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D a r c h r o w the E n i g m a
A guide by Chammer, Version 6.60b

  • Foreword
  • Hero Info
  • Hero Story
  • Mech Analysis
  • Builds
  • Skill Build
  • Item Build
  • Playstyle
  • Jungling
  • Ganking
  • Laning
  • Teamfights
  • Addendum
  • Putting the pieces together
  • Replays
  • Credits

In this Guide I will assume a basic understanding of the game, it's fundamental elements, and it's terminology. I will not explain jargon such as denying, last hitting or harassing, nor am I teaching general DotA play. If you feel the need to look up something, I recommend skimming through the "Learn The Game" Guide before or while reading this guide.

Everything not specifically important to Enigma's gameplay will either be left out or only mentioned shortly.

Hero Info

Hero Story

A collapsed star raped a field of elemental magic. The magic got babies, and named one Darchrow. Niec )))) After that Darchrow became a gigantic emo without friends (kinda like uni). The enigma was so hungry that he started omnomnomnoming unprepared worlds. His stomach, not filled with HCl, but rather hatred and hunger, obviously was quite big after that. Once he found out that his father was a collapsed star, he began hating real hard (even more than he did before). Not knowing what to do, he figured that Sent babes have the bigger boobs, so now he rages at the Scourge. But don't be tricked, he will still convert your little weiner into Demonic Servants if you make remarks about his obesity. Darchrow is really strong in combat, due to being able to manipulate both void and shadows. Now while many may do the latter using a flashlight, the Enigma is a master at it and loves nothing more than being a sadistic bastard infecting the world around with the Alzheimer's within. Sometimes he is so hungry that his stomach implodes in a black hole soaking in unsuspecting bystanders and also devouring them in open air. Gluttonous Russians DDDDD

Mech analysis

When learning how to play a hero, first we should familiarize ourselves with how he works. This is true whether it is Stealth Assasin, Priestress of the Moon, Centaur Warchief or Enigma.

Looking at Enigma's Hero Page, we gain very useful information:
  • Enigma has only 473 HP at level one, which grow decently over the course of the game; an extremely high Intelligence gain coupled with mediocre start Intelligence; high start Armor with low Armor gain; an okay mix of attack damage, range and animation.
  • Enigma's normal spells are a single target stun with mediocre cast range, a %based AoE damage with mediocre cast range and AoE, as well as a spell that eats a creeps and turns it into 3 controllable minions.
  • Enigma's ultimate is a channeling AoE disable and damage skill castable at close range. High cooldown.
  • Whoever wrote the hero story deserves to be shot.
We can conclude that Enigma is a hero that doesn't do bad early on, since he has a hard deny (converting our own creep won't give any Experience to the enemies), and his attack is good enough to last hit and deny. Eidolons can help our early game by harassing the enemy or adding bonus damage to our last hits and denies.

He has a stun which is useful for just about everything from killing our lane enemies, over ganking, to stopping that ugly Sand King from channeling Epicenter. Midnight Pulse provides a good AoE damage that scales well into late game thanks to the percentage based damage and works nicely with Black Hole.

Black Hole is what we are in the team for. It silences both spells and items, makes the enemies unable to move or attack and pulls them together so other AoE spells can hit easier. Plus, it works on magic immune units. A good Black Hole will drastically affect the outcome of a fight and all too often of the whole game.

Due to his Stat gain and the nature of his skills, Darchrow is a hero shining in mid and late game. We will be using and reinterpreting the information presented in the Hero page all throughout the guide, so don't worry if you can't memorize everything.


Skill Build

No matter what Strategy our team pursues, or whether we are laning or jungling, Enigmas skill build doesn't vary much. Disabling is an important part of the DotA gameplay. Not only can it be useful for killing enemies, but also to help us run away, stop channeling spells, etc. Enigma's Malefice is a rather weak disable on it's early levels, which justifies maxing it first.

Conversion is our main money resource. In the lane, Eidolons add fire power for easier last hitting and denying, and harass the enemy. In the jungle they allow us to farm easily. They also are good pushers, if that's what our team plans on doing. As a rule of thumb, a level two conversion is sufficient to farm all jungle camps. Additional levels allow much faster jungling and are obviously better in the lane as well, but not always needed.

The third basic skill Enigma has deals AoE damage based on the maximum HP of our enemies. It scales incredibly well into lategame, and adds considerable damage throughout the game. However, it needs disables to be useful and usually won't be used much outside of teamfights, which don't happen that often.

Enigma's Ultimate is a superb disable that silences skills, items, and isn't affected by Magic Immunity. The damage it deals is negligible, as Midnight Pulse and our teammates should dish out enough anyways. It has a very high cooldown which can only be reduced by leveling the skill. However, doing so heavily increases the mana requirement, which often makes us unable to cast Black Hole. Hence, we shouldn't level it past level one until around level 24. There's simply nothing gained.

All in all, Enigmas general skill build should look like the following:

Item Build

If everything goes well the following should be in our inventory around level 11:

What Darchrow dreamed about when he wakes up in a wet bed:







Putting the pieces together


Enigma by myself (Gee.Chris.Baby)

Enigma by prominent players.


I'd like to thank Robzor for providing the Black Hole image, The-Angry-Hobbit for helping me with some screenshots and disrup3 for the laggy CF games.

Darchrow the Enigma
Author: Chammer
Map Vers.: 6.60b

Chammer's Enigma Guide

Chammer's Enigma Guide

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