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Quick Guide
Enchantress is a jungling support - usually in the 4/5 slot of the gold distribution system. She is most strong in the early/mid game.

"Aiushtha appears to be an innocent, carefree creature of the woods, and while this is certainly true, it is hardly the sum of her story. She well understands the suffering of the natural world. She has wandered far, and fared through forests bright and drear, in every clime and every season, gathering friends, sharing news, bringing laughter and healing wherever she goes. For in worlds wracked by war, forests are leveled for the building of ships and siege engines; and even in places of peace, the woods are stripped for the building of homes, and as fuel for countless hearths. Aiushtha hears the pleas of the small creatures, the furtive folk who need green shade and a leafy canopy to thrive. She lends her ears to those who have no other listeners. She carries their stories from the wood to the world, believing that her own good cheer is a kind of Enchantment, that can itself fulfill the promise of a verdant future."

Enchantress is a strong early to mid-game hero capitalizing on her great utility with healing, creep control skills, and pure damage to support her allies, push towers, and kill enemy heroes. By using the potent skills of neutral creeps in the jungle, she has the ability to be a strong presence in lanes adjacent to her jungle while not being gold dependent at all. Because of the lack of need for items, Enchantress can spend gold on various support items while still being useful in the mid-game. Although, Enchantress can be a potent semi-carry, given her powerful anti-carry passive and strong pure damage output through her auto-attacks buffed with her skills - her early game prowess can take her into late-game with a heavy advantage over enemy heroes in both gold and experience. Either way, Enchantress is a force to be reckoned with and should be played aggressively early game even though she is jungling to capitalize on her early game power.

Enchantress requires micromanagement, good positioning, and generic support skills. Without these, an Enchantress can quickly find herself in a situation of quick and painful death. Always on the move, Enchantress needs to know exactly when to go where or the player will miss the opportunity for kills or a clutch save on an ally.

Persistent Base Stats
Movement Speed: 310
Missile Speed: 900
Sight Range: 1800 (day and night)
Attack Range: 550

Scaling Base Stats

As seen here through these stats, Enchantress has low average attributes - this is especially apparent in her strength gain, the lowest in the game at 1.0 per level. An Enchantress needs to have good positioning in order to survive in team fights and continue to do damage without taking too much damage. This lack of scaling stats is factored in when choosing items to buy throughout the game. It should also be noted that her attack projectile speed is not particularly fast, Enchantress can take advantage of this with her ultimate skill, Impetus.

☼ Extremely strong early game due to strong healing and creep domination
☼ Aggressive jungler due to dominated creeps, she can push and gank often applying constant pressure onto a lane
☼ Does not rely heavily on items even though many items are effective on Enchantress
☼ Self-defense comes from abilities
☼ Can deal Pure Damage

☼ Low defensive stats (low strength overall, low armor)
☼ Requires some mana management
☼ Power falls off later into the game
☼ Main source of damage output easily stopped by Black King Bar
☼ Lackluster laner

With these strength and weaknesses of Enchantress in mind, the player must play to her advantage; Enchantress must play aggressively early in the game, yet be wary of counter-ganks as Enchantress is extremely squishy. If the enemies can get the upper hand, killing Enchantress, she loses her early-game advantage. Usually, Enchantress is incapable of becoming a semi-carry without running a large risk of possibly wasting farm that she has obtained due to Black King Bar. The best path to take is a support that capitalizes on her early game or mid-game game power and investing her gold in supportive items.

All of Enchantress's skills are effective at different situations and a player should know the importance of each skill to understand the mechanics behind each skill to make good decisions on leveling and using each skill.

Untouchable [Q]
Enchantress's only passive skill is a potent defensive skill against auto-attacking heroes especially those with lower attack speed.

Cast: Passive
Targets: Enemy Units

☼ Passive
☼ Magical Ability

The untouchable debuff will apply to any enemy units (heroes, summons and creeps) beginning to attack you, meaning that even if they don't throw out the auto-attack, they'll get the debuff. The debuff applies a flat (something the tooltips do not show) attack speed reduction. The application of this, will be completely nullified by magic immunity effects such as Black King Bar.

Untouchable is most noticeable mid-game but the flat based attack speed reduction can be relevant throughout the game, the massive 110 (more than a Mask of Madness activation) reduction can mean life or death in certain situations against carries. Untouchable is a strong ability to give Enchantress room to re-position if she is caught out by enemy carries.

Although Nature's Attendants are usually leveled before Untouchable, it may be wise to level it a couple times before maxing Nature's Attendants in certain situations. If early in the game, most of the damage is coming from auto-attacks (such as a Sniper) even two levels of Untouchable can slow down the damage output of the sniper. Untouchable can also be used to help kill jungle creeps without using Enchant as creeps will likely be unable to attack Enchantress too many times before dying to her but this use of Untouchable is not recommended as it still poses a danger to Enchantress if she does not have enough attack speed.

Enchant is the keystone spell for Enchantress in the early-game, it is maxed as soon as possible as it scales positively for the slow amount and its cooldown. Generally, in between Enchant and obviously leveling Impetus as soon as possible, Nature's Attendants is leveled, as it is a strong healing skill to further boost Enchantress's support power. But since Enchantress can sometimes find herself mana-starved, the player can delay the later levels of Nature's Attendants in order to keep the mana cost lower - in its place Untouchable can be useful for defense against heroes that deal their damage mainly from auto-attacks. Another possibility is to skip Untouchable completely, this should only be done If the enemy is COMPLETELY spell based damage, instead of Untouchable stats are taken in its place to give Enchantress more much needed stats.

This build is the usual build. It focuses on maxing the most useful skills first, choosing to leave Untouchable for later in favor of stronger healing.

Enchantress is a strong support hero, whether it is the hard support or the secondary support, Enchantress can shine without many items. After buying some cheap core items, Enchantress's build opens up giving her a great flexibility in items choices. General support items do not hold down Enchantress in obtaining her core items because of her ability to jungle effectively.

Animal Courier 150g
Gauntlets of Strength 150g
Gauntlets of Strength 150g
Tango 90g
Clarity 50g
Total: 590g (13g left over)

This starting build focuses on giving you a nice boost in your strength to increase Enchantress's maximum health alongside a couple consumables items just to allow Enchantress to stay out in the field to deal damage. At the beginning of the game, if another ally decides they want to buy the animal courier, buying wards in place of the Animal Courier is required.

Enchantress should only be picked when the jungle is available for her and a hero on her team is capable taking a sidelane solo. She can effectively play the support role on a team, whether it is full support with wards or the secondary support going for cheap support items such as Force Staff or Mekansm earlier.

Heroes that are capable of soloing a lane effectively that also have strong ganking capability are good allies for Enchantress if the solo lane is placed beside Enchantress's jungle; a few notable ones are:
Puck can help in ganks with Enchantress while being capable of delaying her own death with Phase Shift for Enchantress to get into the lane for assistance.

Luna can thrive in a solo lane that is supported by Enchantress, although Luna usually is not the best candidate for a solo lane - the constant pressure Enchantress can apply to a lane due to the aggressive play early can give a lot of room for Luna to farm and also help with ganks using Lucent Beam

Windrunner with Shackleshot can help setup ganks with Enchantress making a potent combo with Windrunner's great damage output.

At the later parts of the game, heroes that can keep enemies heroes locked into place can allow Enchantress to easily deal damage without having to worry about the possibility of death, a few notable heroes are:
Treant Protector's ultimate, Overgrowth is a strong disable to allow Enchantress to throw Impetus at enemy heroes.

Magnus not only helps Enchantress's damage with Empower but Reverse Polarity can also allow Enchantress to throw out many hits of Impetus on important heroes.

Faceless Void, if played properly, can give Enchantress a long window of opportunity with Chronosphere.

Other notable heroes that work well with Enchantress are as follow:
Troll Warlord can not only help Enchantress's damage output in team fights with Battle Trance but with regular use of it, tower killing can become extremely easy.

Lycanthrope can give a strong boost to not only Enchantress but her controlled neutral creeps with Howl

Keeper of the Light can allow Enchantress to use more of her abilities more often with Chakra Magic; this takes the pressure of mana management of player.

Early game, Enchantress shines in her ability to be aggressive and become a strong presence in the game. Enchantress begins in the jungle but even after the very first camp, the Enchantress can begin making her presence known in the adjacent lanes. Throughout the early game, Enchantress should play very actively - setting up kills and pressuring lanes.

Jungling with Enchantress is relatively simply because she never has to danger herself while ganking by simply using enchant to take control of the strongest creep in a camp to tank. Enchantress will be relying on the jungle as the main source of gold and experience for her taking on mostly the medium and large camps.

Controlling multiple units is extremely important for Enchantress to be successful throughout the game. Making proper control groups can help make controlling multiple units much easier - here is my own setup for controlling multiple units:
☼ Control group 1 - Enchantress and all extra controllable unit
☼ Control group 2 - Enchantress only
☼ Control group 3 - All extra controllable unit only.

This control group set up allows the player to move all units at once but also quickly send commands to only certain units.

There are certain creeps that the Enchantress should look out for as they are especially useful for her purposes.

Dark Troll Warlord
Dark Troll Warlords are a strong neutral creep for Enchantress. Firstly, this creep is ranged and does decent auto-attack damage - the extra boost of damage is always welcomed. One of its skills, Ensnare can hold down a target to open up for other skills in a gank - making this creep a powerful creep to have. Its second skill can summon skeletons if there is a corpse (something died near) nearby. The skeletons come in pairs and are not particularly tanky but still provide extra meat-shields and extra damage when pushing a tower.

Ursa Warrior
The Ursa Warriors (not fuzzy wuzzy) have a nice mix of tankiness, damage, and control ability. With Thunder Clap, it is a potent damage and a bonus slow - also note that Thunder Clap has a large AoE range around the neutral creep. Use this one mainly for ganking or pressure, the Ursa Warrior can pose a consistent danger in a lane because it can easily be used for a follow-up in damage and slow in a gank. Other than Thunder Clap, the Ursa Warrior does not have another skill. Note that the Ursa Warrior can only use its ability 3 times before running completely out of mana.

Satyr Hellcaller
The Satyr Hellcaller is the strongest creep for pressure in a lane. On its own, it only has a line based AoE magic damage but it can be used to simply force enemy heroes back from a lane. Alongside that, its long range damage capability makes it a strong candidate for bonus damage in a gank especially against heroes that have escape mechanisms. This neutral creep also has a passive aura that grants minor health regeneration to allies near it, this can be used to give some assistance to hurt allies in lane but it can usually be overlooked due to its slow regeneration. Be aware that Satyr Hellcallers can only use its Shockwave skill 3 times before running completely out of mana - use it wisely.

Centaur Khan
The Centaur Khan is a good creep for ganking and pushing. The Centaur's War Stomp ability will stun everything near it while doing some minor damage. This ability makes the Centaur a strong ganking creep being able to completely disable heroes in a small AoE. Unlike the Ursa Warrior though, the AoE for the stomp is quite small, positioning the centaur is very important. The Centaur can only use the stun twice until it runs out of mana, don't waste it. The Centaur also has an aura that increases attack speed, this makes the centaur especially strong in fights and pushing towers. Whilst pushing towers, the increased attack speed can help take down the tower quickly and then the stunning capabilities can help deter anyone teleporting in or coming in to deny the tower.

Wildwing Warchief
The Wildwing Warchief is the best creep for applying pressure to the lane. Its ability, Tornado, deals strong damage while the Wildwing can still be out of sight. Enchantress can just leave the Wildwing channeling the spell out of sight and send the tornado in while Enchantress goes back into the jungle. The Tornado should be micro'd to deal as little as possible damage to the lane creeps and get as close to the hero as possible. The damage is usually enough to force the enemy hero in lane to run away from the tornado giving your allied lane partner some time to farm. The tornado also grants limited vision around it, use this to scout out locations if necessary. This neutral creep also has a bonus armor aura, this can be useful when pushing the lane to give creeps some extra defense against the tower and other creeps.

Enchantress can continue to be effective in the mid-game. This is where team fights begin, pushing becomes more important, and supporting still is one of Enchantress's jobs. Positioning becomes more and more important for Enchantress as the game goes on - careful manipulation of her skills, neutral creeps, and her own position is required for Enchantress to continue to do well mid-game.

In team fights, players need to be aware of what enemies are doing and allies are moving. Enchantress needs to be moderately far away from enemy heroes to maximize her damage output with Impetus. Although the team fights at this point in the game may not be full 5v5's they still pose certain danger to Enchantress if she over-extends.

Impetus should be used consistently and heals with Urn of Shadows and Nature's Attendants should be used whenever possible. Enchantress can take a neutral creep into a team fight if the player knows that the team fight will be starting - the extra creep can be very helpful with its aura and AoE spells.

Here is an example of a smaller encounter:

Luna has been initiated on by the enemy team, some of them are severely weakened - but Luna is almost dead. Enchantress teleports in and quickly gives Luna a heal using the Urn then seeing as most of the enemy heroes are in the process of retreating, picks off Ancient Apparition with slow and Impetus.

The key here is knowing when it is safe to extend forward and when to back off - even a couple seconds out of position, Enchantress can quickly find herself dead due to her lack of health.

In the late game, Enchantress severely drops off - she's extremely squishy, her damage can be stopped by Black King Bar, her heals won't be able to out heal many sources of damage, and her neutral creeps die more easily. Playing correctly becomes increasingly important in order to stay relevant at this point in the game.

At this point, enemy carries may have BKB's which drops Enchantress's damage output heavily so Enchantress could look to prey on other weaker heroes such as supports. [Positioning is extremely important at this time in the game, standing in the wrong place can cause a quick death. A player needs to look at the battlefield and see what locations where Enchantress can be most effective yet away from any immediate danger.

Take a look at this team fight for an example of analyzing the battlefield:

There are two places Enchantress doesn't want to be:
☼ In the red zone, a large cluster of units are here - avoiding this area can help keep Enchantress away from devastating AoE skills and possibly being body-blocked by units.

☼ In the green zone, we have the tower range - avoid this because the tower AI will target Enchantress if she begins to deal damage to enemy heroes, the damage of the tower can take off chunks of health from Enchantress's already small health pool.

☼Enchantress is standing in a position where she can make Impetus auto-attacks on enemy supports, killing them quickly.

Enchantress is significantly weaker later in the game, careful positioning is the key to surviving team fights while still being useful.

Thank you for reading my guide, practice is important when playing any hero, this guide is only the start of your career with Enchantress - best of luck.

Here is the replay where I took most of the photos for this guide, the Enchantress played by me. There are a handful of mistakes in there, learn from those mistakes that I've made to see what not to do at certain places.

Match ID: 117896492

Lifestealer (Hattori)
Tiny (PlasmaPunch)
Luna (Reutan)
Windrunner (Lucrio)
Enchantress (EvilAndrex)


Beastmaster (Smeags Bonaparte)
Pudge (MegaSmeags)
Spectre (Fallacious47)
Ancient Apparition (¶XML| »nrel©nting«)
Lich (The Gosu Choo Choo)

Thank you anyone who played with me. I've put a download for the file from the match ID if the in-game download is unavailable.

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Aiushtha the Enchantress
Author: evil andrex
Map Vers.: 6.77-Dota2

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Comprehensive Enchantress Guide

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