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This is my first guide, if something wrong, don't blame me.
1.History and hero introdution
Hero introdution:Coming soon..
Background story:My name is Tresdin, and there is a great threat growing in my kingdom. And that threat is the waves of filthy non-human refugees who litter our street corners and whose mongrel languages are belted out in every pub! I didn’t become the greatest general this kingdom has seen in hundreds of years to see my lands reduced to this, but that will be dealt with shortly. For now my axe is called to battle the hordes of darkness that threaten every human in these lands. I march to turn the tables on these horrors, and I dare even one of them to test me in single combat! I go to see things are taken care of the right way, the human way!

2.Information and statistic,skill:

20+2.2(pretty good for a strenght hero )
Advance statistic
Affiliation: Sentinel Attack Animation: 0.46 / 0.64 Damage: 57-61 Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.6 Armor: 2.52 Base Attack Time: 1.7 Movespeed: 310 Missile Speed: Instant Attack Range: 128 (melee) Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Overwhelming Odds
Turns the enemies numbers against them, dealing damage and granting you 9% bonus movement speed per hero and 3% per unit in the 315 AoE for 7 seconds. Deals bonus damage to illusions and summoned units.
Coldown: 18s
Manacost: 100
Range: 1000
Effect area: 315
Duration: 7s
Lv1amage: 60 +10 damage per unit, Movement Bonus
Lv2amage: 120 +10 damage per unit, Movement Bonus
Lv3amage: 180 +10 damage per unit, Movement Bonus
Lv4amage: 240 +10 damage per unit, Movement Bonnus
I don't like this skill

Press the attack
Removes all debuffs and disables from the targeted ally and grants them bonus attack speed and health regen for 4 seconds.
Coldown: 15s
Range: 800
Duration: 4s
Lv1: Manacost:80
Removes debuffs/disables, grants 60 attackspeed and 30 HP regeneration
LV2: Manacost: 90
Removes debuffs/disables, grants 80 attackspeed and 40 HP regeneration
Lv3: manacost: 100
Removes debuffs/disables, grants 100 attackspeed and 50 HP regeneration
Lv4: manacost: 110
Removes debuffs/disables, grants 120 attackspeed and 60 HP regeneration
A very good skill when you combine with your ulti

Moment of Courage
When Tresdin is attacked, he has a chance to gain a moment of courage, instantly attacking again with bonus lifesteal.
Grant 20/40/60/80% life steal with 16/18/20/22% chance
Have 0.75s to cooldown
The lifesteal is not an orb effect
Moment of Courage checks for triggering whenever an attack against Tresdin begins, not when Tresdin is actually damaged by said attack
This is very good skill, with your life steal, you can kill neutrals in early game(really )

Calls the targeted enemy for a duel. Both you and the enemy will be forced to attack each other and will both be unable to use items or abilities. The victor gains 10 permanent bonus damage.( WTF ? )
Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 50s
Duration: 4/4.75/5.5s per lv
Forces you and the target hero to attack each other. Winner gains permanent +10 to damage.
• The loser of the duel is the hero that dies while under the buff. There is no victor if both heroes are alive at the end of the duration.
• Both Tresdin and his opponent are doomed while under the effect of Duel: they cannot cast spells, use items, and some passive abilities are disabled.
• The victorious player has to announce 'WINNER!' in allchat.(is this to show he is the champion ? )
A weird ulti but really good when you combine with MoC and PTA and you gain 10 bonus damage for free.
Notes: becareful when you use with late hero.

3.Skill build
LV1: MoC(if you want to jungling)
Lv2: PTA
LV3: OO( to combat)
LV4: MoC
LV5: MoC
LV6: Duel
LV9: MoC
LV11: Duel
LV12: OO
LV13: OO
LV14: OO
LV15: Stat
LV16: Duel
LV17- LV25: stat
You should max PTA and MoC to use the Duel while soloing.
4.Item build
Start game:
You have 603 gold:

You should go to the forest now or farming at lane
After that go and try to solo with some ganker (do not do this with late like Void or Troll)

Still do this with ganker and have
Allow you bash the enemy when use duel
Before you use duel cast this on him and he should die( WTF 4 second cannot attack with 1.2s bash ?)

Late game, you are superman when solo event with Void

(3 vs 1 with stun for 2s, cannot attack 4s, lucky bash for 1.2s, who can stop you ?)
(Just to make sure that he will die)

(unless he is a god, he would survive)
Items you should buy
I don't like this but think about 30% eva, this is a good item when you combat( not solo)

Finally it's done.Thanks for read my guide

Tresdin the Legion Commander
Author: foxrockings
Map Vers.: 6.73b

Tresdin - The legion commander

Don't know what this mean

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