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Dwarven Sniper Guide

Affiliation: Sentinel
Attack Animation: 0.17 / 0.7
Damage: 36 - 42 Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.51
Armor: 2 Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 290 Missile Speed: 3000
Attack Range: 550
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Right, i'm not gonna go into much detail about dwarven sniper, i'm just
gonna give you a fews tips on this hero.

Well, dwarven's hp is relatively little. More than 70% of dwarven players
get a helm of dom or a mask of madness/death.

Helm of Dom- 15% lifesteal
Mask of Madness- 17% lifesteal
Mask of death- 10% lifesteal

So, if you're shooting a 900ed Hp hero, you would gain:
Helm of Dom- 135 HP per shot
MOM- 153 HP per shot
MOD- 90 HP per shot

That's alot, isn't it?

Playing Tactics
Well, dwarven is mostly a ganker in my opinion. Harass your enemy whenever
possible. Make good use of your long range. Take out towers whenever possible. However, when you're targeting a tower at lvl 7, altho' you can
out-range it, watch out for any hero that may backstab you. A simple hero like Razor or Luna can kill you without escaping unless it's a noob.

Attack Speed
If dwarven's attack speed is fast, he would:
lifesteal faster which means HP would regen faster as shots are fired faster.
if you maxed headshot, he would for every 10 shots, 4 would deal bonus damage and ministun. so 4x50=200+the other physical shots.
if you have a Eye of Skadi, it makes almost impossible to flee.
It makes it easier to farm and deny creeps.

When you're 1v1 match with someone, it's better to choose dwarven if he's:
drow ranger
bloodseeker- rupture is painful

Starting items, i would get an Mask of Madness and a hyperstone to try and first blood the enemy.
Try block creeps, after creeps enange, use your range as an advantage. Activate MOM to target creeps and deny them. Target and harass the hero. Try to drag first blood until you get to lvl 6. When you have your assassinate, activate MOM and target the enemy hero. When his low in health, cast assassinate before he Windwalk/whatever teleport away.
If you're fighting a 600ed hp hero at lvl 1, your base damage would be around 40. If you activate MOM, your attack speed would be 1.5 shots per second, so if you fire 15 shots, it'll deal 600 damage in just 10 seconds.
Plus lifesteal, mom has 17%, so you'll recover 1500+ hp in ten seconds.

Get eye of skadi once you have enough gold. Get Boots of travel, maybe heart of tasque if you're fighting bloodseeker or mogul khan.
Blooseeker's rupture and mogul khan's battle hunger is quite painful for dwarven's low health and armor.

Team Battle
Get a mask of death if possible at the beginning, if not get a healing salve, two clarity potions and two slippers of agility.

Add take aim, follow by lvl 1 shrapnel to harass and slow, follow by take aim lvl 2, headshot lvl 1, take aim lvl 3, assassinate, shrapnel lvl 2, headshot the rest and shrapnel.

When your teams hero engages with and enemy hero, try hide somewhere which's difficult to see and start shooting. When his health bar is yellow, cast assassinate, by the time you fire the ulti shot, your ally would have at least made him a red health.

In team battles, i reccomend you getting satanic as it prevents you from dying. Lothars edge is okay as you can use it for backstab or escaping.
In a team battle, if you're lvl 25, and your inventory is:
Boots of travel
Satanic/Eye of Skadi
Lothars Edge
Heart of Tasque
Hyperstone/Mask of Madness

You can OWN the entire game. Heart, Santanic and Lothar prevents you from dying. Eye of Skadi makes killing heros and creeps much easier. Hyperstone x2/MOM also makes killing easier as there's more ministun and bonus damage, as well as preventing you from dying as there's lifesteal from satanic of MOM itself.

When you're being ganked, see if you can take out at least one. If not, lothar away. When you're dying, simply press satanic and shoot the hero with the highest HP. In 2 seconds, your HP would be full. Try and hide somewhere untill your allies come. Join them and harass the enemy heroes. Cast assassinate to fleeing heroes.

Be fast to cast assassinate on those with low HP , if not heroes such as:
Nerubian Assassin
Blinkers like anti mage,
or even Naga Siren- Illusions, song of the siren
or other heroes that have lothars or other escape mechanisms.

If you're fighting a hero with high strength, consider getting a satanic.
If you're fighting a hero that must get to you in order to attack eg. Ursa Warrior, get an eye of skadi.
If you're fighting heroes like Troll Warlord, cast shrapnel, followed by spamming your bullets, if he activates ulti, click on your satanic to maintain high hit-points. When he tries to flee, press t and click on him.
XXX pwned XXX for XXX gold!
It may get you a killing spree or a double kill.
Remember, be fast, cast before he vanishes into the fog of war.

Some fun things to do is when your team pushes until right into the tree of life/frozen throne, check if the enemy heroes at mostly dead, target the fountain. In about five minutes of intense spamming of your bullets, you MAY take the fountain down if you have a divine reapier. After the fountain is taken down, GG.

Kardel Sharpeye the Dwarven Sniper
Author: coconutcase
Map Vers.: 6.63b

An OWNING guide for Dwarven Sniper

Dwarven Sniper's Guide

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