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First of all, i'm from china, so please pardon my english.
this is not a full guide to meepo, since there are many complete guides to it in the guide section, i will only explain how to do the blink poof.

Guide to Blink Poof with all four Meepos at once
1. group assigning
all four meepos into group one, and three meepos(excluding the main one)in group two

2. required item
dagger....of course

3. how to blink poof
The regular blink poof is done by blinking the main meepo near the enemy and earthbinds it, then poof the other three meepos in. the problem with this is poof has a 1.5 second channeling time so the other 3 meepos could only poof in about 2 second later after the main meepo blinks. What I'm about to explain to you is how to make the main meepo blink in right next to the target and the other three poof to where the main meepo blinked at simultaneously.

First, move the main meepo(with dagger...) within the blink range with the target(best if you hide behind the trees), then, select group 2, press F(the hotkey for poof) and left click to the location right next to the target, and then quickly do the same with the other two meepos in group 2 by using TAB, so it is F > left click near the target > TAB > F > left click > TAB > F > left click. Right after you've done this, select the first meepo by pressing F1, blink it to the same spot where you've just poofed the other meepos at. If you've done this right, all four meepos would apear right next to the target enemy almost at the same time.

1. This is pretty complicated, you have to poof the three meepos in group 2 fast, and blink the main meepo before the other meepos are done channeling, that is within 1.5 second, cause then the other meepos would just poof to where the main meepo is before it blinked, which is useless.

2. Since you have already selected the location where the three meepos would poof to before you blinked the main meepo, you can't vary the location for the main meepo to blink to much, it has to be close to the spot that you poofed the group 2 meepos, or else they just wouldn't poof. So it's best if you just poof and blink at the same spot.

1. All meepos will appear together instantly, with three of them dealing poof damage, you can then earthbind the enemy with either one of them and attack right away, one hit with all four meepos, geostrike would make it unable to escape. You would loose most of the poof damage(full poof damage of all 4 meepos is 140*4*2=1120, blink poof only does 140*3=420), but you will have a better chance of killing your target since no one would just stand there and let you surround him and drop all four poofs on him. The best way to avoid Meepo's attack is to not let it earthbinds you, this would be almost impossible if the Meepo blink poofed.

2. Unlike the regular blink poof, this will also work when facing more than one opponent. Say you tries the regular blink poof against two or three enemies, the first meepo blinks in and would most likely get killed within the 1.5 second poof channeling time of the other meepos.

That's all to it.

P.S.: I've would attached a replay but I just don't know how, can anyone tell me?

Meepo the Geomancer
Author: eltoro1025
Map Vers.: all

Blink Poof, all 4 at once

Blink Poof Controls

Date Posted: 01/08/10
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