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"We have lift off."

Nikmar's short guide to Gyrocopter for all kinds of players (beginners, intermediate, professionals and Americans).

1. Foreword
2. Interduction
3. Hero's overview
4. Item build
5. Playstyle
6. Allies/enemies
7. Replays
8. Last words
9. Credits

This is a comic guide for all people who want to learn how Gyrocopter should be used and played. Scientists proved your brain works better when you're reading something unusual which means your concentration is 69% better. Will Rogers, a famous cowboy, comedian and humorist once said; "Make crime pay. Become a Lawyer.". Well, Nikmar, the best DotA player ever (my ass) responded; ''Make Scourge pay. Become a Gyrocopter.''

Gyrocopter is one the most efficient support heroes in game. If you decide to play this hero then you will have the enjoyment to keep your allies draw breath and to keep them safe from dying. With Mekansm you can even heal in a big AoE and provide your allies with bonus armor.
Seriously, if you believed this bullshit then stop reading this awesome guide and go play FarmVille n00b. Gyrocopter is a hero that can fit in almost every role besides support and that's why I love this motherfucker! This flying machine can be a great semi-carry/carry and a perfect ganker early game. He can deal huge amounts of damage in less then a few moments and although his primary attribute is agility for some unknow reasons, he actually plays as a caster. Why? Because he has 4 active skills you dummy! If you don't unleash his full potential early game (till level 11) you can expect to get abused mid-game and raped late-game. Have I mentioned how much fun you can enjoy if you play this hero properly? No? Ok, I'll mention it now. Gyrocopter will bring you fun if you play him properly. Click here to read more about him.

Normal letters are IceFrog's story for Aurel Vlaicu and red letters are my comments which point out the obvious.
Raised amongst the dwarven mining clan, Aurel grew up with a fascination for making things explode. [He is a member of Al-Qaida] Such tendencies were considered healthy in the mining society as a dwarf's skill with explosives determined his pay, his rank and of course, his popularity amongst the females. [This just proves he's a terrorist but I never knew they were popular amongst the females] Unlike the rest of the clan however, Aurel sought to use his skills for more than just blowing up rocks. By combining controlled detonations with thick metal to direct their force, Aurel is able to create everything from engines to missles. [Well he's not that strong!] Excited to be able to put his inventions to the test, Aurel's presence on the battlefield promises to be a blast! [Ok, he's definitely a terrorist!]


When TO pick him:
• When you fail in life and have the need to destroy a few heroes in a few minutes
• When you're in a rush and don't have much time to play DotA but still want to own
• When you want to lighten up the battlefield and deal lots of damage
• When you're a terrorist (read the spoiler above)

When NOT to pick him:
• When there are enough silencers in the enemy's team to shut you down and disable your guns
• When you prefer support heroes over gankers and carries
• When you have a fear of flying
• When you play FarmVille


[+] Early game dominator
[+] Good farming potential
[+] Spammable skills
[+] No mana problems
[+] Easy to master
[+] Great initiator with his Missle
[+] AoE damage
[+] Can go solo or with a partner
[+] Can block creeps although he's in the air
[+] Very fun to play

[-] No Escape Mechanism
[-] Item dependant to be effective all game long
[-] Low attack range
[-] Not so good mid-game and late-game
[-] Low HP and survivability

1. Homo Missle
2. Flak Cannon
3. Rocket Barrage
4. Homo Missle
5. Homo Missle
6. Duh...Call Down
7. Homo Missle
8. Rocket Barrage
9. Flak Cannon
10. Rocket Barrage
11. Another duh...Call Down
12. Flak Cannon
13. Rocket Barrage
14. Flak Cannon
15. Stats
16. Yet another duh...Call Down
17.-25. Guess what?!

Q: Sir Nikmar, why do you recommend leveling up Homo Missle first?
A: Dear noob, because you will initiate with Homing Missle and you need as much damage as you can get on this superduper imba skill. Oh, I also forgot to mention that this gayhomo missle has a 2,5 sec stun which is great, but considering it takes 3 seconds untill the missle starts moving, 2,5 sec stun is not so high, right?

Q: Sir Nikmar, is getting stats early game a good idea?
A: A good idea?! Are you out of your mind? Getting Vladimirs on Sniper sounds like a better idea to me. Seriously, you need your skills to kill heroes and Bottle will cover up your HP and mana. Leave stats for later.

Q: Sir Nikmar, shall I go solo or with a partner in lane?
A: Real man go solo. But assuming you're a female, go with a partner. You women need partners, we men DON'T! You also have to ge....wait a second, my wife is on the phone. Brb.


Fight for a solo lane. You need to be the highest level on the battlefield in order to unleash your full potential early game which means you need to struggle alone, eye to eye with the opponent's hero. If you play a pub game, copy „I go solo mid“ and share it with your allies by pasting it as soon as the game starts. If someone from your team ignores your wish to go solo lane and joins you in the middle, say: „I solo mid or leave“. This works in 99% cases. Unfortunately, in the other 1% cases you'll just have to leave...

Now that we cleared that up, lets talk about starting items. If you are going solo mid then buying Bottle is the one and only option (a MUST have for a ganker like Gyrocopter):

If you're female and can't stand fighting solo (meh) buy this crap:
For extra HP and mana gain.
3 GG branches for good game. Also used in Magic Wand.
6 Tangos for healing (orly?).
If you get in troubles with your mana.

Getting the right boots:

You're probably asking yourself now; „I'm in a damn gyrocopter, why the fuck do I need boots?“. That's why nature gave us logic. But let me tell you something, there is no logic in DotA, not at all. You're probably asking yourself another question; „where are Boots of Travel and Phase Boots?“. You can find them both in the Gateway Relics shop. Just kiddin'. Boots of Travel are too expensive and Phase Boots may not be a bad choice but getting Treads or Arcane Boots is always a better choice. If you need extra attributes (agi, int or str) and a little higher attack speed, get Power Treads. If you want to solve your mana problems (throughout the whole game, I dare to say) get Arcane Boots. It's as simple as that.

Now we'll discuss about the items that should provide you with killing ability and the ability to stay good all game long. Gyrocopter is pretty much item-independent early game but like I already mentioned a few times before, you need the right items to be useful mid-game and/or late-game. This means you can own early on with just Boots and Bottle but sooner or later you'll need more useful items. Like always, items are a matter of choice and gamestyle.

Lets start from some cheap but great items that work on Gyro:

Provides with lifesteal and +20 dmg (no shit Sherlock?!). +5 armor is a another great thing for fragile heroes.

Brilliant item for Aurel! Homo Missle can be cast from 1000 range and it takes 3 sec to start moving which gives you the opportunity to use this item in the meantime and surprise your puny enemy hero. Also ensures a great escape mechanism to keep your Beyond Godlike streak from early-game.

OMG FoRcE St4fF?! Who the fuck uses this forgotten item, right? Well guess what, this is actually a damn good item for Gyrocopter. It will provide you with some bonus attack speed, intelligence and damage – exactly what this hero needs! Plus, you can use the 'Force' ability to irritate your allies when they try teleporting from one place to another. No you can't, 'Force' doesn't interrupt the target's actions. Use this ability wisely!

Homo Missle from fog-->stun-->blink in with dagger-->barrage-->ulti-->ggownednoob
You can also use it to escape. Ya, rly.

Poor Man's Shield – an item invented by Bill Gates. Sometimes it's useful, sometimes it's useless. Just like Microsoft!

A MUST have if you are going with a partner in lane.

Now lets move on to some luxurious items:

I love seeing Gyrocopter on the battlefield. Imagine 3 of them!!

Have you ever felt slow, tired and exhausted? Are you sick of all these cheap items they sell every day at shops near fountains? We have a solution now! Grab a phone and you will get: agility, damage, attack speed – for ONLY 6000 gold! Call now 1337 – 1337 - 69! First 100 customers will get +30% evasion entirely free! This offer lasts only 24 hours a day so hurry up!

More then one dangerous caster in the enemy's team? Go for this item without hesitation!

There are only 2 situations where you'll get the opportunity to buy this item;
1. You're playing an ''-apemso 5v5 noobs only pls!'' and showing off your imba skills. Within 15 minutes you already have all the items you need and you're saving up your gold to buy Rapier. Omg you're so Pr0!
2. You're playing vs AI bots with –gold 10...0 or whosyourdaddy.

Ok, time for some situational items:

A lot of enemy casters. They are pain in the ass, I know. NOT anymore!

You need HP badly. Perhaps a lot of meeles trying to counter you.

When there's a fast motherfucker in the enemy's team (perhaps Chaos Knight) and your stun is not enough to slow the bitch down.

Examples of item builds:

Like I said bilions of times, skill-builds and item-builds are only a matter of choice and you should buy items that suit your playstyle the best. However, I'll give you some of my favorite item-builds for Gyro;



Any questions? No? Great, let's move to Playstyle.


This is where you have to shine my fellow buddy. With Boots and Bottle you are ready to roam around the map and kill enemy heroes, you are ready to enjoy your killing streaks. Land your combos properly and gather as many exp and gold as you can. Release your full potential and show the world your skills. Don't be afraid to fight! In this early phase of game you can kill anyone! I mean it, anyone!

You are slowly turning into a semi-carry and your skills are not as effective as they were in early game. You'll notice it. However, you should already have atleast 6-7 kills and enough gold to afford buying some expensive items. Your best time is behind you and you have to be very careful not to die or feed. Help your allies in battles, deal a lot of damage, but don't forget to farm! In this state of game you're 50% ganker and 50% semi-carry. However, you should still be feared! Why? Because you owned early on, right?

Don't let this phase happen, that's your primary goal. Try finishing it before late game because you'll probably be the most useless player in your team. Your skills are really not that effective anymore and you're becoming 100% semi-carry. Your ganking potential is the lowest in late-game so be wise and careful if you still want to gank. Finish it!

Now lets about your combos and how to nail them. This is the best combo ever and it always works but unfortunately, only in pubs:
1. Find a victim.
2. Say; ''->his name here<-, are you a noob? Why are you doing this?''
3. He'll stop and start writing something. Launch a missle from fog.
4. By the time he finishes writing, your rocket should already stun him.
5. Appear from nowhere and beat the living shit out of him
6. He'll do one of the following; ragequit, flame or want to kill you badly
7. Return to step 1. This might work again!

There are other combos used in team battles, for example this one:
1. Initiate the battle with Missle
2. Use Flak Cannon to shoot all heroes
3. Use Call Down in AoE and try targeting a few heroes
4. Get in the middle and use Rocket Barrage
5. Finish a fight and try to win it
6. Return to your base with your allies for heal with your head up high

1. Don't tank with Gyro unless you want people to laugh at you
2. Initiate with missle and use your ultimate right after stun for big damage
3. Treat others... as you WOULDN'T like to be treated!


Your best allies are: players in your team
Your worst enemies are: players in the opposing team


Do you really need replays when you're reading such an awesome guide?

I hope you had fun reading this guide. I didin't want to offend or insult anyone. If you find yourself somehow insulted by this guide, call the police I don't care. DotA is all about practice and if you want to own with Gyrocopter, practice more. And remember, if everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough. If you had fun reading this guide, please share some positive feedback. If you didin't, press ALT+F4. Oh and btw, I hate Ursa.

Official DotA website for providing me with informations and for existing.
Icefrog for making this game.
And last but not least, you, my fellow reader, for enjoying (I hope so) this guide.

Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter
Author: Nikmar-official
Map Vers.: 6.68b

''We have lift off.''

Comic guide for Gyrocopter

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