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Please let me know if something about this guide irritates you. I am thinking of substituting hero and item pics for names too. Let me know about your views on this guide are.

Creeps for DUMMIES: New Perspective

Hi! This guide is intended to show starters the influence that creeps have on the game by providing a new point of view on creeps to beginners through simple explanations. I recommend this guide to the low-skilled players who have been playing for a while too.

By the way, this is my first guide, and hopefully you guys would enjoy it.


i. Brief Introduction to Creeps

ii. Creep Equilibrium: Lasthitting and the Other Half of the Answer

iii. Creeps: the Engine of the Team

iv. Creeps' Influence on Ganking Concepts

v. Creeps Position in Farming and Solo Mid

vi. Creep Pulling: Retreating as a Strategy (coming soon)

vii. Creep Aggro: Boon and Bane (coming soon)

viii. Creeps as Natural Barrier/Buffer Zone (coming soon)

ix. Creep Blocking. Quit Blocking? (coming soon)

x. Who Should Get the Creeps? (coming soon)

xi. SUPERCREEPS! (coming soon)

xii. Exercises & Homework (coming soon)

xv. Recommended Guides (coming soon)

xiv. Summary (coming soon)

xv. Credits

Brief Introduction to Creeps

Let me start this guide off with an old saying. It goes like this, "Killing heroes does not win you the game, pushing towers and downing the ancient wins you the game".

I am guessing that you are saying "duh!" right now. Obviously, that is what the whole game about, destroying the opposition's Tree/Throne. So, what is going to help you push through all the way to the Ancient?

Of course it's the creeps! If you answered your ally heroes I would not say that your answer is wrong.,it's just that 'creeps' as an answer is more correct. Take away Roshan, neutrals, and heroes, and watch waves after waves of creeps spawn. Guess what? It is a matter of time before one side wins the game. That, my friend, is the power of creeps.

The creeps are an important aspect of the game. One could compare them to the pawns of a chess game. Underestimated and belittled, they play a big role in a game. They can act as your first line of defense or attack, and their untapped potential is left there in the open for you to exploit. One question is that how men are wise enough to notice their influence on the game?

Allow me to cite some examples of what creeps can do:

-Tower diving when creeps help to absorb tower damage,reduce casualties in offensive ganks.

-Tanking towers while downing it and tanking enemy creeps while you farm.

-Harassing enemy hero when allied creeps outnumber enemy creeps.

-Putting pressure onto enemy's towers by pushing.

They influence both major and minor decisions. The one who controls the creeps dictates the tempo of the game.

They can act as your first line of defense or attack.

Creep Equilibrium: Lasthitting and the Other Half of the Answer

I chose to start off with creep equilibrium because I believe this concept is closely related to most of the other topics that I am going to discuss in this guide.

What is creep equilibrium? When the lane is in equilibrium, the meeting point of the Radiant's and Dire's creep waves would always be at the same spot. Meaning that it does not shift at all. Let's say at the mid lane, the first creep wave on both sides would meet exactly at the centre of the map. When the lane is in equilibrium, the next creep wave on both side would still continue to meet in the centre of the map. As long as the lane is in equilibrium, the creep waves would always meet at the same place, at the centre of the map.

For every (last)hit landed on a creep, a (last)hit must be landed on a creep on the other team in order to maintain creep equilibrium.

The art of lasthitting, so powerful yet elegant, simple yet difficult to grasp is a beautiful part of the game. A good lasthitter denies as many creeps as he farms. A better lasthitter knows when to lasthit enemy creeps and when to deny for he has understood the ideas of lane control.

Last hitting is intimately associated with creeps. It is essential for you to learn how to last hit to control the creeps. You want your actions to control the creeps and not let the creeps dictate your actions. Creeps can aid you in the game but can also be troublesome if not managed well. In order to use them, you must master lasthitting. By lasthitting, you can control creep equilibrium much easier, and through that, you can dominate lanes.

There is a reason why #1 is called a carry and not a farmer.

Basically, denying is lasthitting your own creeps. However, you can only start denying you creeps when their health reaches below 50%. Hence, sometimes it's harder to deny than lasthit especially with the interference of enemy towers.

You don't only want to succeed, you want to see others fail too. If you want to outfarm and outlevel your opponent, lasthitting is NOT enough. If both sides are equally strong, it all boils down to your ability to last hit and deny.

For example, if none of you bother to deny, theoretically, both sides would have the same number of lasthits. Problem is you don't want to have a win-win situation, you want to have a win-lose situation. You want to be the victor and that means you have to start denying.

Although denying is essential, you should put lasthitting as you main priority and denying your second. More often than not, better players have more denies.

More often than not, better players have more denies.

Creeps: the Engine of the Team

When you are pushing, it is always better to station creeps nearer to the enemies’ tower. One would also consider spamming attacks, NOT auto attack, so that ally creeps would outnumber enemy creeps (Captain Obvious strikes again), but still last hitting the creeps at the same time. Only then, creeps would surge forward and reach the enemies’ second line of defense, the tower.

For pushing, obviously, the number of creeps on your side must be more than that of your opponents’. (Ring of Basilius), a common item which offers a bonus armour aura, helps to sustain creeps by making them more resistant to physical attacks, and many other hero abilities helps in pushing in early game.

Overarching idea: hero abilities with AOE damage.
Conclusion: AOE damage=Push.

Note: this picture is exaggerated.

By limiting your mana usage, you limit the number of AOE spells used and you limit the push. At the same time, you can maintain your lane dominance and prepare for future ganks.

Creeps' Influence on Ganking Concepts

When the solo mid hero or roamer is ganking, the creeps are preferably away from enemies’ tower, better if it is nearer to yours. First of all, the tower is the most powerful unit in early game. You do not want to be in the range of the enemy tower. Secondly, if the distance between the enemy hero and tower is far, it leaves behind a lot of space to exploit. If the enemy is to retreat, it would take a much longer time, allowing for the cooldown of spells just in case he survived, not to mention the extra hits you can land on him. Furthermore, more space would mean more fog, which means that opponent would be caught off guard more often in a gank.

Note: numerous paths from the forests at side lanes also assist gankings from any positions. The hardest thing is to choose when to strike at a perfect timing. Use the terrain to your advantage!

This type of gank is ideal as enemies are in a more vulnerable position and are usually outnumbered. Furthermore, time of enemy reinforcements arriving would increase due to the increased distancing away from the opposing first tower, which means that enemy's TP support will take much longer. Thus, risks and casualties would be minimised on your side.

Please note that these ganks are easier to pull off in pubs as gamers there have little or no sense of controlling the positions of creeps.

This shows yellow getting backstabbed by two enemy heroes. Due to him moving too forward in the lane, he finds himself to be in a very vulnerable position, far away from the tower. In the end, he was flanked and killed. By the way, yellow is (venomancer). He planted wards in the Dire forest but it seems like there is an alternative path for enemies to reach him.

A WoDota video: DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.79 - YouTube

Watch the part of LGD.dd’s beastmaster (it’s the #9). It shows that towers are powerful early game; DON’T mess with the towers yet unless you have got creeps to tank the tower like in #8. Do you think Kunkka (#8) could have got 3 kills without the creeps tanking for him earlier?

Creeps Position in Farming and Solo Mid

When farming or in solo mid, the most important thing is to control the positions of creeps. First and foremost, let’s start with farming. Farming is one of the main aspects of the game. Basically, the more you farm, the richer you are, and money is power. Everyone reading this guide can farm, but how many here have actually mastered it?

In early stages of the game, creeps are everything. But as the game progresses, other factors come into play. Again, imagine dota as a game of chess. You want to develop your pieces quickly and efficiently early in the game to gain momentum. Just like chess, outcomes are usually determined in mid-game. However, a good start is always beneficial in the present and future. There is a saying in Chinese; “好的开始是成功的一半”. It means that a good beginning is half done.

The Law of the Chain states, “The strength of the team is impacted by the weakest link”.

Creep Pulling: Retreating as a Strategy

Creep pulling is drawing the aggro of the neutrals to draw the aggro of your creeps onto the neutrals, then you watch them engage each other. Creep pulling is a very effective and important tactic. It is a skill that lower level players do not practice and higher level players utilise.

Things needed in creep pulling are aggro and timing. You don't have to be a world class player to pull. Even a new Dota player who has 1 week experience with this game can pull. However, pubbers pulling is even rarer than running into a wild Chansey in the Safari Zone(in the older versions of Pokemon).

Creep pulling, in my opinion, is one of the strongest move you can make in the laning stages of the game as a newbie or 'noob'.

More to be added.

Creep Aggro: Boon and Bane (Under construction)

Creep aggro is a double-edged sword. If you know it, then good for you. If you don't, then good luck for you. After reading this chapter, you would gain more knowledge but not wisdom if you don't practice it in a match.

Another excellent guide by Luminous48: Guide to Aggro

Basically, this guide pretty much sums up what creep aggro is. You may call me lazy for not doing it myself but hey, it's a video guide. That means no more long walls of text, for now. Hurray!

More to be added.

Creeps as Natural Barrier/Buffer Zone (Under construction)

Creep Blocking. Quit Blocking?

People always say runes>creep blocking. Is it true? Stay tune and find out!

More to be added.

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Creeps for DUMMIES: New Perspective

Creeps for DUMMIES: New Perspective

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