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Hello, I'm writing this guide due to the sudden influx of horrible guides on morphling on playdota, I care deeply about the upcoming community and don't want them to be horribly misled by these guides. I will keep this guide short and simple for you guys so don't sweat it.

Introduction to Morphling

Morphling is an incredibly strong hero, his strength lies in his ganking power early in the game coupled with his late game carrying ability. Morphling has incredible survivability throughout the game through waveform (blink like nuke) and Morph (ability to change his stats between agility and strength, changing to strength results in a massive health gain) enough of this, let's get on to his spells.

Spells (Go look up the mana costs and cooldowns on playdota if you want them, I'm talking about them.)

Waveform is an incredibly strong skill; you perform a shockwave like nuke whilst moving with it. This skill can be used to dodge projectiles like stormbolts, scream of pains, carrion swarms, you name it. This is your main form of damage early game and your main method of survival so it will be maxed out first.

Adaptive Strike
Adaptive strike is a long range, single target nuke which doubles as a light stun. It's good to note that the stun actually moves the target a bit in the direction away from morphling. It varies from nuke to stun based on your strength and agility, the more agility you have the more damage it deals. The more strength you have the more time you will stun them. There are essentially two methods of using this skill that you'll encounter most often. The first method is wave forming through the person then adaptive striking them, this will push the person back further away from their escape route. This method works better when you're pushing them closer to another teammate. The second method is using adaptive strike as a finishing blow when they go out of your attack range it goes something like this: Waveform -> Attack, Attack, Attack, and Attack -> Adaptive strike them when they are out of range.
Ideally you'd want to stun them when they're within range of your attack though so you're able to get more attacks in.

This skill changes your strength into agility or agility into strength. You'll probably use the latter more than the former. When you're in a tight situation and you're not sure you'll live through with just waveform and replicate, flick on the auto cast for agility into strength and watch your hp start going up. As the game progresses you might notice you have a little extra health, it wouldn't be too bad to convert it into agility but try and keep your HP at a decent level (I like around 1800 hp, more if there's burst damage though!) Also watch your mana, as morphing drains mana and you want to keep enough to waveform or replicate!

Replicate is easily one of the most underutilized/underrated ultimates in all of DotA. Replicate allows Morphling an essentially global teleport which lets him farm lanes really fast. For instance, replicate your ally hero and send the replicate to bottom lane. Teleport top lane and farm a couple of lanes via waveform till the lane is too pushed. Pop over to your replicate, farm that lane till it's pushed. TP to mid, replicate an allied hero send him top lane. Farm mid till its pushed and then pop to your replicate. Morph farms very, very fast with this method. Keep practicing till you get it down, also cloning certain heroes can have very nice effects.
For instance, cloning Axe will give you a pretty tanky image with helix. Send him to neutral or farm a lane for you while you farm a separate lane! Another nice little note is if you clone DK while in elder form, your replicate is in elder form. Look for more heroes to replicate and use it freely! Replicate is also used as an escape method via replicating a hero, sending it away and then teleporting to it to escape enemies.

Skill Build
1 Wave Form
2 Morph
3 Wave Form
4 Morph
5 Wave Form
6 Replicate
7 Wave Form
8 Morph
9 Adaptive Strike
10 Adaptive Strike
11 Replicate
12 Adaptive Strike
13 Adaptive Strike
14 Morph
16 Replicate
Put a earlier point in adaptive if an interrupt is needed.


Shoot For:



Justification: We get a quick boots of travel in order to farm quickly using the mentioned replicate method. We get manta because we can replicate one of our own images and then pump out some serious damage. Diffisual is for the added agility and to keep people in place while manta does it job, you may go early diffusal if you're facing a Warlock/Omni, something you need the purge for! You may also skip diffusal if you have a tide/enigma, something on your team to keep people in place while you damage but you might still want it for ganks/chasing. It becomes purely a personal choice pending on your lineup. After that you can go heart or butterfly, probably butterfly to give you the edge on the other carry and extra agility for your images. Crit will round off your build but you're probably won't get to these last two items!

I won't bore you with replays of myself (mostly because I just got this laptop and I didn't transfer any over from my old PC ^_^) instead I'll post replays of Morphling at the highest level being played by and against professional players.

Morphling the Morphling
Author: Zieth
Map Vers.: 6.67c

Competitive Morphling Guide

Competitive guide to Morphling

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