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The Official Huskar Guide
by Big Techno

As with most of the guides here at, this guide is intended to brief you on one of my favorite carries, Huskar.


Burning Spears
Burning spears deal 27/36/45/54 (after resistance) magic damage per spear. A +54 damage buff to your attack is nothing to be laughed at, its like running around with a DD all the time. Each spear processes individually and each one expires after 6 seconds. Just think of them as a +damage add to your normal attack, but remember that when you have 6 or more stacked you'll often add over 200 damage, and don't need to continue throwing at low HP opponents. This spell has no manacost, unlike other orbs, and instead costs 15 of your HP per cast.

At level one, they can be particularly powerful. Spears add the highest damage of any orb at level one. For some math, Huskar's level 1 physical attack deals 45 (average) damage. For a first blood rush, we'll be using a +9 damage 2x gauntlet 1x circlet 2x branch build, totalling 53 damage/hit, meaning level one spears total 80 damage per hit on an unarmored opponent. For an armor buffer we'll say that 3 hits is 210 damage; this gives us a relatively good approximation that 9 spear hits is what it takes to kill a 600 HP hero with some breathing room, using your attacks alone. However, with some good disable-and assist like Axe or Rhasta, you really only have to drop 6-7 or so spears to get that FB. You can pull that in just under about 4.6 seconds in range of the enemy hero. For a margin, we'll say about five seconds, or three seconds after a two second disable, so generally its good to bring two heroes unless they have something disgusting to stop you.

Inner Vitality
Now for your heal! This skill is sick-good when used on any hero with large gains on their base stat or a tier 4 item in their base stat. How it works:

If a hero has less than 40% HP, use this on them to heal for 2/4/6/8 + 15%/30%/45%/60% of their main stat per second. If they pass 40% HP, you still get the 2/3/6/8, but percentage heal drops to 5%/10%/15%/20%. Its still a large heal, but in general you should save Inner Vitality for severely damaged or focus-fired allies; it heals for three times as much while they remain low-HP.

At level 1, with the stat-heavy build outlined above, you regain up to 104 HP at about 4.75HP/sec. However, at level 2 (Huskar level 3), with exactly the same items, you'll regain up to 232 HP per cast; more if you've converted some of the items into bracers. Therefore, its generally a good idea to chicken some tangos or a flask to your lane and save your mana for a heal cast at level 3.

Berserker's Blood
Berserker's Blood is a great DPS ability. It gives +2/4/6/8 IAS and Damage per 7% HP missing, which caps at 14/28/42/58% IAS and damage each. So, combined with spears, you get +112 mixed damage per throw with +58% IAS added in for kicks, making you one of the best focus-firing characters in the game, and only surpassed by a few scaling characters (criticals and severe armor reduction). Because of this and your powerful heal, you can act as a semi-counterpick to Krobulus, a popular ban and pick.

Life Break
This skill deals magic damage to both parties. Huskar takes 30%/24%/19% (after reduction) of his current HP in magic damage, and the opponent takes 37.5% of his current HP (again, after reduction). This skill can never kill either party, and obviously its best to use it when the opponent is full HP for maximum effect. An interesting note is the cooldown decreases significantly with level, and at level 3, the cooldown is 15 seconds, so you'll often be able to life break twice in one fight.

Hood of Defiance is recommended for Huskar as is reduces the amount of damage you take from your own ultimate to 20.5%/17%/12%, a difference of 10%/7%/6% per level, and of course offers great protection against other spells.

Standard Build Order
Burning Spears
Inner Vitality
Inner Vitality
Burning Spears
Inner Vitality/Burning Spears
Life Break
Burning Spears
Inner Vitality/Burning Spears
Berserker's Blood
Berserker's Blood
Life Break
Berserker's Blood
Berserker's Blood
Inner Vitality
Attribute Bonus
Life Break
Attribute Bonus...

Build Explanations
There's little that needs to be explained here, Spears and Vitality are priority, because Spears is a non-scaling skill most effective at levels 7-10, and because your heal ... well its just too good. Berserker's Blood gives more damage than stats and a lot of IAS so we get that next, but do me a favor and don't run around at 600 life all the time to maximize the effectiveness of it. Your ult is extremely powerful and is taken when available.

Dual Lane Starting
2x Gauntlet
Circlet of Nobility
2x Ironwood Branch OR Flask OR 1 set Tangos

Solo Starting
2x Gauntlet
2x Tangos OR 2x Ironwood Branches

Core Item Build:
Power Treads
2x Bracer
Hood of Defiance
Armlet of Mordiggan
TP Scrolls

Luxury Items
Heart of Terrasque
Assault Curiass

Hood -

Levels-Items-Skills Breakdown and Mathcraft

By-The-Levels Math Breakdown

CS figures do not include hero kills/deaths, tick gold, or tower gold. As you can see Hero and Tower kills play into the build in a big way; otherwise completing HoT by level 20 would be extremely difficult.

Level 2
2x Gauntlet, Circlet, Tangos
Lvl 1 Inner Vitality
Str: 21 + 8
HP: 551
40% or less Vitality heals 6.35 HP/sec (101.6 max)
40% or more Vitality heals 3.45 HP/sec (55.2 min)
Required Gold/CS: 0/0

Level 4
Bracer, Gauntlet, Ring of Regeneration
Lvl 2 Inner Vitality
Str: 26 + 9
HP: 665
40% or less Vitality heals 14.5 HP/sec (232 max)
40% or more Vitality heals 7.5 HP/sec (120 min)
Required Gold/CS: 550/12

Level 6
Boots, Bracer, Gauntlet, Ring of Regeneration, TP Scroll
Level 3 Inner Vitality
Str: 30 + 9
HP: 741
40% or less Vitality heals 23.55 HP/sec (376 max) + 2/sec
40% or more Vitality heals 11.85 HP/sec (189 min) + 2/sec
*this is kind of an intersting turning point, you'll notice that at 40% or less you start to heal much more than double than what you do a high HP heal. At level 3 you should almost never heal yourself or an ally that is above 40% HP)
Required Gold/CS: 1185/26

Level 9
Str Treads, Bracer x2, Ring of Regeneration, TP Scroll (3)
Level 3 Inner Vitality
Str: 38 + 22
HP: 1140
40% or less Vitality heals 33 HP/sec (528 max) + 2/sec
40% or more Vitality heals 15 HP/sec (240 min) + 2/sec
Required Gold/CS: 3165/70

Level 11
Treads, Bracer x2, Ring of Regeneration, Helm of Iron Will, TP Scroll (5)
Level 3 Inner Vitality
Str: 42 + 22
HP: 1216
40% or less Vitality heals 35.7 HP/sec (571 max) + 5/sec
40% or more Vitality heals 15.9 HP/sec (254 min) + 5/sec
Required Gold/CS: 4385/97

Level 16
Treads, Bracer x2, Hood of Defiance, Armlet of Mordiggan, TP Scroll (8)
Level 4 Inner Vitality
Str: 54 + 22 + (25)
HP: 1444 (1919)
40% or less Vitality heals 54.2 HP/sec (862 max) + 11/sec
40% or more Vitality heals 23.4 HP/sec (374 min) + 11/sec
Required Gold/CS: 8465/188
*Around this point in the game, Inner Vitality will start to heal more than 50% of your max HP, so you'll rarely reap the full benefit of the heal unless in combat.

Armlet of Mordiggan provides 25 str and -35 HP/sec, which equates to a constant HP loss of -20 HP/sec with the inner vitality skill active and below 40% HP. Considering your standard items are going to give you + 11, netting just a -9/sec to your +54.2 and growing.

Level 20
Treads, Bracer, Hood of Defiance, Armlet of Mordiggan, Heart of Tarrasque
Level 4 Inner Vitality
Str: 64 + 47 + (25)
HP: 2409 (2884)
40% or less Vitality heals 74.6 HP/sec (1193 max) +35/ sec (total 1753 over 16 seconds)
40% or more Vitality heals 30.2 HP/sec (483 min) +35/ sec (total 1043 over 16 seconds)
Required Gold/CS: 13965/310

As you can see, Heart really seals the deal, allowing you to heal over 1700 HP in 16 seconds, a little over 100 HP a second.

Huskar the Sacred Warrior
Author: BigTechno
Map Vers.: 6.61b


Damage Per Second

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