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dark_phoenix96's Guide to Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin

Alt-Tab Mini Guide
Skill Build:
Level 1: Blink Strike(1)
Level 2: Smoke Screen(1)
Level 3: Backstab(1)
Level 4: Blink Strike(2)
Level 5: Blink Strike(3)
Level 6: Permanent Invisibility(1)
Level 7: Blink Strike(4)
Level 8: Backstab(2)
Level 9: Backstab(3)
Level 10: Backstab(4)
Level 11: Permanent Invisibility(2)
Level 12: Smoke Screen(2)
Level 13: Smoke Screen(3)
Level 14: Smoke Screen(4)
Level 15: Stats(1)
Level 16: Permanent Invisibility(3)
Level 17-25: Stats(2-10)

Starting Items:



- Scout the map and expect a gank.
- Do not kill-steal otherwise it'll affect your teamwork.
- Farm as fast as possible.
- Finish the game within 60 minutes.

Table of Contents:

I. Guide Introduction~~~~Back to Table of Contents
This is my Rikimaru Guide. Rikimaru is one of the easiest heroes to play in the game. Due to the fact that his skills are easy to use. I'll teach you how to play this hero, but take note that this guide will not teach you how to play Rikimaru in the professional way. This guide will teach you how to play Rikimaru in my personal way. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to comment in this guide. OK then, let's begin....

II. Hero Introduction and Story~~~~Back to Table of Contents

The Stealth Assassin's ultimate allows him to passively regain Invisibility after an attack or using an ability. He could be anywhere, at any time, and therein lies his strength. His preferred attack is obviously to Backstab someone, inflicting greater damage as he grows more agile. He can also Blink Strike towards his enemies to quickly get in range of attack, making it even harder to escape or catch him. Once he decides to reveal himself, Rikimaru can unleash a Smoke Screen in a moderate area, which gradually expands, silencing anyone inside, slowing them down, and causing them to miss. Only a fool would continue fighting while blind, deaf and dumb, but Assassins have no room for remorse.

III. Pros and Cons~~~~Back to Table of Contents

(+)High Armor and Agility Gain.
(+)Has one of the best ambush mechanisms in the game, which makes him an excellent ganker.
(+)Excellent Last-Hitting animation which makes last-hitting creeps a piece of cake.
(+)Can deal more damage with his Backstab ability when attacking from behind of course.
(+)Can easily scout anywhere in the map thanks to his Permanent Invisiblity.
(+)The rest are for you to state them.

IV. When(not) to pick Rikimaru~~~~Back to Table of Contents

1). Your team is full of disablers.
2). The enemy team is full of carries.
3). The enemy team has less or no silencers and disablers.
4). Your team needs a scout.
5). You're Lucky.
6). You're a good farmer.

V. Skills and its Usage~~~~Back to Table of Contents
I don't want to copy the statistics of Rikimaru's Skills. If you want to know the statistics about his skills, click here.

Smoke Screen

Throws a smoke bomb down in the area, silencing opponents and causing them to miss on most of their attacks. Also slows by 25% at all levels.

- Does not silence castable items.

This is your silence skill. This is very useful in making spellcasters shut the fuck up, slowing down enemies and causing physical attacks to miss by chance (The miss chance can be countered by MKB). Place your smoke screen carefully behind enemies then, along with your Backstab Ability, attack the enemy to death from behind. Backstabbing enemies while under your smoke screen is better if you have a Skadi, Diffusal Blade and/or an Abyssal Blade to prevent the enemy from escaping your smoke screen area of effect. Here's an example on how to put a smoke screen properly behind enemies:

In here, my teammate Atropos predicted that our enemy Ursa Warrior is taking on Roshan. And to my surprise, Pugna is helping out Ursa in killing Roshan and I noticed his Nether Ward Aura nearby. I placed a smoke screen behind Pugna and I was zapped by his Ward but I continued to hit Pugna behind.

Pugna was surprised and he had a hard time avoiding my Smoke, which gave me more time to hit him behind and I manage to bring his health down to critical.

Due to his squishy health. I killed him and I got a mega kill!

VI. Skill Build and Item Build~~~~Back to Table of Contents

Level 1: Blink Strike(1)
Level 2: Smoke Screen(1)
Level 3: Backstab(1)
Level 4: Blink Strike(2)
Level 5: Blink Strike(3)
Level 6: Permanent Invisibility(1)
Level 7: Blink Strike(4)
Level 8: Backstab(2)
Level 9: Backstab(3)
Level 10: Backstab(4)
Level 11: Permanent Invisibility(2)
Level 12: Smoke Screen(2)
Level 13: Smoke Screen(3)
Level 14: Smoke Screen(4)
Level 15: Stats(1)
Level 16: Permanent Invisibility(3)
Level 17-25: Stats(2-10)

Explanation: This is my personal skill build for Rikimaru. Always get Blink Strike first to ensure a first blood or to prevent a first blood. We need to maximize Blink Strike and Backstab first since these two skills are the key to a better kill than Smoke Screen, but just get at least one level of Smoke Screen early game during laning phase then maximize it later (I'll explain about the importance of Smoke Screen further in the guide). Always get your ultimate when you reach level 6, 11 and 16. Maximize your stats after all of your skills are maximized.


Ironwood Branches: These are very useful in increasing your stats for better flexibility. These will be upgraded into a Magic Wand later on.

Slippers of Agility: These increase your agility, which increase your attack power for last-hitting creeps. These will be upgraded into a Poor Man's Shield later on.

Healing Salve: The enemy will harass you from time to time while you're laning. This can help you in recovering the damage you take from your enemy. Keep your distance when using this.

Ancient Tango of Essifation: A healing salve is not enough to keep you alive in laning phase. These will help you restore some HP whenever you take damage from the enemy. The best part is the healing won't get disabled whenever you take damage.

VII. Game Strategy~~~~Back to Table of Contents

In Early Game you're not as effective as you look right now since you're a carry; however, you're a dangerous scout when you have your core. Buy your starting items then go to your respective lane. If you're laning, better ask someone from your team to babysit you since you have little lane control whatsoever. If your lanemate is a strong laner (Huskar, Vengeful, etc), better participate in their harassment on the enemy. Since you need Smoke Screen to survive laning phase, better use it in your lane partner's advantages and strategies. Take only top or bottom lane; do not pick the middle lane since you're not a mid solo hero. Farm as many creeps as possible and try to avoid any harassment from the enemy in your lane. If you're having a hard time laning against an enemy, don't be shy to call for a lane switch or gank. Once you reach level 6, laning will be easy for you since you have permanent invisibility. When you have half of your core, better scout for some ganks. ALWAYS check your enemies' items every time in the game because you may never know if they have true sight to counter you. If you see any of your enemies holding true sight items, avoid them and ask help from your teammates.

I have an example here of a laning phase battle and I'll show you why smoke screen is important to get during laning phase:

In here, my lanemate Venomancer and an enemy laner Traxex are trying to hit the hell out of each other to see who will win. I quickly rushed in the fight to help Venomancer win and he just kept on hitting Traxex to death.

When I noticed Venomancer's about to lose the upper hand, I quickly used smoke on Traxex and the miss chance of it causes the tide to turn.

The tide turned and Venomancer just drew first blood!

VIII. Hero Synergy and Counters~~~~Back to Table of Contents


They hold down the enemy in place while you start backstabbing them and send them back to their fountain. They are frenemies. Homies on our side, homo on the other side.


They ensure your security and safety. Since your a carry, someone needs to look after you.

DPS Amplifiers:

Your going to love them since they amplify your DPS.

Invisible Heroes:

The ultimate stealth team. Since all of you have invisible skills. You can gank together and rip your target to shreds.

Special Mentions:

Morphling: Morphling deserves a special mention here. He can use Replicate on Rikimaru to make a copy of you. After all, what's better than one backstabbing, invisible little critter? TWO backstabbing, invisible little critters! What's better is that Morphling's replicate of you doesn't take bonus damage compared to ordinary illusions, so dealing with two Rikis is a big threat to the enemy team.

Furion: Furion is a good ally for Rikimaru. Since Riki scouts, you can notify Furion if you see a lone enemy hero. When you do, he'll just teleport there right way. What's more better than that? When Furion uses Sprout on the target, you can put Smoke Screen inside the Sprout that will prevent the target from using escape skills (Unless the target have items that can cut down trees). Once the target is semi-disabled by Sprout and silenced by your smoke screen, Blink Strike the target inside and beat him/her to death.

Troll Warlord: Increasing Riki's attack speed with Troll Warlord's ultimate is just insane. With his ultimate supporting you, you can Backstab the target enemy extremely fast until the enemy dies or until the duration wears off. Even better is his ultimate has a low cooldown, so he can trigger it again shortly after it cools down.

IX. Conclusion~~~~Back to Table of Contents
OK, this is everything I can give to you when it comes to playing Rikimaru in my own personal way. When you're playing as Rikimaru, keep your head cool and focused; otherwise, you'll lose the game. Remember, don't let your emotions consume you in a game; it'll interfere with your performance. Well, this is everything. Have fun playing as Rikimaru!

X. Replays~~~~Back to Table of Contents
These are some replays. Replay 1 is one of my replays while Replay 2 and Replay 3 are replays from majenta. Enjoy!

Replay 1: Rikimaru (Beyond Godlike, No Deaths Streak)

Replay 2: Casual Very Good Game No DEATH 31 Kills

Replay 3: Ultimate Riki carrying Gem and RAPED them all

XI. Credits~~~~Back to Table of Contents
First, I would like to thank you for reading my guide.

Second, I would like to thank NinjaMovesPro for encouraging me to make this guide.

Third, I would like to thank Lycan for some feedbacks and for publishing my guide.

Fourth, I would like to thank Icefrog for making one of the famous games in the world.

And lastly, I would like to thank Majenta for his Rikimaru Replays.

XII. Channel Log~~~~Back to Table of Contents
05/23/12 - Created the guide.

05/24/12 - Finished Chapter I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.

05/25/12 - Finished Chapter VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII, I added links to the guide and I created an Alt-Tab Mini Guide.

05/27/12 - Edited the Skill Build and the Skills and its Usage.

05/28/12 - Added sample pictures to the guide.

05/31/12 - Removed Quelling Blade and replaced it with Ring of Aquila as core.

06/01/12 - Changed the screenshots into a smaller version.

06/04/12 - Guide now published by Lycan.

06/28/12 - Added a new replay from majenta.

07/09/12 - Added Force Staff to the Item Counters.

07/10/12 - Added a note to the guide for those people who are lowering the rating of my guide without leaving any comments.

09/03/12 - Removed the Final Set.

12/04/12 - Updated the guide for 6.76c.

03/25/13 - Updated the guide for 6.77c.

Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin
Author: dark_phoenix96
Map Vers.: 6.77c

A Pub Guide to Rikimaru


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