backstab and the purge keeps targets inside the Smoke Screen for longer.

Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord Version 6.74c Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Troll Warlord is a melee carry (yes, he is also ranged but he is more effective in melee form). While he has good right click damage and can single out enemies with his bash, he also has a low-cooldown global team damage boosting and pushing skill to help his team. If you stop to think about it, its actually very similar to Lycanthrope and many of the same principles apply.

_1Berserker Rage_7Whirling Axes13Berserker Rage
_2Whirling Axes_8Fervor14Berserker Rage
_3Whirling Axes_9Fervor15Attribute Bonus
_4Fervor10Fervor16Battle Trance
_5Whirling Axes11Battle Trance17Attribute Bonus
_6Battle Trance12Berserker Rage18Attribute Bonus

You have lots of innate attack speed. Get damage items instead of evem more IAS.

Spend most of your time in melee form. The ranged form has less bonuses so use it only for laning, for casting the slowing version of Whirling Axes and for when you need that one last hit when chasing.

You farm neutrals really fast with Fervor and some lifesteal.

With a Helm of the Dominator and maxed fervor you can solo Roshan.

Don't forget to use your Helm of the Dominator domination ability.

Due to engine limitations, it is not possible to bash and get critical hits while under the effects of Phase Boots. Keep this in mind or just get Power Treads instead.
Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Gyrocopter is a semi-carry with some nuking and ganking potential early game and some carry and AoE potential lategame. Early on, get some cheap health and mana regen and try to pull of some ganks. If you are successful you can carry your advantage into the lategame and transition into more traditional agi DPS items.

_1Homing Missile_7Rocket Barrage13Flak Cannon
_2Rocket Barrage_8Homing Missile14Flak Cannon
_3Rocket Barrage_9Homing Missile15Attribute Bonus
_4Homing Missile10Flak Cannon16Call Down
_5Rocket Barrage11Call Down17Attribute Bonus
_6Call Down12Flak Cannon18Attribute Bonus

Flak Cannon hits farther then your attack range; You don't always need to target your intended target.

Depending on the game, it might be a good to delay Flak Cannon or Rocket Barrage for Attribute Bonus.
Traxex the Drow Ranger Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Drow Ranger is a ranged agi carry. Her niche lies in her great midgame damage, due to her Marksmanship and Trueshot Aura allowing her to shine earlier than other carries.

_1Frost Arrows_7Trueshot Aura13Attribute Bonus
_2Trueshot Aura_8Silence14Attribute Bonus
_3Trueshot Aura_9Silence15Attribute Bonus
_5Trueshot Aura11Marksmanship17Attribute Bonus
_6Marksmanship12Attribute Bonus18Attribute Bonus

Abuse your range and orbwalking during laning.

In clashes, don't charge in; DPS from behind and use Silence at opportune times.

The lifesteal from Helm of the Dominator does not stack with Frost Arrows since both are orb effects. Lifesteal will take precedence unless you put Frost Arrows on autocast. You should prioritize lifesteal most of the time though, since it helps DPSing.
Lanaya the Templar Assassin Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Templar Assassin is a bursty physical damage "nuker" and is usually played as a solo mid ganker and semi-carry.

_1Refraction_7Refraction13Psi Blades
_2Psi Blades_8Meld14Psi Blades
_3Refraction_9Meld15Attribute Bonus
_4Meld10Meld16Psionic Trap
_5Refraction11Psionic Trap17Attribute Bonus
_6Psionic Trap12Psi Blades18Attribute Bonus

Think of Meld as an damage skill first and as an invisibility spell second!

To avoid whiffing Meld, position you cursor on top of your target first and immediately right-click after melding.

Refraction's damage prevention lets you be very aggressive.

Having low levels of Psi Blades is hard, but you need to max your other skills first.
Ulfsaar the Ursa Warrior Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

If Ursa Warrior can connect his combo he can almost instantly kill any single hero, provided he doesn't get disabled and they don't have a Ghost Scepter. Fury Swipes's damage grows quadratically and not even the tankiest enemy can be safe.
Ursa Warrior is also arguably the best Roshan killer in the game, and can easily solo him as soon as he has Vladimir's Offering and maxed Fury Swipes.

_1Overpower_7Fury Swipes13Earthshock
_2Fury Swipes_8Fury Swipes14Earthshock
_3Overpower_9Overpower15Attribute Bonus
_4Fury Swipes10Earthshock16Enrage
_5Overpower11Enrage17Attribute Bonus
_6Enrage12Earthshock18Attribute Bonus

Overpower lasts longer than its cooldown. You can cast it, wait a bit and then have 2 full overpowers when you engage (This trick is great for Roshan too).

Don't be fooled by having AGI as a main stat; Since you have great attack speed and damage already, get mobility and HP instead.

An initiation item (Kelen's Dagger or Lothar's Edge) is crucial - everything you do is melee ranged.
Shendelzare Silkwood the Vengeful Spirit Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Even though she is an agility hero with good stats, Vengeful Spirit is traditionally played as a support or roamer (and has always been one of the top heros in that role, if I may say). The reason why the support build works is that not only is Magic Missile a great stun but both Command Aura and Wave of Terror actually work for her allies too. Also, her attack range is not that good and using Nether Swap can sometimes be too risky if your team is depending on you to carry them.

_1Magic Missile_7Magic Missile13Command Aura
_2Wave of Terror_8Wave of Terror14Command Aura
_3Magic Missile_9Wave of Terror15Attribute Bonus
_4Command Aura10Wave of Terror16Nether Swap
_5Magic Missile11Nether Swap17Attribute Bonus
_6Nether Swap12Command Aura18Attribute Bonus

Nether Swap can cancel TPs and channelling spells, even through BKB. (Enigma's Black Hole is a shining example).

You can level up Command Aura later if you want; Just make sure you have at least one point when fights start happening.
Gondar the Bounty Hunter Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Bounty Hunter is a ganker and semi-carry. His signature skill is Track a skill that can give a great gold advantage to his whole team, but he is also known for his flexible laning possibilities.

_1Wind Walk_7Shuriken Toss13Wind Walk
_2Jinada_8Shuriken Toss14Wind Walk
_3Wind Walk_9Jinada15Attribute Bonus
_4Shuriken Toss10Jinada16Track
_5Shuriken Toss11Track17Attribute Bonus
_6Track12Jinada18Attribute Bonus

If you are on a safe lane, harass with Wind Walk + Jinada and try to dominate your opponent. If on a hard lane, use Wind Walk to safely leech XP and lasthits. If on solo mid, get two levels of Shuriken Toss at 4 and 5 for maximum ganking potential.

Don't be selfish about Track - it gives MS to all your team and it doesn't matter who gets the lasthit.

Shuriken Toss does a ministun. Use it to cancel channelling spells and TPs.
Xin the Ember Spirit Version 6.74c Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

This hero has been recently remade or introduced and we haven't updated his guide yet. Check out for an update soon!
Strygwyr the Bloodseeker Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Bloodseeker is ganker and dpser. Early on he can lane relatively safely due to the heal from Blood Bath and afterwards he can gank spellcasters using his long duration silence and Rupture.

_1Blood Bath_7Strygwyr's Thirst13Bloodrage
_2Bloodrage_8Strygwyr's Thirst14Bloodrage
_3Blood Bath_9Blood Bath15Attribute Bonus
_4Strygwyr's Thirst10Blood Bath16Rupture
_5Strygwyr's Thirst11Rupture17Attribute Bonus
_6Rupture12Bloodrage18Attribute Bonus

Blood Bath lets you last hit very aggressively. Be sure to get the denies too!

If you are having a hard time in lane, get more levels of Bloodbath. If you are having a great time, consider leaving it at just level 1.

The idea behind the Radiance build is that you can passively gain life from creeps that die around you. It also complements your chasing potential and is an attempt at helping you carry the game a bit.
Clinkz the Bone Fletcher Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Bone Fletcher is a ganker and a building razer. He can use his Wind Walk to sneak on his target and his other 3 skills do do great burst damage.

_1Wind Walk_7Searing Arrows13Wind Walk
_2Searing Arrows_8Strafe14Wind Walk
_3Searing Arrows_9Strafe15Attribute Bonus
_4Wind Walk10Strafe16Death Pact
_5Searing Arrows11Death Pact17Attribute Bonus
_6Death Pact12Strafe18Attribute Bonus

Death Pact gives more bonuses if you eat a larger jungle creep.

Orchid Malevolance or Guinsoo's Scythe of Vise are suggested because you really need the mana and the disables (you already have good damage otherwise).

For luxury items, prioritize damage, since you already have great attack speed with Strafe.
Black Arachnia the Broodmother Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Broodmother is quite possibly the best solo pusher in the game. Push a lane while the rest of your team pushes another and the enemy will be in a tough position.

_1Spin Web_7Spawn Spiderlings13Incapacitating Bite
_2Spawn Spiderlings_8Spin Web14Incapacitating Bite
_3Spawn Spiderlings_9Insatiable Hunger15Attribute Bonus
_4Spin Web10Incapacitating Bite16Insatiable Hunger
_5Spawn Spiderlings11Insatiable Hunger17Attribute Bonus
_6Spin Web12Incapacitating Bite18Attribute Bonus

The regeneration from your webs coupled with a Soul Ring allows for nonstop Spawn Spiderlings spam (start doing this after level 5).

If your lane is clear, take down the tower. If it isn't, nuke your opponent out of the lane or create spiders and send them to farm the jungle.

Do not feed the spiderlings! They give tons of gold and XP.

Spin Web destroys trees. Use this to keep a safe line of sight to the jungle when laning.
Anub'arak the Nerubian Assassin Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Nyx is a burst-damage ganker who uses invisibility to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies.

_1Impale_7Impale13Mana Burn
_2Mana Burn_8Spiked Carapace14Mana Burn
_3Impale_9Spiked Carapace15Attribute Bonus
_4Spiked Carapace10Spiked Carapace16Vendetta
_5Impale11Vendetta17Attribute Bonus
_6Vendetta12Mana Burn18Attribute Bonus

A quick Dagon will allow you to insta-gib most heroes in the mid-game; Try to make enemies always fear your presence.

Late game, focus on scouting with Vendetta to spot initiation oportunities and spam Mana Burn on high INT heroes.

Always animation cancel Spiked Carapace.
Anub'Seran the Nerubian Weaver Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Nerubian Weaver can be very elusive and hard to kill hero, due to his great mobility with Shukuchi and ability to ignore burst damage with Time Lapse. Because of this, he is often played as a Radiance carry, although a midgame-focused, tower diving build with minus armour is also fine.

_1Shukuchi_7Shukuchi13Geminate Attack
_2Geminate Attack_8The Swarm14Geminate Attack
_3Shukuchi_9The Swarm15Attribute Bonus
_4The Swarm10The Swarm16Time Lapse
_5Shukuchi11Time Lapse17Attribute Bonus
_6Time Lapse12Geminate Attack18Attribute Bonus

The item build should balance defensive and damage items. You need some HP pool for Time Lapse but without damage you risk being ignored.

Be careful about prolonging your game too much and farming excessively. Weaver can get out-carried if the game goes extremely late.
Mortred the Phantom Assassin Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Phantom Assassin is a carry with great chasing ability and the strongest critical strike in the game. Once she gets a BKB and some damage items, she can almost instantly kill a hero she jumps on.

_1Stifling Dagger_7Stifling Dagger13Blur
_2Phantom Strike_8Phantom Strike14Blur
_3Blur_9Phantom Strike15Attribute Bonus
_4Stifling Dagger10Phantom Strike16Coup de Grace
_5Stifling Dagger11Coup de Grace17Attribute Bonus
_6Coup de Grace12Blur18Attribute Bonus

When laning, use Stifling Dagger to lasthit; It deals little damage to heroes so don't bother harassing with it.

Do not buy evasion (Butterfly or Heaven's Halberd) or critical strike (Buriza-do Kyanon). They don't stack with your skills.

Due to engine limitations, it is not possible to bash and get critical hits while under the effects of Phase Boots. Keep this in mind or just get Power Treads instead.
Nevermore the Shadow Fiend Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Shadow Fiend is a glass-cannon semi-carry. He can do amazing damage with his ultimate, his 3 cheap AoE nukes and his high attack damage. He is also a strong mid lane hero, but he is vulnerable to ganks.

_1Necromastery_7Shadowraze13Presence of the Dark Lord
_2Shadowraze_8Necromastery14Presence of the Dark Lord
_3Shadowraze_9Requiem of Souls15Attribute Bonus
_4Necromastery10Presence of the Dark Lord16Requiem of Souls
_5Shadowraze11Requiem of Souls17Attribute Bonus
_6Necromastery12Presence of the Dark Lord18Attribute Bonus

Bottle rush: leaving the base with just 4 branches and 2 salves leaves enough money to get a bottle by the 2 min mark.

Mobility items synergize with your spells; Survivability and damage items are for a traditional right-click DPS role.

Canceling the Shadowraze backswing animation speeds your combo by a lot.
Terrorblade the Soul Keeper Version 6.74c Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Soul Keeper is an illusion-based carry. While he doesn't have any nukes or straight disables, he has very good innate DPS from his skills and his illusions can deal significant damage making him a relatively good pusher.

_3Zeal_9Metamorphosis15Attribute Bonus
_5Zeal11Sunder17Attribute Bonus
_6Sunder12Reflection18Attribute Bonus

More early levels of Zeal are good for farming; Prioritize Metamorphosis if you are doing fine and want to push.

Prefer getting stats (STR and AGI) items, since those also benefit the illusions.
Mercurial the Spectre Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Spectre is an interesting carry because you build her for beefiness as opposed to raw damage output. The key is understanding Dispersion: at max level, it rejects 22% of all damage that is dealt to Spectre and reflects it in an AoE around her. Making Spectre last as long as possible maximizes this damage.
Another important facet of Spectre is how she is always able to find farm, since she can solo push lanes but still jump to fights with Haunt.

_1Spectral Dagger_7Spectral Dagger13Dispersion
_3Spectral Dagger_9Desolate15Attribute Bonus
_5Spectral Dagger11Haunt17Attribute Bonus
_6Haunt12Dispersion18Attribute Bonus

While the Radiance build is usually optimal, if you farm slowly it might be best to go for a ganking build with a Diffusal Blade.

Cast Haunt at the start of teamfights. This gives important vision and maximizes damage.
Lesale Deathbringer the Venomancer Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Although Venomancer is an agility hero with decent stats, his skills allow him to be played as a very item independent support. Venomous Gale is one of the most powerful slows in the game at level 1 and is also cheap, mana-wise. Plague Ward are very strong for pushing and counter-pushing and Poison Nova is a strong "fire and forget" ultimate.

_1Venomous Gale_7Plague Ward13Poison Sting
_2Poison Sting_8Venomous Gale14Poison Sting
_3Plague Ward_9Venomous Gale15Attribute Bonus
_4Plague Ward10Venomous Gale16Poison Nova
_5Plague Ward11Poison Nova17Attribute Bonus
_6Poison Nova12Poison Sting18Attribute Bonus

Plague Ward is cheap and spammable. Use them to scout in front whenever you enter the fog of war.

A big Plague Ward stack is also great for defending pushes.

You are very item independant; Just get some mana and then go for survivability and wards, dust, etc.

Poison Nova leaves enemies at 1 HP, without killing them. Tag them with Venomous Gale or Poison Sting to ensure your kills.
Viper the Netherdrake Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Netherdrake is a tanky mid game DPS hero and ganker. He is also a very strong laner, due to his powerful orb-attacks.

_1Poison Attack_7Nethertoxin13Corrosive Skin
_2Nethertoxin_8Nethertoxin14Poison Attack
_3Poison Attack_9Corrosive Skin15Attribute Bonus
_4Nethertoxin10Corrosive Skin16Viper Strike
_5Poison Attack11Viper Strike17Attribute Bonus
_6Viper Strike12Corrosive Skin18Attribute Bonus

You already deal good early game damage with your skills; Focus on getting items that let you get in and fight in the first place.

Gank frequently when you ave your ultimate, but always bring a fried to stop enemies from TP-ing away.

Viper Strike goes through BKB and is a a good debuff against enemy carries in fights.
Meepo the Geomancer Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Geomancer is a mid-game carry (this is not the same as a semi-carry!). He depends on getting a significant level advantage early on and then using his multiple clones to roll face between levels 11 and 16. Once his clones reach a hero they can keep him permantly slowed or netted and casting all poofs in quick succession deals massive magical damage.

_3Poof_9Earthbind15Attribute Bonus
_4Geostrike10Earthbind16Divided we Stand
_5Poof11Divided we Stand17Attribute Bonus
_6Divided we Stand12Geostrike18Attribute Bonus

Focus on speed-leveling early game to gain a quick numbers advantage. (See tab for XP mechanics).

Poof combo: move next to a netted enemy, and tell all Meepos to Poof on top of each other.

Use the TAB key to cycle across the Meepos. This makes it very easy to do Earthbind or Poof combos.
Razor the Lightning Revenant Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Lightning Revenant is a DPSer, chaser and an anti-carry. While he has less inherent right-clicking potential then average, he has a good early-game presence due to his spells and Static Link can give a great boost in damage (while crippling an enemy hero at the same time).

_1Plasma Field_7Plasma Field13Unstable Current
_2Static Link_8Static Link14Unstable Current
_3Plasma Field_9Static Link15Attribute Bonus
_4Unstable Current10Static Link16Eye of the Storm
_5Plasma Field11Eye of the Storm17Attribute Bonus
_6Eye of the Storm12Unstable Current18Attribute Bonus

Most of your damage comes from your (close-ranged) spells. Prioritize tankability and the mobility items earlygame and leave the traditional carry items for latter.
Slark the Murloc Nightcrawler Version 6.74c Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Murloc Nightcrawler is a weird kind of ganker and carry - Essence Shift can, over a fight, turn Murloc Nightcrawler into a fearsome beast and Shadow Dance allows him to quickly appear anywhere in the map, with full HP. However, he is very fragile and has to deal with a pitiful STR gain.

_1Pounce_7Dark Pact13Essence Shift
_2Essence Shift_8Pounce14Essence Shift
_3Dark Pact_9Pounce15Attribute Bonus
_4Dark Pact10Pounce16Shadow Dance
_5Dark Pact11Shadow Dance17Attribute Bonus
_6Shadow Dance12Essence Shift18Attribute Bonus

Get lots of survivability items early. You need the HP for, Dark Pact and you already deal good damage anyway.

Dark Pact dispells buffs! Timing it right will remove most stuns and Smoke of Deceit.

Shadow Dance gets deactivated by enemy wards. This lets you detect when one is present.
Darkterror the Faceless Void Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Faceless Void is a hard-carry. When farmed, he can reliably get rid of one or two heroes during the Chonosphere duration and supports become food to Time Walk coupled with some bashes.

_1Time Walk_7Backtrack13Time Walk
_2Backtrack_8Time Lock14Time Walk
_3Backtrack_9Time Lock15Attribute Bonus
_4Time Lock10Time Lock16Chonosphere
_5Backtrack11Chonosphere17Attribute Bonus
_6Chonosphere12Time Walk18Attribute Bonus

If you are focused on the lategame, Battlefury and Hand of Midas are good farming items; If you want to be useful sooner, Mask of Madness or Necronomicon give you great Chonosphere damage early on.

If you are having a hard time, Backtrack with a Vanguard can make you very hard to kill.
Medusa the Gorgon Version 6.74c Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Gorgon is one of the hardest hard carries in the game. If she gets farm and the game goes late she deals significant damage in an AoE, while being very tanky and hard to kill due to Mana Shield and Linken's Sphere. Early game she lacks ganking potential, but Mystic Snake gives some decent lane control and Stone Gaze can act as a "get out of a gank free" card.

_1Mystic Snake_7Mystic Snake13Split Shot
_2Attribute Bonus_8Mana Shield14Split Shot
_3Mystic Snake_9Mana Shield15Split Shot
_4Attribute Bonus10Mana Shield16Stone Gaze
_5Mystic Snake11Stone Gaze17Split Shot
_6Stone Gaze12Mana Shield18Attribute Bonus

Cast Mystic Snake so that the last bounce hits an enemy hero (hopefully killing some creeps toopy).

Activating Manta Style will turn off the Mana Shield. turn it back on afterwards.

Focus on farming safely early on - you onlyshine in the lategame.


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Alt-Tab Guide to Every AGI Hero

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