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This is a very quick guide to "Nortrom, The Silencer". This is not very detailed but just gives you an idea of how to play this hero. Some would suggest otherwise but this build is tested by me personally on different situations and i would just like to share it with you.

Team Role:
Early Game Role: Carry Farmer
Mid Game Role : Support - Semi Carry
End Game Role : Support - Semi Carry

Carry Farmer:
If you take a look at all his skills, you will realize that none of them are good supportive skills. No disable or slow, a f***ingly long cd silence and a skill that burns hp and mana but easily countered. So what you do you do early game? You farm like a carry hero for supportive items. Kinda weird, right? Nortrom really is a weird hero. At least there is one thing we know for sure (make it two): His Global Silence can give his team a big advantage in teamfights and his Glaives of Wisdom is his main damaging skill.

Support - Semi Carry:
By obtaining cheap early game items like RoB, Urn and Meka he can have a team presence. Since i won't be using CotS, I will use meka as a substitute to that skill. Effectively making him a support hero. Having int treads would give him the damage he needs in a teamfight. He can't just stand there do nothing. Heal anybody who needs it by using Urn afterwards. During this stage he still have to farm for items namely, sheepstick. With that he can't afford to get ganked and must farm safely. After a clash farm like hell.

Support - Semi Carry
Upon obtaining sheepstick, you will realize that his Glaives of Wisdom damage has dramatically increased. He also has good agi gain per level that by late-game his attackspeed has increased to the point that he can dps quite well. He wont stop at just hexxing (disabling) and silencing someone. He can and he will be able to kill it in that short period of time.

Item build:

4 or

You need to attack fast and the +8 int from treads helps you in farming as you have no other farming skill other than Glaives. His only way of farming and dealing damage is thru attacks be it with his orb or not. Switch it to str treads if you need more survivability.

Ring of Basilius is a good supporting and farming item for Nortrom. One of the better cheap items in the game.

Urn of Shadows is good on him. The regen on RoB is not enough for him to be able to farm neutrals quickly using glaives. This item provides him a little more survivability and supporting ability. This also allows you to switch your treads to int without being too squishy. Remember, Glaives is all you got for farming so let's make sure we can make good use of it.

Mekansm is your cheap source of usefulness and your main survival item. Keep in mind that since your Last Word aura really pisses off your enemies, you will most probably be focused. Vanguard is another alternative for survival but since it doesn't support your teammates well, I would suggest you go Meka. You could also purchase them both if you wanna get tanky. This could be viable if you already have a lot of dps-ers in your team and if you f*** up your enemies sooo much that just being alive would give your team a win. This is good when going up against two or more of these heroes: Nevermore, Sand King, Witch Doctor, Queen of Pain, Earthshaker, too many to mention all of them.

Guinsoo's Scythe of Vise is the best int-hero item. Especially on Nortrom who benefits a lot just by having a Mystic Staff. One of the strongest item in the game. You really need to farm this item. I mean really. Eul's and Orchid are weak substitutes for sheepstick. You need this item more than anything if you want to be strong late-gamer.

Extension builds are up to you. That's where your creativity and good assessment of the situation should come into place.

Honorable Mention:
One way to survive a clash and be able to deal insane dps is by using BKB. After Global Silence duration quickly click on BKB and you will be nearly unstoppable. Don't forget to hex and focus on the opposing teams dps-er at the same time.

Skill build:

Lvl 1 Glaives of Wisdom
Lvl 2 Stats
Lvl 3 Glaives of Wisdom
Lvl 4 Stats
Lvl 5 Glaives of Wisdom
Lvl 6 Global Silence
Lvl 7 Glaives of Wisdom
Lvl 8 Last Word
Lvl 9 Last Word
Lvl 10 Last Word
Lvl 11 Global Silence
Lvl 12 Last Word
Lvl 13 - 21 Stats
Lvl 22 - 25 Curse of the Silent


Though Curse of the Silent can be useful, i wouldn't make use of it for one main reason: It is counterable and doesn't help him during mid-game and late-game. Yeah, it is good during the laning phase but just how long is the laning phase? You can't use it for farming either. Unless this skill gets buffed anew, I wouldn't put a level in this skill. Again, it is mostly up to you. You could also put points to stats at level 9 and 10 if you feel like Last Word isn't gonna save your ass that much.

Good Allies

Anybody with a decent disable is a good ally to every hero so I would mention only a few with great synergies with him.

Noone benefits more with Global Silence than Sand King. With GS Sand King can do his feared combo even without BKB or Dagger.


Basically, any hero without a decent disable and/or escape mechanism is easy prey for the likes of Balanar. Silencing him only delays your death by a few seconds. He can also silence you before raping yo' ass. You better stay away from sight whenever you're against heroes like him.

Same as Balanar. To him you are nothing but "dog food".

You get the idea now? Heroes with great movespeed and has great early game killing capability are his worst enemies. If you plan to pick Silencer, make sure your opponents have chosen first or you'll see many heroes of his kind get picked to feed on you.

Nortrom at the Competitive Scene
There are only a few instances where I've seen a team pick Silencer and from what I've seen, none of these teams was able to maximize Nortrom's potential, and very few gets a win. Silencer is usually picked as a counter to heroes with great combo skills like Earthshaker, Nevermore and Witch Doctor. But due to his lack of ganking and supporting capability the team that picks him usually gets beaten easily. His CotS skill also doesn't prove useful against small skirmishes as it gave them almost nothing in terms of advantage. That only shows to prove that CotS is next to useless against competitive players. They play him as a straight support, not farming much for items and always present during ganks. That is the reason why he wasn't able to contribute much. I believe he needs at least a Mekansm to be somewhat useful. Contrary to popular beliefs, Nortrom is not a decent support hero. If your team is gonna pick him, make him farm a few items first, making good use of Global Silence when his team is ganking and Nortrom is farming neutrals. Make him a semi-carry hero able to dps and heal and annoy the shit out of casters. Do not focus solely on annoying the opposing team 'coz a Silencer without items would annoy noone except his teammates.

Where can I find replays?

I suggest you go to Dota as they don't just give you replays, they also give some analysis of the item builds, warding and team play. Not to mention, they are commentating competitive games and not your ordinary pub games where any build would work.

If this guide has helped you in some way, please feel free to comment and/or rate my mini-guides. Thanks a lot!

Good luck! And remember, reading guides gives you ideas, but, only thru constant practice does one achieve greatness.

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Nortrom the Silencer
Author: julz33
Map Vers.: 6.70c

Mini Guide to The Silencer

DPS - Nortrom

Date Posted: 11/25/10
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