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1. Introduction
2. Alt tab reference
3. Hero stats and skill build - with notes
4. Item build - core + extended
5. Gameplay
6. Counters and allies
7. Conclusion


The bloodseeker is not a common sight on the battlefied (normal mode), but with the right skill and knowledge, he can become a competent semi carry with great team presence.

2. Alt tab mini guide

Skill build

1. Bloodbath
2. Bloodrage
3. Thirst
4. Bloodbath
5. Thirst
6. Rupture
7. Bloodbath
8. Thirst
9. Bloodbath
15 Bloodrage

Item build



or replace the two circlets with Wraith bands if you are having trouble farming


3. Hero stats + skill build


Good stats
Fast movespeed
Strong silence
Good semi carry later in the game
Strong lane presence with blood bath
Good ganker


Weak at early game
Easily chain disabled
Cannot take on stronger opponents
Bloodrage has long casting time
Item dependent
Countered by teleportation


For full details on Bloodseeker - refer to this link



Good for harrasing early game
I only get one level of it till lvl 15/16 - situational
You must silence BEFORE you cast rupture, otherwise you will often get disabled to death.



Good for finishing off weaker enemies in the jungle
After the target is dead, thirst grants the extra movespeed for a few more seconds
Strygwyr's Thirst is not triggered by Illusions.
Invisible units will show up on the minimap, but won't be able to get targeted directly. If a target order (attack or spell) has been set on them before they go invisible, the order will be fulfilled. Units can also autoattack these invisible units.



With Quelling blade, you can become a competent laner
Extremly useful against harrasers
Denied creeps and heroes will also trigger Bloodbath, illusions will not trigger Bloodbath.
Strygwyr will regenerate hp regardless of how he killed the unit, be it with spells, items or attacks.



This deals pure damage, very powerful
Often used straight after bloodrage
Can be countered by TP
Deals a maximum of 200 damage per 0.25 seconds. If a unit exceeds the 200 damage cap in less than the stated time, it will not receive damage.


1. Bloodbath
2. Bloodrage
3. Thirst
4. Bloodbath
5. Thirst
6. Rupture
7. Bloodbath
8. Thirst
9. Bloodbath
15 Bloodrage

Of course, this skill build is highly situational. If you are facing a team of mainly spell casters that need to be silenced, then level more levels of bloodrage, or else level stats if you are facing tanks/carries.

4.Item build

Starting items

Good source of hp regen early in the game


Useful if you are badly damaged early game

Makes last hitting much easier and allows you to heal with bloodbath, this is essential because you are farming up radiance.

Get two if you need the stats, i often do.

Core build

This is a core item for Bloodseeker, it improves your farming capabilities immensely, allowing you to regenerate from creeps in battle and also it damages the enemy while you are chasing with thirst

Upgrading boots is not necessary yet as farming radiance is more important

x2 or

Consider purchasing Wraith bands if you are having trouble farming

TOTAL: 6245 gold or 6795 with Wraith bands

Note: This is cost effective but essential, aim to get these items by 20-25mins in an ap game, the earlier the better.

Situational items

Good against spell casters

Good if you are getting harassed

TOTAL COST WITH SITUATIONAL ITEMS: 6995 or 7545 (with wraith bands)

Get one of these as you will not have enough room in your inventory, or put down your quelling blade if you are desperate.

Luxury items

Good against many spell casters and for the extra hp

Good to stop people TPing away from you and breaking channeling spells

This is essential for the extra movespeed

Alternative items

Good at late game when you attack fast and deal high damage

Highly situational, only get at late game where you need the lifesteal, bloodseeker does not stay in the fight for long. He ruptures, kills and heals, thus eliminating the need for lifesteal.

A good fallback item if you are unable to farm radiance

A high tier item, good if you need the evasion if there are hard carries on the opposing team like void, mortred or ursa, although mkb counters this.

Your opponents will think twice before attacking you with this activated as it returns pure damage

Rejected items

You have thirst that gives you higher movespeed, and this item gives you too little bonuses for its relatively high cost.

Not a good item on Bloodseeker, you are not a farmer

It becomes almost useless late game, you have bloodbath to keep you in the lane and if you want hp, opt for two bracers.

It offers little bonuses for its cost, your attackspeed isn't that great and so this item is rejected.

5. Gameplay

Early game

Early game is crucial for Bloodseeker. You must play safe and last hit as much as you can. Focus on getting boots + two wraith bands, then you can jungle from about level 7 and revive from bloodbath (when bloodbath is level 3), also you can occasionally gank when your teammates need you.



Late early game

Now you should have sacred relic by about 25mins, once you get this, you can start ganking a lot more and farming becomes much easier as you get radiance.


Mid game

Now if early game went well, mid game will become much easier for you to dominate, continue to assist your team and try to end if you can. Don't leave the game too late as you will be out carried by late game heroes like void, pa or slardar. Consider getting bkb if you get chain stunned or else go for mkb after finishing of treads.

Items: x2


Late game

Now the game should be over, if it isn't, you have left it too late and the hard carries will shine now. Finish of your mkb or bkb and continue to push and gank.

How to solo kill[/SIZE]

1. If you spot a low hp hero (sniper, drow, tinker etc...), and no one is missing, then sneak up behind them. Easily done when they are top or bot, not so much at mid.

NOTE: Check their inventory for a TP scroll, more competent players will TP away from you as soon as you rupture, if they have a TP scroll or Boots of Travel then don't gank.

2.Now quickly rupture THEN silence (your silence should be level one, so we don't boost thier damage by a lot) - animation cancel silence.

3.Now start hitting them

4.Success! (or in some cases a failure)

Final item build

TOTAL COST: 11420 gold

If the game drags on, consider getting one of these (or more if the game is very long)

6.Counters and allies

Strength disablers pose the biggest threat to bloodseeker as they can usually tank out rupture - or not move and still hit you

Stunners/chain disablers

and many more

Int chain disablers


Anyone is a potential threat to bloodseeker when he is outnumbered. Individual heroes can be silenced, most of the time.

Good allies

Stunners disablers


Anyone who can keep the enemy in place before you use rupture


While Bloodseeker is an easy hero to master, he does have many enemies and you must be careful while playing. But he is very rewarding in the right hands

Strygwyr the Bloodseeker
Author: meanmachine
Map Vers.: 6.65

Guide to Bloodseeker

Ashes to Ashes

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