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Terrorblade - The Mighty Soul Keeper!!!


This is my first guide on this site.I Have read other guides here and tried to make my own so that I can share my Experience about the Soul keeper.i.e.Terrorblade.He is one of my best heroes that i can play.Though I learned the Game by playing with Ursa but after him I decided to learn Terrorblade.I have tried my level best to make this Guide as interesting as I could.I Have tried to make this guide with many gaps in between and filled with images and videos so that the reader does not feel bored Reading this Guide.Now let's proceed towards the Guide.


The Alt-Tab Mini Guide:-
This alt-tab mini guide is only recommended if you are in a hurry or you have read the guide and just want a recap.

Skill Build:-
1. Reflection
2. Metamorphosis
3. Zeal
4. Metamorphosis
5. Metamorphosis
6. Sunder
7. Metamorphosis
8. Zeal
9. Zeal
10 Zeal
11. Sunder
12 - 14. Reflection
15. Stats
16. Sunder
17 - 25. Stats

Item Build:-

Items at the Base:-

Core Items:-

Luxury Items:-

1. Stats and Introduction
2. Pros and Cons
3. Skills and Skill Build
4. Item Build
5. Early Game
6. Middle Game
7. Late Game
8. About Farming
9. Replays
10. Credits
11. Changelog

Stats and Introduction

The Soul Keeper has one of the most feared growth potentials of all. While initially weak, if left unchecked he can come back to slaughter his enemies with ease. His ability to Soul Steal allows him to slowly siphon life from one target to himself. To aid in his physical prowess, Terrorblade can Metamorphosis into the powerful demon hunter, gaining a ranged attack and additional life. He can also Conjure Images to deceive or simply unleash them upon his enemies. Some have questioned his mortality, as he can Sunder to swap his current health with that of someone robust and lively, essentially escaping death, and sending someone close to their own.

Terrorblade is the twin brother of the Anti-Mage. Both of Night Elf descent, Terrorblade was drawn in by the powers of the Undead, plunging deeper into the abyss of no return, growing large, gargoyle-like wings to symbolize his breaking from the Night Elf world. Having mastered the art of image-creation and soul manipulation, he has the ability to transform into a fearsome and terrifying demonic form, obtaining the powers to hurl energy at his opponents. Large moonblades slashing, he is one to fear on the battlefield.

15 + 1.9

22 + 3.2

19 + 1.75

Affiliation : Scourge
Damage : 48 - 54
Armour : 5.22
Movespeed : 310
Attack Range : 128(Melee)
Attack Animation : 0.3/0.6
Casting Animation: 0.5/0.51
Base Attack Time : 1.5
Missile Speed : Instant
Sight Range : 1800/800

Skills and Skill Build

A Detailed Version Of Terrorblade skills can be found here: Skills

This is your Escape/Chasing skill because of it's slow.It can also be used to Harass due to the formation of illusions.

The blue ones are illusions from reflection.They are invulnerable and cannot be attacked.

This is a very good skill in early game because it provides some Hp regen for your survival.In mid game the skill will be used for Attack Speed it provides.

This is your Signature skill.It is one of the best non - ultimate's in the game.It transforms you to Ranged form providing you bonus Damage.Other than terrorblade only Troll is able to transform into melee and ranged form,but he benefits from melee and you benefit from ranged form.

This is an image of TB and his illusions in metamorphosis form.

This is your Ultimate Survival Skill.You will be using this often throughout the Late game.You should mostly use the skill on a carry or a tanker when his Your HP drops below 1/4 of you Max HP.

The green rock like object is the soul from your enemy's body.If you die before that object reaches you then your ultimate gets wasted and you have to wait for your respawn.So you must predict when to use the skill so that you survive till that object reaches you.

Skill Build 1 (preferable):-

1. Metamorphosis
2. Reflection
3. Metamorphosis
4. Zeal
5. Metamorphosis
6. Sunder
7. Metamorphosis
8. Zeal
9. Zeal
10. Zeal
11. Sunder
12 - 14. Reflection
15. Stats
16. Sunder
17 - 25. Stats

Metamorphosis is taken on lvl 1 for the ranged form of TB so that you can farm better and do not get Harassed. Reflection on lvl 2 to escape an early first blood attempt and harass the enemies.Then Metamorphosis is maxed because the skill is as good as an ultimate.Sunder is Taken whenever Possible so that you can survive the early ganks.Zeal is maxed by the mid game because of the +50 AS.

Skill Build 2:-

1. Metamorphosis
2. Zeal
3. Metamorphosis
4. Zeal
5. Metamorphosis
6. Zeal
7. Metamorphosis
8. Zeal
9. Reflection
10 - 11. Sunder
12 - 15. Stats
16. Sunder
17 - 19. Reflection
20 - 25. Stats

This Skill build is Preferred for players who cannot farm very well in the early - mid period of the game and often get easily harassed by the enemy

Pros and Cons

1. High Agility and Agility Gain throughout the game
2. High Base Armour
3. Above average movespeed
4. High attack speed because of Zeal
5. Nice Base Damage good for farming
6. one skill as good as an ultimate

1. Low Strength and Strength gain
2. Very Fragile Early to Mid game
3. Item dependent
4. Need's some experience to play
5. Early - Mid game affects Late Game
6. Need's a lot of farm to Own the game

Item Build

Items at Base:-


Quelling Blade is taken to last hit/deny effectively.
Stout Shield is taken for the normal harass in your Lane.
Salve or Tango's are taken for normal healing in the Lane.

Note : If there are aggressive Harassers in your lane then hug the tower and it is preferred to take Salve instead of tango's.

Core Items:-

The Power Treads provide some strength, IAS and MS.Helm of the Dominator provide a decent lifesteal to your insane attack speed(Thanks to Zeal) and also some damage and HP regen.Manta Style is taken for some IAS ,MS and it is mainly taken for the two extra illusions.TP for the Map control and immediate ganks.PMS is taken for minor damage block in your jungling period.

Early Game Items:-
The best item on TB.Stack 2 or 3 of them early game because it is the one of the best items which give cheap stats.Gives everything you want.i.e.HP, MP, Armour and Damage.

Just upgrade any one wraith band so that you can get the mana regen for quickly recovering your mana which you need for Sunder.also gives some Armour.

Excellent item if u farm it before the game reaches 5 min mark.If you are an excellent farmer than get ii it is very good item on a farmer hero like TB.

Occasional Items:-
Only if there are a few disablers in the enemy team.If there are too many just buy a BKB.

For Fast Farming.If you just want the +60 Damage Then don't buy the Recipe for 1350 Gold.Illusions gets the Burn Damage Benefit From This.

To Make a Quick Escape or Surprise your Enemy by Attacking him Suddenly.The +38 Damage is Not so Good But it's Also not Bad.

If Enemy team has too many stunners or disablers.

Luxury or Late Game Items:-

This is one of the most important Luxury item for TB as it provides the stats which TB needs. Additionally it also provides a slow ensuring that your enemy does not escape or run away.

A very decent item providing some Attack speed, Agility, Damage and Evasion.

The worst dream of any hero carrying a Butterfly, Heavens Halberd or any other source of Evasion.Also gives huge damage and mini stuns to counter channeling and TP'ing Heroes.

For the Massive Armour boost for you and your team and the negative Armour for enemies.Provides huge Attack Speed of +55 for yourself and some for your team.

Gives a really Freaking Damage Boost.What do you need more???

Insane attack speed and insane damage often triggers mind-blowing Crit's.Why don't you try it yourself?

Rejected Items:-

Damage Block? Crazy, are you??If you want it WHY LEARN SUNDER?
You are not suppose to initiate with sunder but at least use it in the middle of a team battle.

3000 gold Just for a 400 damage nuke?? Use your gold wisely spend it on butterfly or assault curiass and you will gain better profits.

Noobs take this item. you never need to refresh your skills if you play properly with TB.

TB is a hero which benefits from stats and Damage.But this item gives HP and Mana which is of no use for TB.

Early Game

This is the period where you must play carefully because it will affect your late game.All you have to do is just Farm till Level 8 or 9.Farm well for your items.As soon as you farm your Helm of the Dominator go Jungle for Manta and EoS.Be careful because you may be ganked by other team.By level 12 you must have your core items.If you don't have then simply keep farming.Always keep an eye on the map if the enemy heroes are missing because they do not want you to farm.

Mid Game

You must have your core items by now.Just look for some careless fragile heroes and PWN them with meta and manta.If you are low on health by taking one or two kills then watch the map for single hero.As soon as you see one use the Fog of War and use your Ulti on him/her.Just try to kill him if you are able to,If not Then go jungle for one or two luxury items.This is the Period where you must Farm 75% and Gank 25%.Play well,DO NOT FEED THE OTHER TEAM.Feading means your low level and also Huge Loss of gold which means you are not able to farm your items.REMEMBER TB is a hero which is item dependent.NO ITEMS = YOUR TEAM LOSSES.

Extra mid game info:-

This is an item which you can build for the mid game.It gives some MS and IAS with some strength to solve his problem on his survival in mid game.It can be dissembled when you have an ultimate orb so that you can build manta style.also buy an talisman of evasion to build HH and sell it late game and make it butterfly instead.


EoS is an orb but it stacks with Helm Of Dominator in ranged forn.You can get both EoS and HotD as mostly u will be fighting in the Metamorph from so u will be ranged.And in this form both EoS and Domi stacks.So early game Domi and Late game EoS can wreak HAVOC on your enemy team.Here is a pic showing that EoS stacks with other orbs in Ranged form.The pictures are posted usin -test mode.Here are the Pics:-

In this picture u can see the words written is that orb effect frm EoS does'nt stack in melee form.It simply means that it stacks in ranged form.and you will be in ranged form while using metamorph.

Here you can see the creep's status bar showing the frost buff meaning that the orb from EoS has worked.At the same time you can also see terrorblade's image showing the lifesteal animation.This shows that THE two orbs .i.e. EoS and Domi stack in ranged form.

Late Game,Your Game

This is the time when everyone fears From TB.Remember that a well-farmed TB can OWN the whole game.If you have farmed your Items well then you will OWN the game leading your team towards Victory,but if you are not able to farm your items then you will just hear words like Noob TB,F**k that noob TB and so on.

About Farming

Farming is one of the most important things to master while playing with TB.Last hitting is very effective if you time it correct because of TB's high base damage and Quelling Blade.But just last hitting will not work you must also deny creeps using the button 'A' and clicking a low HP Creep.The symbol which Denotes a successful deny is an exclamation mark.

There are two Benefits of denying:-1. You do not go too close to the enemy tower remaining safer and 2. The amount of experience the creep normally gives is reduced.

Normally you will go to jungle as soon as you get your HotD.While Jungling you can put some observer wards at a few places where you doubt the enemy can come from.This ensures that you are not being ganked by the enemy.Also use the dominate from HotD to a creep with high level so that you can farm faster. I normally dominate a Centaur ,Furbog Ursa Champion or stryr Trickster lvl 6, but it's up to you whom you want to dominate.

Good Allies and Worst Enemies

Good Allies:-

1. Babysitters:-

They Heal you during your laning period so that you do not run to the base every now and then and miss your farm and levels.

2. Long time Stunners and Disablers:-

They disable the enemy so that you hit them with your insane attack speed.They are the best Allies for Every Hero.

3. Special Mentions:-

This guy can be your best ally.He can reduce the enemy's armor, He can heal you and also slow the enemy.The best thing is that he can prevent you from dying once you have used your Sunder.

Worst Enemies:-

1. Long time Stunners and Disablers

They are your bad enemies two of them can easily kill you.But you can always have a BKB or linkens to prevent them.

2. High Damage Nukers.

3. Mana burners

Tb has a very low mana pool and these heroes will not allow you to save mana for sunder.

4. Special Mentions :-

This Guy can do tonnes of tonnes of shits on even on his 23% HP once you sunder him.Keep safe distance from him he can crush you like an ant.

This guy is the biggest Mindfuck in the whole game of dota.If you manage to bring one of his clones on 10% HP then other clones disable you and let him run away while they still hit you.Everytime I play with him I Have to kill this one guy with 2 or 3 other heroes from my team.


Terror blade Ownage Replay no. 1
In this replay zach doesn't have much farm in early game due to harass.But manages to farm Eye of Skadi late game and Takes triple kills twice.Tb also uses his skills pretty well.


1. Icefrog for creating this game and playdota for this site to share views.

2. Playdota user No_Worries for his suggestions on sange and yasha as a mid game item.

3. Playdota user gwho for writing a guide on how to guide better.Here is the link:The Right Guide to Guide-Write.[Note that I did not read the guide fully].

4. Lycan for the idea on colorful skillbuild and early game items

5. My friend PARTHJK and Playdota user Rockha for suggesting hand of midas.

6. Zach111694 for the replay he provided.Thanks.

Changelog Date Changes
1. 2/5/2012 Started writing the guide
2. 2/5/2012 Completed section 1,2,3 and 4
3. 3/5/2012 Completed section 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11
4. 17/5/2012 Changed the guide style by adding spoilers
5. 17/5/2012 Added Sange & Yasha as a mid game occational item.
6. 17/5/2012 Added skills images and credited No_Worries and gwho.
7. 30/5/2012 Added two more images and minor info about skills.
8. 30/5/2012 Added a section on good allies and worst enemies.
9. 3/6/2012 Guide Published.Yipeeeee!!!!!
10. 4/6/2012 Credited Lycan for suggestion on early game itema and colorful skill build.
11. 11/6/2012 Minor additions in worst enemies section.
12. 26/6/2012 Added a replay.
13. 28/9/2012 Added pictures of Orbs stacking

Terrorblade the Soul Keeper
Author: BLoOdy_UrsA
Map Vers.: 6.74c

Guide To Terror blade

Feel The Pain!!!

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