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First of all this is my first guide, so don't be harsh on how he looks of it. A lot of gramatical error will occur, please help me and point them out. All feedback will be appreciate.

Now let's get back to buisness.

Lucifer, the Doombringer

1. Hero Introduction:

The hero main attributes:
26 + 3.2 11 + 0.9 13 + 2.1
From this only we can see that his starting strenght is one of the highest while taking second place in the strenght gain list he have on of the best starting health points and HP gain in the game.
In the same time he have really low agility and agilty gain. That will lead to little to no armor and that must be fixed somehow via items. His attack speed will need some boost too if you aim to make some good DPS by hitting opponents.
Intelligence is rather low but with good gain, that means that he will not have good mana points in the beggining of the game but will reach more than enough in the mid to late game.

Other usefull to know stats:
Starting dmg: 53-69 Starting armor: 0
Attack Range: 150 (melee) Movespeed: 290
Here we see high starting dmg and good range for a melee hero, that give him the ability too hit enemy's melee creep behind the line of his allied melees and making last-hit so much easier.
His starting armor is none and thanks to his agility gain will stay lower while the game progress. Even better if fix that problem early on. His movespeed isn't superb at all. Even worst he is a melee hero, that means he must walk and lose time walking in order to wack enemies in the face. Thank god (or IF if you will) that he have one speed boosting skill.

His skill set:

Nearly all the thinks you will need to know are written below every skill under the tag of 'Note'.
Some things that aren't mantioned:
  • When used instanlty give you EXP and gold of the unit. And a timer pop-up on your head, that bar is 'creeps HP' taking 20 dps until he dies. You can't use devour again and bonus gold from Devour is given when the bar disappear.
  • You can't level devour while it's been used.
  • You can only gain ability by devouring neutral creeps with one (or more). And this ability will be changed only if you use the spell on another neutral WITH ability.

Scorched Earth:
Only some simple math here.
The skill gain more duration and reduced cooldown when leveled up. Thus the interval between two cast is lowered even more.
Between two cast on level one SE you must wait 52 seconds in the same time on level 4 you need only 31 seconds.
All that really affect the Regen rate if you use it for this purpose on every CD. The regen rate nearly double every level up.
Calculeted regen from every level of SE if spammed on every CD per minute:
1 = 1.6; 2 = 2.9; 3 = 4.8; 4 = 7.4
And thats a lot of regen with cheap mana price.

LVL? Death:
Only one fact that a lot of peaple are not taking into account.
It requires 110 mana per cast, and have really short cooldown of 8 seconds. That doesn't make it spammable on top of that Doombringer have much more important spell - his ultimate.
His mana pool in the early game is really small so he can't use LVL? more than once in a battle. The burst dmg is only viable in few situation. I will not level this skill up BUT if you are in one of this good situation, feel free to spend a point or two in it.

Not much info on the skill that isn't writen.
  • It deactivate nearly all the passive skills (even those provided from items). For detailed info look at the list provided by Dresmasher in this thread.
    Some additional info - when leveled up Luci's ultimate increase the dps and mana cost sometimes can be skipped at level 11 to get some points in other skills.

After we finish with the skill and stats info going to his good and bad sides.
  • He is natural tough to kill with his good strength and str. gain.
  • He have the most long lasting disable in the game.
  • He can make money even if completly shutted down.
  • Can gain more abilities than any other hero.
  • Versatile builds and role in the game.

  • Slow melee hero. That alone have tons of counters.
  • Really low agility, agility gain and starting armor.
  • Mana intensive hero with low mana pool.
  • People doesn't want to play with you.

Exept his first con all other are fixable by items and a good sense of the game.

2. Skill Build:
I reall like the SE main skill build, so I will write where I place the skill points and how do I use it in my advantige.
Every other skill build is viable in some cases, where my is really good in general.

To level 7:
1. Devour
2. Scorched Earth
3. Devour
4. Scorched Earth
5. Scorched Earth
6. Doom
7. Scorched Earth

After that the build may differ in order to adjust to the game.

Go max Devour on level 9 by taking two points in it and then max LVL?. Don't even need to level Doom at level 11.

Skill build looks like:
8. Devour
9. Devour
10. LVL? Death
11. LVL? Death
12. LVL? Death
13. LVL? Death

Why do I level it up ? What do you can gain by building it like this ?
At first level you can wait 30 seconds and eat the small camp for extra skill. You can't eat the Harpy or Ghost, if they spawn just pick one of their guards so. No extra skill but money and exp will be good enough.
On level two with the help of SE you can do little harass.
Eat tango, sprint versus him, use SE while moving (doesn't have cast animation) forward and hit him once or twice before the enemy try to run. Don't bother to chase if you don't have allied hero supporting you with stun or slow. The profit is that your HP will regen a lot faster than his, even if you lose more in the process. But in reality you shouldn't becouse of the dmg difference and the timing don't do it solo vs 2 or 3 enemys - just common sense or when you don't have allied creeps so beeing the first target of the enemy's creeps.
Third level with 2 points in Devour you can go true the forest and search for good creeps on the mid-leveled camps.
You can gain really usefull ability for the laning phase.

My favorite is Frost Armor from Ogre Magi, but any other will do.
You can gain Command Aura and Critical Strike via Alpha Wolf, good for pushing power. Mana Burn from Satur Soulstealer or Frost Attack from Ghost (from the small camp)good for harrasing the oponent in line.

When you gain more points in SE your HP regen will increase so you can tank a lot of dmg and can perform tower diving with no real risk even if stunned. With that ability you can make kills or assist very easy. The DPS from SE is good too and with really big AoE.

After level 6 your game will be like any other but you can rely on your huge HP regen from SE every single battle AND away from battle to regain lost HP. It's burst regen is really good in battle making you able to soak up a lot of dmg and doing so in the process. Making you somehow similar to Alchemist in his Chemical Rage a lot less effective, but hey - it's not your ultimate.

3. Item Build:
Starting items:

Every single item is good on his own for the hero and the best part is that will provide you with a component for future bigger item. The EHP gained by RoP and Stout is really great for a high HP hero and increased by the regen that SE gives.

Items that will be buyed with first gold gained:

Not really needed in my item build, but it's good to have versus a tri-line or there is a enemy that spam really often (Bristleback, Phantom Assasin, Zeus and similar).
DO NOT upgrade to magic wand later it will be sold for more valuable artefacts and stick is really better investment than Wand if you don't need cheap stats.

+ ->
+ ->

A really bad question. Items are cheap and provide with all the things that Doombringer need. Tons of armor and small other bonuses. With the first two items only you will provide every allied unit (hero, summon or creep) with +4 armor so making push even easyer (another +8 if you have Frost Armor).

Arcane Boots is really good choise too. Giving +5 ms on top of every other boots upg and making your mana points more than enough to spam your cheap costing spells while having mana for ultimate in every single scenario. The replenishing of mana is good for you and even better for your allies.

-> /
THATS a cheap way to resolve your mana problems. LATER in the game you can disassembled and sell the Energy Booster for half the price. So spending 500 gold for a hero like Lucifer to resolve his mana problems and supporting your allies with mana for the hardest part of the game is really small price to pay. Power Treads later gives the best DPS increase for it's price, and BoT give global mobility for the later part of the game, where your mana will be more than enough to support the cheap spells.

Vanguard is good for taking hits, even better combined with lots of HP, armor and regen. With it your hero will be nearly invulnarable to physical dmg for the most part of the game.

After that 'core' items you may choose different build adjusting to the team's needs.

You may consider buying a Bracer earlyer in the game. That way you will encrease even more your stats with cheap item, later will be upgraded to another Support item.

When is good to become one and what items are good for the role.
First your team will need another tanky support if you have good carry and initiator so supporting them will lead to victory.
List of good items:
If there is a Mekansm wielder, don't bother rushing upgrading it, but 2 mekansms are better than one so, upgrade it after all other items are done (it has 45 secs of CD and 25 sec of intteracting with another mekansm heal).
Other doesn't really need explanation, good items that you already have into better that give really huge boost to your team when combined.

Other usefull items that you may consider making:

Good on the hero, better for the team. Some times is great to have it earlyer in the game. Good for pushing strategy versus AoE hevy spell team that rely on defending with them.

Great stats for the hero, but the active skill is the think that really matter. When is good to have it:
  • You can put enemy in a dangerous position in the cast range of ally.

  • Can push slow ally with a very powerfull spell that requre good positioning.

  • Can push the caster or the target of a channeling spell in better for your team position.
    Enemy casting Channeling spell so he will be closer and be interrupted.
    Ally cought in some channeling spell so he will be out of harm's way.
    Ally casting channeling spell for the same reason stated above.

  • Pushing enemy's melee or their target is a good counter and buy your teammate some time so the enemy may walk longer until he can start hitting again.

It can be used while chasing to run faster, pass true clifs, save allies or even punish enemy, trying to cast long ranged spell versus you in the moment he turn and facing your way.

If enemy try to kill you fast, consider buying a BM for punish their puni attempts to scratch you. If they focus you - will lose HP for the price of stripping your allies from tons of auras. If they don't ... well hundred auras that you provide are really helpfull.

Good neutral skills that come in handy in supportive build.
Ogre Mage and his Frost Armor (+8 frost armor on a target ally).
Alpha Wolf and the Command Aura (+30% command aura).
Enraged Wildkin and the Toughness Aura (+4 armor aura).
Kobold Taskmaster has it's uses too, providing your closest allies with 12% ms boost is really good, on top of your Janggo 5%/15% ms bonus.
Centour Khan and his Endurance Aura and stomp (+15 points of IAS and 2 sec. 250 AoE stun)
  • Note that Endurance aura doesn't completly stack with Janggo IAS aura, you will recive ms aura from Janggo and IAS aura from Centour.

In conclusion I wish to thank all my friends wich like my crazy ideas and builds and try them in CW. Thanks to their support.
Thanks to team mG wich at least try to play it in really high level of competitive play (they win the game, fail to play it my way but at least they tryed).

Lucifer the Doom Bringer
Author: kamukag3e
Map Vers.: 6.71b

Doom gone Tanking

An armored Doom

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