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Magina, the Anti-Mage

Guide Contents:

I. Introduction and Foreword
II. Hero Introduction
III. Builds
IV. Early Game Strategy
V. Mid Game Strategy
VI. Late Game Strategy
VII. Friends and Foes
VIII. Fun Facts
IX. Replays
X. Signing Off
XI. Changelogs

I. Introduction and Foreword

Hi again. You might've already known me due to the guide I've written for Rhasta, the Shadow Shaman. If you don't/haven't, you may want to take alook at it here: Shadow Shaman - DotA Guides.

Anyway, Magina wasn't one of my favourite heroes, at least, when I first started learning the items and core builds of different heroes. He was different. He was able to balance both manipulating mana cancelling as well as blinking from places to places. This was revised as I watched Magina's replays, from competitive, to normal pubbing. He was an extraordinary hero to be learnt.

And since, I started playing him. One fortnight, I lost miserably. I was playing with AI (5v5, I can't take a hero without practising into a real situation, can I?). I was fed, first-blooded, and even let the enemy get his Beyong Godlike streak. Immediately, I started playing on my own. I tried out different builds with him, in order to make him succeed in doing what he does best. And it was through.

And now, I'm going to begin writing the guide, for your infamous hero, Magina, the Anti-Mage.

II. Hero Introduction

Hero Story:

Twin sons to the great Prophet, Terrorblade and Magina were blessed with divine powers: Terrorblade granted with an unnatural affinity with life forces; Magina gifted with energy manipulation. Magina's eventual overexposure to the magics gradually augmented his elemental resistances and bestowed him the unique ability to move faster than light itself. Now, broken by Terrorblade's fall to the dark side, Magina answers the Sentinel's call in a desperate bid to redeem his brother. Every bitter strike turns the Scourge's evil essences upon themselves, culminating in a finale that forces his enemy to awaken to the void within and spontaneously implode.

Magina's Stats:

20 + 1.2

22 + 2.8 (Primary Attribute)

15 + 1.8

Being an Agility-based hero, Magina has a low Intelligence and Intelligence gain. His Strength is average, and I don't need to say much on his Agility, do I?

Advanced Statistics:

Affiliation: Sentinel
Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.6
Damage: 49 - 53
Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.47
Armor: 3.1
Base Attack Time: 1.45
Movespeed: 320
Missile Speed: Instant
Attack Range: 100 (melee)
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

The Skills

Mana Break

Each attack burns mana based on skill level.

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Casting Range: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A
Duration: N/A
Allowed Targets: Enemy units with mana pool
Effects: Burns 16/32/48/64 mana per hit

• Damage type: normal
• Deals 0.6 damage per point of mana burnt.
• Mana Burn is blocked by magic immunity.
• This skill is an Orb Effect.
• You can lifeleech the damage dealt by this skill with a Lifesteal aura.

This, is in fact, the skill that makes Magina infamous for. He burns away mana, leaving nothing but dust for the enemy to cast upon the Anti-Mage. It is also Magina's signature skill, and also very well renowned by people who were badly/greatly affected by it.


Short distance teleportation that allows one to move in and out of combat.

Mana Cost: 60
Cooldown: 12/9/7/5
Casting Range: Global
Area of Effect: N/A
Duration: N/A
Allowed Targets: N/A
Effects: 200 - 1000/1075/1150 Range Teleportation

• If you used Blink to teleport to a distance over the maximum range, you'll be teleported 4/5 of the maximum range instead.
• You can use Blink to dodge incoming projectiles.
• Blink has a 0.33 seconds teleportation delay.

Magina's 2nd renowned skill. In fact, this can easily replace Mana Break, since Magina will be almost uncatchable once it is maxed. Though count it fortunate that you know when to use it, and count it not if you use it when you can deal extra damage/mana burn to the enemy. Use this to escape as well.

Spell Shield

Magina learns to protect himself with an anti-magic shield. Increases his resistance to magic damage.

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Casting Range: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A
Duration: N/A
Allowed Targets: Self
Effects: Reduces magic damage by 10/20/30/40%

• Stacks with spell resistance items.

Well, what's the shield without if you can't focus on mana burning? You have Mana Break, Blink and Spell Shield, you'll do a whole lot of damage, and resist quite a few knocks to be honest. But still, mana burning is still your main tactic, or is it not? With Spell Shield around, see how much nukes can damage you.

Mana Void

Creates a powerful void in an enemy unit caused by a lack of mana. For each mana point missing, the unit takes damage.

Mana Cost: 125/200/275
Cooldown: 120/100/80
Casting Range: 600
Area of Effect: 325
Duration: 0.1/0.2/0.3
Allowed Targets: Enemy units with mana pool
Effects: Deals 0.6/0.85/1.1 damage per mana point missing

• Damage type: magical
• Stuns target for a short while.
• Damage is calculated based on the primary target's mana, but applied to all enemies within the AoE.
• Stun works on magic immune units.

Magina's ultimate. The best skill to work with the best hero? Quite. Mana Void is Magina's intense skill early game, and can outwin almost any hero. In fact, Mana Void will be our 'Killing' skill. In every situation, burn the enemy's mana, and activate Mana Void. If he doesn't die, what's Blink for?

III. Builds

In this section, I'll be covering 2 split-ups: The skill build, and your item build.

a. Skill Build

The Anti-Mage

1. Blink
2. Mana Break
3. Mana Break/Blink
4. Blink/Mana Break
5. Mana Break/Blink
6. Mana Void
7. Mana Break/Blink
8. Blink/Mana Break
9. Blink/Mana Break
10. Spell Shield
11. Mana Void
12. Spell Shield
13. Spell Shield
14. Spell Shield
15. Stats (Attribute Bonus)
16. Mana Void
17 - 25. Stats (Attribute Bonus)

Blink: Blink is always taken at level 1, as an escape mechanism. Common level 1 ganks happen, but still, never spam Blink at that level. You don't have a large mana pool yet. Then from there, max either Mana Break or Blink, that's up to you.

Mana Break: Your orb effect, max it first, or max alongside your Blink, since it is great at level 3 to produce a kill in your lane.

Spell Shield: Probably taken after Mana Break or Blink in this build, this build describes Magina's mana-breaking effects, so it's taken last. But, if you have a different option, or you're laned with chain-nukers like Zeus, then it's probably a good idea top max this first.

Mana Void: Your ultimate, max it whenever you can, so it's 6/11/16 at the levels.

Stats (Attribute Bonus): Stats are probably taken last, or maybe at level 4, since Magina's skills need improvements and his skills are a great benefit to him.

b. Item Build

Before I begin, there will be items you may NOT agree with me on (example: Getting a Vanguard on Furion). So, if there is anything that you think doesn't suit with Magina or fits well, just comment it, and also tell me your point-of-view, so I may know what you're thinking without moving items all over the place.

Starting build

Yes, I've navigated and changed the build. GG branches for extra bonuses, and a Slipper for last hitting. You're probably going to get harrassed much, so a Stout Shield is there. Tangoes for staying inlane longer.



This is it, but don't worry, I'll explain each and every item.

Wraith Bands: Wraith Bands are needed early game, but since you won't be dumping them since they give you damage, mana and strength. So keep it until the end of the game.

Power Treads: Now that Phase no longer does what it's supposed to, Treads has won the highest bid! Besides, it's the greatest boots fittable for Magina. Let's see, 60 movespeed, great for excelling/chasing. + 10 damage to any attribute, a great DPS increase, even thought just 10. And now, the greatest of it: + 25 attack speed! This is great! Magina needs extra mana burning, and lacks that attack speed in there, and Treads solves the problem. See why now?

Butterfly: Butterfly gives 30 damage, 30 Agility, which gives you a total of 60 damage. It's too good to afford, but even so, it should be gotten last. We've got attack speed from Treads and it's enough. The evasion helps us counter DPS from heroes late game as well. Butterfly is and will be out late game item. Always.

The 3: We're stuck now, with Linken's Sphere, Hood of Defiance and Vanguard. I saw another guide, which included these 3 items as well, and figured to choose either 1 or 2 of them.

Linken's Sphere: I have to say, that Linken's is one of DotA's powerful item. The spell block is insane on Magina, since Spell Shield is rawfully great already, and one more defendable blocking item to traverse your way to victory, though it lacks damage block.

Hood of Defiance: 30% Spell resistance and another, let's say, 40% spell resistance, you're going through an ultimate breakdown, for your opponent, I meant. You can easily wade through and get your kill, since almost no damage harms you. No nuke damages you hard enough. Get over there and kill, but you still lack defense against damage.

Vanguard: Alot of players may not agree that Vanguard is a good item on Magina, but for others, it proves useful due to the regeneration and damage block, which the other 2 may not have. Though, it still lacks spell resistance with the other 2.

Manta Style: Yeah, it's a core now. The illusions can cut out a large piece of mana out, and can maybe even turn the tides of a battle. For more information, scroll down to the Optional/Situational/Luxury items list.


[Thanks to all the people that reminded me of these items]

Legend: Yellow - Optional, Red - Luxury/Core-made, Lime for Situational.


Originally Posted by Val
BFury should only be grabbed if you plan on blink-farming the jungle. The fact that you can blink around trees/cliffs means you are one of, if not the, fastest junglers in the game. QB+BF is strictly meant to abuse that. The downside is that you leave your team a man down for a while.
Thanks to FunnyWarfare for the Battlefury idea, and Val for clearing the Bfury message.

Manta Style:

Our core! In fact, one of the best. Ever since Manta got rid of Diffusal to make way for Yasha, Magina has decided to equip it in battle. + 26 Agility, making you one of another DPS hero. + 10 Strength adds to your average, and + 10 Intelligence is great, since Magina's low Intelligence and Intelligence gain isn't that great. + 15 attack speed again! Man, you should start to think our items are all IAS items, but no. 10% movement speed, you should really count on it in blinking, and chasing.

The best part of it all, the Mirror Image effect of Manta Style. I gotta admit, images from Manta Style are a great potential in winning team fights, and burning of mana. Your opponent has a 1500 mana? Get Manta, conjure, and go for the kill. If your mana break was at level 4, your images and you, will possibly outburn the enemy's mana before he can even do anything to you!

Thanks to iKrivetko and Stealthfire to retain Manta as one of the best items suited on Magina!

Khadgar's Pipe of Insight (or Pipe):

Khadgar's Pipe of Insight, or just formerly known as Pipe, is one of the items that is suitable on ANY hero. Yes, I mentioned Magina as well. If you think that you want to max out Mana Break, Blink, Mana Void and Stats early game, and you're afraid that you'll ger affected by nukes, then get Pipe. Though I don't recommend, unless the situation brings about it.

Poor Man's Shield:

Ahh yes, I've nearly forgotten this. Poor Man's Shield is in fact, the lesser brother of Vanguard. It's great early game where you can't get Vanguard. Besides, there's also raw DPS behind it.

Thanks to Stealthfire once again for reminding me of it.

Black King Bar:

The difference is sometimes unusual, since you've got Blink and Spell Shield. But, you still think that spell reduction is LESSER. Than, Black King Bar (BKB) is good for you. It gives 10 Strength, makes Magina's Strength higher than average. + 24 damage as our another DPS item, and well retained. And the Avatar ability. Good Magina users will be able to work out well, because they know when to activate Avatar, as it gives magic immunity, the only thing Magina needs, almost to late game.

Thanks to Burninglegion for the BKB item choice.

Monkey King Bar:

MKB (Monkey King Bar), is just one of those other high DPS items to consider following the core. Why? It gives 80 damage, the true reality of the DPS items. + 15 attack speed again, making Magina almost the highest hitter in the game. We have True Strike, which makes Magina's hits a 'no miss' solution, if you aren't making a big difference as a DPS hero. We have mini-bash, which is good enough to deal 100 damage and a small stun, capable of slowing a fleeing hero.

Thanks to Burninglegion for a support of the King Bars.

Buriza-Do Kyanon:

As we speak about the DPS items, Buriza is one of those that seems to come about to many high DPS heroes. Magina, again, is one of the few. Buriza-Do Kyanon, or just Buriza, is a great item, which gives + 75 damage, and the critical. I have to try it out to belive it, Buriza is nearly the best item choice late game if you are still not confident of killing an enemy. Fix your eyes and make your kill.

Burninglegion again, for the idea!

Cranium Basher:

Sorry if you think that the colours of yellow and lime spoilt your eyes, but, Cranium Basher is optional and situational. Why? Alot of people go Cranium Basher immediately after getting Manta Style. This item, not only does it help with mana breaking, while your illusions hold them down, it is good to stun the enemy, making it less vulnerable while you burn out the mana, and kill them. Of course, this is situational at most times when your enemy are all nukers/supporters and mostly carries. Get this if you think that you are facing the problems above or, you just want to have some fun.

Thanks to iKrivetko for mentioning Cranium Basher.

Orchid Malevolence:

While this item is good, it works well with Magina in many situations. It gives + 10 Intelligence, which is another good item to help in Magina's low Intelligence and Intelligence gain. It gives 30 attack speed, which is a great boost for Magina once Manta Style, Power Treads and attack speed boosting items are done. They make you mad while fishing for mana. + 45 damage, raw one as well, and a great DPS boost together with your MKB or BKB or Buriza if you've gotten them. + 225% mana regeneration, makes you permablink ANYWHERE! Blink out, heal, Blink in, hit. Dying? Blink again. Confuse your opponents with permablink. Soul Burn is a great active skill, while you silence your enemy and you go for the illusions and surround to kill. In anyway, Orchid is great for spellcasters that know how to think.

Thanks again one more time to Burninglegion.

Quelling Blade:

While this work well with Battlefury, it is good for jungling in most exceptions. It is made to abuse while you blink around the forest and able to chop trees to make route for pulling and jungling.

Vladimir's Offering:

The choice of lifesteal. Alot of pubbers, unlike me, get Vlads (Vladimir's Offering) just to make sure they stay in lane for that little longer. Though I don't recommend new users getting used to playing Magina to get Vlads, because it isn't suited for Magina YET. Though the auras from Vlads are good, they can't take away a mana burner that easily, but this is optional.

The mana regeneration also helps take care of your Blinking mana problems, in tight chasing situations like getting counter-ganked or ganked.

(Move back again, due to the highly votes of being casted into the rejected section.)

Rejected Items:

Lothar's Edge:

I don't need to add much info on this item. Particularly, at it's wind walk. You've got Blink, that is ENOUGH. You permablink on the map at level 9 without wind walking and wasting more mana at attempting to kill an enemy. If you bought it and tried it, then you're epic fail. If Lothar's was there, you might as well remove Blink, because Blink was much more appreciated, likewise to other items. Just don't get this.

Kelen's Dagger:

Blink. Blink... BLINK! You've got Blink, and you're going to get Blink again? Your Blink is just a 5 sec cooldown while this considers to be almost above at level 1 Blink. You permablink and you're facing problems by Blinking... I suppose you know that this also does not work well if you chose the nuking skill build.

Sange and Yasha:

It's a great item. Agility heroes need it! It has Yasha in it, it has movespeed, it has increase agility, it has attack speed, what more could you want? 2 words: Orb effect. If you don't know yet, never be shy to ask around. But never ask to get this item on Magina. It's a great item on his bro, not himself.

IV. Early Game Strategy

Early game differs each time you play Magina. This differs when your team has supporting hereos/healers/harrassers, since these guys do you good when dual laning. Though it might seem easy, Magina can go solo middle lane, but this will be tough. If the enemy dual lanes the middle lane, call an ally to team with you. When enemy heroes dual lane against Magina, it is a tough situation. You'll get harassed any time, while their own ally stays back and farm.

While farming, always make use of Blink. While you get to deny/last hit some creeps at close range, enemy ranged heroes will most likely try to cast spells at you, since they fear losing mana at early game is terrible, and going back to base is terrible as well.

Once level 3, you should have Blink level 1, and Mana Break at level 2. Since you're going to Blink-Break an enemy, get defensive items to support you. This items may well include Poor Man's Shield, Perseverance or other items that work well with you.

Remember, heroes without mana are sad heroes, which make them vulnerable to your Mana Void, at level 6. Just keep farming until level 6, since that's when you have your Mana Void, your Blink-Break will now do wonders to enemy heroes who harassed you early game. And once done, remember to get your Wraith and Treads ready, if your early game was epically established.

V. Mid Game Strategy

At level 7, your Mana Break should be at level 4, no matter if you're doing the Anti-Mage skill build, or the other build. If you want to continue farming at this stage, it is okay, but you can also look for ganking opportunities, which is good to keep yourself timed, since you deal more damage, able to receive a few knocks and also burn alot more mana.

If you're ganking, it is good to have an ally that can disable an enemy unit. While the enemy focuses on your ally, surprise him by Blinking behind his escape route, and hit him. He should focus on you now, and your ally should keep him busy with disables. While he starts running, Mana Void him. He should be stunned for awhile, if you haven't killed him, kill him now. If he was dead, then a good job for your gank. If it was a 1v1, do as much damage as you can by never retreating (walking away), since your enemy will do much more damage by using that opportunity once you start running. Besides, you've got defensive items, you should be alright. A few more seconds he should be down. Get him with Mana Void and blink if it doesn't kill him yet.

At this point, dying for Magina is a REALLY bad time. You haven't maximised Blink, no Spell Shield (for the Anti-Mage build), which you are most fragile. If you feel that you are going to go back to base a few times, never waste your gold to buy a Ring of Health from the side shops! It's a good item to let you stay inlane if your enemy keeps ganging you, and you are unable to counter-gank and can only Blink out.

Now, get your Linken's Sphere/Vanguard/Hood of Defiance and you should be fine. Gank or farm, this is up to you. If you think you are good at ganking/surprising, then do it. If you want to play safe, then farm. None of them are the baddest/great choice, it just depends. If an enemy solos you to gank, then be prepared. Blink-Break him at once and Mana Void at once.

When everything fails during this time, keep ganking with your allies. Your Mana Break is going all-out for you, and you should keep it ready. Heroes that can't get away for you are your bait. Kill them for great gold, and keep yourself occupied. If heroes that harrassed you early game was such a nuisance, then make them pay by Blink-Breaking. Also, it is fine that you can tower-dive once you've got your stuffs ready.

Also, battles happen during mid game, so be sure to join in teamfights, but never initiate. Always remember in teamfights, focus on heroes that has to have mana to wash your team away. Then focus on killing them before aiming the rest of the team. If you know that teamfights are going to happen, then seek out mana dependant heroes and kill them. This will benefit your team greatly since the rest can't do much promising.

Ganking past towers is necessary, since you'll be owning, never be afraid to go past towers! You have Blink to dodge and catch up with the enemy, that's all that's needed. Besides, you've got defensive items ready, you should be fine. If an Intelligence hero stupidly erases him mana by farming, then be prepared to whack, and Mana Void soon.

VI. Late Game Strategy

Now, get your Butterfly ready or Manta, and you are the real source of DPS and also mana burning. Now, you can match up with heroes that have gotten alot of kills, and you are probably the heroes that won't dare to go 1 on 1 with you, since they know that you'll be wreacking havoc once down.

Though you gank almost the whole game through, always never forget defensive items that boost Magina early and mid game. These items help you to properly time your gank and focus on chasing and eliminating who escape your Blink-Break. Once you end the game with your team winning, it shows that your team is going to thank you alot, and you have done well with an Anti-Mage game!

VII. Friends and Foes

Even Magina has friends and foes, who doesn't?


Disablers. Who doesn't love them? Get one of these heroes on your side, ask them to disable, while you burn away the enemy's mana. See what happens when disablers gone wild?

Stunners. Basically, these guys make the enemy forget who they are while you burn their mana. These guys can also afford to get their skills to stun in teamfights, because you've got multiple enemys to mana burn on!


Illusionists. Makes you waste your Mana Void while figuring out which one is the REAL one. (Did I mention Terrorblade is Magina's brother? Oh, you knew?!)

These guys don't need to rely on mana, coz' they've got spells backing them up.

VIII. Fun Facts

Blink Break: Blinking and breaking, is the idea, of this section. While early game, ranged heroes will surely harass you aggresively, since the fear of losing health and mana is potential to them early game. Fret not. If it's a soloer, then do not be afraid to go upfront and Mana Break them. If you think their too far, Blink over, but wading would be best, since early game, Blink at level 1 is a 12 sec cooldown, don't underestimate it.

Here are pictures to help:

I close in on Morphling, as he returns back to his tower. What does he do, and what do I do? Fight or retreat? I decided to Blink in. See the mouse pointing above Morphling?

Now, Morphling has no choice but to face and fight me. If you see from the picture, I'm level 2, so I was Blink Breaking the opponent Morphling.

So I guess it was a bad choice to return for a fight. Morphling now returns to his tower, and I couldn't close in. See my cooldown on the Blink? But the good thing was, Morphling will lose exp and gold, since he was Blink-Breaked by me. But, he also loses mana! The next time I counter him, at level 6, I could easily kill him by sheer awesomeness due to his lack of mana early game!

Not-So-Noob: "OMFG!! A NUKER! I'M DEAD!!! HELP!" This situation revolves around around early game, where you get harassed TOO deep. This section covers the importance of mindgames early game, and when and how to use them.

Let's illustrate a game. It's 3v3, your allies are: Ogre Magi and Twin Head Dragon. The enemies are: Lord of Olympia, Dwarven Sniper and Witch Doctor (all ranged, huh?). You go bottom lane for Sentinel, and you meet Lord of Olympia. Obviously, Zeus will continuously throw his spells at you, which you will get damaged pretty hustled. Get Blink, Spell Shield and Mana Break. At level 4, get ready to fight. Zeus thinks he can offshot you?

First, farm normally like a melee hero. Once you see Zeus, continue farming. Zeus will think, "? I'm here and he's farming! Go Arc Lightning!". Once his animation changes, immediately blink to him and burn his mana. He should be throwing his spells so as not to get burnt by your Mana Break. But they don't have an effect, thanks to your Spell Shield. Once he's dying, just Blink in for the kill. How easy is that?

Blink Range/Tactics: Although at level 4, the range of your escape skill, Blink, goes off to a 1150 range! Here's how far a Blink can go, manually:

[Gotten from another guide]

In this case, this travels 1000 +. I can't say the exact 1150, but this is how far it goes. But, it can differ. If you Blink onto the map, it only travels nonetheless far.

Of course, by manually clicking Blink, we travel far more further. Let's see some pictures I've gotten from another guide. They are shown as to tell you how you can escape from different places when manually clicking Blink.

These are exceptionally good spots if you are being chased by enemies who are coming to gank you. In fact, these routes are nearly impossible to track.

Blink can also be able to 'escape' from certain skills. They are:

•Magic Missile - Vengeful Spirit
•Shadow Strike - Queen of Pain
•Omnislash - Juggernaut
•Assassinate - Dwarven Sniper
•Heat Seeking Missile(s) - Tinker
•Spirit Lance - Phantom Lancer
•Spawn Spiderling - Broodmother
•Shruiken Toss - Bounty Hunter
•Hellfire Blast - Skeleton King
•Light Strike Array* - Slayer
•Meat Hook - Butcher
•Hookshot - Clockwork Goblin
•Elune's Arrow - Priestess of the Moon
•Impale* - Demon Witch
•Pit of Malice* - Pit Lord
•Fissure/Enchant Totem/Echo Slam* - Earthshaker

•Hits from Towers (Spirit Towers/Ancient Protector)

* - May be avoided

Maybe, there are alot more, but these are the ones that really can be avoided by timing.

Mind Games: Mind games, which is the only 2 words that revolves around Anti-Mage. Though many fail to realise that Mana Break is the real potential in Anti-Mage and is the only skill that can balance with him, you must master it well. And so, Blink is also a great potential to play mind games upon. Never underestimate a good Anti-Mage player.

Once you have Blink-Break ready, and you know how to do it well, then you should be able to play mind games with your opponent. If you have gotten past how to play early/mid/late game strategies well, then you should be learning how to mind trick your opponent.

If your enemy is farming well, and you're hiding in the forest, hidden in the fog, you are taking the 1st step to mind trick your opponent. Start to reveal yourself as you blink out, and hit your enemy. He will be surprised, and anxious and his mind will be filled with, "OMG! Magina! Why is he here?! I didn't see him there!". Once you've done that, you've done the 2nd step, tricking him. He will not do anything, since you are the one in control of the fight. By the time he realises he finally has no mana left, he'll start running, and he will be weaker.

An enemy will know that he'll play more worst if he faces you again. Each time an enemy no longer escapes from you, you know that he no longer put efforts into he fighting you, and managing the wrong items. It large battles, target him first, making it 5v4 in your favour.

Magina Videos:

IX. Replays

Casuals/Pubs/Inhouse Replays:

1.24b, 6.64, l0r4k

Date: 17/12/2009 10:14
Patch version: 1.24
Map: DotA Allstars 6.64
Game mode: -sd
Winner: Sentinel


l0r4k playing as Anti-Mage, and a whole lot of kills. His score was: 18/1 K/D, which was a very good play, dying once. Also, notice his bottle right in the mid with the runes. Quite a good replay, with Yasha, Basher and Cuirass. Very wicked combination indeed.


Razer ADC Championship Lower Brackets Final vs StarsBoba

Date: 23/12/2009 11:58
Patch version: 1.24
Map: DotA Allstars 6.64
Game mode: Normal mode
Winner: Scourge

SB| NeverSmile

Competitive replay of vs StarsBoba in the Garena Razer ADC Championships Loser Brackets Final, with Ks-Bouncy playing as a straight Magina carry. Here, Bouncy maxes Mana Break and Spell Shield due to the high nukers like Storm and Maiden on the other team. Killing 13, his item builds were made up of Manta Style, Butterfly and a my first time seeing a competitve game with Vlads. A must watch for fans and also people who traces the score of the Razer ADC Championship, with the finals between and Cybertime playing on Christmas eve!

X. Signing Off

Well, a well-played Magina is what that makes your enemy play midgames upon. Make them think their winning by purposely going forth and back. Make them lose consicousness when their escaping. Make them realise their mana is burnt before they can use it!

Well that's it then. I hope that my guide has made a difference. Pictures will be uploaded soon.

XI. Changelogs


3rd November 09: Guide Made.
4th November 09: Made changes, added alot of items, added pictures, new section: Fun Facts.
5th November 09: 'Spoilered' the Advanced Statistics, included Black King Bar and Vladimir's Offering, re-written Early/Mid/Late game strats, and corrected minor spelling mistakes. Moved Manta to the Core build, named the skill builds.
6th November 09: Added Buriza and MKB. Also, added a video, and added a few more skill/spells Magina can avoid in the 'Fun Facts' section.
8th November 09: Added a few more items, re-written once more the Early/Mid/Late game strategies. Added Quelling Blade and also changed Battlefury's note.
9th November 09: Included Sange and Yasha in the rejected items list.
17th November 09: Moved Vlads to rejected, written the choice for the skill build, removed the other skill build to avoid confusion. Grammar mistakes: still spotting for em'. New anchors! Changed the starting build.
18th November 09: Removed Boots of Travel from OLS (optional/situational/luxury).


17th December 09: Moved Vlads once again, no longer rejected, a new replay up, done by l0r4k. Sven's Storm Bolt cannot be blinked, updated.
22nd December 09: Re-edited the replay to make it look more class
23rd December 09: A new competitive replay!

Magina the Anti-Mage
Author: GhostofGuns
Map Vers.: v6.64

The Anti-Mage Magina

Dissipitate it all

Date Posted: 11/03/09
Last Comment:09/01/2011
Total Votes: 57
Current Rating: 6.89
Views: 175518

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