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2.Dota Tricks
3.Specific Dota Hero/Item Skill Tips,Combos


This is a compilation of dota in using skills and some fun hero lineups.First Guide.

Special Contributions:
333MIK429,matfitz,EternityPala,Constructive Criticism from commenters

1.Dota Tricks

1.Projectile Dodge

-Dodging a projectile with an escaping skill

Steps:Choose a hero with a blink,windwalk,or any teleporting/position changing skill including Leap. Wait for the enemy to launch a projectile at the right time then use your skill to dodge it.Can also be used by invulnerability skills. Practice timing to perfect it.

Silence, Amplify Damage (for Windwalk).

Useful for playing mindgames and escaping ganks but requires a lot of timing and practice.

2.The Suicide Trick

-Suiciding to prevent enemy gold farming.

Steps:Choose a Hero with a skill which you can use to damage yourself.Example: Atropos, Techies, Bloodseeker, Abbadon. Wait for the enemy to damage you until you are in red life (below 100), Then use the skills on yourself if you do not have any other choice.

Useful for denying your enemy gold.USE THIS ONLY AS A LAST RESORT.Again, Needs a lot of timing.

Difficulty: Hard
-The act of baiting enemies to your team to lead to a clash.

Steps: Go to a pushing enemy, whether whole team or 1 person depends with you.(Preffered with easy-to-kill heroes for them to take the bait more) then get your whole team to wait for you. Simply make them chase you. Make sure you have something like a blink to make sure you don't die.

This strategy is often used competitively and the clash that occurs can lead to a push which can be an important part of your team's victory.

4.Orb Walking/Animation Canceling
Difficulty: Easy

a.) Using a hero with an orb effect ability (such as Traxex) to hit the enemy without making the creeps attack you.
b.) Using a hero to attack, then instead of waiting for the animation, move immediately.

a.)Use Trarex/any other orb effect hero to use the orb effect to the enemy (the creeps won't attack you).Very Easy
b.)Use a hero, lane as normal, but when chasing, attack, move IMMEDIATELY, attack again, move IMMEDIATELY. Repeat. Somehow easy with practice. Also called animation cancelling.

Very useful for harassing/chasing.

5.How to make tower de-target you:
-No Definition, just read the title

Steps: Just attack an allied creep.

-Making a command automatic after you are done doing the current action.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Example Effect: Automatically after I move my hero to a certain location, he
immediately uses a tango, BY HIMSELF.How to do it?

Choose a command (Ex: Move or Channel epicenter) then hold shift while doing the chosen secondary command.
The hero will not do the second command until the first command has been done.
(Ex: Hold shift while casting epicenter then use kelen to blink to another location, makes Crixalis automaticallly blink to another location as soon as the epicenter channel is casted.)
Skill used mostly for combo skills and can be very useful in many ways


2.Specific Hero/Item Tips,Hero Combos

Tinker Laning

Harass as usual until the target is half HP.
When he's half hp charge at him.
Laser to make him red, a little animation-cancel walk, and the imba range of missile ensures a kill.

Note: Before you missile, make sure to have a good angle so that the fog won't make you miss.
And don't do too much skills during harassing or else he will be red then return to base without you having any skills to finish him off.

Nevermore Razing

When harassing in a lane, be sure to use the second one first, so that whether he attacks or retreats, you will hit a second time.
Or when theyre in front of you,do first then when they run then that's the time you (in order) use the other razes.

Distance tips:
First one is melee range (Duh)
Second is about a ranged hero's range
Third is about from your Druid of the Talon to the enemies Necromancer/vice versa.

PoTM/Pudge Harrooks: (Lol)

Practicing Tips:
Practice aiming with still targets first, do moving targets when you master this then practice long-range targets.

Estimation tricks:
Removed due to popular demand


How to kill in a lane:
Bring some clarities.
Harass 1-2x with bladefury until lvl 6.
By lvl 6 the target's hp should be about 3/4 or less.
Make sure you have at least 310 mana and learned omnislash.
Wait until there are 2-3 creeps left then charge with bladefury. Creeps should be cleared by now so Omni away.

The Trapping Furion/Slithice: Combo

How to trap with Furion: Get a blink dagger, and necronomicon.
Steps: Sprout, Blink in, Necronomicon. This can do a lot of damage since the target doesn't have an escape skill. Better with the help of blinking heroes. If they don't have an escape skill, this is a sure kill.(You can also blink in with manta to do even more damage and mana burn).

How to trap with Slithice: Ensare enemy, Manta/Necronomicon, Then simply surround the enemy.

How to combo with both Slithice and Furion: Net, Mirror Image, Both Use Manta or Necronomicon, Whack! , If survives, use sprout.


Blink ruins the combo.

RoadBlocker ES:Combos

Block enemy using fissure, pwn with ally. Simple as that.
Try Combo with: Mirana, Pudge, Lina, Lion to help aim the skills.

NOTE: Block from the side, not from in front.And make sure fissure is in FRONT of the target, not at the back

Tauren Rampage Lineup: Combo

This lineup owns.

1.ES Blink Echo while TC Ancestral Spirit-Stomps
2.ES Fissure While TC does Earthsplitter
3.If it's mid game enemies should be dead by now.

Magic Immunity

Pugna/Lion or Lina: Insta kill Combo

A no brainer strategy.
Decrepify then follow by Impale/LSA/DS if survives, Dagon or Laguna/FoD

The Terrorist Attack: Combo

For First Blood, 2 Choices:
Toss to mines.
Toss techies to enemy then explode.

Spikes with special guest Raigor: a Lineup

Lion, NA, Crixalis, Raigor, and Tide

Lion+Crixalis- Top
NA- Mid Solo/Roam
Tide+Raigor - Bottom

Lion and Crixalis owns with double impale at top.
Raigor and Tide: Fissure and whack. Lvl 6 means Echo+Ravage.
And NA will roam once lvl 6- Most ganks will be successful due to the amount of disables.
Even if you think "no ranged wtf?", those chain stuns can surprise you.

Main strategy in clashes: Throw as many aoe as you can and hit as much enemies as you can.

Substitutions: for

Double Melee at bottom

Linked Chain: Combo

Strategy: Find a way to make enemies stick together. Then chain frost, the bounce will be harder to dodge if they are sticking together.

Note: Do not include creeps.

For Substitutions:

Orc Brothers: Combo(FOR FUN)

Axe uses Call, Helix triggers.This deals massive damage
While calling, Yurnero uses Bladefury.
Culling and Omni for a finisher. GG.
Yurnero will carry while Axe will tank during lategame.


Time-Stopper Epicenter:

Steps: Void Chronospheres the enemy and attacks normally. Sand King epicenter, holds shift, keep shift holded, click on blink dagger, shift still holding, then click on desired location to release Epicenter (inside Chronosphere in this case.), and now you can release shift and watch the action. (And yes, the Epicenter works inside Chrono.)

Unstoppable Troll: Combo

All you need to do is repel troll, give him a dome and Vlads(Optional ).
Then watch the troll do devastating damage. With the lifesteal, he is literally unstoppable. Recommended only after core items to be able to deal damage.

This combo is a free BKB.

Substitutions: for or anything that can cause chaos.



4. Replays

None ATM

Misc guide
Author: sonson619
Map Vers.: 6.60+

Basic Dota Tricks and Tips

Basic Dota Tricks and Tips

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