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This is part of a larger guide to every hero. You can find the other parts here
A Dota2 version of this guide is available here
Update in progress! Please give us your feedback in this thread

The Pretty Alt-Tab Guide to Every Intelligence Hero

How to use
  1. Find your hero by clicking on the tavern icons or by doing a text search with Ctrl+F.
  2. Brackets [ ] indicate optional items.
  3. An arrow -> indicates ordering: get the items in the left before the ones in the right.
  4. The Extension: list is often more for giving interesting possibilities than an actual build order. This is particularly true for item independent heroes and supports.
  5. All builds should be adapted to each different game.
  6. Good luck and have fun!

What does this guide contain?
I try to make is so that each guide includes a short description of the hero and his role, generally accepted, cookie cutter, item and skill builds and some important miscellaneous tips and mechanics clarifications.

The objective is to allow a player to get enough info to play a reasonable game, while keeping the guides short enough so they can be read before the first creepwave spawns and giving them a consistent and familiar style.
This Guide has only been made possible through the helpful contributions of many people. You can find a detailed list here

Rylai Crestfall the Crystal Maiden Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Crystal Maiden's two nukes/disables make her a very powerful supporter and roamer in the early stages of the game. Her aura can also greatly help mana-starved heroes, allowing them to spam spells when they normally couldn't.

_1Crystal Nova_7Crystal Nova13Freezing Field
_2Frostbite_8Frostbite14Freezing Field
_3Brilliance Aura_9Frostbite15Attribute Bonus
_4Brilliance Aura10Frostbite16Freezing Field
_5Crystal Nova11Brilliance Aura17Attribute Bonus
_6Crystal Nova12Brilliance Aura18Attribute Bonus

Always cancel your long casting animation backswing.

Frostbite lasts 10 seconds on creeps; Farm the jungle if there is nothing else to do.

You have very low movespeed and health - be extra careful.
Aiushtha the Enchantress Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Enchantress is an aggressive jungler who can gank and push early on with neutral creeps. She can be surprisingly tanky in the right situations and can deal lots of damage mid and lategame with Impetus.

_2Nature's Attendants_8Nature's Attendants14Untouchable
_3Enchant_9Nature's Attendants15Attribute Bonus
_4Nature's Attendants10Untouchable16Impetus
_5Enchant11Impetus17Attribute Bonus
_6Impetus12Untouchable18Attribute Bonus

Be aggressive with your first 2 or 3 creeps; Few enemies can deal with them in the first minutes.

Untouchable are Enchant great against sustained damage but you will need HP items against burst damage (and to compensate for your low STR gain.

Untouchable makes you a surprisingly good Roshan tank.
Puck the Faerie Dragon Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Faerie Dragon is an initiator by design - blink into the enemy lines, cause chaos with your silence and trap them with your ultimate to set up for an allied attack.

_1Illusory Orb_7Illusory Orb13Phase Shift
_2Phase Shift_8Waning Rift14Phase Shift
_3Illusory Orb_9Waning Rift15Attribute Bonus
_4Waning Rift10Waning Rift16Dream Coil
_5Illusory Orb11Dream Coil17Attribute Bonus
_6Dream Coil12Phase Shift18Attribute Bonus

Use Phase Shift to avoid harass damage during the laning phase.

Level 4 of Phase Shift lasts long enough to re-enable a disabled Kelen's Dagger. This makes you hard to kill.

Initiating with Kelen's Dagger is faster, and lets you use Illusory Orb to escape.
Chen the Holy Knight Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Holy Knight is a natural jungler, with tremendous early game power from his converted creeps. Early game, use them to gank and push towers and lategame use them to provide powerful auras and disables to your team.

_1Holy Persuasion_7Holy Persuasion13Penitence
_2Test of Faith_8Test of Faith14Penitence
_3Test of Faith_9Test of Faith15Attribute Bonus
_4Holy Persuasion10Penitence16Hand of God
_5Holy Persuasion11Hand of God17Attribute Bonus
_6Hand of God12Penitence18Attribute Bonus

Get Penitence instead of Test of Faith if you have bad micro; It deals less damage, but provides an easy to use disable.

Holy Persuasion can save allies from sticky situations, by sending them back to base!

Whenever someone lanes Holy Knight instead of jungling, Icefrog kills a kitten.
Ezalor the Keeper of the Light Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Keeper of the Light is an item independent support hero. He excells at pushing and counter-pushing with Illuminate and in using Chakra Magic to turn any allied hero with a low CD spell into a powerful caster.

_1Illuminate_7Chakra Magic13Mana Leak
_2Chakra Magic_8Illuminate14Mana Leak
_3Chakra Magic_9Spirit Form15Attribute Bonus
_4Illuminate10Mana Leak16Spirit Form
_5Chakra Magic11Spirit Form17Attribute Bonus
_6Illuminate12Mana Leak18Attribute Bonus

Don't be selfish! Prioritize your teamates with Chakra Magic and don't steal farm or overpush with Illuminate.

You are very item-independent; Prefer utility and aura items.
Zeus the Lord of Olympia Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Lord of Olympia is a glass cannon nuker. He can deal great damage from a distance with his spammable spells but is squishy and demands careful positioning in battles.

_1Arc Lightning_7Lightning Bolt13Arc Lightning
_2Static Field_8Static Field14Arc Lightning
_3Lightning Bolt_9Static Field15Attribute Bonus
_4Lightning Bolt10Static Field16Thundergod's Wrath
_5Lightning Bolt11Thundergod's Wrath17Attribute Bonus
_6Thundergod's Wrath12Arc Lightning18Attribute Bonus

Cast Lightning Bolt first. It gives truesight vision around its target.

Use fog, trees, hills, to cast safely from afar.

Prioritize raw HP and Mana items over regeneration.

Lightning Bolt does a ministun. Use it to cancel channelling spells and TPs.
Furion the Prophet Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Prophet is characterized by his global presence with Teleportation. Early game he can farm and gain levels while still being able to aid in any gank and late game he can keep lanes pushed for map control, while still being able to go back for any teamfight.

_1Force of Nature_7Force of Nature13Sprout
_3Sprout_9Teleportation15Attribute Bonus
_4Force of Nature10Teleportation16Wrath of Nature
_5Force of Nature11Wrath of Nature17Attribute Bonus
_6Wrath of Nature12Sprout18Attribute Bonus

Wrath of Nature only bounces to visible units. Wait until enemy creepwaves are at low life to cast it.

You can freely cancel the Teleportation animation to confuse your enemies.

Don't mindlessly spam Wrath of Nature. Pushing the lanes can make it harder for your team to farm.
Nortrom the Silencer Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Silencer's stats and his Glaives of Wisdom point him at a semi-carry role, while his passive and ultimate have a more utility role as a, combo-breaker against heroes such as Stone Giant or Storm Spirit. All in all, a good Silencer player will adapt towards the end of the spectrum that most helps his team.

_1Glaives of Wisdom_7Glaives of Wisdom13Attribute Bonus
_2Attribute Bonus_8Last Word14Attribute Bonus
_3Glaives of Wisdom_9Last Word15Attribute Bonus
_4Last Word10Last Word16Global Silence
_5Glaives of Wisdom11Global Silence17Attribute Bonus
_6Global Silence12Attribute Bonus18Attribute Bonus

Get more utility and dps items if going for a carry role; Prioritize survivability if you supporting with Last Word is more important.

Curse of the Silent is a situational laning skill. It is great against heroes without ways to dispell it or trilanes, but it gets almost useless lategame.
Lina Inverse the Slayer Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Slayer is a nuker that can also have reasonable physical damage latter in the game with Fiery Soul.

_1Light Strike Array_7Dragon Slave13Fiery Soul
_2Dragon Slave_8Light Strike Array14Fiery Soul
_3Dragon Slave_9Light Strike Array15Attribute Bonus
_4Fiery Soul10Light Strike Array16Laguna Blade
_5Dragon Slave11Laguna Blade17Attribute Bonus
_6Laguna Blade12Fiery Soul18Attribute Bonus

Try to lane with a stunner that can set up Light Strike Array for you.

Lategame, space you casts in regular intervals to keep Fiery Soul up, instead of casting in quick succession.

Don't waste Laguna Blade just to get kills on dying enemies. However, don't be afraid to use it to speed up a gank if enemies are missing.
Raijin Thunderkeg the Storm Spirit Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning is one of the best mobility skills in the game. Smart use of it allows Storm Spirit to initiate, escape and chase very well.

_1Static Remnant_7Overload13Static Remnant
_2Overload_8Overload14Static Remnant
_3Eletric Vortex_9Overload15Attribute Bonus
_4Eletric Vortex10Eletric Vortex16Ball Lightning
_5Eletric Vortex11Ball Lightning17Attribute Bonus
_6Ball Lightning12Static Remnant18Attribute Bonus

Don't waste Overload! Always attack between spell casts.

Small Ball Lightning jumps can give extra Overload procs.

Use your mobility to pick of enemies that are weak or of position.

Your spells are the strongest at levels 11-14. Use this window to gank as much as possible.

You are fragile. Don't initiate without BKB unless you know what you are doing.
Alleria the Windrunner Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Windrunner is arguably the most versatile hero in DotA. Because of this, she will often pick up utility items and try to fill whatever role her team is missing the most (disabler, initiator, DPS, ...).

_3Powershot_9Shackleshot15Attribute Bonus
_4Shackleshot10Focus Fire16Focus Fire
_5Powershot11Focus Fire17Attribute Bonus
_6Shackleshot12Windrunner18Attribute Bonus

The 3.75 seconds Shackleshot stun can be game-changing. Practice and try to get multiple heroes in it.

Powershot loses some damage after going through creeps.

Focus Fire is not channeling! You can move, cast spells and use items as long as you don't try to attack anyone else.
Thrall the Disruptor Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Disruptor is a nuker that can be played as a decent mid hero. While he lacks any direct disables, he has lots of positioning skills and can cause lots of AoE confusion if he gets his combo off.

_1Thunder Strike_7Thunder Strike13Kinetic Field
_2Kinetic Field_8Glimpse14Static Storm
_3Thunder Strike_9Glimpse15Attribute Bonus
_4Glimpse10Glimpse16Static Storm
_5Thunder Strike11Kinetic Field17Attribute Bonus
_6Static Storm12Kinetic Field18Attribute Bonus

Glimpse is very versatile; Interesting uses are sending TP-ing enemies back to base and winning rune races.
Aggron Stonebreaker the Ogre Magi Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Ogre Magi is a support that transitions well into the lategame. His skills are all very strong when you can spam them (and when you get levels of Multi Cast) . His large STR gain also makes him much less vulnerable than other supports. However, early game he has to deal with his melee range and low mana pool.

_3Fireblast_9Multi Cast15Attribute Bonus
_4Ignite10Bloodlust16Multi Cast
_5Fireblast11Multi Cast17Attribute Bonus
_6Ignite12Bloodlust18Attribute Bonus

Your stats gain are like those of a STR hero; Get early INT items for mana.

Its OK to get Multi Cast at 6, but that will increase the Fireblast manacost.
Squee, Spleen and Spoon the Goblin Techies Version 6.74c Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

The Techies have many tricks in their arsenal. They can mine just off the creep-path to deny areas for the enemy and get kills if they wander there, they can pull off early ganks with suicide, they can stop creep spawns before the game really starts by eating a tree and placing a mine there, they can provide safe havens for their team with stasis traps, they can ward with remote mines, etc. An underrated hero that takes practice to master.

_1Land Mines_7Land Mines13Attribute Bonus
_2Suicide Squad, Attack!_8Stasis Trap14Attribute Bonus
_3Land Mines_9Stasis Trap15Attribute Bonus
_4Stasis Trap10Stasis Trap16Remote Mines
_5Land Mines11Remote Mines17Attribute Bonus
_6Remote Mines12Attribute Bonus18Attribute Bonus

Use the TP scroll and Clarities to go to a lane and set up a mine stack before the creeps spawn.

Place mines on top of ramps or in juke paths to catch heroes by surprise and to protect against gems.

Abuse Stasis Trap - the stun is the longest in the game.

Land Mines also deals damage to towers.
Jakiro the Twin Head Dragon Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Twin Head Dragon is an item independent support hero with good stats gain and great pushing power with Liquid Fire (it damages and slows towers!). However he has to deal with his low attack range and with his long cast animations.

_1Ice Path_7Ice Path13Dual Breath
_2Liquid Fire_8Liquid Fire14Dual Breath
_3Ice Path_9Liquid Fire15Attribute Bonus
_4Dual Breath10Macropyre16Macropyre
_5Ice Path11Macropyre17Attribute Bonus
_6Liquid Fire12Dual Breath18Attribute Bonus

Jakiro is a pretty amazing hero in 6.75, and highly recommended for beginners.

Your main needs from items are armor and mana regen.
Boush the Tinker Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

_1Laser_7Laser13March of the Machines
_2Heat Seeking Missile_8Heat Seeking Missile14Rearm
_3Laser_9Rearm15Attribute Bonus
_4Heat Seeking Missile10March of the Machines16Rearm
_5Laser11March of the Machines17Attribute Bonus
_6Heat Seeking Missile12March of the Machines18Attribute Bonus
Get the first level of Rearm when you get your Boots of Travel. The second and third level increase the manacost so get them when you acquire more mana items.

Rearm also works with items: Use your Boots of Travel to go to the fountain and come back to any lane with full health and mana. Awesome!

Early game, use your nukes to gank and farm the BoT. After that, use your global presence to maintain map control, push and gank.

Soul Ring plus Heat Seeking Missile is great for pushing an enemy farmer away from their lane.
Rhasta the Shadow Shaman Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Shadow Shaman is a very strong pusher and disabler. He usually lanes solo mid (since he is very level dependent) but he also works fine with allies to abuse Shackles's long disable duration.

_1Shackles_7Ether Shock13Shackles
_2Ether Shock_8Voodoo14Shackles
_3Ether Shock_9Voodoo15Attribute Bonus
_4Voodoo10Voodoo16Mass Serpent Wards
_5Ether Shock11Mass Serpent Wards17Attribute Bonus
_6Mass Serpent Wards12Shackles18Attribute Bonus

Use Mass Serpent Wards to take down towers quickly; Make sure you creeps to tank for them though.

Select and manually control the Mass Serpent Wards wards. (Especially in fights and if you are dead).

Voodoo has a big mana cost. If its too hard to manage your mana, get Shackles instead.

You can trap people inside the Mass Serpent Wards. Two easy cases to pull of are melee heroes attacking you or shift-queing after a close-range Shackles. Eul's Scepter of Divinity also works but I find that overkill.
Rubick the Grand Magus Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Grand Magus is a flexible caster, turning his foes' spells against them with his ultimate, Spell Steal. With good positioning it's even possible to get 2+ huge ultimates off in a fight.

_1Telekinesis_7Fade Bolt13Telekinesis
_2Fade Bolt_8Null Field14Telekinesis
_3Telekinesis_9Null Field15Attribute Bonus
_4Fade Bolt10Null Field16Spell Steal
_5Fade Bolt11Spell Steal17Attribute Bonus
_6Spell Steal12Null Field18Attribute Bonus

Strong ultimates are especially desireable, but don't limit yourself to those, since Spell Steal has a very low cooldown and a great cast range.

You can choose a landing spot for Telekinesis targets.

Feel free to spam Fade Bolt when laning and in team fights, if you have the mana.

You can use Telekinesis to set up stolen skill shots (such as Priestess of the Moon's arrow).

Dragonus the Skywrath Mage Version 6.74c Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Skywrath Mage is a squishy nuker with very high range spells.

_1Concusive Shot_7Arcane Bolt13Concusive Shot
_2Arcane Bolt_8Ancient Seal14Concusive Shot
_3Arcane Bolt_9Ancient Seal15Attribute Bonus
_4Ancient Seal10Ancient Seal16Mystic Flare
_5Arcane Bolt11Mystic Flare17Attribute Bonus
_6Mystic Flare12Concusive Shot18Attribute Bonus

Use your high movespeed to stay just out of range during fights, while still dealing lots of damage with your spammable spells.

For the item build, the greatest needs are mana regen, mana pool and survivability.
Atropos the Bane Elemental Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Bane Elemental is a hero with many single-target disables. He can use them to be a strong ganker and to dominate some lanes.

_1Nightmare_7Brain Sap13Enfeeble
_2Brain Sap_8Nightmare14Enfeeble
_3Brain Sap_9Nightmare15Attribute Bonus
_4Nightmare10Enfeeble16Fiend's Grip
_5Brain Sap11Fiend's Grip17Attribute Bonus
_6Fiend's Grip12Enfeeble18Attribute Bonus

Soul Ring + Brain Sap is a powerful laning combo.

Nightmare is good for setting up skillshots like Sacred Arrow or Torrent.

Necronomicon minions can deal significant damage to enemies under Fiend's Grip. (And its not hard to micro when channelling).
Ish'Kafel the Dark Seer Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Dark Seer is one of the premier utility heroes in Dota. While not initially apparent, all his skills are very flexible and are great for setting up combos in teamfights.
Dark Seer is also a very good laner. In particular, he is great at soloing the hard, having an escape skill in Surge and a way to farm from afar in Ion Shell.

_1Ion Shell_7Ion Shell13Surge
_3Ion Shell_9Vacuum15Attribute Bonus
_4Vacuum10Wall of Replica16Wall of Replica
_5Ion Shell11Wall of Replica17Attribute Bonus
_6Vacuum12Surge18Attribute Bonus

Use Vacuum to set up all kinds of combos. Using Vacuum to push enemies inside Wall of Replica is devastating.

Building survivability items lets you always be in position to cast spells and lets you cast them multiple times over a fight.

If there is a melee carry or initiatior in your team, cast Ion Shell on him.

Multiple instances of Ion Shell on the same unit do not stack.

You can use Ion Shell to intercept creeps behind the tower, just like Axe.
Krobelus the Death Prophet Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Death Prophet is a midgame carry. Just by standing in the middle of a fight, she can deal large amounts of damage with Exorcism and Carrion Swarm. Exorcism is also a great skill for taking down towers.

_1Carrion Swarm_7Carrion Swarm13Silence
_3Carrion Swarm_9Witchcraft15Attribute Bonus
_5Carrion Swarm11Exorcism17Attribute Bonus
_6Exorcism12Silence18Attribute Bonus

Carrion Swarm has a very long range, especially if you target ground.

Exorcism ghosts move between you and their target and will tend to focus whoever you attack. For best results, stand close to your intended target and be attacking it before you cast the Exorcism.

Silence can be used for confusion. A silenced enemy will have to stop to think what to do next.
Lion the Demon Witch Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Demon Witch is a strong burst nuker and ganker and is also a good initiator and lategame support, due to his many disables.

_1Impale_7Impale13Attribute Bonus
_2Voodoo_8Voodoo14Attribute Bonus
_3Impale_9Voodoo15Attribute Bonus
_4Voodoo10Mana Drain16Finger of Death
_5Impale11Finger of Death17Attribute Bonus
_6Finger of Death12Attribute Bonus18Attribute Bonus

Use Kelen's Dagger to initiate with Impale and Voodoo.

Don't waste Finger of Death just to steal kills on dying enemies. However, don't be afraid to use it to speed up a gank if enemies are missing.

Voodoo and Mana Drain can both be used to instantly kill illusions.
Darchrow the Enigma Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Enigma teamfight hero, characterized by his game-changing Black Hole ultimate. His Demonic Conversion also makes him a very strong strong jungler and solo laner and he can use this to give his team an early gold and XP advantage.

_1Demonic Conversion_7Malefice13Midnight Pulse
_2Malefice_8Malefice14Midnight Pulse
_3Demonic Conversion_9Demonic Conversion15Attribute Bonus
_4Malefice10Midnight Pulse16Black Hole
_5Demonic Conversion11Black Hole17Attribute Bonus
_6Black Hole12Midnight Pulse18Attribute Bonus

When jungling, micro the weak Eidolons back before they die.

A full army of 6 Eidolons is great for ganking with Black Hole.

Soul Ring is the best way to spam Demonic Conversion early game. Don't worry about the health - it regenerates back just fine.

Try to catch long ranged stunners inside the Black Hole to protect the chanelling. Pay extra attention to heroes such as Vengeful Spirit or Beast Master that can stun even through BKB.
Kel'Thuzad the Lich Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Lich's main strength is his ability to use Dark Ritual to deny large amounts of gold and experience from the enemy team in the laning phase and his strong harassing potential only adds up to that. Finally, Chain Frost is a very strong ultimate, often capable of turning ganks and teamfights around just by itself.
Lich is considered by many a great hero for beginners new to the game. His spells are easy to cast, his ultimate is "fire-and-forget" and he can still help his team even when he is underleveled or underfarmed.

_1Dark Ritual_7Frost Nova13Frost Armor
_2Frost Nova_8Frost Armor14Frost Armor
_3Frost Nova_9Dark Ritual15Attribute Bonus
_4Dark Ritual10Dark Ritual16Chain Frost
_5Frost Nova11Chain Frost17Attribute Bonus
_6Chain Frost12Frost Armor18Attribute Bonus

Spam Frost Armor when it is off cooldown; It is very cheap.

Chain Frost is best when there are just 2-4 enemy units clustered together but don't be too picky waiting for the "perfect moment".

If you get Dark Ritual at level 1, eat a creep as soon as the first creepwave spawns in base.
Rotund'jere the Necrolyte Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Necrolyte loves a long fight. Death Pulse and Heartstopper Aura deal constant DPS to the enemy team, while Death Pulse turns him into a walking fountain for his team.

_1Death Pulse_7Death Pulse13Heartstopper Aura
_2Heartstopper Aura_8Sadist14Heartstopper Aura
_3Death Pulse_9Sadist15Attribute Bonus
_4Sadist10Sadist16Reaper's Scythe
_5Death Pulse11Reaper's Scythe17Attribute Bonus
_6Reaper's Scythe12Heartstopper Aura18Attribute Bonus

Your mana is tight early game. Conserve Magic Wand charges and be a good last-hitter.

Reaper's Scythe kill thresholds: 23% / 31% / 40% of max HP.

Reaper's Scythe's damage is calculated after the stun ends. Its OK to cast it a bit early.

Prioritize survivability items first and mana second.

Necrolyte needs lots of gold and levels. You are not a pure support!
Pugna the Oblivion Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Oblivion is a great pusher and can play a reasonable semi-carry role but his greatest asset is surely his Nether Ward, as it turns fights into living hell for enemy spellcasters. Oblivion is the real Anti Mage.

_1Nether Blast_7Nether Blast13Decrepify
_2Decrepify_8Nether Ward14Decrepify
_3Nether Blast_9Nether Ward15Attribute Bonus
_4Nether Ward10Nether Ward16Life Drain
_5Nether Blast11Life Drain17Attribute Bonus
_6Life Drain12Decrepify18Attribute Bonus

Nether Blast also damages towers.

Use early levels of Life Drain to heal from creeps; Use the higher levels in fights to "push" heroes away from you.

You can Decrepify your own Nether Ward to protect it from attacks.

Get HP items to compensate your 1.0 STR gain. On the other hand, just a few percentage mana regen items should cover your mana needs (you have the highest INT gain in the game).
Harbinger the Obsidian Destroyer Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Obsidian Destroyer is a glass cannon DPS hero. If he gets good items, his orb adds a pure damage nuke to each attack and his ultimate deals tons of AoE damage.

_1Astral Imprisonment_7Essence Aura13Arcane Orb
_2Essence Aura_8Sanity's Eclipse14Astral Imprisonment
_3Astral Imprisonment_9Arcane Orb15Attribute Bonus
_4Essence Aura10Arcane Orb16Sanity's Eclipse
_5Astral Imprisonment11Sanity's Eclipse17Attribute Bonus
_6Essence Aura12Arcane Orb18Attribute Bonus

Spamming Astral Imprisonment helps you dominate in lane against other solo heroes. They get reduced mana to cast spells while you get lots of extra attack damage.

Level 4 of Essence Aura recovers 10% of your mana pool per cast, on average. 1000 total mana is the magic mark for Arcane Orb.

Sanity's Eclipse is also devastating against heros with high INT, since it drains mana from them.

Sanity's Eclipse also hits units hidden by Astral Imprisonment; They are protected from other spells though.
Akasha the Queen of Pain Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Queen of Pain is a fragile caster and her nukes aren't the strongest in the game. However, the mobility from Blink more than compensates, allowing her to quickly close in to any escaping or out of position enemy hero.

_1Blink_7Scream of Pain13Shadow Strike
_2Shadow Strike_8Scream of Pain14Shadow Strike
_3Shadow Strike_9Blink15Attribute Bonus
_4Scream of Pain10Blink16Sonic Wave
_5Scream of Pain11Sonic Wave17Attribute Bonus
_6Sonic Wave12Blink18Attribute Bonus

Wait until you reach the lane to spend your first skill point.

Shadow Strike is a spammable lane-control spell against enemy solo heroes.

Don't rambo - wait for an ally to initiate before blinking into a group of enemies.

It is OK to use the Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Sonic Wave to clear some large creepwaves; It has a short cooldown.
Demnok Lannik the Warlock Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Warlock's high base damage, good attack animation, and heal make him a decent babysitter. He is also a decent solo laner and Fatal Bonds, Upheaval and Rain of Chaos are all great teamfight spells.

_1Shadow Word_7Shadow Word13Upheaval
_2Fatal Bonds_8Fatal Bonds14Upheaval
_3Shadow Word_9Fatal Bonds15Attribute Bonus
_4Fatal Bonds10Upheaval16Rain of Chaos
_5Shadow Word11Rain of Chaos17Attribute Bonus
_6Rain of Chaos12Upheaval18Attribute Bonus

In lane, use Fatal Bonds to harass; In teamfights, it is a strong AoE damage amplifier.

All your spells are fairly weak on their own but become very strong if you can combo with more AoE damage and disables from your team.

Always micro the summoned Rain of Chaos Infernal - it deals good damage and is also a great tower pusher.
Eredar the Shadow Demon Version 6.74c Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Shadow Demon is a very good harasser, often seen as a support or solo mid hero. His Disruption + Soul Catcher combo great for setting up skill shots such as Tormented Soul's stun and Invoker's Sunstrike.

_1Disruption_7Soul Catcher13Shadow Poison
_2Soul Catcher_8Disruption14Shadow Poison
_3Soul Catcher_9Disruption15Attribute Bonus
_4Disruption10Shadow Poison16Demonic Purge
_5Soul Catcher11Demonic Purge17Attribute Bonus
_6Demonic Purge12Shadow Poison18Attribute Bonus

Soul Catcher and Shadow Poison also hit disrupted units. Use this for some easy combos.

On teamfights, prioritize Demonic Purge on BKB carries, enemies with haste or double damage runes, with big dispellable buffs (like Broodmother's ultimate) and channelers.

You can manually control disruption illusions. This is great for targeting supports if you disrupt a carry.

MS and mobility items help you stay at a safe distance while still dishing out spells.
Jin'zakk the Batrider Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Batrider is a great initiator with Flaming Lasso: with a Kelen's Dagger he can almost aways pick off one enemy hero before teamfights.
Batrider is also a very strong laner with Sticky Napalm: if an enemy is ever foolish to let too many stacks acumulate, walking over them with Firefly is an almost guaranteed kill.

_1Sticky Napalm_7Sticky Napalm13Flame Break
_2Firefly_8Firefly14Flame Break
_3Sticky Napalm_9Firefly15Attribute Bonus
_4Firefly10Flame Break16Flaming Lasso
_5Sticky Napalm11Flaming Lasso17Attribute Bonus
_6Flaming Lasso12Flame Break18Attribute Bonus

Go for the kill if you get 4 or 5 Sticky Napalm stacks on an enemy solo hero.

Use Flame Break to scout before clashes, stop channeling and disable blink daggers.

You can be use Firefly to farm multiple (stacked) neutral camps very effectively. (if there is nothing else going on).
Dazzle the Shadow Priest Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Shadow Priest is usually played as a support, but his stats also allow him to make good use of gold and levels if those come by.
Early game, he can use his good base damage to control the lane. Latter on, he has 3 skills that keep your team alive while his ultimate turns the enemy into fragile targets over time.

_1Shadow Wave_7Shadow Wave13Shallow Grave
_2Shallow Grave_8Shadow Wave14Shallow Grave
_3Poison Touch_9Weave15Attribute Bonus
_4Poison Touch10Poison Touch16Weave
_5Poison Touch11Weave17Attribute Bonus
_6Shadow Wave12Shallow Grave18Attribute Bonus

Shadow Wave deals damage in an AoE around each bounce. For maximum damage, heal a group of units clustered together around an enemy.

All your skills deal physical damage and combo well with armor reduction.

Weave has a low cooldown. Don't be picky about casting it.
Kael the Invoker Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Invoker is an incredibly flexible Intelligence hero. His wide variety of spells allow him to fill many different roles on the team, and later in the game, his access to all of them gives him great utility on the battlefield.
Because of his dependence on levels, Invoker is almost always played as a solo mid hero.

Key Abilities: Tornado, EMP, Cold Snap, Ghost Walk.

The regen from Quas helps you survive in lane. (Good against agressive heroes such as Tinker).

The MS from Wex helps reach runes and be present in the other lanes.

The damage from Exort helps you out CS and harass your opponents. (Good against melee heroes such as Stone Giant and Bloodseeker).

You should probably read something more in-depth then this guide
Visage the Necro'lic Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Necro'lic loves hanging around in the middle of a teamfight, spamming Soul Assumption for 300+ damage. He is one of the scariest trilane heroes, although he can also make do with fast familiars from solo-mid XP.

_1Soul Assumption_7Soul Assumption13Grave Chill
_2Grave Chill_8Gravekeeper's Cloak14Grave Chill
_3Soul Assumption_9Gravekeeper's Cloak15Attribute Bonus
_4Gravekeeper's Cloak10Gravekeeper's Cloak16Summon Familiars
_5Soul Assumption11Summon Familiars17Attribute Bonus
_6Summon Familiars12Grave Chill18Attribute Bonus

Grave Chill also steals attack speed, so target the enemy carry during clashes.

Get the most use of your familiars: scout the runes, and use their stun.

Don't feed the familiars. They have a 100 gold bounty!
Leshrac the Malicious the Tormented Soul Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Tormented Soul is an AoE damage monster and an insane tower destroyer with Diabolic Edict. However, he desperately needs health, mana pool and mana regeneration from items in order to be fully effective.
In addition to the a carry role, Tormented Soul can also play as more of a support: Split Earth is still a stun and you you don't need items to kill towers like you need to survive in teamfights.

_1Split Earth_7Diabolic Edict13Attribute Bonus
_2Diabolic Edict_8Split Earth14Attribute Bonus
_3Diabolic Edict_9Pulse Nova15Attribute Bonus
_4Split Earth10Attribute Bonus16Pulse Nova
_5Diabolic Edict11Pulse Nova17Attribute Bonus
_6Split Earth12Attribute Bonus18Attribute Bonus

The item and skill build is very flexible! (Check out the other tab for details).

Level 4 of Diabolic Edict can take up to ~75% of a tower's HP!
Vol'jin the Witch Doctor Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

There are two main styles of playing Witch Doctor. In the defensive style, you use his cheap heal to protect his fellow laners and his long-range stun to aid in skirmishes from a safe distance. In the offensive style, you get levels in Maledict to greatly amplify the damage dealt to the targets of his ganks.

_1Paralyzing Cask_7Paralyzing Cask13Voodoo Restoration
_2Voodoo Restoration_8Maledict14Voodoo Restoration
_3Paralyzing Cask_9Maledict15Attribute Bonus
_4Maledict10Maledict16Death Ward
_5Paralyzing Cask11Death Ward17Attribute Bonus
_6Death Ward12Voodoo Restoration18Attribute Bonus

After casting Death Ward the ward gets selected and you can choose targets for it. To cancel the spell early, reselect the doctor and tell him to move away.

Higher levels of Voodoo Restoration greatly aid in pushing but have a very large mana cost.

Lothar's Edge can be used without breaking the Death Ward chanelling. BKB is often a more reliable choice though.
Kaldr the Ancient Apparition Version 6.75b Detailed Info Permalink Back to Top

Ancient Apparition's strongest point is his ultimate. Not only is it a great counter to healing based strategies, its global range makes it great for ganking and counterpushing. He is also a reasonable solo mid hero with Cold Feet.

_1Cold Feet_7Cold Feet13Attribute Bonus
_2Ice Vortex_8Ice Vortex14Attribute Bonus
_3Cold Feet_9Ice Vortex15Attribute Bonus
_4Ice Vortex10Attribute Bonus16Ice Blast
_5Cold Feet11Ice Blast17Attribute Bonus
_6Ice Blast12Attribute Bonus18Attribute Bonus

You can use Ice Vortex to scout fogged areas before entering them.

Ice Blast casting mechanics: You start by sending an invisible marker in the target direction. When the marker is where you want it to be, cast the skill again and the real projectile will travel, exploding in the marked spot. The actual projectile spreads the chill buff and the explosion also deals damage.


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Alt-Tab Guide to Every INT Hero

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