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Kyoshiro.025's Guide to Magina, the Anti-Mage

I. Background Story
II. Introduction
III. Hero Information & Stats
IV. Skills
V. Skill Build
VI. Item Build
VII. Hero Strategy
VIII. Hero Synergy
IX. Replays
X. Conclusion
XI. Credits


Twin sons to the great Prophet, Terrorblade and Magina were blessed with divine powers: Terrorblade granted with an unnatural affinity with life forces; Magina gifted with energy manipulation. Magina's eventual overexposure to the magics gradually augmented his elemental resistances and bestowed him the unique ability to move faster than light itself. Now, broken by Terrorblade's fall to the dark side, Magina answers the Sentinel's call in a desperate bid to redeem his brother. Every bitter strike turns the Scourge's evil essences upon themselves, culminating in a finale that forces his enemy to awaken to the void within and spontaneously implode.


Hello everyone! This guide is the second guide I made, about Magina, the Anti-Mage. He is an annoying hero, he can burn out the enemy's mana supply, and can blink right in and out of combat. He can withstand many spells, that is why he is called the Anti-Mage. With the right items and strategy, Magina is one to fear in the battlefield.

First played Magina when I picked him in a game. He is truly annoying, my friends even got a little mad at me after our team won the game and after I got a 'Rampage' during the game(Our team was facing a Shadow Shaman, Death Prophet, Huskar, Syllabear and Pandaren Brewmaster). Still, he needs to be played cautiously as he can be the primary target of the enemy team.

[+]High mobility because of his high starting MS and Blink
[+]Low base attack time or BAT which means you can last hit creeps better
[+]Can cripple spellcasters like Shadow Shaman, Lina, etc. with Mana Break
[+]One of the best carries in the game
[+]Can withstand spells with his Spell Shield

[-]Low strength and strength gain, which means low health
[-]No faming abilities, which he really needs badly in order to get his items


Strength: 20 + 1.2
Agility: 22 + 2.8
Intelligence: 15 + 1.8
Affiliation: Sentinel
Attack Range: 128(melee)
Sight Range: 1800 / 800
Base Attack Time: 1.45
Movement Speed: 320
Role: Carry

Level 1 Stats:
Strength: 20
Agility: 22
Intelligence: 15
Hit Points: 530
Mana: 195
Damage: 49 - 53
Armor: 3

Level 25 Stats:
Strength: 48 + 20
Agility: 89 + 20
Intelligence: 58 + 20
Hit Points: 1442
Mana: 1014
Damage: 116 - 120 + 20
Armor: 12 + 2.8

Mana Break

Each attack burns mana based on skill level.

Skill Description:
Level 1 - Burns 28 mana per hit
Level 2 - Burns 40 mana per hit
Level 3 - Burns 52 mana per hit
Level 4 - Burns 64 mana per hit

Ability Type: Passive
Allowed Targets: Enemies with mana
Orb effect

This is why Anti-Mage is called Anti-Mage. This is a very useful skill especially against spellcasters. What this skill do is that is burns away a certain amount of mana depending on its level on every attack. Works in perfect synergy with his ultimate.

Damage type is physical. It deals 0.6 per point of mana burnt, a level 1 Mana Break will deal 16.8 additional damage per hit and a level 4 Mana Break will deal 38.4 additional damage per hit. The damage dealt can be lifestealed with a Lifesteal Aura. It is however blocked by magic immunity.



Short distance teleportation that allows one to move in and out of combat.
Skill Description:
Level 1 - 200 - 1000 range teleportation
Level 2 - 200 - 1075 range teleportation
Level 3 - 200 - 1150 range teleportation
Level 4 - 200 - 1150 range teleportation

Ability Type: Active
Casting range: Global
Cooldown: 12/9/7/5
Manacost: 60 at all levels

Magina has high mobility because of this skill. This can be used to escape or chase, but its range must be practiced very well as if Blink is used to teleport to a distance over the maximum range, Magina will be teleported 4/5 of the maximum range instead. It can be used to dodge incoming projectiles but also must be practiced as it has a 0.33 second teleportation delay.

Spell Shield

Magina learns to protect himself with an anti-magic shield. Increases his resistance to magic damage.
Skill Description:
Level 1 - Reduces magic damage by 26%
Level 2 - Reduces magic damage by 34%
Level 3 - Reduces magic damage by 42%
Level 4 - Reduces magic damage by 50%

Ability Type: Passive

This is also why Anti-Mage is called Anti-Mage. This increases Magina's magic resistance and it stacks with other magic resistance items like Hood of Defiance.

Mana Void

Creates a powerful void in an enemy unit caused by a lack of mana. For each mana point missing, the unit takes damage.

Skill Description:
Level 1 - Deals 0.6 damage per mana point missing
Level 2 - Deals 0.85 damage per mana point missing
Level 3 - Deals 1.1 damage per mana point missing

Ability Type: Active
Allowed Targets: Enemies with mana
AoE: 300
Casting Range: 600
Duration: 0.1/0.2/0.3 mini-stun
Cooldown: 70 at all levels
Manacost: 125/200/275

As said before, this works in perfect synergy with Mana Break because this gets stronger the lesser the target's mana is and Mana Break is gonna help you lessen the target's mana. Damage type is magical and it has a mini-stun. Damage is calculated based on the primary target's mana, but applied to all enemies within the AoE. The mini-stun works on magic immune units. Use this to finish off an opponent.
Level 1 - Blink
Level 2 - Mana Break
Level 3 - Mana Break
Level 4 - Spell Shield
Level 5 - Mana Break
Level 6 - Mana Void
Level 7 - Mana Break
Level 8 - Spell Shield
Level 9 - Spell Shield
Level 10 - Spell Shield
Level 11 - Mana Void
Level 12 - Blink
Level 13 - Blink
Level 14 - Blink
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Mana Void
Level 17-25 - Stats

Justification: Blink is taken at level 1 for escaping since Magina is fragile early game then we take it next after we max Mana Break and Spell Shield. Mana Break is max first to empower his ultimate and to harass your lane enemy. Spell Shield is max next to survive incoming nukes. Mana Void is taken whenever possible. Stats is taken when no other skill is available.


Magina the Anti-Mage
Author: Kyoshiro.025
Map Vers.: 6.72

Guide to Magina, the Anti-Mage

Bringing The Best Out Of Magina

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