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Thrall- The Far Seer

Background story:
Being raised by humans as a gladiator, Thrall learned more about strategy and tactics as a youth than even experienced orcish warchiefs learned in their lives. After escaping from the human slavery and meeting Grom Hellscream, he found out that he was a descendant of the Frostwolf clan. He traveled to his ancestor's village, where he became familiar with the spiritual magics of the orcish shamans. Now he combines not only his control over thunder, but also his tactical abilities to turn fights in his favor using impenetrable walls of magic, areas of static energy and even control over time.


1. Skills
2. Skill build
3. Item build
4. Pros/Cons
5. Allies/Enemies
6. Gameplay

Enjoy the guide!!! X)



Thunder strike

Thrall curses the target to be struck by thunder 3 times over 4 seconds. Foes nearby the victim will also be damaged.

Level 1: 3 strikes with 50 damage.(100 Mana)
Level 2: 3 strikes with 75 damage.(110 Mana)
Level 3: 3 strikes with 100 damage.(120 Mana)
Level 4: 3 strikes with 125 damage.(130 Mana)

This is Thrall's early butt kicking skill. Damage type is Magical. Use it against low HP heroes early game.

Thrall forces the target back to it's previous position through a psionic rift. Sends the unit to where it was 4 seconds ago.

Level 1: 600 casting range.(160 Mana)
Level 2: 1000 casting range.(130 Mana)
Level 3: 1400 casting range.(100 Mana)
Level 4: 1800 casting range.(70 Mana)

The glimpse effect has travel time. Doesn't move it straight back. Useful when chasing heroes.
Kinetic field

Thrall summons a circular barrier of kinetic energy, keeping enemies from walking in or out of it. The barrier has an aoe of 300.

Level 1: Lasts for 2.5 seconds.
Level 2: Lasts for 3 seconds.
Level 3: Lasts for 3.5 seconds.
Level 4: Lasts for 4 seconds.

It has a 1.2 seconds delay so think twice where to use it.
Static storm

Creates an area of electric instability which damages and silences enemies in the area. The effect starts off weak and then intensifies over 5 seconds, dealing increasing amounts of damage, before disappearing.

Level 1: Deals up to 170 dps.(125 Mana)
Level 2: Deals up to 210 dps.(175 Mana)
Level 3: Deals up to 250 dps.(225 Mana)

-Damage type is magical
-Total damage dealt is 446.25/551.25/656.25
-The damage starts off slow and ramps up continuously until it reaches the maximum


2.Skill build


1. Thunder strike
2. Kinetic field
3. Thunder strike
4. Kinetic field
5. Thunder strike
6. Static storm
7. Thunder strike
8. Kinetic field
9. Kinetic field
10. Glimpse
11. Static storm
12-14. Glimpse
15. Stats
16. Static storm
17-25. Stats

This is how most people build Thrall's skills but I do it a different way. With this skill build you are most likely going for the glory yourself.(Getting kills for yourself, doing things alone etc.) However, DOTA is a team-play game. So this is how I build Thrall's skills.

My skill-build
1. Kinetic field
2. Thunder strike
3. Thunder strike
4. Glimpse
5. Thunder strike
6. Static storm
7. Thunder strike
8. Kinetic field
9. Kinetic field
10. Glimpse
11. Static storm
12. Kinetic field
13. Glimpse
14. Glimpse
15. Stats
16. Static storm
17-25. Stats

First you take the Kinetic field so that you can get first blood by ganking with your ally. Then you take Thunder strike same as the common build but on Level 4 you get Glimpse because sometimes you regret when you can't kill heroes and leave them with such Small HP. So this is for bringing them back and finishing the job. This skill build is usually for ganking with an ally, for early pawning.


3. Item build

Starting items

Notes: Magic Stick is useful in early game. I chose Circlet because I'm gonna make Null Talisman after all. And the Ironwood branch is for making Magic stick into Magic wand

Go on with:
,+2x into ,
and do Power Treads
, =>(STR)

Item Core:

Then go on with:

So our Core Items would be like:

Everything else is luxury.

Why Power treads instead of Arcane Boots?
In my opinion, Thrall is usually not a support but a good ganker. So Power treads(STR) add HP, and AS/MS. Arcane Boots is not a good option because with Power treads(INT) you have more Attack Power and regenerate MP.

It's my favourite because Thrall's skills are lightning and with Maelstrom he becomes a thunder god. Anyway it gives good AS and gives out a chain lightning(120 damage).

Manta Style
It gives good stats (damage, MS/HP etc.) and a Mirror Image ability. This makes(if you have Maelstrom) Thrall an even more Thunder god.

Luxury Items:

Well, we have the things we need(I think) but who doesn't want more luxurious items?


Since you got Maelstrom, it won't hurt to make it into Mjollnir. More AS, higher damaged chain lightning and has the ability static charge.

Buriza-Do Kyanon

After doing things my way, Thrall has low Attack Points so Buriza is a good choice. Gives a lot of damage as well has 20% chance to do 2.4x critical. OUCH!

Thinking you're made of paper?
Heart of Tarrasque

If you are not withstanding long in team fights then this is the best choice. Gives good HP as well as HP regen.


It is a good choice with Mjollnir as they both have AOE and can take creeps easily. It is good when fighting too. Gives good damage and 15% Evasion. Money!!!




[+] Has fairly high damage
[+] Skills are very good
[+] Good stats
[+] Good team ganker


[-] Has low HP
[-] Can't withstand nukes for long


Early game

Picking Thrall:

Thrall's greatest enemies are heroes who can take Thrall by surprise like

Choosing a lane and a lanepartner

If you are Sentinel it's best to go bottom(as for Scourge top) and best partners are heroes with stuns like

The best partner is Vengeful Spirit
-Command Aura+Magic Missile+Wave of Terror

Gives good Damage and reduces armor and damage of enemies but most important is stun.

Wave of Terror+Magic Missile+Kinetic field+Thunder strike=>X(
+++=Death of enemy hero


Early game

Pick the items I suggested, Go to your lane(as I have said) and farm. Try to go for the kill as quick as possible and go with a stunner/disabler. Try not to go jungling because Thrall has low HP and it might be better to go on your lane than jungle.

Once you are Level 6 and have your ultimate, you can kill on your own. Just use this combo

Kinetic Field+Static storm+Thunder strike and hit him for a while. If Static storm is not over, then use Glimpse and put him in the field again and He/She dies. Very simple.



Farm on all three lanes and kill heroes. It is best to have TP(Scroll of Town Portal) and go everywhere and kill. During this time it's best to have a friend/Ally near to support you or you have a chance of getting killed(although your ultimate silences heroes and makes it impossible for them to do anything but can't help being a bit more careful)

Kinetic Field is useful this time for nukes as well as your ultimate(if you are lucky you might get a kill). Your role in Midgame is farm, play Pro and do the items I told you to get and you will be impossible to beat.


It is time for you to watch out because the enemies are gonna gang you up so it's best to go with your team or keep a little bit of distance from them so that you'll be their hero and save the day.

Stick to the team and try to fight 1v1(For example: See someone trying to push alone or get a tower, find someone jungling alone). By this time no one can beat you on 1v1(unless you haven't done what I've said or couldn't do it).

Overall you can be impossible to beat when you have got the items and skills to kick some major butt.

Well thanks for reading this guide. Hope it helped you on playing with Thrall and on the next guide, I'll show you one of my replays so that you can know how to play with the hero.

Thrall the Disruptor
Author: dosusugar
Map Vers.: 6.68

Thunder god Thrall

For the horde

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