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Table of contents
-Skill build
-Item build
-Pros and Cons
__________________________________________________ _______________
Balanar night stalker

Affiliation: Scourge
Attack Animation: 0.55 / 0.55
Damage: 47 - 51
Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.3
Armor: 5.6
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 295
Missile Speed: Instant
Attack Range: 100 (melee)
Sight Range: 1200 / 1800
HP: 587
HP Regen: 0.94
Mana Regen: 0.65
Attack Speed: 1.44

23 + 2.8

18 + 2.25

16 + 1.6

You had better try to take advantage of the daylight while you can since come nightfall, you will have a powerful and adept hunter on the prowl. Balanar's passive Hunter in the Night increases his movespeed and attackspeed at night making him a feared ganker and chaser. His Void spell damages the target and slows them to a crawl allowing Balanar and his allies to deal great amounts of damage when cast during nighttime. Crippling fear is a powerful weapon against spellcasters and fighters alike as it both silences and causes a large chance of missing on physical attacks for its duration. Balanar's ultimate "Darkness" allows him to instantly transform day into night (or prolong the night), providing for the fullest effect of his other spells. However, nobody fears the Nightstalker during the day...
story of Balanar
Beware, you who wander the night. Each step you take leads you deeper in the hideous reign of the horrible ruler of the dark. Balanar, elite dreadlord who brought the total darkness of the Nether into this world, haunts these regions. Your heart will pump harder, your legs will shake, and your mind will cloud as the presence of the stalker hunts you in the dark. There's no chance to fight, no way to run, and no place to hide darkness is everywhere! You can pray, you can cry, but the darkness won't be stopped - until you die.
__________________________________________________ _____________

Ability Type: Active
Targeting Type: Unit
Ability Hotkey: V

Creates a damaging void. If cast at night, slows the target for 4 seconds. If cast at day, slows the target for 2 seconds.

Level 1 - Deals 90 damage.slow by 4%
Level 2 - Deals 160 damage.slow by 8%
Level 3 - Deals 255 damage.slow by 12%
Level 4 - Deals 335 damage.slow by 16%.
Mana Cost: 90/ 112/ 130/ 145
Cooldown: 8

Notes:• Damage type: magic
Does full damage during the daytime but only slows for 2 seconds.
• Void contains a ministun which procs at the beginning of its cast cancelling the target's channeling spell.
Crippling Fear

Ability Type: Active
Targeting Type: Unit
Ability Hotkey: F

In the night, the Night Stalker can cause intense fear in enemy units, causing them to miss attacks and be unable to cast spells. This has reduced effect during the day.

Level 1 - Miss on 10% of attacks. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 - Miss on 20% of attacks. Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 - Miss on 30% of attacks. Lasts 7 seconds.
Level 4 - Miss on 40% of attacks. Lasts 8 seconds.
Mana Cost: 125

Notes:• Causes 10% miss and silences for 3 seconds at all levels during daytime.
Hunter in the night

ability Type: Passive
Targeting Type: N/A
Ability Hotkey: G

The Night Stalker is at home at night. He attacks and moves more swiftly.

Level 1 - 15% movement speed, 20% attack speed.
Level 2 - 20% movement speed, 35% attack speed.
Level 3 - 30% movement speed, 55% attack speed.
Level 4 - 35% movement speed, 75% attack speed.

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Ability Type: Active
Targeting Type: Instant
Ability Hotkey: R

Creates a period of darkness for the Night Stalker to thrive in.

Level 1 - Create darkness for 25 second night.</P></P>
Level 2 - Create darkness for 50 seconds.</P></P>
Level 3 - Create darkness for 80 seconds.</P></P>
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: 234/ 204/ 174
Note:• This skill pauses the current time, so if it's cast at night it prolongs it.• With Aghanim's Scepter the Night Stalker will get unobstructed vision at night, meaning that trees and terrain will not block his vision.• In contrast to how Aghanim's Scepter works with other heroes, this improvement does not have anything to do with his ultimate (Darkness), but instead is active all the time.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Skill build..

Level 1:Hunter in the night
Level 2:Void
Level 3:Hunter in the night
Level 4:Void
Level 5:Hunter in the night
Level 6:Void
Level 7arkness
Level 8:Hunter in the night
Level 9:Void
Level 10:Crippling fear
Level 11arkness
Level 12:Crippling fear
Level 13:Crippling fear
Level 14:Crippling fear
Level 15:stats
Level 16arkness
Level 17/25:stats
__________________________________________________ _______________
Item build..
Starting items#1

Go buy Aote and 3 or 2 gauntles of ogre strength.

The gauntles give you some hp and str.

The gauntles give you bracers for later on.

(x3) (x3) (x3)

The Bracers give you alot of str and some stats for agi and int.
Starting items#2:

A regen for balanar.

Core items

The total cost of these items are 1025 gold, it is pretty cheap as you know it.
The choice of Boots.
Balanar is attack speed increases when its the night so the choice of boots would gotta be
The power treads give you a boost of +25 attack speed.The power treads should be put on strength.
The Phase boots is also a good idea but you get +24 damage but no extra strength,you also get speed.
Late game items..

The total cost of the items is really expensive:
21850 gold.
SnY is a choice if dont want that go make scepter or a early heart of heart of tarrasque.

if it doesnt go gg then here are 2 possible luxuary items:

You can stay with the other items if you want but you need 2 heart of tarrasque.


__________________________________________________ _______________

Balanar is good at night he gots the advantage at the night because he gets buff up or some thing like that so when your ganking you should gank at the night not in the morning unless your confident

Ganking in the first night...
When its night time you should have about 3 bracers and boots of speed and your lvl 6 or 5.If there is a hero alone and is a lower level try ganking him first void, then attack until he dies.If your level 7 and its still night time spam your ultra so it stop the time and still be dark for a few seconds.</P></P>

When its morning just do the usaully thing you do push or gank with your allies just be careful..

After the second night you should have your power treads and they are put on strength.(the more strength you got the more damage and hp you got on your hero)Start ganking with your allies if your getting gank try casting void to run away from your enemies cast it at the one that can stun you if there are more then two stunners just void the highest lvl or just escape for your life.

when its about mid game you gotta have your 3 bracers,strength power treads and armlet.when its the next night click your armlet and kill the heros who are alone first use your spell crippling fear then use void so the hero is slow attack him until the hero dies.

Once you got lots of kills you gotta have the battlefury so you can solo a tower by your self just solo a tower when its night time and becareful of the heros who are going to attack you..</P></P>

When killing a hero cast crippling fear then void then attack..Remember that!_____________________________________________ ____________________
Pros and Cons..

-Good at ganking at night
-good DPS
-good HP

-Not so good at the night
-dies alot
-1200 sight range during day
-No innate farming ability
-Less affective during daytime
__________________________________________________ _______________
Choosing Lanes..
All the lanes is ok for Balanar its just better if your top and bot cause you got a teammate beside to help you.Mid is ok because you farm alot..he is ok for the lanes but he is actually a bad laner)
__________________________________________________ ______________

Kaldr ice skills help you cause kaldr has a skill that can freeze the hero and you can attack it while it is frozen.(But not all the time)

Slark is a good hero because he has the skill pounce and the pounce binds to the hero/creep

vs is a good hero cause of her ultra that switches with the hero you can have that advantage by using void then if the hero trys to escape vs can just switch and use her stun and finish the hero.Vs is actually good with any hero as long she is not your enemie.

Naga siren is a good ally too because she gots her ultra that makes you go to sleep and her net that catches you.

Lion, Rhasta, Bane, Slardar are also good allies
many more for good allies now lets talk about the enemies.

Ursa gots lots of burst damage so becareful he can slow you
down with his earthshock.
tip:Cast crippling fear then void then run or attack him if you think you can handel him.

Broodmother her web that makes her invisble can kill you with her ultra that has life steal and extra damage and speed.Watch out for her spiderlings.Stay away from her if she is a pro.

That's it for now guys!
__________________________________________________ ______________
Sorry there was no videos of me once again sorry i will try to make the videos and screen shots of me pwning.hope this guide help you peace guys..

Credits: Vampslayer11781 ( NOOB.WAS.HERE (Garena)

Balanar the Night Stalker
Map Vers.: 6.65

Night Stalker

Fighting at the Night

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