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Mabz's complete guide to ownage for Knight Davion


Knight Davion is a powerful warrior who calls upon his draconic heritage to augment his already fearsome combat abilities. He has two powerful offensive skills: Dragon Tail and Breathe Fire. Dragon Tail allows him to stun a single enemy target for several seconds, and Breathe Fire taps into his inner dragon to unleash a powerful area of effect attack. This potent offense is supported by Davion's Dragon Blood passive skill, which makes him extremely difficult to kill by boosting his armor and hit point regeneration significantly. Combined together, these abilities make the Dragon Knight a tough, versatile fighter. At higher levels, the Dragon Knight gains the ability to transform completely into dragon form. The abilities and strength of the dragon form increase with levels. At maximum level, Davion transforms into a mighty blue dragon with an area of effect cold attack, which drastically slows all enemies caught in the freezing blasts. Along with his natural combat skills and toughness, this makes him an extremely dangerous foe.

Alt+tab mini guide

1.Breathe of fire
2.Dragon blood
3.Breathe of fire
4.Dragon tail
5.Breathe of fire
6.Elder dragon form
7.Breathe of fire
8.Dragon blood
9.Dragon blood
10.Dragon blood
11.Elder dragon form
12.Dragon tail
13.Dragon tail
14.Dragon tail
16.Elder dragon form


Startup with




Role of DK

DK is a very flexible hero who can be a carry,tanker hell even a roamer but he mostly shines on the 1st one because has good armor and when farmer real well can be a huge pain in the ass

Pros (+)
-GOod lane control with breathe of fire
-Tanky coz of dragon blood
-Lane control again and pushing capabilities cuz of lvl 1 dragon form
-Flexibility in roles

Cons (-)
-Needs decent farm to look good mid-early game
-Mana but can be solved with bottle
-Lack of mobility


Breathe Fire
Breathes fire at enemy units, dealing damage.

This is your main farming and harassing and maybe for fun kill stealing

Dragon Tail
Davion bashes a melee-range enemy target with the fury of a dragon's tail swipe. Stuns the target and deals minor damage.

Your primary disable which is very helpful even at level 1

Dragon Blood
Grants Dragon Knight blood from his ancient ancestral dragon heritage, which increases health regeneration and armor

Your ability which makes you tanky with armor and hp regen

Elder Dragon Form

Transforms the Dragon Knight into a powerful elder dragon.

This skill makes DK very strong turning into a range dragon with different passive orbs

note:Even with these orbs you can still stack an orb with it because it isn't consideren an orb

Skil build
1.Dragon Tail
2.Breathe of Fire
3.Breathe of Fire
4.Dragon Blood
5.Breathe of fire
6.Elder dragon form
7.Breathe of fire
8.Dragon blood
9.Dragon blood
10.Dragon blood
11.Elder dragon form/Dragon Tail
12.Dragon tail/Elder Dragon Form
13.Dragon tail
14.Dragon tail
16.Elder dragon form

Startup with

With this items it give you solid start because of the balance stats it gives after these rush bottle and a bracer and if needed a wand.


Empty bottle
When playing DK solo mid having a bottle is a must because you need to spam breathe of fire in order to be effective in lane and it is better to go bottle+crow rather than taking runes because it makes you lose exp and gold

It gives you what every carry needs stats,ASPD and MS and if you need more mana you could always change it into int treads

They make look cheap but they do good it gives you nice stats specially str and instead of getting a vanguard just get 2 bracers.

Lothars Edge
If you are able to get this early then this would make you a beast.Whoever said that "You aren't supposed to be a ninja. You are supposed to tell your opponents 'ATTACK ME DAMMIT' and draw the fire away from your teammates" should die right now.It is used for bonus DPS and escape not to forget bonus crit which splashes in dragon form

Black King Bar
It provides hp and some bonus damage and being immune to magic makes DK a great tank/carry and living longer in clashes means more damage output.

Special Mention

This item can be good on DK especially if he has Bottle And treads because you can use breathe fire more times without consuming too much of your bottle if you can master the trick even I haven't mastered it yet only player I've seen it done was KuroKy with SF.


Because of the high damage you get from lothars and bkb then getting buriza would be your best bet because you can get a high crit damage with DK eating paper heroes alive.

It's the perfect orb for DK considering his high damage life leech would prove very useful in teamfights plus the bonus str is nice for extra tankiness.

Divine Rapier
Once you already get your core build up getting a DR can be a good choice considering you're already tanky enough to surive with BKB and can escape with your lothars edge

Heart of Tarrasque
If things aren't going your way too much and the enemies are well farmed then getting heart will prove useful so you can tank more damage from the enemies.

Assault Cuirass
The ASPD and Armor aura from Assault will be very helpful for your teammates in pushing and the armor degen for enemies will really suck for them.


Hood of Defiance
IMO this item is very situational since part of your core is a BKB but if in early game those nukers really manage to shut you down then getting hood is a valid choice.

Blade Mail
Sick of that troll/void permabashing you?Or those 1k crits from mort annoying you?Then BM is your item.

Mask of Madness
I highly disrecommend this item because you get softer when you activate rage but the burst DPS you get from the bonus ASPD you get is not to be taken for granted coupled with armlet it is great.

Armlet of Mordiggan

This is a very good item for DK considering he is str plus he benefits mainly from the bonus damage+str.IMO you should only buy Armlet when you already have a lifesteal like MoM which synergizes very well with armlet.

Rejected Stuff

Battle Fury
This is the most common noobish thing I see on garena.Sure its good for farming DPS and hp/mana regen but it really sucks.You can get hp/mana and farming capabilities from your bottle.And the cleave you want?Then why bother using elder dragon form

Arcane ring
I once had a teammate who used arcane for DK isn't that very stupid?He said it's used for fire breathe spamming well cd isn't that short for spamming and bottle is sufficient for that case.

It really isn't a good choice for the price and bonuses id rather get 2 bracers which is cheaper and has good results

Sange and Yasha
Really this is dumb is level 3 dragon frost not enough for you?



After getting some items (never start with a bottle without a courier its for noob pubbers only)You'll pretty much need the solo mid lane even if there is a sf or tinker because DK will lose effectiveness early game if not solo.Just follow these easy steps to own yourlane

1.Use fire breathe as much as possible when a creeps is red use it just make sure you hit the hero too.

2.I suggets use bottle+crow rather than runewhore because it saves you exp+gold its simple place your bottle in the crow then E+SHIFT+T+SHIFT+R

3.Spam your ulti because it really gives you an advantage inlane.

4.Farm up your core items and go killing

5.Pick up some luxury items and go own the game

Mentionable Allies And Foes



They really help you in a big way early game killing your enemy in lane will provide you a few seconds of free farm which is very nice for you.


Mid game they are your best friends because of their nice disables and DPS you can easily dispatch heroes.

Clashers/AoE disablers

Because of DK's AoE splash attacks having him in a clash makes cleaning up faster

Special Mention

Vacuum will make your enemies cluster in an area thus making them food for DK so DK splash attacks+Dark seer+ any AoE disable like ravage or blackhole will mean trouble for enemies


Orb Walkers

They make Early Game hell for you


Because of your tanky nature owning you is a walk in the park for these guys

Armor Debuffers

WIth their armor debuffs they can still own you even if you're tanky


This game shows how DK owns in lane with bottle+crow strat

This what I meant when i Said DK is flexible in this game DK is played as a roamer wherein he still manages to farm a bit mid game.

Final words
I hope everyone who's reading this guide had fun and learned a bit from it and to all haters no problem I'm not perfect I would like to thank ArtiQ for his raijin guide because I copied the layout of the guide thanks and sorry man.

And of course Icefrog for bringing us a very wonderful game


5/19/2010 added Armlet and Mask of Madness to situationals/optionals
5/20/2010 Due to populer demand lvl 1 changed to dragon tail

Knight Davion the Dragon Knight
Author: MAbZ
Map Vers.: 6.67c

Mabz's guide to Dragon Knight

DK ownage

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