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9 months have passed since Naga was remade and 3 since she was introduced into Dota 2 and there are still no Naga Siren guides out there?
But don't worry anymore guys, I'm back and I'm here to fix the problem.

Metagame revolves around taking down towers fast which allows everyone to get tons of gold, and allowes carries to complete their core really fast and destroy everyone in a teambattle from 30 minutes onward. So just like 2-3 years ago, only the games last a lot shorter.

Naga Siren in picked mainly because of her Ultimate and Ensnare. Ensnare is a powerfull counter to almost all popular carries today and her ultimate is gamebreaking and overpowered in combination with other initiators like Tidehunter, Enigma and Dark Seer.

She is currently a high tier hero.

As far as farming priority goes she can be played as #1-3.

Is Naga a good pub pick?
Only if you play with decently organized team. She doesn't function very good by herself and is not easy to master. To stomp pubs as well as other popular heroes like Lanaya, Invoker, Lycan or Ursa she has to create a big gold advantage which will be very hard if your opponents are on the same skill level as you or more skilled. Her solo potential becomes more insignificant in higher skilled games and more importance is put on strategical use of her spells.

Highest Starting Armor
Ensnare counter some of the strongest carries with BKB
Excellent DPS with just Diffusal Blade
Purge and Mana Burn provide a lot disabling power
Gamebreaking ultimate
Strong caster-type spells
Good turtler

Requires a lot of farm
Slow farmer without items
Low Mobility
Illusions are easy to destroy

II.Skill Build
1. Ensnare6. Song11. Song
2. Rip Tide7. Rip Tide12. Mirror Image
3. Ensnare8. Rip Tide13. Mirror Image
4. Mirror Image9. Ensnare14. Mirror Image
5. Rip Tide10. Ensnare15. Stats

You can take Mirror Image at level 1 for scouting purposes and countering Goblin Techies, or Rip Tide to last hit better.
Ensnare can be maxed first if needed, 2 levels of Ensnare are usually enough.

Starting Items
GG BranchGG BranchQuelling BladeClarity PotionTangoHealing Salve
Starting items provide with you a lot of regeneration and protection. Your goal is to farm well during laning phase.

Core Items
Upgrade your Boots of Speed based on team compositions. Tranquil Boots, Arcane Boots and Power Treads are viable upgrades.
Magic Stick is a great item since you tend to get involved in most battles. Upgrading it is recommended unless you didn't start out with GG branches.
Optional Items provide good benefits for small amount of money. Making them is recommended unless you have enough freedom to rush bigger items.
Diffusal Blade is your main source of damage. Mana Burn is the only orb effect that works with Illusions allowing you to drain any enemy dry in 5 seconds. It gives you the best cost effective damage as long the target has mana (beside Divine Rapier). Upgrade it as soon as possible. However in some games you will have to delay it in favor of Radiance or defensive items like Heart or Linken's Sphere but you shouldn't bother with that in lower skilled pub games since farming for their components will be very hard.
Always carry TP scroll with you. Your spells and especially your ultimate can turn the tide of every battle

Solo Mid?
If you decide to take middle lane you can buy Bottle if you want. Just don't buy it at the start of game because you will get harassed out of the lane without a bottle crow.

Boots of Choice
Once caught in a bad spot you don't have any way to prevent damage except your Ultimate.Tranquil Boots allow you to survive early game harass. You will dissasemble them in mid game and make Power Treads/Arcane Boots meaning you paid 263 gold for more regen then Ring of Health provides.
Arcane Boots provide you with 2.44 MP/sec (a little bit more to allies around you) and a whooping 250 mana which will solve most of your mana problems. By far my favourite boots in pubs.
Stat bonuses from Power Treads work on illusions (but not attack speed). They are the best choice if your allies can help you solve HP and MP problems

Optional Items - Pick One
Urn of Shadows is a good item in combination with Arcane Boots to fix your health regeneration problems. Collecting charges won't be a problem since you will participate in almost all teamfights and Urn's dot is helpfull in finishing off fleeing heroes.
Ring of Aquila is most commonly made item on Naga Siren, though I recommend you to use other alternatives in pub games to cover your weaknesses.
Drum of Endurance provides good stats and Endurance aura which increases attack and more importantly movement speed. Usually you will face many mobile heroes and have trouble netting people before they get away. Drum's aura works on illusions.
Vanguard is not a very cost effective item, but it increases your survability by a lot. It's almost always gotten in combination with Arcane Boots or Radiance. Not recommended unless you are short on cash.
You can upgrade Stout Shield into Poor Man's Shield for 300 additional gold and it provides good benefits, however it will be the first item you will sell and if you know your inventory will fill up fast you'd better skip it.
Extension Items
Heart of Tarrasque is the ultimate tanking item. Unlike most popular carries you have to slowly walk to your target, and even if it's caught in net it and it's allies can nuke you down. So because of that and that the fact your illusions take double damage Heart of Tarrasque is one of the best luxury items. It can be gotten before Diffusal Blade.
Manta gives you some stats and when activated 2 additional illusions, and you can dodge spells if you time it right. Buy it only after you have Diffusal Blade since you're wasting a lot of damage otherwise
Butterfly is a late game DPS item that gives 35% evasion. Usually the best choice for 5th slot
Daedlus/Buriza is the item to get for your 6th slot, meaning very late game. It's not quite as good compared to other items, but good enough to be considered extension
Boots of Travel is a must have upgrade from your old boots in late game
Situational Items
Radiance is mostly a farming and defensive item. Coupled with Rip Tide you can deal massive aoe damage and push or prevent pushes while staying on the other side of the map and farming jungle. Get it early before Diffusal Blade or don't get it at all.
It's very late game and enemy carry with Evasion is giving you trouble? Buy Monkey King Bar instead of Daedlus/Buriza
Enemy Doom is giving you trouble or Rubick always steals your ultimate? Buy Linken's Sphere and you will deal with them a lot easier. It solves your mana problems too. Can be gotten before Diffusal Blade. Doesn't work properly in Dota 1 because casting Mirror Image will reset it's cooldown so it's not recommeded there. Not recommeded for pub games.
Abyssal Blade is a great anti carry item that allows you to lock down enemy carry for a long time. Coupled with Ensnare you could easily lock down enemy carry from 7-10 seconds. Not recommended for pub games.
Black King Bar is pretty situational item since Heart is better on Naga, but when you need to participate in teambattles and can't farm 3.2k gold for Reaver AND don't wanna get eaten alive by nukes BKB is a great choice
Blink Dagger is a really good item that solves Naga's lack of mobility. Landing perfect ultimates and ensnares against dodgy opponents will be a piece of cake and you can land kills and save allies in Wodota stlye

Dream Item Build

This item build will give you the best possible DPS and enough HP for your illusions to deal that damage. No matter what items you decide to get the most important is the order in which you get them.

The only real way to understand what items you have to make on Naga Siren is to play her. She is not a hero that needs only damage but a good balance of damage, health and mana.
My core build provides exactly that and as you gain more experience playing her you can change it to fit your playstlye.

Choice of extension items depends on enemy lineup and you will find yourself making at least one item situational. Dream item build is the build you use when everything goes smoothly which is rare these days.
Item and Stat Balance
There are four stats you have to manage: Health, Mana, Damage and Utility.
The hardest part of playing Naga Siren is choosing the right items for her based on her game.

When playing Naga Siren you should have dream item build in mind and decide how much damage are you willing to sacrifice to gain HP, Mana and Utility. This depends on your and enemy lineup.

In ideal team composition you will have:
Healers -Heroes with Mekanesm and similar healing spells and items
Mana Batteries - Ezalor, Crystal Maiden and allies with Arcane Boots
Utility Heroes - Heroes with utility items and spells like Force Staff, Sheepstick and Surge
Combo Heroes - Heroes like Tidehunter, Enigma

If you have all of these you can focus on getting damage (Diffusal Blade+Manta) if you have a tank on your team or survability (Heart+Diffusal Blade) if you don't.
Diffusal Blade, Manta and Heart are 3 of your most cost efficient items. Butterfly is also a great item but it's reserved for late game.

Mirror Image
Creates three images of Naga Siren under her control
Mirror Image is Naga's steroid skill. It can be used for scouting and and if you have very good timing to avoid single targeted spells.
This spell has a really long cast time. Don't cast it while chasing people because they will get away.
Blocking people with your illusions is pretty hard since Naga's collision size is only 1/3 of other heroes.
To understand reasoning behind item builds you have to realize that Illusions don't work with:
Raw Damage, Armor or Attack Speed increase
Health or Mana regeneration, including Lifesteal (regardless of what the animation may show)
Most Unique attack modifiers, with the exception of Feedback on melee illusions
Bash, including Monkey King Bar (regardless of what the animation may show)
Damage Block (Vanguard, Poor Man's Shield, etc)
Magic Resistance from items (Cloak, Hood of Defiance, or Pipe of Insight)

Synergy and Anti Synergy
Illusions won't detect units affected with Smoke of Deceit, so they are not a good way to prevent smoke ganks.
Radiance has great synergy with your illusions. You can send one illusion to farm lane and make enemies think you are there and clear a whole jungle in 20 seconds by sending other 2 illusions to different camps. Abuse it by stealing farm from enemy jungle.
Manta can be used to summon up to 5 illusions at the same time or summon them at different time, allowing you to have 100% uptime on your illusions.
Since level 1 illusions take 5 times more damage and level 4 illusions take double damage there is little chance they will survive more then 2 aoe nukes. HoT is an item you will eventually have to buy to deal any kind of damage with your illusions.
Cleave effects is something you have to watch out for. Your illusions take between 2-5 times more damage and if enemy hits one of them cleaved damage could 1 shot you, especially by Kunkka with Buriza/Daedlus. Use your illusions with caution against them.
Heroes with massive amount of aoe damage will destroy your illusions no matter how tanky they are, so if they are stacked you should use this spell after they have used most of them

Interrupts the target and traps them in place, preventing movement or blinking.
Ensnare is one of the most powerfull disables early mid game because it has a casting range of 650 which is more then all other non ultimate spells.
It is a great initiating spell when you don't want to use your ultimate for initiation.
Later in game heroes will buy Ghost Sceptres and Force Staves to counter it.

Synergy and Anti Synergy
Use ensnare to cancel chanelled items and abilites like Tp Scroll or Black Hole.
In addition that you will catch up with any enemy and Ensnare him using a blink dagger, this spell also prevents affected units from blinking away. This goes for all heroes with blink abilites like Anitmage and Queen of Pain.
Units with Black King Bar can be affected by Ensnare making Naga the best counter to this item.
Ghost sceptre will render your net useless. This applies to Pugna's Decripify
Heroes caught in net can be forced away from you and it can be very difficult for you to catch up.
Destroyer can Imprison himself or his ally for the duration of Ensnare rendering it useless.
Ensnare is Lycan's hardest counter.
Heroes with skillshots will appreciate it more then anyone.
Ensnare reveals invisible units and is one of their most powerful counters if you have Gem of Truesight.

Rip Tide
The Naga Siren and her images hit all nearby units with a damaging wave of water that lowers armor.
This is one of the best nukes in the game. Since your illusions cast it simultaneously it is very hard to find the real hero.
Area of this spell is 450 and there are many fun things you can do with this spell, like farm multiple places at once, harass heroes while last hitting creeps and of course kill people. It scales very well so make sure to max it asap.

Synergy and Anti Synergy
What is better then armor reduction? More armor reduction! Items and abilties that reduce armor like Assault Cuirass, Medallion of Courage and Desolator will go a long way in increasing damage done by you and your allies.

Song of the Siren
All enemies in range of the Naga Siren are put into a magical stasis where they cannot act or be attacked. Using Song of the Siren again will end the duration early.
Currently the most overpowered ultimate ingame. To use this ability to it's fullest you will have to use a microphone to announce when you will start and end channel of this spell.
What is so special about this spell is that affects enemies in a large range and reapplied every second, so enemies that come into area later will be affected.

The most frustrating part of using this spell is when an ally wastes his spell because you are not in sync, so if you can't or are bad at communicating focus on using this spell to save allies or catch up with enemies.

Try to end this spell as soon as possible because other enemies can react and their cooldowns will end which could lead to your death.

Song can also be used to isolate enemies and kill them, either by abusing magic immunity or positioning which will allow your team to tear apart lone heroes while you keep rest of the enemy team asleep or take down enemy barracks where items like Blink Dagger will help you immensely.

Synergy and Anti Synergy
Units with Black King Bar will not be affected by your ultimate, allowing you to put all other enemies to sleep during a teamfight and kill that poor hero
You can cast Tp scroll while chanelling your ultimate and escape from any gank or failed teamfight.
Tidehunter and Naga Siren make one of the strongest combos ingame. Song of the Siren will ensure that Ravage never misses and winning teamfights will be a piece of cake.
Your Song will allow Enigma to land a perfect Black Hole.
Omniknight can repel an enemy before you cast Song allowing you to kill him without interruption.
Roshan is not affected by your ultimate, so with enough skill and luck you can cast it just before he dies and steal Aegis from enemy team.
Rubick would like nothing more then to steal your ultimate. Be sure to cast something after it to prevent him from stealing it.

Early Game
Choose a lane where you can farm safely. It will probably be the long lane or the middle lane.
You can dual lane or trilane with support heroes and easily score kills from level 2 versus some lineups. Don't do anything stupid until you farmed a bit though.
Focus on last hitting and denying and pull creeps if possible. Use your images for pulling and harassing opponents with Rip Tide when going for lasthit if you have enough mana. Always keep enough mana for Ensnare in case something bad happens.
As the laning phase comes to an end you may either keep farming if you want to carry or start ganking and pushing.

When lasthitting in lane with Rip Tide try to hit an enemy hero with it. Heroes in melee range will back away because they can't be agressive with reduced armor and creeps hitting on them (unless they are orbwalkers in which case you shouldn't solo vs them)

Mid Game
Now that you have some items you can start farming neutral creep whenever nothing big is happening. Always farm one camp while your illusions farm other camp. Your goal is to get Diffusal Blade asap at which point you can leave most of the farm to your main carry.

If you don't have harder carry in your team then it's your job to be the main carry in which case focus on surviving.
Send your illusions to farm small camp while you take on medium or big camp. With Radiance or enough HP they can solo medium camps.
Just don't sit in the jungle whole day or gank non stop. You have to find a balance between those two.

Harras nearby enemy heroes with illusions and Rip Tide while farming on lane or in jungle. Do the same thing while defending.

As the game progresses be ready to immediatly stop farming and tp to a teambattle. Losing an ally could mean that your tower or rax will get destroyed, and if there is no way to stop that try using your ultimate to deny T1 and T2 towers.
By denying towers you are taking 1000 gold away from the enemy team which is huge.

Late Game
At this point you are either well farmed and can stand against enemy team of you are underfarmed in which case you are a walking ensnare and ultimate machine who dies in 3 seconds when focused. What I mean by this you can get chainstunned into death without a chance to activate ultimate.
Stay with your team because if you die your supports will most likely be food for enemy team. If you manage to kill enemy carry pushing will be a lot easier.

And always carry enough gold for buyback.

You should never gank alone unless you have Diffusal Blade. Your physical damage is pretty low and your real power comes from throwing Ensnare and Riptide so other heroes with high damage can kill the target.

You will want to gank with long range disablers in case you can't land Ensnare, otherwise you might have to use your ultimate to catch up.

Good ganking partners
Ganking with Lanaya will net you a lot of kills. Slowed enemy won't have a chance to escape before you Ensnare them and armor reduction from Rip Tide will allow her to 1 shot pretty much anyone.
Heroes that require good positioning to land their spells are one of the best ganking partners, most notably heroes like Leshrac, Lina, Invoker and Skywrath Mage.
High burst heroes that don't have reliable disables are not bad ganking partners especially when ganking squishy heroes. Heroes that rely on Blinking or invisibilty to escape will be your favourite food.
I just love this guy. Invoker is my favourite ganking partner beside Lanaya because his spells are extremly strong and require good positioning which you solve. He can initiate with Tornado from far away and provides great disables such as EMP and Cold Snap.

Diffusal Blade
Diffusal Blade is a very strong item on illusion heroes because it provides 2 pseudo disables via mana burn and purge.
Mana burn disables heroes by destroying their mana pool which means that low mana targets will have a hard time retaliating or escaping using their spells, while high mana targets will take a lot of damage because of it.

Purge is one of the strongest item abilites because it destroys summoned units and removes all kinds of nasty debuffs from yourself and your allies and buffs from your enemies in additiong to slowing them.

Diffusal 2 burns 36 mana per hit (80% more then Diffusal 1) and offers a minor stat boost making it the best possible item for 850 gold.

It has 8 purge charges which you can use liberally on Diffusal 1 since you want to upgrade it as soon as possible, but you should think about using charges on Diffusal 2 because you have to buy recipe again to restore them.

Mana Burn doesn't work on targets with Black King Bar. Your damage will considerably drop for the duration so you can focus your attention on another target unless your team is focusing it. You can still purge Naix's Rage or Omniknight's Repel.
Activating Ghost Sceptre will remove Ensnare. Be ready to purge Ghost Form as soon as enemy break out of the net.
Against users with Linken's Sphere you can purge the enemy first and trigger it's cooldown and Ensnare it after to ensure a 5 second disable.
Diffusal instantly destroyes illusions and summoned units making it a great counter to Warlock's Infernal and Morphling Replicate.

You can dowload Dota 2 spectator client from Steam. It allows you to watch Dota 2 games and replays and can be upgraded into regular client once you get a beta key.

You can also watch real time games by going into watch tab and filter matches with only Naga Siren. Highest skill matches will always show on top

LGD vs Na'Vi International 2012 Winner Bracket Game 1
Match ID: 37578738
Naga carries the game and gets a lot of kills. Coupled with Dark Seer LGD wrecks teamfights and ensures a rather easy win.

LGD vs Na'Vi International 2012 Winner Bracket Game 3
Match ID: 37590330
Naga manages to farm a lot and get very fat but LGD loses in the end. One of the best games of the tournament that also shows that Naga can't measure to real hard carries.

Match ID: 41790675
Showcase on how powerfull Gem of Truesight is on Naga.
Not very high skilled pub game which you can see when 4 opponents rely on invisibility. The game was pretty tedious for me and seemed like a sure loss, but I managed to save the game by buying a gem and netting killsIt's like fishing but on ground. And you get to smash faces..

Match ID: 44166964
A lot better pub game where I'm agressive most of the time and with my team push towers and prevent enemies from getting any kind of farm. I forget to level Ensnare and keep it at level 1 for whole early game.
I would like to thank following people for helping me make this guide:

Kenshiro for giving his support in CAPS LOCK

RaidenStorms for giving his support, though not in caps lock

Lycan for showing me how to format guides and giving good advice in general

Star_Saber, Salawayun, No_Worries and wizardlvl80 for expanding my horizonts and making me try out different item builds

Slithice the Naga Siren
Author: Grubi
Map Vers.: 6.x

Deep Guide to Naga Siren

Deep Guide to Naga Siren

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