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A comprehensive guide to Syllabear


In DotA, Syllabear's a pusher. However, you can turn him into a range/melee dps, carry and tank. I'll give the item builds.


Spirit Bear: Well, it spawns a super tanky bear (1700hp at lvl 1) which helps him in jungling and tanking and pushing. Has the Return, Entangle and Demolish abilty.

Rabid: It's an active skill which costs a pathetic amount of mana and increases both his and his bear's attack speed

Synergy: Synergy is a really awesome passive which helps to buff your bear and the rest of your skills. Increases the bear's damage by 10, Rabid Duration and increases his hp while in True form

True Form: Increases his hp by a significant amount, turns him melee and he gains the War Cry ability which gives increased armour and damage for him and his bear for a short time. However, his movement speed is decreased.

Skill Build:

His skill build is about the same no matter what role you choose him to be.

1. Spirit Bear
2. Synergy
3. Spirit Bear
4. Synergy
5. Spirit Bear
6. True Form
7. Spirit Bear
8. Synergy
9. Synergy
10. Rabid
11. True Form
12 - 14. Rabid
15. Stats
16. True Form
17 - 25. Stats

Draft 1.

Syllabear the Lone Druid
Author: SolarKow
Map Vers.: 6.72f

Comprehensive Guide to Syllabear

Builds for Syllabear's Roles

Date Posted: 08/08/11
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