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The Hero


EVERYTHING CHANGES! Nothing, and I mean nothing is ever 100% concrete in DotA. The skill builds and item builds are builds I recommend and nothing else. These items and the like will often change depending on how your game goes. A guide isn't to teach you what to do, but how to do it. As such, whatever I say doesn't go 100%.

Your games will prove that what I say here does not go 100%. Even some of the rejected items might have a use in certain games. I will mention if they might ever become useful. In the end, it's up to you the player.

Not only does everything change in the game, but players change as well. There are many, many ways to play a hero, and sniepr is definitely no exception. He can play quite a few roles, which I do mention, and as such, you may have to add or subtract items to fit your play style.

Skill Builds

Level 1- Take Aim/Shrapnel
Level 2- Shrapnel/Take Aim
Level 3- Take Aim/Shrapnel
Level 4- Shrapnel/Take Aim
Level 5- Shrapnel
Level 6- Assassinate
Level 7- Shrapnel
Level 8- Take Aim
Level 9- Take Aim
Level 10- Head Shot/Stats
Level 11- Assassinate
Level 13- Head Shot
Level 14- Head Shot
Level 15- Stats/Head Shot
Level 16- Assassinate

Explanation This is pretty much the build I go with every game. Why? Shrapnel is your ONLY escape mechanism via slowing. In an area, which means you can escape multiple enemies. On top of that, the slow is too valuable in ganks and the damage is useful. Take Aim is taken over head shot simply to ensure survival, especially when nukers are ruling the game. Take Aim allows you to fight away from all that and gives you some range and breathing space. Head Shot is taken when you have the agility and attack speed to handle it. Stats can be taken at level 10 for some basic boosts if you feel you could do with it. Or if you just don't think level 1 head shot is worth it for some reason. 38 HP actually helps a lot through, and the intelligence is always welcome.

Level 1 Headshot: This is actually really really popular, especially amongst comp players. You can take this if you want. It cancels channeling (TP) and that's it's main use. The rest is good for last hits/denies and the like, however it's too chance based. Still, this is good, for say, stopping Crystal Maiden from using Freezing Field. Certain other effects (upheaval, shackles, epicenter etc.) are very useful to stop. Whereas in comp play this might be a must, such channeling/casting skills aren't as popular and not everyone uses TP's to escape in public games. Beware that it's quite possible though.

Read the skills section of the hero info above for skill usage/comments/effects. I will also add more usage info in the strategies section below.


NOTE: This is where things might go a bit unorthodox for you. I made my Bristleback build a few versions ago on the DA forums. I used bloodstone and a lot of people were skeptical. However, nowadays, I see many people supporting that item choice and it's very useful. So remember, try it, practice it, master it, then compare it. Then you'll know if the item build works for you. ALSO: Remember that the item build has to follow player style so if it doesn't fit you, it'll be futile. Remember that.

Level 1

(Note that these items are only possible if you use tangos. With salves, you will have to forgo the Gauntlet of Strength. I DO recommend tangos since being harassed isn't likely for many reasons.)

Levels 2-7

Total Cost 2979

A LOT of str. Even the treads are strength. This build gives you sufficient DPS for the level and lots and lots of strength to survive any lions or linas or necrolytes. On top of that, you even get enough mana for a little extra spam and Magic Wand CAN and WILL save your life later on.

Levels 8-12 (Core)

Total Cost: 7379
Additional Costs: 4400 (Sange and Yasha)

Okay, I'm sure many of you are going "WHAT NOW?" to the SnY. Many builds list it as an optional. I list it as core. Of all the orbs, it is most suiting. Why? The bonus MS is your survival mechanism, the strength is just outright useful, the slow is useful too, it increases your DPS, gives you survivability, and is a very easy build up. Especially if you're ganking a lot, you'll need this. Also, it's the most useful orb since it has NO way of revealing your location if you decide to fog shoot.

Levels 13+ (Luxuries)

Okay, lots of DPS items, then... Skadi? The passive slow and bonus HP/MP is invaluable. Any bonus DPS isn't needed unless you're fighting an opposing DPSer. Chances are, you outcarry any semi carry (2.9 agility/level is almost terrorblade, essentially the best agi, at 3.2. Your agility is AMAZING) and other carries will feel the pain of being ministunned mid attack. With the right jukes and fog shoots, skadi is really the ideal weapon with the slow. The passive slow, then maimed, makes for not much movement. The bonus movement speed and skadi work well together. In the end, you do deal a lot of damage and it's just outright painful. Also, you're going to be tanky now. Less vulnerable to any form of attack. Watch out though, there are some outright hardcore carries who will out carry you (Phantom Lancer, Terror Blade, Phantom Assassin, and Spectre come to mind.)


Choosing a lane is fairly simple. Sniper works well in any lane. Middle, he is a ranged hero with great range, keep your distance and you'll be fine. The more "pushed" lane (Top for Sentinel, Bottom for Scourge) is a more difficult lane. Focus on denying and you'll be fine. The less pushed lane (Bottom for Sentinel, Top for Scourge) is quite nice for you. You can easily last hit and deny and keep them at tower distance.

Sniper Replay A

Despite being an extremely easy win for a game, this is a good example of how to play sniper. My major mistake in this game was to first pick an agility hero. I was leaning towards picking invoker, an all purpose hero and good for a first pick in RD, but I realized I needed replays for this guide.

You'll note that from the start, my team and I had some communication. We spoke, called mia, and worked as a team. Later on in the game, this really worked in our favor. Centaur was even willing to listen to me when I told him to go back to base, not something that always happens in public games.

Next, you'll note my basic aim of Shrapnel, pretty much always as I said in the guide. This is a good show of why SnY is a good weapon on Sniper. Using slow, movement speed, and health. Unfortunately, I make quite a few mistakes and my laning was not at my usual stage, missing quite a few last hits and denies. This works against me later but I was still able to finish quite strongly.

More replays to come as I play sniper more often ^^

Kardel Sharpeye the Dwarven Sniper
Author: doomed2die
Map Vers.: 6.67c

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