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Kyoshiro.025's Guide to N'aix, the Lifestealer

I. Background Story
II. Introduction
III. Hero Information & Stats
IV. Skills
V. Skill Build
VI. Item Build
VII. Hero Strategy
VIII. Hero Synergy
IX. Replays
X. Conclusion
XI. Credits


There once was a man in Lordaeron so consumed by greed that he was beyond remorse. Eventually caught trying to steal Prince Arthas' sacred ring, he was tried and hanged. Yet his body, so corrupted by his desire to steal, rose by itself in the form of a monstrous ghoul. So came into being N'aix, his old name long forgotten: the embodiment of lust and greed, bent on stealing the life of every living creature he encounters.


Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first guide, about N'aix the Lifestealer. I first played Lifestealer when my friend suggested him. I used him in a game but unfortunately our team lost because of my lack of experience with N'aix. Since then, I tried to improve myself on how to play this hero by asking my friends on his combos, item and skill builds, and using him vs AIs. It took a lot of hardwork, time, and practice. What things you will see in this guide helped me won most of my games by using N'aix and I hope that after you read this guide, you would too. Happy reading!

[+]Excellent in terms of farming, tanking, and ganking.
[+]Excellent counter to tanks.
[+]He has one of the best(if not the best) lifestealing ability.
[+]Has a free BKB only with a lower cooldown.
[+]Good starting strength.
[+]Very good hero late game.

[-]He is mostly the target early game not only because he is stronger late game and if they let him farm the right items but also he is weak in that stage.
[-]Needs good collaboration with teammates for he is dead if he is doing 1 vs 5(1 is N'aix)

Strength: 25 + 2.4
Agility: 18 + 1.9
Intelligence: 15 + 1.75
Affiliation: Scourge
Attack Range: 128(Melee)
Sight Range: 1800 / 800
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movement Speed: 315

Roles: Carry/Jungler/Ganker

Level 1 Stats
Strength: 25
Agility: 18
Intelligence: 15
Hit Points: 625
Mana: 195
Damage: 57 - 67
Armor: 2

Level 25 Stats(+ Bonus Stats)
Strength: 82 + 20
Agility: 63 + 20
Intelligence: 57 + 20
Hit Points: 2088
Mana: 1001
Damage: 114 - 124 + 20
Armor: 8 + 2.8

N'aix goes into a maddened rage, becoming immune to magic spells and gaining increased attack speed.

Skill Description
Level 1 - 2.5 sec duration, 30% IAS and magic immunity
Level 2 - 3.25 sec duration, 45% IAS and magic immunity
Level 3 - 4 sec duration, 60% IAS and magic immunity
Level 4 - 4.75 sec duration, 80% IAS and magic immunity

Ability Type: Active
Cooldown: 15 sec
Manacost: 75 at all levels

Our free BKB plus IAS. Note that the attack speed increase is based on the CURRENT attack speed of N'aix. Activating it can dispell many buffs so be careful when using it especially when you activate runes like Haste. It also stacks with the bonus attack speed given by the Mask of Madness. Can be used before using TP to avoid interruptions while channeling.

Regenerates a portion of an enemy's current HP and deals the same portion per attack.

Skill Description
Level 1 - 4% Life Leech
Level 2 - 5% Life Leech
Level 3 - 6% Life Leech
Level 4 - 7% Life Leech

Ability Type: Passive

Lifestealer's lifesteal. This skill is what makes him an excellent counter to tanks. It adds decent damage to N'aix's attacks and steals life depending on Feast's level and the CURRENT HP of the enemy that means the more the health of the enemy, the more the health Lifestealer will steal.

Damage type is physical, that means the damage is reduced by armor. It works against magic immune units but doesn't work on Roshan. This skill synergizes with Rage for he will steal life more with increased attack speed.


Open Wounds
N'aix rends the enemy, slowing his movespeed and allowing his allies to feast on his life force, regenerating a portion of the damage dealt. The victim slowly recovers movement speed over 8 seconds.

Skill Description
Level 1 - Slows enemy; marks target for Open Wounds effect of 15% heal-on-damage
Level 2 - Slows enemy; marks target for Open Wounds effect of 20% heal-on-damage
Level 3 - Slows enemy; marks target for Open Wounds effect of 25% heal-on-damage
Level 4 - Slows enemy; marks target for Open Wounds effect of 30% heal-on-damage

Ability Type: Active
Allowed Targets: Enemies
Cooldown: 24/20/16/12
Manacost: 110 at all levels
Casting Range: 600 at all levels
Slow(per second): 70% / 70% / 60% / 50% / 30% / 10% / 10% / 10%

N'aix's slow. While enemy is affected by Open Wounds, any damage dealt ,including spell damage, will activate the lifesteal.



The Lifestealer tears its way into the unfortunate body of a target unit, laying dormant and undetectable inside its living frame until he is ready to come to form. When he comes out of the unit, he deals damage to all nearby enemy units. If the infested unit is an enemy, the Lifestealer will devour it first, gaining the health the unit currently has.
Skill Description
Level 1 - 150 damage
Level 2 - 275 damage
Level 3 - 400 damage

Ability Type: Active
AoE: 700 at all levels
Casting Range: 150
Cooldown: 100 at all levels
Manacost: 50 at all levels
Allowed Targets: Enemy NON-HERO units, allied units
AOE: 700

N'aix's ultimate. This skill can serve as an escape mechanism. How? By infesting to an enemy creep that has the highest current HP then Rage + TP out. This can also serve as an initiation tool in teamfights. How? Infest to an allied hero then consume(Yes, consume. Luckily that wouldn't kill your ally!) to pop out when the enemy heroes are there. It can weaken the whole team up, then your allies can take care of it, resulting your team on winning that clash(depends if your teammates has good collaboration, or the enemy team has Plan B to turn things upside down).

Damage dealt by Consume is magical. If the infested unit is killed, N'aix will emerge from it thus, it wouldn't heal N'aix. N'aix gains experience from kills made nearby the Infested target while he is traveling with it.


Level 1 - Rage/Open Wounds
Level 2 - Feast
Level 3 - Rage
Level 4 - Open Wounds/Rage
Level 5 - Rage
Level 6 - Infest
Level 7 - Rage
Level 8 - Feast
Level 9 - Feast
Level 10 - Feast
Level 11 - Infest
Level 12 - Open Wounds
Level 13 - Open Wounds
Level 14 - Open Wounds
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Infest
Level 17 - 25 - Stats

Justification: Rage is highly recommended at level 1 to avoid being killed easily since, most probably, you will be the target 'cause N'aix is weak early game, so we need to survive until mid game and Feast at level 2 is gonna help you with that. Rage is maxed first to have IAS and longer duration of magic immunity. Feast is maxed next for lane control because of HP regen. Open Wounds is maxed last, one level of Open Wounds early is enough because the slow is the same at all levels. Infest is taken whenever possible to win clashes or even escape. Stats is taken when there is no other option.


Laning N'aix:

The added damage from Quelling Blade helps N'aix to last hit creeps. A Gauntlet of Strength and 2 GG Branches for added stats. The Gauntlet would soon be a Bracer and the GG Branches for a Magic Wand(you'll need to buy one more but farming for a single GG Branch is a piece of cake to N'aix). Tangoes are for healing purposes.

Jungler N'aix:


1st Option: Quelling Blade for last-hitting purposes, Stout Shield for blocking damage, Tangoes or Salve for healing purposes.
2nd Option: 2 Stout Shields for more block damage. Tangoes and Salves for healing purposes.

Get your starting items, I probably go for the Jungling N'aix Starting Items. Take the Bottom Lane if you're playing Sentinel or the Top Lane if you're playing Scourge. The support in your team must set up wards, Observer and Sentry, especially near your lane. Check that spot often to know if you will be ganked. Last hit every creep if possible, N'aix needs to get his items quickly. At level 3, you can start jungling. If you don't know how to jungle, use this guide, this guide, and this guide.

Once you got your core items (especially Armlet), then you can start ganking. Personally, I would Infest an ally, consume, activate Armlet, Open Wounds and Rage. Deactivate Armlet when not in use. Be sure that your teammates will support you in case you get disabled. Remember that you kill the tank first before anyone else in the enemy team because that is what N'aix is made of, to dispose of them.

If you're jungling properly and your team is owning the game, then you must have 1 or 2 items in the luxury panel in 25-35 mins. I suggest that items to be Mjollnir and Assault Cuirass. By this point, either you continue jungling for more items, or continue ganking and finish the game.



These guys stun/disable, you and the others whack the enemy/enemies to death. It's better if 2 or 3 of them are in you team to chain stun/disable. The AoE stuns/disables are better allies but single targeted stuns are good especially if against a single enemy.

DPS Amplifiers

Basically, they help you hit harder and faster.

Best Allies

Beastmaster gives you IAS and initiates battles with his ulti. His pig has an additional slow to add to Open Wounds or you may not use Open Wounds at all.

Skeleton King has lifesteal and critical strike and stun. N'aix has a slow and lifesteal. Whacking the enemy to death couldn't be easier especially with right items. With good cooperation, this tandem can be unbeatable.

Tidehunter initiates with ulti. Then you can easily kill the opponent right after he use Gush, the enemy will be slowed to help you chase him, and the enemy will also have reduced armor to boost your attack. If the enemy tries to fight back with normal attacks, he uses Anchor Smash to reduce their damage by 40%.

Ogre Magi has a stun and with a level 3 Multicast, he can cast it 4x, you can just hit the enemy effortlessly. He also increases your attack speed to have a faster Rage and movement speed + Ogre Magi's Ignite to chase the enemy.

Invoker has almost everthing. Stun/Disable? Cold Snap + your insane attack speed and Deafening Blast. DPS Amplify? Forge Spirits and Alacrity. Need another slow in case Open Wound's duration ended and the enemy isn't dead yet? Ice Wall. Hard Spellcasters? EMP. What more could you ask from him?

DPS Amplifier and a great initiator.

For their skill (Maledict for Witch Doctor and Reaper's Scythe for Necrolyte) need to be more effective, the enemy should have low HP, the lower the better. You can help them with that with your great attack speed and damage. Plus, Witch Doctor has a stun.


No replays at the moment.

This guide is created to give you an idea on what you should do when using N'aix, NEVER expect to win every time when you use this guide, results MAY vary. If you lose don't lose temper and say "OMG that guide made me lose, n00b, 1/10!", instead know what you did wrong and try to improve that, eventually you'll get stronger and stronger. Practice makes perfect.

This is my very first guide, so please understand if you spot several mistakes, I tried my best and you'll see me get better as time goes by. Suggestions and constructive criticisms would be very appreciated by me so if you have one don't hesitate to post it in the comments. I would analyze if your suggestion will greatly help me improve this guide, after all it is not me who will benefit but the ones who are reading this; by helping me improve this guide, you help several others out there who are eager to learn how to play N'aix. Thank you for considering this guide to aid you in playing N'aix, the Lifestealer!


> Eul, Guinsoo and IceFrog for developing DotA.

> Luminous48 for the jungling guide, choke-point jungling guide, and how to AFK farm guide.

> You for everything.

> Myself for creating this guide.

Thank you again for everything!!!

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N'aix the Lifestealer
Author: Kyoshiro.025
Map Vers.: 6.72

Guide to N'aix the Lifestealer

Bringing The Best Out Of N'aix

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