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Attribute Distribution


16 + 1.5


15 + 1.7


22 + 2.5

* Affiliation: Scourge
* Attack Animation: 0.53 / 0.47
* Damage: 44 - 48
* Casting Animation: 0.5 / 0.5
* Armor: 1.1
* Base Attack Time: 1.7
* Movespeed: 290
* Missile Speed: 900
* Attack Range: 600 (ranged)
* Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Originally Posted by Background Story
Slain for sins of heresy by men who declared themselves holy, death only gifted Rotund'jere with an immense wrath for the living, that he can express by sending evil spirits at his foes. Taking pleasure and growing more powerful every time a living thing dies by his hands, each step of his reeks of death, and his very presence makes living things rot and wither. Now a master of torture and pain, the Necrolyte mercilessly slays any weaklings who might cross his path, always with a nasty smile on his dead face.


Skills and Skill Build

Death Pulse (Active - D)

The Necrolyte releases a wave of death from the core of his being, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies.

Level 1 : 75 damage, 50 heal. (400 AoE, 125MP)
Level 2 : 125 damage, 75 heal. (450 AoE, 145MP)
Level 3 : 200 damage, 100 heal. (475 AoE, 165MP)
Level 4 : 275 damage, 130 heal. (500 AoE, 185MP)

Heartstopper Aura (Passive)

The deathly air stills the hearts of his opponents, causing them to lose a percentage of their max health over time.

Level 1 : 0.4% HP of opponent drained per second. (1000 AoE)
Level 2 : 0.6% HP of opponent drained per second. (1000 AoE)
Level 3 : 0.8% HP of opponent drained per second. (1000 AoE)
Level 4 : 1.0% HP of opponent drained per second. (1000 AoE)

Sadist (Passive)

Reveling in death and pain, the Necrolyte regains mana for killing units.

Level 1 : Regains 12 mana per unit.
Level 2 : Regains 24 mana per unit.
Level 3 : Regains 36 mana per unit.
Level 4 : Regains 48 mana per unit.

Reaper's Scythe (Active - R)

Brings a target to full realization of its own mortality, dealing damage based on how much life the target is missing. Stuns for 1.5 seconds.

Level 1 : Deals 0.4 (0.6*) damage per HP missing + stun 1.5 second.
Level 2 : Deals 0.6 (0.9*) damage per HP missing + stun 1.5 second.
Level 3 : Deals 0.9 (1.2*) damage per HP missing + stun 1.5 second.

Skill Build

Lv 1 - Death Pulse
Lv 2 - Sadist
Lv 3 - Death Pulse
Lv 4 - Heartstopper Aura
Lv 5 - Death Pulse
Lv 6 - Reaper's Scythe
Lv 7 - Death Pulse
Lv 8/9/10 - Saddist / Hearstopper Aura
Lv 11 - Reaper's Scythe
Lv 12/13/14 - Saddist / Heartstopper Aura
Lv 15 - Stats
Lv 16 - Reaper's Scythe
Lv 17-25 - Stats


Death Pulse is maxed as soon as possible for obvious reasons. (Farming/Harassing/Nuking).
One level of Heartstopper Aura is learnt so that you would have some presence in early team clashes. (Competitive Play, if pubs you may just learn Sadist)
Ultimate is learnt everytime possible as your ultimate is very strong against damaged heroes.
You can choose between Heartstopper Aura/Sadist. to learn which first is up to you. If you're just plain good at last hit/deny, two levels of Sadist is enough and just learn Heartstopper Aura. Vice-versa.
Stats is learnt last, since all of your skills are quite important.


Item Build (5v5 Basis) (853 Starting Gold)

Start of Game (Lv 1)

Picked (600 Gold)

Randomed (800 Gold)

Same Build +

Lane Staying Items

Two Bracers is more than enough to help you stay in lane better, afterwards you get Perseverance and there won't be much problems in lane.

Core Items (7750 Gold)

One of the best items for Necrolyte, getting charges is not difficult for Necrolyte and allows him to stay in the battlefield longer.
Further with heal to allies upon death and reduced loss gold and respawn time, it may help to turn the tide of group battles.

My personal choice, what I really think is that Necrolyte has great defending and pushing abilities, further enhanced with BoT, it improves your farming and ability to defend towers and destroy enemy towers further.

Final Builds

Team Necrolyte Build (Support) (18125 Gold)

Solo Necrolyte Build (Semi-carry) (18450 Gold)


Early Ganking Necrolyte Item (2850 Gold)

Afterwards, either become semi-carry / supporter.

Situational Items

Luxury Items


Start of Game

Start of the game, you should get tango and clarity for early lane staying as you cannot spam your spell as much. A circlet for added hp/mp.

Early Ganking

In the early ganking item, dagon + reaper's scythe is just AWESOME. Synergy between the two is so well early game that a 3-spell combo means instant kill. (Death Pulse --> Dagon --> Ultimate)


In the supporter build, your main job is basically heal your allies and damage/disable your opponents with your spells and items like shiva's and hex. Bloodstone is bought for added HP & MP and great regen capabilities to support your spells.
Shiva is bought for the slow + armor + INT gain.
Hex is just boosting all your stats and regen with the ability to hex as well.
BoT is used for fast pushing and defending.


In the semi-carry build, bloodstone is bought for its synergy between regen and the kills you get. Orchid and hex is bought as well as they support your hero-killing abilities, preventing them from escaping through skills like Wind Walk and Blink. With the added attack speed on orchid, he can dps quite good, plus the total INT stats gain from the 2 items (Guinsoo, Orchid) damage is high. With disabling abilities like his ultimate, hex, orchid. However, since his role is a semi-carry, he becomes weaker much more later in the game (1 hour ++). Viable orb effects on him are mana burn (Diffusal) and Eye of Skadi.


For Situational Items, the Pipe is for team support where the opposing teams have many nukers. (e.g. Lich) Linken's sphere is taken for 1-time spell effect like Viper's Ultimate. Black King Bar is taken if you really have a hard time against enemy spellcasters.
Ghost Scepter just saves your ass from hard DPSers.


Heart and ToE increases your survivability and should be bought after all core/situational items have been bought.
Diffusal is a viable orb effect for Necrolyte now due to 6.60b changes, with upgradable ability and able to purge and burn mana, it is only meant to be bought after Orchid Malevolence, where you have a higher attack speed.
Eye of Skadi is just overkill, only buy if you have too much gold to spare, furthermore the price of the recipe is reduced by the way to 750 gold.

Note : Necrolyte has immense farming capabilities and so farming up all these items is viable and easy. Core items can be farmed up around 40~55 mins.

Items like Phase Boots only raise your damage and armor, Shiva's Guard is already helping on that and last hit isn't really difficult, just practice. Positioning with Phase Boots can be compensated with BoT's higher MS. So for my choice BoT is a better choice and this is just my opinion. Phase Boots is a necessity only if you're farming badly and need to last hit better.

Also, between support and semi-carry, you can mix the builds and create some sort of hybrid on your own. Since in my core builds there are only 4 items, filling up the last 2 slots on the items of your choice is best.


The Way of Farming with Necrolyte

Always maximize the usage of Necrolyte's skills, every time Death Pulse is casted, it determines the gold you earnt, the kills you get and the deaths you get, and ultimately, surviving a gank as well.

The easiest way to farm is actually by using death pulse. You can easily get a whole wave of creeps in a very systematical manner. First off, Necrolyte's Sadist allows Death Pulse to be spammed if you do your farming right. So, there in no problems with mana.

Second thing, you should all know the AoE of Death Pulse before even trying to cast it. I've seen many fools who try to nuke enemies with Death Pulse skill at Lv1-2 and miss them just because they forgotten the lower AoE at lower levels of Death Pulse. Below is a picture of the exact 500 AoE (Death Pulse Lv4) in 4 directions:

The correct way to farm is to make sure every single creep has only like 75% HP left, a Lv4 Death Pulse will finish them off easily. Obviously, a Shiva's Guard can make things even eaiser. Death Pulse + Shiva's = 1 creep wave. Together with Sadist effect, there will be no mana problems at all.


Early Game

Best is to solo middle lane, otherwise you can lane with a partner.
Farm and deny in your lane. Last hit well. If enemies get close, use Death Pulse but try not to attack them when you're too close to the creep waves or you'll attract them to you.

By Level 6, you can set up 2-man ganks with a stunner, if positied correctly, a stun and a death pulse, together with your ultimate, the enemy will die.

By Level 7, your early game ends.

Ending items are:



Mid-Late Game
Mid-Game (Lv 8 - 14)
Late Game (Lv 15 - 25)

Although this may sound weird, most of your mid and late games is where you truly shine, if you have the correct items.

You should finish Bloodstone by mid-game with intense farming through the technique I've shown. By then, start gathering charges, call for ganks, Kill-steal them all when necessary.

If you have problems farming up Boots of Travel mid-game, get Phase Boots ASAP. Then its your choice of items. Either Support or semi-carry, you're quite unstoppable once you follow the build.

Get Shiva's Guard / Orchid then followed by Guinsoo by late game and you're like a Fountain of Life to your allies while acting as a Defiled Fountain to your enemies.

Once ultimate is maxed, use it as soon as your enemy reaches half HP.
Yes, the skill description said that it only deals 0.9 damage per HP miss without scepter.
But what most forgets is about the stun, we have to MAKE USE of the stun.
It also helps to prevent the enemy from escaping, what if the enemy escapes while you're waiting for the HP to drop around 45% and escaped.
Honestly, there are quite a few situations like that and I've learnt from my mistake.


Good Allies

Basically, stunners and disablers work best with him so he can deal out as much damage as possible before the enemy can escape.

Worst Enemies

Omniknight's and Abaddon's heal and damage dealt is just like your nuke, but your nuke has a larger AoE. Magic immune spell, invunerability ultimate, a spell shield, they can counter quite well against your spells.

Anti-mage, well, just rips your mana thoroughly and then finish you off before you even know what hit you.



Thank you for reading this guide from top to bottom. The builds are just my opinions on how to play a good and proper Necrolyte.


Copyrighted format Kenneth '09

Dominating Replays (Replays may be in older version, guess have to switch to 1.23) :

Rotund'jere the Necrolyte
Author: Kenneth
Map Vers.: 6.62

Necromastery Master, The Necrolyte

An in-depth guide to The Necrolyte

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