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A mini guide on Lesale

Hello everybody, this is my 2nd hero guide. I had to admit that my first hero guide wasn't really good(due to the fact that I've never written a guide before). Anyways, I decided to make another guide that is way better than my first one. Hope you enjoy!

If you want to know about Lesale's stats and advance stats, then please go to

Leasale's role in teams:
DPS hero
Ward bitch(sometimes)

-Can harrass opponents very well(due to posion sting)
-Ulti deals mass damage
-Can push lanes really well due to Plague ward
-High chance of drawing first blood
-Plague ward are useful for scouting and to watch out for incoming ganks
-Easy to use, beginner friendly
-Excellent farmer
-Low mana
-Low MS
-Ulti dosen't kill
-A hero under the effect of Venomous gale can be denied(when it falls under 25%of it's max Hp)
-Low Hp

Skill build
1.Posion sting/Gale
2.Venomous gale/Sting
3.Poison sting
4.Venomous gale
5.Poison sting
6.Poison nova
7.Venomous gale
8.Poison sting
9.Venomous gale
10.Plague ward
11.Poison nova
12-14.Plague ward
16.Poison nova
Skill build justification:
Getting Gale at lvl1 is situational depending on your lane partner. If your lane partner is a early game first blood drawer like Jugg then you should probably get Gale first. If you're teamate is not a early game first blood drawer or if you are sloing then you should probably get Poison sting at lvl1 to harrass. Since Nova can't kill, we'll need poison sting and Gale combo to take down opponents after you use Poison nova. Plague ward is a very useful skill for Lesale because it acts like a Ward, a bird hunter, and a farming tool, but we need to max out Gale and Sting for early game harrassment/killing.

Lesale's skills
Venomous gale:

Releases a Venomous Gale which poisons enemy units it comes in contact with. Poisoned units take initial damage, damage over time, and have their movement speed slowed for a short duration.
Damage type: magical
Allied unit can be denied if under effect of this spell and has less than 25% of his Max HP.
Duration damage is dealt every 3 seconds.

This is Lesale's slow skill. 50%slow is no joke. Very important in my hero killing combo.

Posion sting:

Adds poison damage to this hero's normal attacks, slowing movement speed by 10%. Lasts 7 seconds.
Damage type: magical
Damage from Poison Sting can kill.
Poison sting is a buff placer.

Lesale's early game harrasing skill, the damage overtime and the slow makes this skill work well with Gale. Poison sting used to be an orb effect but now it's not so that means we'll can finally buy orb effect items for Lesale.

Plague ward

Summons an immobile serpentine ward. The ward is immune to magic. Lasts 40 seconds.
Damage type: piercing.

Lesale's ward skill, this skill is very useful because it acts like a ward. This skill deals piercing damage which deals 150%to creeps and makes farming easier.

Posion nova

Creates a ring of noxious poison that damages enemy units over a 12 second period. Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter.
Damage type: magical
Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values).
Cannot deal lethal damage (target will be left with 1 HP).

Unlike Lesale's other skills, this skill can't kill! The whole point of this skill is to soften up the opponent at low health and to bring the opponent to low health so that Gale and sting will finish him/her off.
Item build:

Starting items:


Item build justification:
These are your starting items, 2xCirclet and Branch gives you +6 stats which is very useful for Leasale because it gives him more mana and hp which adds more survivabilitie ansd gives him more mana for Gale. Tango provides a decent regen.

Core items:


Item build justification:
These are your core items, 2 Bracers give Leasle alot of hp which gives him more survivabilitie because he's very fragile, I usually get Perseverancefor Lesale because of the hp/mana regen and the damage, also I can turn Perservence into a Bloodstone. Bottole is the item to get if you don't like Perservence. Bottle gives instant heal and mana heal which is extremely useful. It's okay to get them both if you like them both. Boots of speed is used to increase speed.

Boots of choice

#1 boot I get for Lesale, I usually leave this on strength for obvious reasons. It's okay to leave it on int beacuse it gives Lesale more mana.

#2 boot I get for Lesale, teleport is extremly useful against heros like Lycan beacuse the've got no disable. The +95speed completely wipes out Lesale's below avg ms problems.

#3 boot I get for Lesale, Phase boot used to be my #1 boot of choice because of it's armor, but now it no longer gives armor so I don't get this item anymore.

Mid game objectives:


Item buid justification:
First of all, Bloodstone is the item that I strongly suggest to get for Lesale because it gives him tons of hp and mana, and it also gives him a decent amount of hp/mana regen, Bloodpact is a very useful passive because it lowers respawn time and you loose leass gold. Dagger is als a good item on Lesale because Blink+Nova is an extremly deadly combo. Lothar is the item to get instead of Dagger. Windwalk+Nova is also deadly. Aghanim's scepter improves Lesale's ulti to a very devastating level and it provides more hp and mana too.

Late game luxries

Spell immunitie is ideal for survival.

orThey're both useful orbs. One give more hp/damage. The other gives slow.

Slow+silence is very deadly.

Gives Leasle tons of armor.

Dps items e.g.All dps items are useful since he's a dpser.

Butterfly gives him more dps and dmg, why woul you skip this?

Crit is so good on him, he has high attack speed which=high crit!

Optional items:

Too many physical attackers?

Having trouble farming?

Need more hp?

Having trouble laning?

Too many wind walkers?

Don't like Bottle or Preservence?

Rejected items:

We're not a nuker!

Although Sting isn't a orb effect anymore, is still a buff placer, skadi is also a buff placer and buff placers don't stack!.

Cost too much mana, and 2novas take a long time to take effect.

Bash is awful on Lesale.

We're not a healer! We're a dpser.

Initiating a gank:

Step 1: Wack Wack and Wack your opponent.

Step 2: When your opponents drps below 60% of its max hp, useThen keep wacking

Step 3: When your opponent drps below 30%of its max hp, useThen keep wacking until it dies.

Step 4: You get a kill.


Lesale should be played as a ganker most of the time, even though that Lesale dosen't really "fit" as a ganker, he is still a good ganker. The best way to make a kill with him is to use the Initiating a gank step i showed above.

Lesale is probably the best roamer i've ever seen. He can esily draw first blood with Gale. Lesale relys heavily on lane partners to roam properly. Some good laning partners are:

Ward bitch:
Lesale can be a ward bitch due to his 3rd skill. Plague ward is usually an underestimated skill for some players. Plague ward can be used to look out for incoming ganks by dropping a Ward bside you or as rune spotters.

Landing his ulti:
This is where your Blink dagger comes in handy, landing his ulti is very simple if you have dagger(I suggset to rush for it if you have problems with landing it in early game).
Heres a image of how it works:

Step1: Get ready to blink/find a weakling.

Step2: Blink+Nova!.

The end

Sunday Oct 4: Fixed an icon.

Lesale Deathbringer the Venomancer
Author: Burninglegion
Map Vers.: 6.63b

The Venomancer

Do you like poison?

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