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-unfinished guide-

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Ello guys! My name is Idzhar Bae, But my Playdota Nickname is SayaPemula, you dont need to know why.
This is my first guide ever, i need your feedback to make my guide better!
I decided to make Spectre guide since i dont like other guides, i try my best to make a good to read guide,

and please dont rate 1/10 for no reason, if you have a suggestion, please post and discuss here !
Mee have ugly english, me are not graduation

Hero Stats n Stuff

Affiliation: Scourge
Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.7
Damage: 46 - 50
Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.51
Armor: 3.22
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 295
Missile Speed: Instant
Attack Range: 128 (melee)
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Str per level : 2.0
Agi per level : 2.2
Int per level : 1.9

Alt-Tab Guide
Mercurial the Spectre is one of the Hardest carry in
DotA, She (spectre is female btw) is nearly useless until he got her cores, but with gold advantages, she basically outcarry any other carries

Skill Build
1.Spectral Dagger
3.Spectral Dagger
5.Spectral Dagger
7.Spectral Dagger

Starting item



Hero Comments

Specter, is one of the hardest carry in the game, she have a pretty static build, vanguard, magic stick, and boots, then go rush radi and take diffusal as her orb. Spectre is a not so complicated to use, but rushing radiance and vanguard at the same time might be a problem for newbies.
Pros :
-Really hard to kill
-Pure damage skill that benefit on illusions
-One of the hardest carry
-Spectral Dagger is one of most versatile skill
-Outcarry most heroes with good items advantage
-Good frontswing animation

Cons :
-Very VERY item dependant
-Not so relliable escape mechanism
-Low base damage
-Low Agi gain for a carry
-Every word she says is hard to understand
-She is a bit hard to fap to

When (not) to Pick
When to pick :

-Enemy team have full of low hp hero with high resistance
-Enemy team have small amount of disablers
-Your team have supports, gankers, and initiaor heroes
-You can last hit like ZSMJ's

When not to Pick :

-Enemy team is full of high HP heroes
-Enemy team have more than 3 gankers
-Your team have more than 1 carry
-You have 999 ping
-You love to rush Vlads
-You want to gank
-You dont want to stay at lane and want to gank
-You want to participate in early-midgame (ganks)
-You want to fucking gank so bad, wtf go pick gankers if you want to gank


Spectral Dagger
The Spectre launches a deadly dagger that trails a Shadow Path. Deals damage to the targets in its path. Units hit by the dagger will also trail a Shadow Path. The Spectre becomes phased (gains zero collision) while on the path

Your most versatile skill, we max it first because its very useful for ganking/escaping/harrasing(while last hit some creeps too)/ and kill stealing ofc :P.

Skill Build
1.Spectral Dagger
3.Spectral Dagger
5.Spectral Dagger
7.Spectral Dagger

Explanation :
We max Spectral Dagger first, because its very useful, followed by dispersion,
Why dispersion over desolate? Its a % skill that is most powerful later on!

We max dispersion since Spectre is very vulnerable in early game, also u will not be aggresive until u got ur radiance, safe farming is more important than being aggressive, u will not participating in ganks except they are ganking your lane, or just cast Haunt to get some assist gold. Only and only max desolate over dispersion if u have a real good teammates, and u are going for an aggressive strategy.
Haunt, is your ultimate, max it asap since its a very useful skill.

Item Build

My favourite was :

It provides stats, and an easy last hitting because of your low base damage, i usually rush stout shield to make me last longer in lane. If u are a last hit master / u have a good baby sitter that WONT DO LAST HIT, i recommend stout shield 3x GG branches and regens.



Radiance VS Midas

Radiance obviously gives more GPM once you rush it than Midas, It gives a massive aoe of burn damage which will help you kill creepwaves, however, you need to be ZSMJ-like to rush it within few minutes, if you think you can't rush it, you can buy hand of midas instead. Then go for SnY, with this build, you will have good IAS and proc Desolate faster, while lacking in team-fight domination.


We just finished the Items stage! Now lets go for Spectre's Playstyle

Early Game

The first, the hardest. . .

At early game stage, you shouldn't be aggressive, except you have a good lane partner and are against weak laners, if you found 2 or more creeps to kill but you dont have time to last hit both of them, feel free to use Spectral Dagger to last hit while harassing your lane opponents,
you can stab faces with your desolate if you found them without their creeps whenever you can, but last hitting is still in your highest priority.

If you have an aggressive opponents, just stay back, ask your lane partner to pull creeps or just respond to their harassment (like heals you or harass back)
to reduce the amount of harassment.

There is a lot of people that can synergy well with Spectre, and there is also people that can beat the shit out of her, but these are the best/worst one!

YEAH, he is a rich person! And luckily, he is a good rich person! he shares track gold to all allies nearby his target, when he is ganking someone, try to come in with haunt to get his track gold + assist bonus (dont forget to bring tp so you can back farming)

They isolate enemy from their allies, which makes you proc Desolate easier

Spectre + Dispersion + Radiance + Ion Shell + Surge + Vacuum = GG.

Whoa, every carries loves him! Especially Spectre, A free BKB, extra slow, massive regen + physical immune, and the best was, a heal with damage! It makes a team fight ownage.

other healing dudes also works but he is the best one

Thanx for reading! Feedback are welcomed, if u have something to improve this guide (Like Spectre's artwork or something) i will give u a credit if you let me use that

Credits :

-IceFrog for making a greatest game ever
-Me for spending my time to write this
-ONEATATIME , my guide layout was based of his FV guide
-Liverpool11 (@deviantart) for his spectre artwork

Changelog :

-19 oct, Created this guide

Mercurial the Spectre
Author: sayapemula
Map Vers.: 6.75

Idzhar Bae's Guide to Spectre

Can no one understand me?

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